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There are 50.5 million Latinos in the US today and that number is rapidly growing. Latino social media and mobile usage surpass the usage of Caucasians, African-American, and Asians. They are technologically and social media savvy, and most importantly, they are big spenders in this category. This presentation discusses the growth of Latinos as a population in the US and the trends in their adoption of social media and mobile technologies.

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  • The Latino population is often defined by language, country of origin and the level of acculturation, but a recent study by MediaVest Group and Telemundo was designed to help marketers understand the Latino community from the inside out with a new approach. The study found 12 Hispanic-American identities that fall into four broad groups: change agents, principle-led, cultural revivers and achievement bound.
  • Terra Networks, compared to non-Hispanics, Hispanics are more likely to:Respond to targeted adsEnjoy video adsVisit a store as a result of seeing an online adSeek out and research new technology options
  • Latinos are the quickest of the demographics to adopt new technologies, but also because they tend to be a highly social group, eager to interact.Hispanics are connecting twice as fast as the general market (14 percent growth versus 7 percent)—adding over a million users per year. Go online at least once a month. By 2014, 39.2 million Hispanics will be online, representing 70% of this population.
  • It is cultural imperative to connect. Living a connected, collective, and spontaneous life is a fundamental Hispanic value and desire. Technology that facilitates connecting, sharing, entertaining, and learning is rapidly becoming indispensable for the majority of the U.S. Hispanic population. Hispanics dramatically outpace the general market in creating and sharing content, and few brands have figured out how to be part of the process creatively. On average, Hispanics spend 17 hours per week online, but they spend 14 hours per day with a technology device (versus 8 hours for the general population). Because of their higher propensity to use converged technology, the Hispanic consumer is the perfect target for developing truly integrated multi-channel campaigns. For categories such as technology, consumer electronics, financial services and travel, connecting with consumers where they explore your products, research options, share experiences with communities, and ultimately buy your products is not an option, it’s a necessity. Hispanics are early adopters of mobile technology. Thirty-one million U.S. Hispanics have a mobile phone. By the age of 15, penetration of wireless services among U.S. Hispanic teens is 64 percent; by the age of 17, the penetration rate rises to 78 percent. The mobile phone is not just another screen onto which we can send ads. It represents an opportunity for us to fundamentally change the relationship between brand and consumer—we can engage in a dialogue, create context-specific content, and situate a brand within relevant, dynamic moments in the consumer’s life. Convention tells us that the Hispanic market is very value-conscious and often makes purchase decisions based on price. When it comes to technology, the opposite has proven to be true. Hispanic consumers are driven by style, status, and technology that satisfy their need to connect spontaneously, share with friends and family, and have access to entertainment.
  • On Twitter#LatinaBloggers–The one-stop hashtag to find out what Latina Bloggers are buzzing about and discover their blogs.#Latism–I made most of my initial Twitter friends and discovered great Latina and Latino blogs attending their infamous weekly Twitter parties every Thursday night from 7-9pm EST.  After parties always rock#LasBlogueras–a recently started hashtag where Spanish-speaking bloggers gather to share.#DLBChat–Digital Latina Blogger Bi-weekly twitter chat led by @ModernMami (Melanie Edwards) and @LBConnect where we discuss blogging and social media topics.On FacebookLatina Bloggers Connect PageNew Latina PageElla Media PageElsewhereBlogs By Latinas–The most important directory to find all Latina blogs. Period.UrbanoTV–Led by actor John Leguizamo, UrbanoTV is doing a great job at positioning Latina(o) bloggers who feature video posts.  They also have a blog area where many have signed up.Blogadera–The first-ever Latino blog directory has set itself the mission to map the Latino blogoshpere.  They also feature interviews and forums.
  • The same social media tools are used to target both the mainstream and Hispanic markets-though use in the Hispanic market is comparatively less in all areas except mobile, where use was higher in Hispanic programs.
  • McDonald’s wanted to make the brand culturally relevant to Latinos in the U.S. People could show passion for their favorite teams by digitally painting Facebook photos of their faces with a team's country's flag.
  • In 2008-2009, the NBA saw a decline in the size of their Hispanic fan base and viewership. The league’s subsequent market research revealed that while their Hispanic fans liked to be recognized, they didn’t like to be singled out by language or ethnicity (i.e., NBA en Español or NBA Latino). Because Latino fans regularly referred to the NBA as the éne•bé•a, it was a natural fit for the rebranding effort. Hispanic viewership grew 17 percent in 2009-10 across all of its broadcast partner networks and their fan base grew nine percent by December 2009, even though the overall US Hispanic population grew by only four percent during this periodShe pointed out that, unlike with their website, they can use social media to interact directly with their audience. One feature they offer, for example, is the opportunity for fans to ask the players questions. On Facebook and their other social media sites, they ask their Hispanic fans to submit questions, along with their name and country of origin, for the players. They select a few of the best questions and interview players in short informal video segments that are then shared via Facebook and the other social media platforms. The result is an insiders’ feature that enables fans to feel directly involved and connected with the NBA.
  • Latinos and Social Media

    1. 1. LATINOS & SOCIALMEDIA<br />LATINOS<br />& SOCIAL MEDIA<br />Presented by: Irina Skaya<br />Twitter: @irinaskaya<br />Irina Skaya<br />@irinaskaya<br />
    2. 2. Agenda<br /><ul><li>Why Market To Latinos?
    3. 3. Latino Culture and Identity Facts
    4. 4. Latinos & Social Media Landscape Overview
    5. 5. Social Networks, Blogging & Mobile Usage
    6. 6. Today’s Hispanic Social Media Marketing
    7. 7. Case Studies </li></li></ul><li>WHY MARKET TO LATINOS?<br />
    8. 8.
    9. 9. How to MARKET TO LATINOS?<br />
    10. 10. Quien son los Latinos en los Estados Unidos?<br />Latinoamericana<br />Spanish dominant (nearlyno English); Recent im-migrant as adult (<10 years)<br />Bi-cultural<br />Bi-lingual (equal ornearly); Immigrantas child or young adult<br />Americanizado<br />English dominant (nearlyno Spanish); Born in theUS; 3rd generation<br />Hispano<br />Spanish preferred(some English)<br />In US 10+ years<br />Nueva Latina<br />English preferred(some Spanish)Born in the US; 2ndgeneration<br />Source: America’s Latino Future, 2015 and Beyond. Geoscape. American Marketscape DataStream<br />
    11. 11. Who Are the US Latinos Really?<br />ChangeAgents<br />Principle-Led<br />CulturalRevivers<br />AchievementBound<br />Source: “Latino Heritage Identity Initiative-Beyond Demographics”Starcom Media Vest Group & Telemundo Group<br />
    12. 12. Latinos & social media<br />
    13. 13. Hispanics Love and Trust the Internet<br />Hispanics are more enthusiastic about the benefits of the internet than the General Market – so much so that they have more confidence in online product ratings than the opinions of their friends.<br />72%<br />Product Rating Sites<br />28%<br />Friends’ Opinions<br />AOL Hispanic Cyberstudy, 2010<br />
    14. 14.
    15. 15. Hispanics are younger and adopt online trends more quickly<br /><ul><li>46% of Online Hispanics are under 352
    16. 16. 32% of Hispanics access the internet through smart phones compared with only 20% of the General Market4
    17. 17. Hispanics are nearly twice as likely to search the internet with an iPhone compared with the general market4</li></ul>Sources: 2. Hispanic Cyber study 2010, AOL Advertising 2010 4. SIMM 16 Hispanics, AfricanAmericansand AsiansMore Digital-SavvythanCaucasians, BIG Research<br />
    18. 18. Hispanics are a very social group with high usage of social media<br /><ul><li>17% of US Hispanics are Twitter Users5
    19. 19. 10% of online Hispanics have recently checked in compared to 3% of white Americans6
    20. 20. 54% of Hispanics regularly use Facebook compared with only 43% of white Americans4</li></ul>Sources: 4. SIMM 16 Hispanics, AfricanAmericansand AsiansMore Digital-SavvythanCaucasians, BIG Research; 5. Twitter Usage in America 2010, Edison Research; 6. Geo Social SuveyData: Pew Research Center <br />
    21. 21. <ul><li>It is culturally imperative to connect
    22. 22. The growing Hispanic middle class is super connected. 85% with a household income of $50,000+ are online
    23. 23. Hispanics are early adopters of mobile technology
    24. 24. Hispanics will spend money on what they really want. They spend 42% more on mobile devices and 35% more on data services than the average user
    25. 25. More than the language, it’s about the content
    26. 26. Hispanics are dynamic content creators and consumers
    27. 27. Entertainment content is the main appeal for online engagement
    28. 28. Multitasking: Part of the Hispanic DNA</li></li></ul><li>
    29. 29. Top Ten Social Networking Sites<br />Among all Hispanics by reach<br />Source: ComScore June 2010. Percent reach here is the percent of all Hispanic internet users.<br />
    30. 30. Blogging Frequency<br />Latina bloggers are active contributors. Most, (57%) write twice or more blog posts a week. Only 2% post less than once a week. <br />The three most popular topics include Parenting (62.7%), Latino Issues (54.4%), and Heritage/Culture (18.2%). Other popular topics include cooking/recipe, beauty/fashion, and art/technology.<br />Less than once a week<br />Once a week<br />Daily or more<br />Twice or more<br />a week<br />Source: Latina Bloguera Survey – 2010<br />
    31. 31. Reasons For Blogging<br />Most Latinas blog to share their opinion (45%) and to connect with others (44%). Top other reason: to market their business or product (24%).<br />Source: Latina Bloguera Survey – 2010<br />
    32. 32. Languages in Blogging<br />Most Latinas blog in English (72%), with a majority also blogging in Spanish (69%)<br />Source: Latina Bloguera Survey – 2010<br />
    33. 33. Where To Find Latino(a) Bloggers<br />Hispanics—especially women—have been leaders in social media, partly because they are among the quickest of the demographics to adopt new technologies, but also because they tend to be a highly social group, eager to interact<br />Video: Meet Latina Bloguera<br />
    34. 34. Mobile Device Use By Hispanics<br />Source:, April 2011<br />
    35. 35. Mobile Use<br />Latinas actively use their cell phones to tweet (81%), update on Facebook (90%). Most use apps (93%) and read blogs (76%).<br />Source: Latina Bloguera Survey – 2010<br />
    37. 37. Social Media Tools<br />Same social media tools are used to target both the mainstream and Hispanic markets<br />Facebook<br />Twitter<br />Blogs<br />YouTube<br />LinkedIn<br />Mobile<br />MySpace<br />Hispanic<br />Mainstream<br />Source: 2011 TeleNoticias LatinoWire Hispanic Social Media Survey<br />
    38. 38. Social Media Budgets<br />Social media budgets are expected to increase in the next fiscal year for both the main-stream (58%) and Hispanic markets (60%).<br />Hispanic<br />Mainstream<br />Source: 2011 TeleNoticias LatinoWire Hispanic Social Media Survey<br />
    39. 39. Important Attributes When Choosing One Brand Over Another<br />Opinions/reviews on blog<br />Industry/expert ratings<br />Customer reviews/ratings<br />Recommended by friend/relative<br />Source: comScore Custom Study on the US Online Hispanic Market; Persons 13+; June and October, 2010 <br />
    40. 40. Hispanic social media marketing case studies<br />
    41. 41. McDonald’s Leverages Social Media To Be <br />Culturally Relevant to US Latinos<br />Social Media Marketing Overview:<br /><ul><li>Nearly 8.7MM Facebook fans
    42. 42. 132K Twitter followers
    43. 43. 6K Foursquare check-ins per day
    44. 44. 2BN Youtube views per day</li></ul>Hispanic Marketing Effort: 2010 World Cup on Facebook <br /><ul><li>The program was promoted in English and Spanish and drove both engagement and conversation
    45. 45. Nearly 20,000 people used the program
    46. 46. More than 11,000 shared the program on Facebook</li></ul>Source:<br />
    47. 47. NBA Uses Social Media To Elevate Hispanic Fan Base Interaction<br />Social Media Marketing Overview:<br /><ul><li>288K+ Facebook Fans
    48. 48. 2.9K Twitter Followers
    49. 49. 2K Que Pasa Friends
    50. 50. 1K MySpace Friends</li></ul>“Social media is a key component to our Hispanic marketing strategy. It allows our fans to engage with our sport and our players on a more personalized level,” - Saskia Sorrosa, Senior Director of U.S. Hispanic Marketing at the NBA<br />