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Comenius project "Save the PAST, live the PRESENT, IMAGINE the FUTURE" (PRIF).
First meeting in Adiyaman in November 2012.

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  1. 1. Discovering Adiyaman November 5-9, 2012 Orient Tale by Jekaterina
  2. 2. What can you see through the window?Snow? No! Clouds! And Fascinating Sunset!Our trip to Turkey started on November 4, the plane took off from Rigaairport about 4 p.m. The clouds from the plane’s window reallyresembled snow and I couldn’t resist photographing.
  3. 3. The Mountains around AdiyamanI was really impressed to see the scenery different from our greenLatvian landscapes.
  4. 4. Day 1 Hot greetings in AdiyamanThe greeting was really hot starting from the hot weather (Imagine +25⁰ C inNovember!), nice flowers for each team, incendiary traditional Turkish danceand really hot (I mean spicy) pies, baked in front of our eyes!
  5. 5. Hot ‘hot’ pies
  6. 6. Day 2It’s a nice day for trekking in the mountains!
  7. 7. Who destroyed the ancient civilization?
  8. 8. Explorers of NemrutHave you ever climbed a mountain? No, try! Though it’s very exhausting, it is worth climbing.Only at the very tops the sky is so incredibly blue, only at the very tops the most spectacularviews, only at the very tops you feel completely free, only at the very tops the best friends aretrue friends, only at the very tops you can have the most memorable picnic in your life!
  9. 9. The gardens of AdiyamanAt first sight the ground looks infertile, but look, even in stonesthere are lots of plants! Flora is quite diverse and verydifferent from Latvia’s.
  10. 10. Planting a commemorative forestOur students didn’t stay aside and contributed their mite in a variety ofAdiyaman flora.
  11. 11. Day 3 Visiting the mosque and the Christian churchUsually women are not allowed to enter the mosque, but our guidesasked the elder for permission and they let us in. Both the mosque andthe church were beautiful inside as well as outside.
  12. 12. The Streets of AdiyamanThe city of Adiyaman has left the impression of a very bright and sunnycity where 212, 000 friendly, helpful and hospitable people live. The onlything which has slightly disappointed me was traffic. It was creating lotsof beeps. The drivers and all kinds of riders never stop and let passers-bycross the road. Be careful on Turkish roads!
  13. 13. Day 4 We are at school againThe schoolchildren met us at the doors of their school and tried to followeverywhere. Everybody wanted to talk to us in English and have oursignatures. We really felt as celebrities.
  14. 14. LessonsThe students were invited to participate in Music lesson and learn atraditional Turkish song, but the teachers were invited to attend a lessonof the Turkish language and Literature.
  15. 15. Attention! Logo wanted!There were not many logos brought to Adiyaman so far, so the contest on thelogo of the project is still open. Imagine, draw and who knows may be yourlogo will get the most votes and be approved as the project’s logo. Good Luck!
  16. 16. Wedding tradition in AdiyamanIn the afternoon the surprise was waiting for us. The pupils of junior formsperformed a play for us. It told about traditional wedding and Henna night.The play was in Turkish, but young actors were so expressive andemotional, that we could understand almost everything.
  17. 17. A Farewell PartyIn the evening one more surprise was waiting for us. The teachers andstudents had a reunion in a very beautiful castle, where we had anopportunity to communicate with each other, enjoy traditional Turkishmeals, music and dances and to see the pictures of a very talented Artsteacher Mehmet Kaplan.
  18. 18. Day 5 – The Last DayOn the last day we visited the local museum, it was not very big, butextremely interesting. We discovered new Turkey again.
  19. 19. The Sweet DayI know now what I will really miss in Latvia – Turkish delight - Rahat Lokum.The sweets looked and tasted equally delicious. The shop assistant calledJusun was very helpful to please us. He treated us with the most delicioussweets that we were willing to bring home.
  20. 20. During these 5 days we have made a lot of friendsin Adiyaman. I know this is a really place to come back and be sure you are always welcome!THANK YOU FOR ATTENTION!