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Save the Dolphins!! by Anagha
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Published in Business , Technology
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  • 1. By Anagha40 different species all vanishing
  • 2. Playful DOLPHINS Dolphins love to play in the pool They get things from the ocean floor to play with a human being They leap in the air for fun. They live in family.
  • 3. Body of a dolphin Dolphin have sleek body shape(Helps them to swim). They have paddle flippers to steer and their broad tail They are mammals and breathe through a blowhole Like us they have eye and and ears Their fin is called a dorsal finDolphins have a bigger brainand sense of humor.Dolphin meat has mercuryIn it
  • 4. DOLPHINSdolphin killing in Denmark and Japan the seas and rivers and oceans have became RED becaause of Many Dolphins are captured in the solomon islands, and taken to other places  They are trapped and taken for food
  • 5. Dolphins compared: free or ccaptive?
  • 6. Free Dolphins Free dolphins live in the ocean, and can swim for 55kph per hour They attack themselves schools and eat fish.They can play and have fun They have a life like us
  • 7. Dolphin in Captivity If dolphins are kept in a pool, they survive for 7-8 years when they have to live in the ocean ,they live for 40 years. They suffer from human diseases like, stomach prob heart attack and asthma
  • 8. Map of the Solomon islandsIt is in East Papua new Guinea Many Dolphins are captured in Solomon island.
  • 9. This dolphin has a fake tail This dolphin had an infection, so they had to cut his tail, and he got a new leg So he could go back and could swim in the ocean
  • 10. Dolphins in Subic These dolphins stay in a pool, aside the ocean. But there is a fence, which they cannot cross to go to the ocean Many people swim and play with themAfter a few years they willBe taken to Singapore for a circus show
  • 11. FREE THE DOLPHINS STOP KILLING THE DOLPHINS! Would you like itit you were captureAnd taken away? Well then do not do that to dolphins!Think about them, and us .. we have the same feelings!
  • 12. SUBIC TRIPSo ,did you all enjoy Subic?It must have been fun…. But did you know that thedolphins you saw, were the dolphins from the Solomonislands? They will stay there, and then will be taken toSingapore for a performance?Well, its true, we investgatingit
  • 13. DOLPHIN GOD “ STOP killing the DOLPHINS do not move them from their natural habitat, andfamily(the dolphin god)“HA HA I will takeREVENGE, Unless youStop the killing now!!
  • 14. DON’T KILL DOLPHINS SIGN I hope you liked it !! REMEMBER:Do not kill ….dolphinsspecially if you want to beA fisherman!
  • 16. We are in ACTION
  • 17. We will save the earth
  • 18. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING We hope all of us will stop killing dolphins specially if you want to be a fisherman WE HOPE YOU LIKEDIT!!!!!!