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I present this presentation at Journalism 101, a two days workshop for journalist by Embassy of The United States Jakarta-Indonesia, April 11-12 2013.

Part 1: A way to visualize and report events

Part 2: Role of journalists in verifying crowd-sourced information

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  • is how the power of the many can be leveraged to accomplish feats that were once the responsibility of a specialized few—Jeff Howe, author of “Crowdsourcing”
  • is the practice of obtaining needed services, ideas, or content by soliciting contributions from a large group of people, and especially from an online community, rather than from traditional employees or suppliers—Wikipedia
  • Ceritatahun 2006. Mark Harmel, a freelance photographer living in Manhattan,mendapat order fotountukprodukkesehatandariklien. Tapisetelahmerekacocokdanharmelmendapattaksiranhargasekitar 600 dolar, kliennyamenemukanistockphoto. Laludia pun mengambil 56 fotodari situ denganharga 1 dolar per foto!
  • Key Success: 78% of US Populations are using Internet (245 million of 314 million people)The campaign raising more than $700 million online, Messina said. That figure is up from the just under $500 million it raised in 2008.Obama brought in approximately $58.5 million from individuals who donated $200 or less Jim Messina, the campaign manager of Obama for America said, that his team had built "the biggest grassroots campaign in modern American history”
  • Researchers at Oxford University hope new technology and crowdsourcing on the Internet will help them decipher the world's oldest writing system that still remains a mystery.The ancient writing from what is now southwest Iran, called proto-Elamite, was used during the Bronze Age between 3200 BC and 2900 BC but has defied academics who long ago found the Rosetta Stone to understand Egyptian hieroglyphics and other ancient languages. Although proto-Elamite was borrowed from neighboring Mesopotamia, its scribes devised their own symbols that have made it all but undecipherable for millennia.Dahl's team shipped an RTI machine to the Louvre museum in Paris, home to the world's largest trove of proto-Elamite tablets, and exposed the tablets to them. The high-resolution images will be put online to allow academics around the world to crowdsource a translation, ideally within two years.
  • 225 judulbuku,
  • along Elm Street in Dealey Plaza, in Dallas, Texas
  •, George Holliday, wargaperumahan Lake View Terrace mencobahandycambarunya. Secaratidaksengajamengabadikanempatpolisikulitputih Los Angeles tengahmenyiksaseorangpengendarasepeda motor kulithitam, Rodney G King. Polisi menganggap korban memacu kendaraannya di luar ketentuan. Polantas menyiksa King sampai babak belur dan pingsan. Holliday merekam peristiwa berdurasi 81 detik dan mengirim "gambar panas" itu ke sejumlah saluran televisi. Televisimenyiarkannyaberulang-ulangdanwargaAmerika pun murka. Majalah Time menulisperistiwaitudenganjudul America's Ugliest Home Video, pelesetandari America's Funniest Home Video.On July 12, 2011, King was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence
  • Detiknet 53Flickr 56LinkedIn 75Tempointeraktif 76Media Indonesia 116
  • KompasianerOkti Li yang beradadi Taiwan melaporkantentangraziamassalproduk mi instanbuatan Indonesia olehDepartemenKesehatan Taiwan, Oktober 2010
  • KompasianerDidiRulmelaporkan dialog AntarPerhimpunanPelajar Indonesia Australia denganKomisi VIII DPR RI di Melbourne, Mei 2011
  • Tahun 2009 FoxNewsbekerjasamadengan MySpace. CJ uReportjugadapatdiaksesmelalui MySpace
  • Peer-to-peer adalah model komunikasidimanamasing-masingpihakmemilikikemampuan yang samadansalahsatupihakdapatmemulaisesikomunikasi
  • ContohkasusinformasidariwargaBagaimanamemverifikasinyaBuatlahsebuahartikelsetelah proses tersebutdilakukan
  • Crowdsourcing News & Other New Media Tools

    1. 1. iskandar zulkarnaen | community editor | 4/12/2013
    2. 2. ISKANDARZULKARNAEN Community Editor, 2011 Jurnalist, 2009 Copywriter, 2007 Journalist Republika, 2004S1  UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta,Perbankan Syariah,
    3. 3.  Editor Writer Blogger Reporter Presenter
    4. 4. PLAY THE VIDEOThree Little PigsCannes Lion Award
    5. 5. Where’sCROWDSOURCINGcome from?
    6. 6. It’s come fromSOMETHINGProductsServicesContentIdeasAFFORDABLE
    7. 7. CROWDSOURCINGis how the power of the many can beleveraged to accomplish feats that wereonce the responsibility of a specializedfew—Jeff Howe, author of“Crowdsourcing”
    8. 8. CROWDSOURCINGis the practice of obtaining neededservices, ideas, or content by solicitingcontributions from a large group ofpeople, and especially from an onlinecommunity, rather than from traditionalemployees or suppliers—Wikipedia
    9. 9. Marketplace for work
    10. 10. 2012 Online Donation forObama Campaign0 Key Success: 78% of US Populations are using Internet(245 million of 314 million people)0 The campaign raising more than $700 million online.That figure is up from the just under $500 million itraised in 2008.0 Obama brought in approximately $58.5 million fromindividuals who donated $200 or less0 Jim Messina, the campaign manager of Obama forAmerica said, that his team had built "the biggestgrassroots campaign in modern American history”
    11. 11. Cracking the Proto-ElamiteCode
    12. 12. PLAY THE VIDEOLife in A Day
    13. 13. What aboutCROWDSOURCINGNews?
    14. 14. JFK Assassination, 1963Abraham Zapruder(1905 –1970)PLAY VIDEOJFK Assassination (Abraham Zapruder_s8mm Filming, Best Qual)
    15. 15. The guy who caused the riots,1991Rodney G KingGeorge Hollidayand his Sonyhandycam
    16. 16. Japan Tsunami, 2011PLAY VIDEO2011 Japan Tsunami Onagawa
    17. 17. Mainstream vs Social Media0 BROADCAST: top-down newsPengiklanOrganisasi MediaTV,Koran,Majalah,Website,dllPemirsa,PembacaDan Gillmor, San Jose Mercury News
    18. 18. Mainstream vs Social Media0 INTERCAST: bottom-up newsKomunitas KomunitasDan Gillmor, San Jose Mercury News
    19. 19. Crowd commonly writeabout…0 What is happening around0 Product or service experience0 Opinion, reaction, different viewpoints on news orissue
    20. 20. Citizen News Identity0 Reports from the scene Accidence, suicide, traffic, disaster0 Not tied to the values ​​of mainstream news Magnitude, proximity, conflict, etc...0 Light and attractive SBY mattress, travel, figure of beggars0 Writing style: Narative
    21. 21. Social Media Channels0 Blog: Online Jurnal online based on text or writing
    22. 22. Social Media Channels0 Micro-Blog: Social media with mini content. The topthree: Twitter, Jaiku,
    23. 23. Social Media Channels0 Podcast: Downloadable Content on audio or video format.Soundcloud,, iTunes U.
    24. 24. Social Media Channels0 Social Network: Connect with others. Facebook, MySpace,LinkedIn.
    25. 25. Social Media Channels0 Crowdsourcing news: user-generated content, blogging,networking in one platform.
    26. 26. OhmyNews, Korea (2000)Oh Yeon Ho
    27. 27. NowPublic, Canada (2005)Michael Tippett, Leonard Brody and Michael E. Meyers
    28. 28. Oknation, Thailand (2007)*
    29. 29. Kompasiana, Indonesia (2008)
    30. 30. KOMPASIANAIs citizen media and crowdsourcingcontent (news, opinion, fiction) thatempowering ordinary citizen.Kompasiana manage every content likewhat mass media did.
    31. 31. Milestone2009• In 2009,Kompasianachanged it’splatform to socialblog with socialnetwork featuresfor all netizen inIndonesia.2010• Kompasianaawarded silvermedal from AsianDigital Awards(ADMA 2010) asthe best contentin user-generatedcontent category.2011• DevelopedHybridJournalism inKOMPAS.comonline newsportal as well asKOMPAS dailynewspaper.2012• Kompasiana ismore social witha lot of developedsharing andinteractionfeatures.• Kompasiana online for the very first time as the blog networkfor Kompas Gramedia journalists, August 2008 .2008
    32. 32. Alexa Comparative (Traffic Rank)
    33. 33. Alexa Comparative (Pageviews)
    35. 35. 0 Unique Visitor : 7,537,953 users0 Visit : 8,955,941 visits0 Pageviews : 12,184,378 opened pagesGoogle Analytic,Sept 17, 2012 – Oct 17, 20120 Rank on Alexa : #29 in Indonesia0 Local Website Rank : #11 IndonesianWebsiteKOMPASIANA FACT SHEET
    36. 36. AwardsBest inCitizen JournalismPesta Blogger 2010Marketeers NetizenChampionsMarkPlus
    37. 37. AwardsAsian Digital MediaAwards 2010Best in Digital Content –User Generated ContentWAN-IFRA
    38. 38. Blook
    39. 39.
    41. 41. Indomie Raid, 2010
    42. 42., 2011
    43. 43. Sprindik Carrier
    45. 45. Freez
    47. 47. CNN iReport, USA (2006)
    48. 48. uReport – FOX News 2007
    49. 49. Stomp, Singapore (2007)*
    50. 50. CROWDMAP
    51. 51. iskandar zulkarnaen | community editor | 4/12/2013
    52. 52. Is it another kind ofCITIZENJOURNALISM?
    53. 53. The Definition“The act of a citizen, or group of citizens, playing anactive role in the process of collecting, reporting,analyzing and disseminating news and information.The intent of this participation is to provideindependent, reliable, accurate, wide-ranging andrelevant information that a democracy requires.”—Shayne Bowman and Chris Willis, Penulis We Media: HowAudiences are Shaping the Future of News and Information
    54. 54. The Prediction“Citizens will produce 50 percentof the news peer-to-peer in 2021We Media: How Audiences are Shaping the Future of News and Information
    55. 55. The LayersREAD ARTICLEThe 11 Layers of Citizen Journalism
    56. 56. Incorrect examples
    57. 57. Apakah CJ sesuatu yang ideal?0 Identitas dan kredibilitas sumber tidak jelas0 Informasi yang disampaikan tidak komprehensif danout-of-context0 Cara penyampaian tidak baku
    58. 58. HOWTo dig information from the crowd?
    59. 59. 0 Investigasi kasus. Ajak mereka mengungkap kasusyang sedang terjadi.
    60. 60. 0 General observation. Angkat satu tema atau isu,meminta mereka menceritakan yang terjadisekitarnya.
    61. 61. 0 Breaking News. Ajak warga menyampaikan peristiwaatau kejadian yang terjadi di sekitar mereka
    62. 62. HOWTo verify crowd-sourced information
    63. 63. 0 Perlakukan warga sebagai sumber informasi0 Waspadai akun palsu atau pembajakan akun0 Waspadai informasi daur-ulang0 Cek dan ricek, mutlak dilakukan:0 Hubungi narasumber secara personal, lewat DM, PesanFacebook, Email, Telepon, atau SMS0 Cek media sosial, apakah isu yang diangkat menjadiperbincangan banyak orang0 Cek lokasi foto0 Warga tidak beraksi sebagai wartawan dan tidak terikatdengan Kode Etik Jurnalistik
    64. 64. iskandar zulkarnaen | community editor | 4/12/2013