What's New on the Facebook Platform, June 2011


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New stuff on the Facebook Platform for June 2011

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  • What's New on the Facebook Platform, June 2011

    1. 1. What’s new on the Facebook platform, June 2011<br />IskandarNajmuddin<br />15th June 2011<br />Facebook Developer Garage London<br />
    2. 2. The Right Hand Giveth<br />
    3. 3. Track entire page load time<br /><ul><li>including Facebook chrome
    4. 4. for Canvas iframeapps</li></ul>New JS SDK FB.Canvasmethods<br /><ul><li>FB.Canvas.stopTimer(callback)
    5. 5. FB.Canvas.startTimer()
    6. 6. FB.Canvas.setDoneLoading(callback)
    7. 7. Callback function gets page load time for your enjoyment</li></ul>Use it to help understand and tune your Canvas apps’ performance.<br />No mention of new load time metrics in documentation. Yet.<br />Page Load Time Insights<br />
    8. 8. Then:<br /><ul><li>Single line, aggregated = low visibility</li></ul>Now:<br /><ul><li>Full story, with image = high visibility</li></ul>Likeage Propagates Full Feed Stories<br />How to get Full Story Goodness<br />Get the Open Graph metadata right!<br />Yourog:imagemust be at least 180 pixels wide<br />Convince users to Like your content<br />
    9. 9. Brand new Graph API methods<br /><ul><li>Fetch tags: GET PHOTO_ID/tags
    10. 10. Add tags: POST PHOTO_ID/tags/USER_ID
    11. 11. Update tag: POST PHOTO_ID/tags/USER_ID</li></ul>Parameters<br />to- User ID<br />x – x coordinate<br />y – y coordinate<br />But note:<br /><ul><li>No documented Delete method. Yet.
    12. 12. Remember – only for tagging friends in real photos!
    13. 13. Flout the Platform Guidelines, pay the price
    14. 14. Previously possible via REST API only</li></ul>Graph API for Photo Tags<br />
    15. 15. Link to Paypal when signing up to Facebook Credits<br /><ul><li>Unclear if existing Credits accounts can link to Paypal</li></ul>Opens Credit Payouts for loads more countries:<br />Credits Payout via<br />Argentina<br />Australia<br />Brazil<br />China<br />French Guiana<br />Guadeloupe<br />India<br />Indonesia<br />Israel<br />Japan<br />Malaysia<br />Martinique<br />Mexico<br />New Zealand<br />Norway<br />Philippines<br />Reunion<br />South Korea<br />Switzerland<br />Taiwan<br />Thailand<br />Turkey<br />
    16. 16. A major upgrade: not backwards-compatible, so watch out!<br /><ul><li>PHP SDK officially supported by Facebook since forever
    17. 17. Uses OAuth flows exclusively
    18. 18. Available on github: https://github.com/facebook/php-sdk
    19. 19. Facebook class extends BaseFacebook
    20. 20. Encapsulates persistence methods</li></ul>Then:<br />$session = $facebook->getSession();<br />Now:<br />$user = $facebook->getUser();<br />PHP SDK v3.<br />
    21. 21. The Left Hand Taketh Away<br />
    22. 22. Feed Access Token Requirement<br />Breaking change (as of June 3rd), watch out!<br />Then: https://graph.facebook.com/iskandar.najmuddin/feed<br />Now: https://graph.facebook.com/iskandar.najmuddin/feed?access_token=TOKEN_HERE <br />No token = throws Exception<br />Token not associated with read_stream permission = Empty data<br />Also affects FQL stream table queries<br />You can use an Application Token too<br />Change announced May 28th, implemented June 3rd=> Roadmap FAIL<br />
    23. 23. Feed Story ‘Message’ Pre-fill Going Away<br />Breaking change, perhaps (as of July 12th)?<br />“This change encourages users to share authentic and relevant content with their friends.”<br />
    24. 24. And the rest<br />
    25. 25. <ul><li>New Developer App in Beta: better, faster, stronger
    26. 26. search, sort, paginate
    27. 27. includes test user management
    28. 28. to be released Q3 2011
    29. 29. Long Tab names now possible – up to 100 chars
    30. 30. but may wrap and affect the # of tabs above the fold
    31. 31. Client-side re-authentication flow available
    32. 32. useful for {e,f}-commerce, the wild internet café world
    33. 33. Get a user’s video upload limits</li></ul>https://graph.facebook.com/USER_ID?fields=video_upload_limits &access_token=ACCESS_TOKEN<br />Misc Updates and Stuff and Things<br />
    34. 34. July 1st – Use Credits or Die <br /><ul><li>for Games accepting payments</li></ul>July 1st again – FB to provide JS SDK update <br /><ul><li>new cookie format
    35. 35. PHP SDK already here </li></ul>Sept 1st – Use new OAuth flows or Die <br /><ul><li>avoid UID leakage</li></ul>Oct 1st – Use signed_request over SSL or Die <br /><ul><li>for all Canvas apps</li></ul>The Long and Winding Roadmap<br />
    36. 36. That’s ALL FOR NOW<br />Tune in for the next episode!<br /><ul><li>Same Bat-3rd-Wednesday.
    37. 37. Same Bat-London-Facebook-Developer-Garage.</li></ul>Ask me about social media, technology, or early hip-hop:<br /><ul><li>i.najmuddin@syncapse.com
    38. 38. twitter.com/iskandar
    39. 39. +44(0)207.096.0146</li>