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Effiliate Marketing Introduction
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Effiliate Marketing Introduction






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Effiliate Marketing Introduction Effiliate Marketing Introduction Presentation Transcript

  • WHATS GOING ON IN THE MARKET?• Amazon sales went from $24 BILLION in 2009 to $34 BILLION in 2010• During the same time the market shrunk in most retail industries• If Amazon sells what you sell the chances are you can’t compete• The chance of Amazon having a better price than you is High• The chance of Amazon beating eBay prices is high in many cases• Amazon is the #1 online retailer according to 2011 Internet Retail Guide• Amazon is the Online Walmart
  • WHAT IS A HEALTHY MARKET?• Healthy = Where Amazon, eBay and the likes are not competing• Specialty Items (Made to Order, Rare such as Natural Minerals)• Custom Order Items (Dash Kits)• Low Domestic Inventory (Wheels, Exhaust)• Restoration Parts (Low Inventory)• Heavy Items• Very Expensive Items• Overstock / Liquidation / FleaMarket (Liquidation.com)• International Outbound Demand (Ship from US to Overseas)• International Inbound Demand (Ship from Overseas into US)• IF YOU ARE NOT IN A HEALTHY MARKET THERE IS A SOLUTION
  • WHY IS AMAZON WINNING?• Go to Amazonservices.com• Amazon doesn’t actually buy inventory – They act as a Fulfillment – Yes that means your manufacturer who supposedly doesn’t compete with you is in fact competing!• Amazon has perks for their customers – Free, Fast and Reliable Shipping EVERYTIME – Free 2nd day shipping for members – Money back with Amazon credit card – One Click Checkout – Great Return Policy, Review – Lowest Prices• Amazon only charges 12% no listing fees (eBay 16% + listing fee)• Amazon business is model volume based – 1% - 4% Margins – Core Products, Memberships
  • EFFILIATE MARKETING• Can’t Compete? – Funnel it through Amazon or eBay – Amazon pays 4% - 8.5% Commission – Simply turn on Effiliate Feature in SCE and your done – eBay pays similar• Generate sales for items you don’t even have – Interviewed one entrepreneur who funneled over $1 MILLION in 2010 through Amazon – Instead of discontinuing products Funnel them – Instead of not adding non-competitive products – Add & Funnel – Bad Supplier? – Funnel – Not reliable Supplier? – Funnel – Not making money? – Funnel – Chargeback, No Merchant Account, International? - Funnel• You can still sell the products you make money on and funnels the others
  • WHY EFFILIATE MARKETING?• Why Effiliate Marketing vs Affiliate Marketing? – Affiliate Marketing = 100% Funnel / Usually Spamy Website – Effiliate Marketing = Partial Funnel / Partial eCommerce / Non Spam Website• Generate Traffic through Google with SCE and enjoy the same profits – Lets face it – For you to be competitive with Amazon and still make more than 8% as a drop shipper will never happen. – Except there is LESS WORK!• Pick out the products you didn’t have access to before• You can actually use Terapeak to research sellers and specifically funnel traffic for relevant items right into their BUYITNOW auctions – There are sellers who do millions per month and they are IMPORTERS! – There are manufacturers who do hundreds of thousands per month! – DRIVE THEM TRAFFIC AND EARN COMMISSIONS USING POWER OF GOOGLE• You can do a search for all relevant products on Amazon and add them to your website
  • HOW TO DO BUSINESS NOW?• Become a content provider to get return customers• Do the research for your customers – Amazon / eBay existed forever but people still go to Google to search (and still find better deals sometimes elsewhere) – People still go to Shopping Comparison Sites (where eBay/Amazon advertise) – You can still have returning loyal customers (even though they might not buy from you every time) – Why? – because it’s a natural behavior to look for a better deal. SOLVE THAT PROBLEM IN YOUR NICHE!• Become a community using Ning.com• Become a content creator using a Blog (Tumblr.com)• Engage in heavy email marketing even if you have to funnel traffic• Stop trying to be a fulfillment center as a drop shipper and concentrate on content and gathering your community
  • HOW EASY IS IT TO SET UP• Sign up with Amazon Associates and eBay Partner Program• Inside Shopping Cart Elite choose what to Effiliate / Affiliate• If you do Effiliate it will show a COMPARE PRICING WITH• If you do Affiliate it will show that you MOVED YOUR INVENTORY• Once you set it up, SCE will automatically find the most relevant items from Amazon or eBay and display them either below or instead of the Add to Cart Button – You can also customize how each product will be found on Amazon/eBay – You can customize it by seller if you know that a specific seller will always have the best price or that seller has exclusive on that part – You can customize the category and search terms – You can see a sample of what comes up with our New Live Preview