Ppc 2010 011 Brochure Core Fx Services 2010 02


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Ppc 2010 011 Brochure Core Fx Services 2010 02

  1. 1. PPC - Core Fixing and Handling Project Manger Brochure - Al Khafji Joint Operations PPCCORE FX OILFIELD AND RESERVOIR SERVICE SPRING 2010 We provide single point re- sponsibility in performing engi- neering, procurement and con- struction (EPC) for projects. PPC has extensive experience in the petrochemical, organic and non-organic chemicals, powder metal, natural gas, syn- fuel, cement and co-generation fields. PPC delivers engineering services and products to process industries including manufacturing, chemical, petrochemical, and power generation industries.  We work with our clients to deliver cost- effective and sustainable solutions through state-of-the-art tech- nologies and industry leading expertise.OILFIELD/PETROCHEMICAL EXPERIENCEPPC assists chemical, metallurgical and industrial plant owners in solving their operational and environmentalproblems and in planning and executing their capital projects. PPC assists chemical, metallurgical and • Detailed design of Filter House modificationsindustrial plant owners in solving their opera- for a wax processing refinery.tional and environmental problems and in plan- • Detailed design for tank farm and other off-ning and executing their capital projects. We sites, including new pipe rack and loadinghave functional expertise in testing and problem rack for a wax refinery.evaluation, process planning, preliminary engi-neering and cost estimating, process licensing • Process studies for naphtha splitting to achieve optimum balance between reformingand project management. Specific refining and and isomerization for octane, maximum ben-petrochemical process experience follows: zene reduction, overall capacity, etc.• Operating experience on a MEK/Toluene Lube • Process design to revamp an existing re- Oil Solvent Dewaxing Unit for a major refiner. former to operate at low pressure to improve gasoline and hydrogen yield and minimize C1-C4 yield.• Process design studies to modify an existing MEK Dewaxing Unit to primarily deoiling ap- Adding or moving a process plications for a wax-processing refinery. If you are thinking about expanding or modernizing your existing facility,• Crude and Vacuum Unit Design. please consider Process Plants Corpo- ration for assisting you in this task. PO Box 1966 Cranberry Township PA 16066-0966 (724) 776-5933 Fax (724) 776-5978 http://ppc-site.com
  2. 2. PPC - Core Fixing and Handling Project Manger Brochure - Al Khafji Joint Operations Maleic Anhydride Area Polyester Resin AreaPROJECT LIST Ancillary Systems Our industry leading experts are available to develop a new process and study, trouble shoot and optimize an existing process with no or minimum down time.  Feel free to contact us, if you have any questions and concerns about your existing process and process equipments and need consulting in procuring new equipments and designing and implement- We have functional expertise in ing a new process. plant testing and problem evaluation, process planning, preliminary engi- Applicable Experience in Hydrocarbon neering and cost estimating, process Processing licensing and project management. Process Plants Corporation is performing Specific technical, analysis and proc- major expansion and upgrade projects. De- ess service experience pending on the project, a full complement of engineering disciplines are being used; proc- ess, instruments, piping layout, electrical, civil structural, and construction management. After these projects have been engineered, they are competitively bid for material and installa- tion, and then the construction is managed by our field personnel. We would enjoy meeting with you to present ourOur background capabilities in greater detail and assure you of ourof experience in propriety interest in working with you on future projects.process developmentwork with clients or inde-pendently with client ap-proval. PPC’S work hasincluded highly explosive,flammable, highly toxicand high-pressure proc-ess. PO Box 1966 Cranberry Township PA 16066-0966 (724) 776-5933 Fax (724) 776-5978 http://ppc-site.com
  3. 3. PPC - Core Fixing and Handling Project Manger Brochure - Al Khafji Joint Operations LEAD CORE Core Analysis - Conventional CONSULTANT Layout and Orientation and Core Fixing. S.M. Ismail Azam Opening Core from the tubes, cleaning the cores, marking top and bottom as per the stan- dard. Marking the depth and boxing the core. Worked on core fixing project of different Saudi Aramco wells.PPC staff participated in many core analysis projects for different clients locatedin different countries. Assignments for major clients Worked on offshore and onshore rigs for core handling and Core fixing, Haradh, Uthmania, Ghawar, Shedgum Fields, core analysis in Middle East and other countries.Saudi Aramco. Conventional core analysis for ADCO Abu Dhabi, Core fixing and layout, (Geo Lab) Qatar Petroleum, Core PPC Core staff ADMA Abu Dhabi, ZADCO Abu Dhabi, SHELL Abufixing for Shell Project. completed work for Dhabi, QP Qatar, SHELL Qatar, PDO OMAN, PEDCO Nitrogen plugging, whole core and plug preservation, Saudi Aramco Iran, GNPOC Sudan, in Res Lab premises AbuDukhan Field, Qatar Petroleum Dhabi, Routine plugging, North Field, Qatar Shell Laboratory Technician, Core Laboratories PVT sampling and testing, Shams field, PTTEP, Oman. Conventional core analysis FIXING ANALYSIS DEPTH Core refixing, Lay out Involved in all ma- jor analysis of the & Orientation, marking Conventional Core top bottom, slabbing, Analyses (CCA) Dept. plug matching and re- Routine rock proper- ties analysis, Plugs packing. Supervisition and whole Core & training of new em- (Grain Density, Po- ployees was part of rosity, Permeabil- ity) analysis, Plug- project management ging (nitrogen, rou- responsibility. tine), Core gamma, Core photography. PO Box 1966 Cranberry Township PA 16066-0966 (724) 776-5933 Fax (724) 776-5978 http://ppc-site.com
  4. 4. PPC - Core Fixing and Handling Project Manger Brochure - Al Khafji Joint Operations Core analyst with 20 years of ex- Log QC and interpretation is beingperience of routine and conventional provided. Responsibilities includescore analysis. Well trained and experi- MSD, Structural and Stratigraphicenced of operating all conventional Analysis, Fracture Analysis, Deposi- Logging systems which includes allcore analysis instruments. Worked in tional environment/System/ Drilling Parameters / Gas Systemdifferent companies as core analyst, Orientation/Paleocurrent flow etc. Per- (total gas / gas breakdown C1-C7)lab technician, and have participated form 3D reservoir modeling using the In Site Software (Halliburton Mudin many core analysis projects for dif- Petrel software. Logging Software) /Drilling, Gasferent clients located in different coun- Nine years as Well Site Geologist/ System, Seconds of Logging- Res-tries. Mud Logging Geologist, Sperry Sun ervoir Integrated System (RIS) Drilling Services (A Halliburton As Team Leader Core Restoration, Company)Houston/Dubai- U.A.E Re- Baker Hughes- Modular Surface System (MSS4)Gulf Wells Corporation Saudi- gion. Mr. Azam as Well-site Geologist/ Supervising core restoration pro- Geologist (Mud Logging) for different Baker Hughes- Co Rep (Res labjects in Saudi Aramco responsibilities operating oil and gas companies in Software)-include Core refixing, Lay out & Orien- Asia Pacific, Gulf and African Region. Ergotech Digital Modular. (Porotation, marking top bottom, slabbing, On site and hand on, Ismail performs perm Software)-plug matching and repacking & Train- all drilling geological and rig site dutiesing of new employees. on exploration, appraisal and devel- STIM LAB DGP 310 System opment and data wells as assigned. Poroperm- Geoframe 4.4, ELAN Our PPC consultant has technical Provides advisory support and geo- and Petrel.skills include drilling, geological logical guidance to drilling division(wellsite/office), geophysical, reservoir through their representative on rig site.and reservoir engineering, coring, core Ensures fulfillment of drilling,fixing, core analysis, petrophysical and geological/reservoir requirements andlog interpretation. fully implementations of well pro- Having professional experience grams. On rig site work with vertical,with the leading multinational servicing deviated, horizontal and multilateraland oil and gas Operating Exploration wells with different tools used for drill-& Production companies he will brings ing and logging the well.( LWD, MWD/new skills to our company, the work Well Placement). Monitor continuouslyon different Exploration Appraisal and all drilling activity and gather dataDevelopment well of Big Operating generated from the logging unit. WellCompanies aids our clients. trajectory data, to steer the well on Several tours of service with their target to get maximum reservoir.Schlumberger, we have this experi- Involved in identifying litho stra-ence for our service. tigraphic formation boundaries, casing Schlumberger Logleco Inc Cairo setting depths and coring points.working as a Senior Bore hole Geolo-gist and dealing with Operations withdifferent Oil and Gas Operating Com-panies. Ensure that proper interpreta-tion and processing methods are be-ing used, and that routine training in PO Box 1966 Cranberry Township PA 16066-0966 (724) 776-5933 Fax (724) 776-5978 http://ppc-site.com
  5. 5. PPC - Core Fixing and Handling Project Manger Brochure - Al Khafji Joint Operations slabbing, plug matching and re- packing. Supervisition & train- ing of new employees was part Sadruddin Badruddin of project management respon- PPC Core Analyst Engineer sibility. Prior seven years Mr. PPC Sadruddin was Core Analyst Engineer for Conventional Core Analysis, Res Lab, Abu Dhabi: Performs jobs related to Routine Rock Properties analysis includ- ing; core preparation, core gamma, core processing (satu- ration, plugging, cleaning & slabbing), core photography, core preservation (on-site and laboratory), assists with labora- tory analyses (porosity, perme- ability, grain density). Assists As Senior Core Technican & with laboratory gas analyses Consultant for Process Plants and on-site PVT sampling. Corporation, Mr. Sadruddin handles our analysis and tech- Involved in all major analysis of nicians in the field. He is our the Conventional Core Analyses Core analyst with 20 years of (CCA) Dept. Routine rock prop- experience of routine and con- erties analysis, Plugs and whole ventional core analysis. Well Core (Grain Density, Porosity, trained and experienced of op- Permeability) analysis, Plugging erating all conventional core (nitrogen, routine), Core analysis instruments. Worked in gamma, Core photography. different companies as core analyst, lab technician, and have participated in many core Sadruddin will be our interna- analysis projects for different cli- tional field tech living where the ents located in different coun- contracts located. tries. Work Experience ...we consider ourselves a cost- Before joining PPC’s in Techni- effective alternative for cal Operations, Mr. Sadruddin many of the key ancillary sys- was a Team Leader Core Resto- tems required in such an instal- ration, Gulf Wells Corporation lation ...PPC is not too small to Saudi for several years. Sad- do the large projects or the ruddin has supervised core res- toration projects for Saudi small projects either...be the Aramco. His responsibilities in- lead engineering com- cluded Core refixing, Lay out & pany for a Orientation, marking top bottom, PO Box 1966 Cranberry Township PA 16066-0966(724) 776-5933 Fax (724) 776-5978 http://ppc-site.com