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Grad Diploma Fall 2009 -

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My portfolio

  1. 1. My Sharona, I Mean… My Portfolio (November 2009)
  2. 2. Contents1. Statements – my learning this semester2. Elaboration - dissecting the statements3. Evidence – experiences from this semester4. Self-Assessment - use of the capacities5. Connection to Educational Theory – “Big Picture”6. Goals – where am I going next semesterMy baseline portfolio (summer 2009)
  3. 3. iStatements• About myself - I am learning to use technology that can help me get organized and become more efficient as a teacher.• About technology - I am learning about how technology can be used to support critical thinking and active learning in the classroom.• About the teaching & learning process - I am learning to assess the usefulness of different technologies in the classroom.
  4. 4. ElaborationAbout myself, technology & the Learning Process –• critical thinking is important to me because I want to get the most out of my students. I want them to find social studies relevant, become interested in the topics discussed in my courses, and want to seek out more knowledge.• Technology gives me an interactive tool to help students find, sort, and present information in a hands-on manner. I am acutely aware of different learning styles and want to support students in finding as many different ways to access, retain, and present information.• I have seen low-achieving students engage in topics and become enthusiastic when presented with computer-based projects and assignments. Ultimately I want to be inclusive and help students attain success.
  5. 5. Evidence1. My learning:• To support organization:iGoogle – home page, Calendar, To Do list,Voicenotes – on cell phone• To support learning: You Tube, Google Reader, Google Docs (presentations), Powerpoint2. Student learning:• Assessments & Criteria: rubistar• Projects: Google docs,, voicethreads,
  6. 6. Self Assessment1. I am participating in and helping develop learning communities to support my teaching practice by presenting my explorations of iGoogle to my SS department and school colleagues.2. I am engaging in a critical cycle of action- reflection to understand and develop my practice by using voicenotes on my cellphone.3. I am using, evaluating, and integrating existing and emerging technologies into my practice by incorporating them within student work.
  7. 7. 4. I am drawing on educational theories, research, and philosophies to inform my use of technologies by looking at research on the use of Powerpoint and other presentation apps to better understand how best to use this technology as a teacher and for student projects.5. I am participating in new media interactions in education by using Google docs with students and it will be my focus for next semester – create a moodle or wiki for my classes.
  8. 8. Connection to Educational Theory• Constructivism at work:1. Google Docs – Exit Passes; create own meaning at the end of a lesson.- Goal of lesson and exit pass sandwich info2. Projects – pose questions or ask them to tell me what they think their interpretation is rather than give them answers.
  9. 9. Goals• Questions that have risen –1. What is actually useful and supports critical thinking?2. How much is ‘bells and whistles’ and which is useful?3. Privacy issues in schools?4. Copyright and licensing issues in schools?• Next – I will…1. Use technology to improve communication between myself and students and parents – wikis, website or moodle.2. Use technology to engage students to the social studies curriculum – websites for games, projects, multimedia.