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Is MASHABLE an online community



MSc in E-learning /Building your Ethnography/Is MASHABLE an online community

MSc in E-learning /Building your Ethnography/Is MASHABLE an online community



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  • Thanks for this Sindhu - I liked your reading of mashable, and your definition of it as a 'geeking' community. There were some really interesting exchanges here - it was a bit hard to read the text at times from this slideshare, but I think a bigger project would be able to find some fascinating patterns of conflict, agreement and 'community' formation by analysing these in detail. All potential scope for the assignment, or even the dissertation - well done!
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Is MASHABLE an online community Is MASHABLE an online community Presentation Transcript

  • Is Mashable an Online Community?
  • According to http://mashable.com/about/
    • Founded in 2005, Mashable is the top source for news in social and digital media, technology and web culture. With more than 30 million monthly page views, Mashable is the most prolific news site reporting breaking web news, providing analysis of trends, reviewing new Web sites and services, and offering social media resources and guides. Mashable’s audience includes early adopters, social media enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, influencers, brands and corporations, marketing, PR and advertising agencies, Web 2.0 aficionados and technology journalists. Mashable is also popular with bloggers, Twitter and Facebook users — an increasingly influential demographic.
  • According to “A Slice of Life in my Virtual Community” by Howard Rheingold
    • “ A virtual community as they exist today is a group of people who may or may not meet one another face to face, and who exchange words and ideas through the mediation of computer bulletin boards and networks. In cyberspace, we chat and argue, engage in intellectual intercourse, perform acts of commerce, exchange knowledge, share emotional support, make plans, brainstorm, gossip, feud, fall in love, find friends and lose them, play games and meta games, flirt, create a little high art and a lot of idle talk. We do everything people do when people get together, but we do it with words on computer screens, leaving our bodies behind.”
  • My Journey through ‘Mashable’-as a Lurker
    • Mainly by looking, by reading, by imaging and by imagining through Mashable website .
    • Not only through textual analysis but also following hyperlinks and ended up in different sites and sources-personal websites, twitter etc for borrowing information.
    • Areas for looking at internet ethnography-Experiential travel, text, technology, reflection
    • and making up of ethnographic objects. Text based contribution through postings gives
    • some identity to the authors which  can be justified and rendered authoritative .
    • Hine, C, (2000)
    • Lurker-the active observer who learns about a site through initially watching and reading.
    • Kozinets, Robert V., (2010)
  • Observation
    • What is happening in Mashable?
    • Exchanging words and ideas through text based
    • postings/bulletin boards by a group of people
    • who may or may not meet face to face .
  • Data-I -27/10/2010
    • This Year, Civic Participation Gets You an “I Voted” Foursquare Badge (Area-Social Media)
    • Adam Ostrow- a new media entrepreneur, consultant, and commentator
    •   921 Tweets,177 face book,6 Digg
    • Do you like this story?
    • As we saw in 2008, the U.S. elections are a great time for web companies to showcase their wares . This year, Foursquare is getting in on the action, encouraging civic participation with the introduction of an “I Voted” badge, a digital version of the sticker often handed out at polling places around the country.
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    • Joshua Chase 6 hours ago
    • Definitely going to rock my badge next week!
    • Joshua Chase, I’m 31 and live in Atlanta, GA. I’m a principal founder @ Run Level Media which is a web design and development firm. I really enjoy technology, cars, gaming, and socializing
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    • Jeff Vreeland 6 hours ago
    • The Foursquare Election link is giving a 404. Bad link or Foursquare not ready to release it yet?
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    • Jeff Vreeland 6 hours ago in reply to Jeff Vreeland
    • Looks to be a bad link that Mashable needs to update - http://elections.foursquare.com/promo /
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    • Adam Ostrow 6 hours ago in reply to Jeff Vreeland
    • sorry about that, I think the link I had doesn't go live til election day. fixed now.
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  • Data continues..
    • Brent Pliskow 6 hours ago
    • What about for early voters and absentees?
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    • Meredith Wise 5 hours ago in reply to Brent Pliskow
    • I'd like to know this too. I voted absentee, so how to I get in on this badge? I like the idea, but it seems it may not've been thought through all the way.
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    • Jason Rosenberg 3 hours ago in reply to Meredith Wise
    • Great that you voted early! On Nov. 2 do a shout out that uses the words "vote" "voted" or "Voting" and you'll unlock the badge.
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    • StarMonkey 5 hours ago
    • I spy, with my little eye, a problem with the map graphic. "Chicago, MA"? Never heard of it.
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    • Michael Bauser 5 hours ago
    • I was probably going to check in at City Hall anyway (I did so on Primary Day), but now I have to worry about whether I'm shouting the right
    • thing. Sigh.
    • As an aside, Gowalla announced a voter pin two days ago, but nobody noticed, because Gowalla just isn't as good at PR as Foursquare. They should really work on that
  • Data continues..
    • Ian Sheddan 2 hours ago in reply to Michael Bauser
    • It's become rather pathetic how many stories Mashable has done featuring Foursquare. I expect a "Social Media Guide" to be a little more expansive in its coverage of as many social media sites as possible.
    • Bio 23. Full-time Student. Red Sox Nation Member. Lover. Thinker. Wanderer.  
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    • Kathleen Schweitzberger 4 hours ago
    • For something so "hip" how could they forgot all the early voting that is done? I did mine last Saturday. I don't have time to go by my polling place just for this. I will just shout it out on other social media apps.
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    • Justin Zagaeski 3 hours ago
    • But I live in Oregon and have mail in ballots...so how does this work for me?
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    • RachelAC 2 hours ago
    • Very cool. Will definitely check in after I vote.
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  • Data II-28/10/2010
    • When Are Facebook Users Most Active? [STUDY] (Area-Social Media)
    • Christina Warren-Writer,speaker,podcaster and videohost.
    • 1799 tweets,1139 facebook share,17 digg
    • theComplex 3 hours ago
    • ahhh, this information is crucial! Thanks, Mashable.
    • Bradley Howard 3 hours ago
    • If the posts that were analysed included non-US users, the 3PM is irrelevant, because it could be 8PM in the UK, or 10PM in Eastern Europe or 6AM in Sydney.
    • Chris Petsavas 2 hours ago
    • that's gold information for all. the ones who post and the ones who read.
    • Dawn Le 2 hours ago
    • we come from all around the world. What does this mean exactly? May be just for local
    • Ef Rodriguez 2 hours ago
    • I still want a white iPhone.
    • Kristopher Michael 2 hours ago
    • Again, as already commented, this information is golden!
    • Ellie Thouret 2 hours ago
    • Thanks for the info. The peak at 3pm EDT doesn't surprise me, as with this being evening in Europe, visit rates are sure to be high.
    • Would be interested in a breakdown of usage by country/region, if such a thing exists!
  • Data III-29/10/2010
    • The Future of Social Media and Politics (Area-Politics)
    • Matt Silverman-Associate features writer with a back ground in creative writing and video production.
    • 1449 tweets,568 face book share,12 Digg share
    • Bruce Floyd 1 day ago
    • I'm helping my brother Chris Floyd run for City Commission in Leesburg, Florida and we've found social media to be a great way to inform voters, personalize the campaign and remind them to get out the vote. We even used Facebook's open graph protocol to add the campaign site to Facebook search.
    • Eric Tucker 1 day ago
    • Politicians should use social media to build their personal brand. They should tweet about their favorite sports teams in their constituencies or post you tube videos they find entertaining. People must get comfortable with politicians on a personal level if any success is to be made in social media. After all, the whole culture of social media is being REAL with people. I am yet to see a political facebook page where the politician will respond to comments posted on their wall.
    • Stefen Abram Enns 1 day ago
    • Social media played a significant role in the recent Calgary, Alberta mayoral race, and the Canadian political scene in general is very well represented on the Twittersphere. A good number of federal MPs and cabinet ministers use it to converse with constituents on a daily basis, and some are quite adept.
    • Marie 1 day ago
    • I absolutely agree this is the wave of the future. Grassroots efforts like this created "regular people" as candidates and helped efforts on both sides of the aisle reach voters across many demographics and engage them directly. In fact, social media really created a niche, politically. In my radio show I have been able to interview movers and shakers like Newt Gingrich, Michelle Malkin, Karl Rove, and Andrew Breitbart (just to name some of the very social media savvy conservatives on social media platforms). In fact, the show with Speaker Gingrich has Eric Harr discussing the intersection of Politics and social media: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/aacons/2010/10/07/interview-with-newt-gingrich
    • Greg Block 1 day ago
    • Sadly, I see most politicians using social media during campaign season. Then when they get elected, it's radio silence. Only a few rare exceptions have fully embraced social media as a way to do the business of the people in an ongoing way. I hope this changes because it really can be a powerful way for legislators to listen to their constituents.
    • Brosix 1 day ago
    • All I know is that I'm sick of negative facebook ads and recorded phone calls.
    • brandaura 23 hours ago
    • we did some interesting coverage of the UK 2010 election campaign. doing sentiment analysis ,but also contextual analysis which brought out some really interesting insights, and also doing trending showing the shift in public perception over time. http://www.electiontrends.blogspot.com / it was picked up in this U.S web magazine. http://semanticweb.com/semantic-web-prospects-and-party-sentiment-unfold-in-u-k-elections_b612 get in touch jayne@brand -aura.com for any analysis requests
  • Data Continues..
    • Chris Rivas 23 hours ago
    • Eric Tucker I like the idea of building their personal brand. If these politicians don't have a good strategy, what is gonna bring people to their pages in the first place. If they use social media to take low blows at their opponents like on TV, I know I won't care what they have to say. Its all about the personal connection.
    • Eric Tucker 19 hours ago in reply to Chris Rivas
    • Personal connections are the whole point of social media. Mere existence on facebook and twitter is not enough. A facebook page is a just cheaper version of a television ad if the two-way phenomenon isn't there. For it to truly be "social," there has to be an effort to make the personal connection mutual.
    • brandaura 23 hours ago
    • we did some interesting coverage of the UK 2010 election campaign. doing sentiment analysis ,but also contextual analysis which brought out some really interesting insights and emerging themes, and also doing trending showing the shift in public perception over time. http://www.electiontrends.blogspot.com / it was picked up in this U.S web magazine. http://semanticweb.com/semantic-web-prospects-and-party-sentiment-unfold-in-u-k-elections_b612 get in touch jayne@brand -aura.com for any analysis requests
    • PeopleMatterHR 23 hours ago
    • It’s not very often people compare small business to big government; much less comment on how Washington is doing something efficiently. But it seems the boys in the big (white) house know a thing or two about social media. Join us for Social Media and Politics 101 at the PeopleMatter Institute’s latest blog post here: http://www.peoplematter.com/blog/what-we-can-learn-donkeys-elephants-and-sarah-palin
    • Steve Jobs 23 hours ago
    • For a lot of years, ordinary citizens were deprived of a voice on every single legislation the Congress had made. Social media can soon change that if their representative will only hear their voices and come to a decision based on what they hear. That will be totally awesome if this happens.
    • DungDeets 23 hours ago
    • LOL, believe me if there is a way for the corrupt politicians to fleece the sheeple, they will find it.
    • Kenny St. Clair 22 hours ago
    • I'm surprised you didn't mention Politics 4 All. ( http://politics4all.com /) It's a social media tool based around your politicians, and helps you track their activities, etc. I'm very excited to see how the public voice is going to evolve and shape politics over my lifetime. Big things are afoot.
    • Budak 22 hours ago
    • Some of you might be interested in my recently completed thesis, "Facebook Twitter and Barack Obama: New media and the 2008 Presidential election" which uses econometrics to quantify how different media consumption patterns -- notably traditional versus "new" -- inform voting behavior. If I haven't bored you yet, check it out: http://unpoppedcollar.com/thesis where you can read the abstract / download the whole thing via Scribd!
  • Data IV-02/11/2010
    • Now You Can Smell Like YouTube Sensation Justin Bieber (Area- Entertainment)
    • Brenna Ehrlich-BA in Theatre and English,MS in Journalism,Copy editor and blogger.
    • 585 tweets,185 face book,1 Digg
    • Obed 4 hours ago
    • Well what do you know, TMZ is gonna open their Social Media section tomorrow.
    • Adam Hoek 4 hours ago
    • I swear the first time I read it I thought it said ' My Wood'
    • Alex Bozinovic 4 hours ago
    • Baby powder?
    • Jeff Chew 3 hours ago
    • Like Play-doh?
    • Sandeep Tripathy 3 hours ago
    • This turns to be great as youtube is contributing a lot for the development of music, esmee denters and justin bieber and all sort of people like this. This is how music is developing in this country.check out my post for all the independent artists.
    • http ://www.axetue.blogspot.com/2010/09/online-music-distribution-boon-for.html
    • Autumn Rain 2 hours ago
    • I don't like Bieber but he's actually a whole lot better than Lindsay Lohan. I hope he doesn't get intro drugs. Still, I'm not buying his scent. http://www.quotes-safari.com /
  • Data V -03/11/2010
    • Social Good Is as Easy as Texting (Area-Social Good)
    • Zachary Sniderman-Arts and cultural writer
    • 875 tweets 82 face book share 10 Digg
    • facebook-692457734 2 weeks ago
    • Love the article. Texting to donate is certainly not new as folks have been trying / doing this for several years now. Scanning will also be included in the mix sooner than later. Check out this campaign powered by Stickybits: http://buylife.org /. Scan to donate. It's just the beginning. Stay tuned.
    • Steve Shepherd 2 weeks ago
    • Text2Donate is certainly not new, but it is gaining credibility with mobile phone users. Our company, MobileGive has been most known for the smaller $10 text donations that are paid out thru the phone carriers (one of our clients raised $200k in one day last month using this method). The limitation is not only in the amount, but in the donor information received (very little thaks to carrier restrictions.) Our Text2Donate service (we've been offering charity clients for well over a year) allows you to text in ANY amount and our Interactive Voice Response service automatically collects the pledge via credit card. We can also place the widget on any site so people can see donations come in in real time. The acquisition of donor information is also a great feature. http://MobileGive.us
    • Zachary Sniderman 2 weeks ago in reply to Steve Shepherd
    • Hey Steve, great to hear. Do you find that the smaller donations actually help people to donate more frequently, or has it been more successful to bank on fewer, larger donations?
    • David Schwartz 1 week ago in reply to Steve Shepherd
    • Great point. We agree on the need for and the value of making donor data available to the non profit so that they can build a relationship with their supporters.
    • writing service 2 weeks ago
    • I am outside the US and probably because of lesser restrictions, we've been in this for a couple of years already. It's not a problem to contract with mobile operators and arrange a similar deal with them in Europe, but if this service is going to revolutionize the donations system, I'm just all for it!
  • Data Continues..
    • Gaming PC 2 weeks ago
    • I hate texting at the best of times, this is a good idea however. Heh
    • amandamtb 2 weeks ago
    • This seems like a good idea but Paypal has added an SMS option which is easier to use and has lower fees. I like the idea of competition in this market!
    • Robert Sanchez 1 week ago
    • Thank you for the article Zachary, it is great to see these charitable text message campaigns getting recognized in the media. Programs like those used for Haiti relief have been wildly successful and speak to the true benefit of utilizing SMS technology to efficiently connect with a large base of people simultaneously. At my company Globaltel Media, we have customized our messaging platform to handle everything from mobile marketing campaigns to emergency response/public service communications to even HIPAA compliant medical transmissions with great success. If these programs continue to receive the high response rates they have been, it will be very interesting to see what SMS messaging is utilized for next. Thanks again.
    • David Schwartz 1 week ago
    • Thanks for the article. We are excited about the new offering and have been receiving a lot of interest in it. If you have a cause that would like to get set up with their own text to donate service let us know. Benevity has been a great partner and they help make it supper easy for us to get any registered non profit set up quickly and easily to be able to start receiving donations via texting. Thanks Again, David Schwartz VP, Product and Corporate Marketing Obopay, Inc. www.obopay.com dschwartz@obopay.com
  • Data VI -04/11/2010
    • Microsoft Wants You to Manage Your Gmail from Your Hotmail (Area-Technology)
    • Benn Parr- tech entrepreneur, sci-fi author, and aspiring world changer
    • 544 tweets,470 face book share,22 Diggs
    • Matt 1 day ago
    • Maybe if Microsoft developed iphone and iPad apps for hotmail, people would use their services more. The mobile platform for hotmail is awful.
    • Edgar Rodriguez 1 day ago in reply to Matt
    • there is an app for iPhone already it's called Windows Live Messenger. and it has Hotmail access.
    • Andrew Crook 1 day ago in reply to Matt
    • @Matt use the search facility in itunes app store and you will find iphone support.
    • Brandthony 1 day ago
    • Wasn't this a feature in Gmail like...5 years ago? I've had outside e-mails through Gmail for a while.
    • Andrew Crook 1 day ago in reply to Brandthony
    • Actually Hotmail had POP3 support before Gmail, however, they removed it and it was then only available in Hotmail Pro accounts (which didnt catch on)
    • haromaster 1 day ago
    • Whats the incentive?
    • Andrew Crook 1 day ago in reply to haromaster
    • Future integration in office live I suppose.
    • Autumn Rain 1 day ago
    • I didn't know that Hotmail still exists. :/ I can hardly remember anyone giving me their e-mail address or writing to me with Hotmail as domain. http://www.quotes-safari.com /
    • (Edited by author 1 day ago)
    • Andrew Crook 1 day ago in reply to Autumn Rain
    • because its now live but some people still have the old style addresses i see them on a daily bases
  • Data VII-05/11/2010
    • Free Sites for Creating Your Own Animations-(Area-Development and Design)
    • Sarah Kessler-a features writer who is a a graduate of Northwestern University's Medill School of
    • Journalism
    • 1483 tweets,1133 face book share,39 Diggs
    • Jeremy Campbell 1 week ago
    • Wow those are some incredible animation sites, especially GoAnimate! It's no wonder that the head of Pixar said that Toy Story 5 could very well be created by a few students during their summer vacation! Tools like these are only going to get better, and empower new opportunities for video creation which is amazing! I have to share this post with the Spidvid community, thanks for publishing this Sarah!
    • kdmiller4 1 week ago
    • One cool animation site was left out http://www.doink.com Free drawing & animation tools that enable Flash like animating. Unique in that you can draw & animate your own characters, backgrounds, etc. or reuse community shared art "props."
    • Steve Jobs 6 days ago
    • These are cool sites and very useful not only for kids but also for feeling like kids. Seriously, I think these sites got a cool idea by offering this service for free and the best is you don’t have to download the software.
    • EntrepreNerd 6 days ago
    • Another, less kid friendly, animation tool is the new Rome Project from Adobe. http://rome.adobe.com / You can do far more than just animation and the user interface is rather simple to use.
    • Theo Pizza 6 days ago
    • Let me guess, now every moron out there is going to try playing off being an "animator". These tools may seem or be cool, but come on let's not cheapen the industry here with this crap.
    • minamisan 6 days ago in reply to Theo Pizza
    • I wouldn't worry. These are to professional animation what Printshop was to greeting cards.
    • patrickeb 6 days ago in reply to Theo Pizza
    • Yeah, what he said. We don't want no stinkin' home users doin' no stinkin ani-stinkin'-mation. Think of all those people who are going to be out of work, think of the starving children. Oh, the humanity!
  • Data Continues..
    • tynamitom 4 days ago in reply to Theo Pizza
    • it's good for comedic writers
    •   Eventish 6 days ago
    • Now THESE are cool!
    •   Go!Animate 6 days ago
    • I am the Social Media Manager at GoAnimate.com . Thank you for the mention. We provide a tool so anyone can unleash their inner creativity. From kids to adults, we see so much talent. I think that our tool gives everyone a new found respect for animation as they become the director, writer, sound editor etc of their very own animations. David Sanchez GoAnimate Social Media Manager
    •   Daina Thomas 6 days ago
    • I checked out the first one and signed up for the basic one .. and I just created the first cartoon .. I ll be sharing it on mu7 FB profile . :)
    • Daina Thomas 6 days ago in reply to Daina Thomas
    • its not working for me .. the site is very slow .. its blank when u click on Make your first cartoon.. Best, Daina
    • Go!Animate 6 days ago in reply to Daina Thomas
    • Hi Daina, you might be running a older version of Flash. If you are still need of assistance. Please feel free to contact me. David Sanchez GoAnimate Social Media Manager
    • Julie Carle 6 days ago
    • Here are some examples of Xtranormal as a reflective diablog http://cloudworks.ac.uk/cloud/view/4103 - using the free versions. Other examples include mixing different movies
    • which you can do in youtube http://cloudworks.ac.uk/cloud/view/4686 . But once you purchase a scene or avatar you can use it continuously without being charged any thing more.
  • Findings
    • Generally, based on the above data I could say that
    • MASHABLE is an online community where a group of
    • people exchange ideas /opinions about various topics
    • through text based postings irrespective of whether they are meeting face to face.
  • Lots of chatting and Arguing in Mashable
    • Jonathan Murray 3 days ago
    • What BS. How ethical is it to build a business on the back of the sweat labor of the 'thousands of developers' who devoted their time and energy, without pay, to create the product you're now going to profit from? How hypocritical is that? At least commercial software company's have the decency to compensate the people who write their code. I assume Mr. Buytaert intends to implement a profit sharing scheme to reward all those whose efforts continue to provide the sole foundation for his company. This is just the sort of thing that fundamentally undermines the open source model. (Edited by author 3 days ago)
    • Flag apperceptions and 2 more liked this Like ReplyReply
    • Eric Anderson 3 days ago in reply to Jonathan Murray
    • Did you even read the article? Re-read his answer to question #7. Plenty of people make money with Drupal. There are countless web design and development firms who use Drupal to deliver quality websites and applications to clients, Acquia is one of them. That's the whole idea, that's the way the community works. The very reason Drupal is so successful is that it is powered by commercial interests, not people focusing specifically on making your personal blogging platform better.
    • Flag Daryl Sudden and 11 more liked this Like ReplyReply
  • Chatting and Arguing continues..
    • Ryan Szrama 3 days ago in reply to Jonathan Murray
    • Not to mention Dries himself didn't earn any significant income (if any) from the software until he started Acquia... well after hundreds of other people were building businesses on the back of his labors. :-/Dries is profit sharing: Acquia paid engineers to contribute full-time to the next release of the software that the rest of the community will use to grow their own businesses. Lots of companies in the Drupal ecosystem do this, and we all benefit.
    • Thomas Svenson and 10 more liked this Like ReplyReply
    • Andrew Mrozkowski 3 days ago in reply to Ryan Szrama
    • Ryan is right. My company uses Drupal almost exclusively. Yes we only contributed to 3 modules. Acquia in its short existence has already contributed more and better code than my team.
    • Flag
    • 1 person liked this. Like ReplyReply
    • eighthourlunch 3 days ago in reply to Jonathan Murray
    • We get paid by our respective employers to do our jobs well and provide solutions. I'm willing to contribute because of the benefit I directly receive from everyone else. I'm not exploited in the least. It's a voluntary arrangement that I can drop whenever I want. Not sure why I would, though, because there's no way I could accomplish on my own what I've been able to do in a fraction of the time owing to the work of others like myself. Superior product, unbeatable price. Makes sense to me .
  • MASHABLE is also a place for intellectual engagement and knowledge exchange
    • Top 5 Developer Questions About HTML5 Answered
    • Paul Gubbay-Vice president of engineering for design and web at Adobe.
    • 1. What is HTML5?
    • 2. Can I Use HTML5 Even if Users Have Outdated Browsers?
    • 3. What Should Designers and Developers Learn First?
    • 4. Am I Behind the Times?
    • 5. Why the Wait?
    • Alex Cook 3 weeks ago
    • Dear Adobe, Please make Flex/Flash Builder a tool to create HTML5 apps. The builder rocks.
    • Flag
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    • ericfickes 3 weeks ago
    • Arcade Fire's site is cool, but I like http://endlessmural.com / better for a sweet sample of HTML5's processing power.
    • Flag
    • Like ReplyReply
    • Robinsh Kumar 3 weeks ago
    • I was known about the news that HTML 5 has been launched recently but there are not any updates on the authority active blogs and now the search is ended here, really you have given a lot of answers about the questions
  • Intellectual engagement and knowledge exchange continues....
    • Michael Slater 1 week ago
    • To make sense of HTML5, you need to look it not as one big bucket of stuff, but as an assortment of technologies that are only very loosely related, if at all. And you need to separate out the corporate agendas from the actual technical issues. HTML5 video is important today, simply because of Apple's refusal to support Flash on iPhones and iPads. The Flash/HTML5 hybrid approach seems like the solution everyone will have to use for video for at least a few years. The new structural elements in HTML5 are also useful, and the simpler doctype and other declarations are nice, if not too exciting. Beyond that, it's hard to find pieces that are compellingly useful today, though it is definitely worth staying on top of. I've put together an assortment of resources here: www.webvanta.com/html5
    • Flag
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    • Joshua Baker 3 days ago
    • IE9.js allows use of HTML5 elements as well as more complex CSS3 selectors; http://code.google.com/p/ie7-js / Raphaël allows use of cross browser canvas style elements; http://raphaeljs.com / Both helpful at providing cross browser solutions to the HTML5 problem. The HTML5 Boilerplate mention by Andrew is also excellent!
  • There is commercial performance also in MASHABLE.
    • From http://mashable.com/2010/10/25/social-media-small-business-services/
    • As part of the ongoing Mashable Awards , we’re taking a closer look at each of the nomination categories . This is “Best
    • Social Media Service for Small Business.” Be sure to nominate your favorites and join us for the Gala in Las Vegas!
    • Sponsorships are available. Please contact sponsorships@mashable.com for more information. Throughout the year
    • we’ve spoken to many small business owners, asking them about their best practices, recommendations and success
    • stories in the social media space.Pulling from their experiences, we’ve learned that choosing social platforms should
    • be based on what type of content your company produces, where your audience is already active, what your goals are,
    • and how you plan to add value for your business’s followers.While every social platform isn’t fit for all businesses, there
    • are quite a few standout services that can be utilized throughout many industries. Here are our top picks for social
    • media services for small businesses — many of these may not be surprising, but that’s because the success stories
    • we’ve heard have proven them over and over again.Which social media services do you recommend for small
    • businesses? Add your thoughts in the comments below.
    • Mashable is an online community where sharing of
    • information, news, stories, techniques etc taking place.
    • “ Many news groups, website forums, social content sites and services, and blogs would
    • be Geeking communities, offering their member and readers deeply detailed information
    • about a particular set of activities, but not deeply engaging most of them in meaningful
    • social relationships. The modes of interaction on these communities are predominantly
    • informational”
    • Kozinets, Robert V., (2010)
  • Conclusion Mashable whose majority participants are “Devotees ”
    • “ Devotees have relatively shallow social ties with the members of the community , but maintain a focal interest in and enthusiasm for the consumption activity in the community , as well as refined skill and knowledge sets”
    • Kozinets, Robert V., (2010)
  • CONCLUSION MASHABLE is an online community where its participants enjoy a “Status Equilisation Effect”
    • No specific criteria for membership nor a login access required in Mashable online community.
    • There is “techno sociality “ in Mashable online community.
    • No social control in Mashable online community
    • A very diverse online community which includes courier company owner, digital media journalists, professional search engine optimiser,entrepreneurs,bloggers,marketing strategy consultants, radio presenter, twitter/Facebook/Dig users etc.
    • Participants in online communications have a ” Status
    • Equilisation Effect”-Minimum social difference, less rules,
    • no leadership, more excited and uninhibited communication
    • ( Dubrovsky et.al 1991)
    • )