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All Needs deep drilling 6500 ft below to be more productive. West Texas(drill for Avalon Shale/Bone Spring formation)Baken Shale of North Dakota and Montana how to be more productive. more invasion plugs for poro/perm, oil and water saturation. the Eagle ford shale/Edwards Limestone.Marseilles and Barnett shale it contains almost 68% to 70% of calcite with 10 to 12% of clay and others is silica and residual remains having 6% of porosity and permeability (?????) pore throat size analysis which control permeability,oil and water saturation, core gamma/ mini perm, don\'t forget UTICA SHALE

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Ismail Azam Motivation 03 20 2012 Copy

  1. 1. My MotivationMy main motivation is to bring the company number one in production.Having experiences on Operations, planning and business developmentdrilling, well site geology including mud logging, Coring and Core analysis,log interpretation/petrophysical studies of rocks, reservoir studies andreservoir engineering, completion/production (exploration fielddevelopment, production and reservoir studies). Bidding, tendering, newlayering and thin bed analysis (Shale gas) mentoring and training for newlyhired geologist, presentation and QHSEIf the company hires me for West Texas(drill for Avalon Shale/Bone Springformation) I have a plan for reservoir studies. If hire me for Baken Shale ofNorth Dakota and Montana I have also a plan how to be more productive.We have to plan for more coring jobs to get more invasion plugs forporo/perm, oil and water saturation (depends on deep drilling e.g 6500 ftbelow more deep till 10000 ft T.D)… For EAGLE FORD OPERATION if company plan to drill 200 to 300development wells I will be the best player to work with them. This is whybecause I will give them the plan that how to go for complete reservoirstudies. In Austin Chalk which is above the Eagle ford shale and also for EdwardsLimestone which is below the Eagle ford shale. As eagle ford shale is entirelydifferent from Marsceilles and Barnett shale due to the reason that it containsalmost 68% to 70% of calcite with 10 to 12% of clay and others is silica andresidual remains having 6% of porosity and permeability (?????) and can gofor pore throat size analysis (which control permeability. I always look forthat), oil and water saturation, core gamma/ mini perm and much more etc.Increase production only with perm and nothing else (need channels to flow). If I will get a job in this company then definitely according to theexperiences I am working in an oil industry for more than 10 years than I willgo for deeper reservoir studies to promote No 1 Company of U.S.A in oil andgas production…Gathering the data, Processing, QA/QC of Data, Correlation and interpretationof data, well site geology, coring and core analysis for pay zone CCA/SCAL,(porosity permeability and water saturation of the pay zone, pore throat sizeanalysis, mini perm/core gamma with FMI/OBMI Images play main role inthe field development of that company. (See attached resume)RegionalGeology, geologic column, MSD, Structural and Stratigraphic analysis,dip/strike, fold/fault/seals, depositional environment , facies analysis andinterpretation and fracture analysis play main role in development of field.NEW LAYERING AND THIN BED ANALYSIS also play main role in fielddevelopment and production…...I hope that it works………….