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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. 6th grade
  • 2. Do you like animals?       What is your favourite animal? Where does your favourite animal live? Is it a pet? Is it a farm animal? Is it a wild animal? Does it live in your country? If you have 5-minute time to be an animal, which one you would like to be?
  • 3. Mammals Click on the picture.
  • 4. Types of animals Mammals -have fur or hair; - are warmblooded; -feed their babies with mother’s milk. Insects Birds -have two legs; -most fly with wings; -hatch from eggs. - have six legs (three pairs) ; - have antennae for feeling around; - usually have wings. Vocabulary Reptiles -have dry, rough, scaly skin; -lay their eggs on or under the ground.
  • 5.  Do you know the names of these animals? Click on the slide to see if you are correct. 1 2 3 6 7 5 cat horse elephant 4 snake 8 lion dolphin rabbit mosquito
  • 6.  Match the pictures with the names of the animals 1 5 4 3 2 11 6 9 10 8 12 7 cow goat sheep eagle ostrich shark tiger dog chicken penguin giraffe whale Vocabulary Next
  • 7. Put these animals into groups. tiger snake chicken mosquito ostrich sheep rabbit crocodile eagle dog giraffe bee goat 3 min whale penguin Next
  • 8. Click 1 on the picture. 1. It’s a very large sea mammal that breathes air through a hole at the top of its head. whale horse 2. It’s an animal which people often ride. 3. It’s a yellow and black flying insect which makes honey and can sting you. 2 3 bee 4 4. It’s a domestic animal which is farmed for its wool, meat and milk. sheep 5 5. It’s a bird which lives on a farm. duck 6 6. It’s a large heavy animal with thick brown fur. It usually eats fruit and honey. Next bear
  • 9. How many pandas can you see? eight
  • 10. / g / or / dʒ / 1.Listen and check then say the words. 2.Write in your worksheets these words under the correct symbol. hedgehog penguin hedgehog goat /g/ giraffe tiger frog budgie eagle pigeon / dʒ / 3 min
  • 11. In pairs, read the quiz. What do you think? Which statements are true and which are false?  Write down the true statements. 1. Rabbits are better runners than lions.  2. Ostriches are taller than cows.  3. Sharks can be longer than snakes. 4. Penguins are faster than humans. 5. Sharks are more dangerous than bees. 6. Whales are louder than aeroplanes.  7.Elephants are heavier than whales.  3 min
  • 12. Look at these sentences and make a rule. Ostriches are taller than cows. Sharks can be longer than snakes. Penguins are faster than humans. Whales are louder than aeroplanes. We use/don’t use an article before plural nouns, when we refer to them in general terms.
  • 13. Remember ! Comparative forms of the adjectives: • Ostriches are taller than cows. • Whales are heavier than elephants. • Wild cats are more dangerous than a lot of other animals. Superlative forms of the adjectives:  The fastest animal in the world is cheetah.  The most dangerous snake in the world is the taipan snake in Australia. • good – better – the best • bad – worse – the worst
  • 14. Click on the picture and complete the crossword. ОУ “Христо Ботев” с.Садина, общ.Попово
  • 15. Biggest, smallest, best, worst Superlatives at the zoo Underline the best superlative adjective. • a) The giraffe is /the longest / the tallest / the smallest / animal in the zoo. It’s 5.5metres. • b) Mr Collins is / the youngest / the tallest / the smartest / man who works in the zoo.Mr Collins is 1.9 metres. • c) The elephant is / the heaviest / the youngest / the lightest / animal in the zoo. It’s 5 tonnes. • d) The lion house is / the oldest / the widest / the smallest / building in the zoo. It was built in 1927.
  • 16. • e) The python is | the tallest / the longest / the fastest / snake in the zoo. It’s 6 metres. • f) The ostrich has / the fastest | the largest / the smallest / eggs in the zoo. They weigh 1.6 kg. • g) The Shetland pony is / the tallest / the richest / the smallest / horse in the zoo. It’s 42 centimetres high.
  • 17. • h) The Shire horse is | the strongest | the heaviest | the longest | horse in the zoo. It can pull 50 tonnes. • i) Mrs Yates is | the deepest | the newest | the oldest | woman who works at the zoo. She had her 68th birthday last year. • j) Bruno, the baby lion is | the sharpest | the highest | the youngest | animal in the zoo. Bruno is two days old.
  • 18. Your homework 1. Energy for Bulgaria, Students’ Book for the 6th grade,  p.118, Memory Gym 1- ex.1 2. Energy for Bulgaria, Workbook for the 6th grade,  p.35 - ex.1a or 1b  p.35 – ex. 2a
  • 19. Extra activities • Design a zoo Click on the picture • What is the correct comparative form of each adjective?
  • 20. Created by : Iskra Gancheva Petkova E-mail:
  • 21. Sources: Energy for Bulgaria, Students’ Book for the 6th grade  Energy for Bulgaria, Teacher’s Book for the 6th grade  Energy for Bulgaria, Workbook for the 6th grade • • • Multimedia Encyclopedia Encarta