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IoT Week Rotterdam - Education and IoT
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IoT Week Rotterdam - Education and IoT


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Presentation as part of a panel session on Wednesday April 10 during IoT Week Rotterdam.

Presentation as part of a panel session on Wednesday April 10 during IoT Week Rotterdam.

Published in: Business, Technology, Travel
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  • 1. 10/04/2013 Iskander Smit, @iskandrDesigning the Internet of EverythingIoT week 2013 Rotterdam
  • 2. 10/04/2013strategy director & managing council Internet of Thingsthinking online services since 1994
  • 3. 10/04/2013We are an Internet agencysince 1994
  • 4. 10/04/2013Full serviceonline strategy, online marketing, online services
  • 5. 10/04/2013Ubiquitous UXdesign strategy, pragmatic service design, exploding, social
  • 6. 10/04/2013Lean developmentscrum, agile, lean
  • 7. 10/04/2013Labsexperimenting for the near future
  • 8. 10/04/2013Online results in the number one playerBVA Auctions
  • 9. 10/04/2013Complete mobile functionGreenwheels keyless entry
  • 10. 10/04/2013Labsexperimenting the near future
  • 11. 10/04/2013PeopleThingsServices
  • 12. 10/04/2013The you-webthe experience angle
  • 13. 10/04/2013connected things anddisappearing computing becomepart of the ecosystem
  • 14. 10/04/2013Endless source of data
  • 15. 10/04/2013Our world as a code/spacedigital defines our reality
  • 16. 10/04/2013Robot readable worldTimo Arnall
  • 17. 10/04/2013Combine virtual and realityBackSeat driver
  • 18. 10/04/2013All becomes softwareNEST intelligent thermostat
  • 19. 10/04/2013Value generating useAsthmapolis
  • 20. 10/04/2013reactive vs pro-active modelRob van Kranenburg
  • 21. 10/04/2013Personal, open, smartReady for a new Industrial Revolution
  • 22. 10/04/20131. smart & adaptive cities2. home sense3. intelligent products
  • 23. 10/04/2013Platform products
  • 24. 10/04/2013Silly marketingpizza-delivery button
  • 25. 10/04/2013Design principles
  • 26. 10/04/2013Ingredients:Things. Sensors. (Big) data.Network. Cloud. API.Social. Touch.Human. Craft. Seams.
  • 27. 10/04/2013Design for smart products.What is smart?!  Understand users & their state!  Understand the context!  Grow old gracefully!  Learn to forget!  AdaptAlexandra Deschamp-Sonsino, November 2012
  • 28. 10/04/20139 principles mundane computing (Tom Coates)1.  The appliance should not need to be connected to the network in order to function, thenetwork is a progressive enhancement2.  It must be unbelievable simple to get the device onto the network in the first place.3.  You should use the network to amplify a tools core purpose, not to be another webbrowser or twitter client4.  The most important way to enhance an object is make it easier to control, or to understandhow its working5.  The enhanced interface for a network enabled device should be wherever you needed to be.6.  You should be sensitive to the impact of the products upgrade cycle.7.  The enhanced intelligence of the device should be in the cloud, not on the device.8.  The object should communicate with its users in ways that feel appropriate, polite andpertinent...9.  It should be possible for the enhanced object to respond to the actions of other objects andother forms of online data.
  • 29. 10/04/2013Digital music made tangiblesocial music player for kids
  • 30. 10/04/2013An Internet of Things productis a platform product
  • 31. 10/04/2013
  • 32. 10/04/2013
  • 33. 10/04/2013Think on the service, designthe usage, create behavior
  • 34. 10/04/2013
  • 35. 10/04/2013Take data as inspiration
  • 36. 10/04/2013chromaroma
  • 37. 10/04/2013
  • 38. 10/04/2013Think of the value of metaconnections
  • 39. 10/04/2013Hidden smartRussell Davies,
  • 40. 10/04/2013Data as combining factor
  • 41. 10/04/2013Big data for tiny services
  • 42. 10/04/2013The designer in the data scientist
  • 43. 10/04/2013Educate generalistic skillsfor those that can work asexperimenting specialists
  • 44. 10/04/2013
  • 45. 10/04/2013
  • 46. 10/04/, @iskandr