Attract High Paying Low Stress Jobs


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Attraction marketing works best once you have branded yourself as an expert. Once you have
positioned yourself as the go-to person in your particular field

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Attract High Paying Low Stress Jobs

  1. 1. ==== ====The 11 Forgotten laws That Make The law of attraction An Unbreakable Force click below for thefull story ====Attraction marketing works best once you have branded yourself as an expert. Once you havepositioned yourself as the go-to person in your particular niche, people are naturally drawn to whatyou have to share with them. A personal brand defines you and allows you to stand out from thecrowd.Small home-based business owners, unable to compete with corporate advertising budgets haveto obtain and utilize strategies that are internet savvy, effective on a shoe-string or even non-existent cash flow situation. The most cost effective and efficient way to create traffic, potentialcustomers or even business partners for your MLM, is through attraction marketing principles.How can someone with little experience create a personal brand? Its easier than you might think.Here are 6 steps (ok, 7) to get you started in discovering and implementing your own personalbrand, creating credibility for your business and allowing you to attract people that resonate withthe qualities, expertise and product you offer.Step 1: Get clear about "who" is your target market. It will be difficult to create your image withoutknowing what type of customers you are trying to attract. Think about what problems you aretrying to solve for your customer. What keeps them up at night? Who might be looking for thatsolution?Step 2: What makes you unique in your niche? Investigate what others are doing to brandthemselves and then ask yourself what it is you offer. What do you have in your personality orexperience that sets you apart from the rest? (Perhaps your last 10 years coaching little leaguegives you extraordinary leadership skills.)Step 3: Make a list of specific problems you know how to solve. Write down different times yourexperience was of benefit. (This will help you gain confidence.)Step 4: Create a website. Todays savvy attraction marketer must have an internet presence. (Onefree resource is The internet is here to stay. Free and low cost attraction marketingmethods will all revolve around the internet. Educate yourself on the different methods for utilizingthe internet. (Low cost companies like GoDaddy and Site Build It offer the newby internet businessowner, valuable and inexpensive website resources.)Step 5: Branding is mainly about building trust. Begin learning self-improvement strategies that willhelp you and the clients you attract. Truth is, most of the business people, clients and customers Ihave coached to success or offered a product, had personal, emotional blocks that surroundedand contributed to their lack of success. People like to discover answers for themselves, so learn
  2. 2. techniques to be an effective communicator, especially an effective listener. Your listening skillswill determine how effective you can be in guiding people through their issues or to the resourcesor products you have that will help solve their problem. Youve heard the old saying: "people dontcare how much you know, until they know how much you care."Step 6: Learn writing techniques so you can start your own blog, free enewsletter resource or yourown ezine articles. Nothing brands you as an expert better than offering free information that helpsothers to succeed. If you have the money, you can even hire a copywriter to write the articles foryou. Nothing screams credibility like a published author.Step 7: I threw this extra tidbit in. Its probably the most important step in branding yourself forattraction marketing: Be sincere. Its a lot easier for people to trust you and give their business toyou, if you are sincere about helping them. Dont kid yourself. If youre not doing something youbelieve in, oozing integrity and passion, subconsciously your potential customers will know thisand they will not give you their business. Choose something that really gets you jazzed, put yourheart into it and let the attraction begin.Suzie Bowers has been a successful entrepreneur for the last 25 years. Beginning in real estate atthe age of 18, Suzie learned everything she could about business, marketing, contracts andnegotiation and what it takes to run a successful, traditional business. Since 1995, Suzie hasowned and operated California Hypnosis and Herbal Center where she has trained men andwomen all over the US and Canada as a life coach and mentor, assisting others in overcominglimiting belief systems and creating the mindset for success. In addition, Suzie has successfullyearned monthly residual income from 2 different MLM companies, while raising a family, teaching,coaching and creating an internet business. She is currently a business consultant, trainer,business writer and a member of Prosperity Partners International, a success team created for thesole purpose of assisting others in achieving unlimited wealth in the MLM industry.You can visit Suzie at http://www.suziebowers.comArticle Source: ====The 11 Forgotten laws That Make The law of attraction An Unbreakable Force click below for thefull story
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