"Navigating" the healthcare marketplace


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News and updates on ACA. INSPIRE website resources. State of Indiana resources and navigator program. e-Government and e-Government resources.

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  • Working with INSPIRE database vendors to provide database specific training to learn more about health resources available through INSPIRE.
  • Libraries are welcome to request these print materials from CMS, however, it is important to note that quantities are limited and stock is constantly changing. You will need to create an account to be able to view and order materials. Once you have an account, search on the keyword "marketplace" to see the available publications.
  • Table displaysPostersSign-up sheets for visiting Navigator sessionsPrintables available at info desk
  • Who else has the option to apply?Consider designating a library staff person to become a navigator if:Your library board, advisory group, community groups, or patronage in general has indicated that assistance with completing health insurance applications is desired.You have no official Navigators near enough to your library yet.Money exists to complete the Navigator registration process. If you want to explore ways in which the public library might fund such an endeavor, check with Karen Ainslie at ISL or SBoA.Some are not eligible:Individuals receiving compensation for the sale of health insurance.Individuals receiving compensation from health insurance issuers.
  • Annual continuing educationIf we hear that enough librarians and library staff are becoming Navigators, ISL can register to become a Navigator CE provider and make taking these classes and keeping up with Navigator CE easier for the librarians we serve. If we hear from a majority of the community that this is desired, it is something we will consider. We are also looking into giving LEU credit for the two Navigator CEs that are required for the program each year.Search the Navigator list for your area, even if you got the Navigator name elsewhere. You want to be sure they are certified in Indiana as a Navigator since all Federal Navigators need to be.Navigators serve as impartial, knowledgeable resources for consumers and those are skills that librarians value and employ regularly so there should be a natural fit between libraries and navigators.
  • Consider having classes for patrons to learn these skills. Many libraries are now offering one on one sessions that patrons sign up for to get personal training on digital literacy. Some libraries are partnering with schools to give young adults and opportunity to teach digital literacy skills to older adults.
  • What is Digitallearn.org?Opportunities with Digitallearn.orgLearn how others approach teaching basic computer skills.Participate in a community and learn more.Contribute to the community with your own homemade tutorials.
  • INSPIRE ACA for LibrariesISL support servicesBy request. Contact your regional coordinator.Ongoing ISL webinars like this one.Latest news and updates.Archived webinars available as well.WebJunction Indiana eHealthISL is a partner so all librarians in Indiana have access to the WebJunction and IMLS resources.Archived webinars and news articles.CMS (Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services) websiteProvides training webinars and documents for professionals needing to understand the basics of the marketplace.
  • "Navigating" the healthcare marketplace

    1. 1. “Navigating” the Healthcare Marketplace Shauna Borger, Professional Development Office Indiana State Library
    2. 2. Agenda   INSPIRE websites News and updates     State of Indiana Navigator program e-Government e-Government resources   2 Ordering applications, educational materials Advisory/interest groups Digital literacy training tools Indiana State Library 10/30/2013
    3. 3. INSPIRE websites INSPIRE is a recognizable statewide resource for reliable articles and information. INSPIRE website: ACA for Libraries   3 Indiana State Library 10/30/2013
    4. 4. INSPIRE websites INSPIRE website: ACA for Hoosiers  4 Indiana State Library 10/30/2013
    5. 5. INSPIRE websites ACA for Hoosiers Healthcare marketplace tutorials Links to fraud protection Printables – Applications, resource lists, preparation tips    ACA for Libraries     5 Latest news from WebJunction and IMLS Links to ISL webinars and slides Links to WebJunction webinars and slides State of Indiana resources Indiana State Library 10/30/2013
    6. 6. News and updates Order print materials from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS)   CMS has an online ordering system for print materials. Final draft applications are now available on CMS website. SHOP resources    SHOP call center   Indiana Chamber’s ACA Hotline    6 Applicable to employer’s with 50 or fewer FTE employees. Members can call the Indiana Chamber’s ACA Hotline with SHOP questions. Partnership opportunity for public libraries? More info on employer requirements on ISL legal resources page. Indiana State Library 10/30/2013
    7. 7. News and updates  Customizable brochures, etc. available on CMS website   7 ACA branding guide for locally customized educational and awareness materials. Ideas for more educational and awareness materials Indiana State Library 10/30/2013
    8. 8. State of Indiana Healthcare website  http://www.in.gov/healthcarereform /  FAQs Indiana Navigators Healthy Indiana Plan Presentations Documents Newsroom      8 Indiana State Library 10/30/2013
    9. 9. State of Indiana Navigator program  Indiana Dept. of Insurance Navigators website    9 List of Indiana Navigators and Application Organizations Indiana Navigator FAQs IDOI contact info Indiana State Library 10/30/2013
    10. 10. State of Indiana Navigator program  What is a Navigator?   Individual who assists individuals with application for and enrollment in a health benefit program. Who must apply?     Federally-funded federal Navigators. Federally-designated Certified Application Counselors. Others who help complete insurance affordability program applications. Who else has the option to apply?     Some are not eligible. Federal vs. State Navigators    10 Librarians and library staff! This is not an endorsement! Consider your community! Need to be certified in Indiana. Federal Navigators are compensated by the federal government. No compensation for Indiana Navigators. Indiana State Library 10/30/2013
    11. 11. State of Indiana Navigator program  Navigator requirements       Application ($65) Certification exam ($84.75) Background check ($717) Disclose conflicts of interest Annual renewal application ($65) Annual continuing education  How do libraries take advantage of established Navigators?     11 Visit the IDOI website and search the Navigator list for your area. Invite them to the library for an established session or open house with your patrons. Navigators serve as impartial, knowledgeable resources for consumers. Ask if they will charge a fee. Indiana State Library 10/30/2013
    12. 12. e-Government participation   Electronic government participation is on the rise. e-Government discussions include:       Digital inclusion Broadband prioritization 21st century literacy (digital, information, economic, health, trans) Strategic planning Technology planning Big ideas = Big picture. Don’t get overwhelmed!  12 There are ideas and resources out there to help you. Indiana State Library 10/30/2013
    13. 13. e-Government advisory groups   Engaging stakeholders and identifying partnerships Tulsa City-County Public Library e-Government wiki  13 Source: WebJunction Federal Depository Libraries and ACA webinar Indiana State Library 10/30/2013
    14. 14. Digital literacy skills for e-Government participation    Healthcare marketplace can be best utilized through the website. Some patrons will not be comfortable with the digital process of applying. Patrons will need some of the following skills to apply online as with any e-Government website:    14 Using a mouse Navigating a website Creating an email address – Email address required with an online application. Indiana State Library 10/30/2013
    15. 15. Digitallearn.org 15 Indiana State Library 10/30/2013
    16. 16. Goodwill Community Foundation   http://www.gcflearnfree.org/ Basic computer skills and more! 16 Indiana State Library 10/30/2013
    17. 17. More training and support  INSPIRE Affordable Care Act for Libraries website    17 ISL Regional Coordinators are offering trainings out in the field. WebJunction Indiana eHealth page CMS training website Indiana State Library 10/30/2013
    18. 18. Thanks!    Questions? Please visit ISL’s Slide Share account for access to this and other ISL presentations: http://www.slideshare.net/isl_pdo Contact me!    18 Shauna Borger, Supervisor, Professional Development Office, Indiana State Library sborger@library.in.gov 317-232-3718 Indiana State Library 10/30/2013