You Are Awakening


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Learn the symptoms of Ascension and Spiritual Awakening. Discover how to become a Creator of the Golden Age of Evolution & Enlightenment. Explore a life of DeLight and transform your life from within. Visit or for more details

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You Are Awakening

  1. 1.     You  ARE   Awakening   The  New  Age  of  Evolution  &   Enlightenment  is  Here.     Isis  Jade  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  2. 2. 2       You  Are  Awakening…   The  Awakening  Is  Happening   Our  limited  five  physical  senses  no  longer  serve  us  alone.  We   must  delve  deeply  into  the  higher  levels  of  awareness  to  expand   our  consciousness  and  see  beyond  physicality  so  that  we  may   create  our  home,  our  communities,  our  cities,  and  our  earthly   societies  anew.     It  will  take  the  creative  genius  of  millions  with  the  pure  intention   to  heal  from  the  greed  of  the  past  several  hundred  years.     Because  of  the  minor  bursts  through  and  into  the  next  plane  of   conscious  awareness  -­‐  evolving  persons  just  like  you  exist  partly   here  in  this  plane  and  partly  there.  You  can  sense  it,  even  though   you  are  not  sure  what  it  is  exactly  you  are  sensing.     It  is  like  being  caught  just  within  Alice’s  looking  glass  or  perhaps   like  being  caught  mid-­‐transfer  in  a  stargate  or  wormhole.  It’s   captured  you,  and  you  aren’t  sure  yet  what  to  do  with  the   information  you  are  receiving.     This  experience  of  being  caught  in  the  in-­‐between  causes  many   strange  and  uncomfortable  symptoms  for  the  highly  evolved   person  as  we  shed  the  last  of  the  old  skin  and  old  ways  so  we  can   make  room  for  a  new  expanding  consciousness,  a  new  level  of   oneness.     Know  that  these  experiences  are  very  common  to  the  ascension   process.  On  a  global  level,  every  time  you  evolve  as  a  person,  you   shed  the  old  way  of  doing  and  being.    Those  willing  to  shed  their   layers  become  more  pure,  closer  to  their  infinite  quantum  nature.  
  3. 3. Those  that  refuse  and  cling  to  the  olde  ways  will  not  evolve  with   you.     They  are  disinterested  in  transformation.  You  will  find  old  friends   and  old  relationships,  even  old  families  dissipating  to  make  room   for  new  relationships,  new  friends,  and  new  families  that  are   ready  for  the  evolution.  Blood  is  no  longer  important.  It  is   energetic  harmonizing  that  is  the  most  critical.     As  humanity  evolves  and  adapts  and  shifts  and  changes  -­‐    those   that  no  longer  serve  the  higher  function  of  humanity  will  be   reduced,  while  those  that  serve  our  highest  calling,  will  be   rewarded  with  gifts  beyond  your  imagination.     The  last  major  evolution  occurred  around  the  year  2000-­‐2001,   with  intense  pressure  to  release  that  which  no  longer  serves  us,   through  a  great  surge  to  remind  us  of  our  oneness.  You  may  have   attempted  to  evolve  previously,  but  we  all  entered  into  a  period   of  suspended  animation,  waiting  for  others  to  catch  up  with  us.  It   is  occurring  again  as  we  shift  and  align  with  our  new  plane  of   evolution.   We  are  indeed  evolving  into  a  very  new  reality  and  new   experience,  leaving  the  past  far  behind  us.  This  is  a  very   encouraging  and  joyful  sign,  and  something  to  celebrate  in   gratitude.   It  has  been  decided  that  with  the  new  humanity  evolving  at  such  a   rapid  pace  and  the  ancients  ascending  and  broadening  the  path   that  was  originally  forged  by  pioneers  of  our  species,  we  are  now   ready  to  move  forward.  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  4. 4. 4     You  Are  Awakening…   You  are  being  called  to  awaken   yourself.     For  the  past  several  generations,  we  have  been  moving  forward   and  many  are  feeling  released  and  freed  from  the  bondage  of   servitude  to  a  dying  master  that  is  fading  rapidly  from  existence.     A  barrier  to  your  higher  quantum  senses  had  been  lifted  even  if  it   were  only  in  small  increments.  It's  time  for  contemplation  and   preparation  for  the  new  life  ahead,  not  time  to  foresee  or   foreshadow  in  fear,  or  in  anticipation.   While  in  the  birth  canal  of  your  awakening,  you  may  feel   disconnected,  lost,  or  alone.  You  don't  feel  connected  to  anything,   for  it  is  a  period  of  transition,  both  on  a  personal  level,  and  on  a   galactic  level.     Alone,  in  the  birthing  channel.     Alone,  floating  on  an  earth  ship  in  a  sea  of  stars.     Alone,  with  no  wind  at  your  back,  and  no  oars  to  guide  you.   You  may  feel  you  are  sitting  in  still  waters,  waiting.     waiting.     waiting.   Now  that  you  are  reading  this,  you  find  you  are  moving  forward,   and  this  creates  the  experience  of  strange  feelings  of  being  in   multiple  places  at  once,  and  stuck  with  one  foot  in  the  past,  one  in   the  future  and  your  heart  in  the  present  now,  where  you  are   supposed  to  be.  
  5. 5.  Symptoms  of  Your  Awakening   You  may  feel  totally  spaced  out,  as  if  you  are  not  all  here.    You  might  feel  that  you  are  communicating,  but  it's  not  you  who   is  doing  the  talking  –  it  is  someone  or  something  else.  Someone  or   something  more  powerful  and  intent  than  you.  You  may  look  in   the  mirror  one  day  and  not  recognize  the  person  staring  back  at   you.  This  is  your  Infinite  Self,  Your  Higher  Self,  Awakening.      You  may  feel  very  different,  and  it  takes  time  for  the  physical  to   catch  up  with  the  energetic  turmoil  you  are  experiencing  within.   Mysterious  headaches,  mysterious  muscle  pains,  mysterious   feelings  of  stretching  and  tightening  all  at  the  same  time.     Mysterious  ebbs  and  flows  of  emotional  upheaval  for  no  reason.   Mysterious  biochemistry  imbalances  that  seem  to  have  no  real   cause.     You  find  you  cannot  stomach  foods  that  were  once  your  favorites.     You  find  certain  things  you  have  no  palatable  tolerance  for,  be  it   low-­‐minded  people,  victims,  deceit,  or  enslavement.     You  find  yourself  thinking  and  actualizing  from  another  space  or   part  of  you,  and  you  discover  you  have  more  than  one  brain  and   more  than  one  set  of  neural  pathways.     We've  been  having  a  difficult  time  interacting  with  others,  as  we   feel  they  are  not  fully  cognizant  or  all  there  themselves.  We  feel   reactive,  worried,  and  disconnected.  We  feel  lost  at  times,   uncertain,  as  if  we've  entered  a  no-­‐man  zone  or  an  unknown   territory.  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  6. 6. 6     You  Are  Awakening…   We  feel  very  alone  and  connected  to  nothing.  Because  getting  to   know  the  Infinite  that  lies  within  can  be  at  times  a  very  lonely   journey.     You  may  not  remember  the  meaning  of  things  that  were  once  so   important  to  you.     Perhaps  things  that  once  seemed  so  important  and  so  urgent,   now  seem  laughable,  or  even  odd  that  you  would  have  put  so   much  time  and  effort  on  such  trivialities.     And  at  times,  things  that  normally  meant  nothing  to  us,  now   become  hard  lines  drawn  in  the  sand  and  we  feel  threatened   when  another  crosses  those  boundaries  we  establish  in  order  to   honor,  respect  and  love  ourselves.  We  feel  affronted  when  our   own  abilities  or  attempts  to  experience,  expand  or  create  are   thwarted  by  those  who  perceive  themselves  in  some  manner  or   capacity  above  us  or  who  have  decided  they  have  power  over  us.     Do  not  feel  threatened.  After  all,  that  is  an  olde  pattern.  You  are   no  longer  the  warrior.  The  Fighter.    You  are  the  Evolution.     We  may  have  trouble  remembering  names,  we  may  feel  nausea,   stress,  anxiety  or  shaky.  We  may  experience  periods  of  vertigo   and  be  completely  unaware  of  its  cause.     We  may  have  an  unusually  hard  time  finishing  our  thoughts,   finishing  a  project  that  has  been  for  a  long  time  very  near  and   dear  to  us.  We  may  try  on  many  things,  pick  up  old  passions  and   old  hobbies  only  to  find  a  few  days,  weeks  or  months  later  that   they  no  longer  suit  us.  We  feel  foggy,  but  we  know  there’s  a  light   up  ahead.     Because  Your  Infinite  Nature  is  calling  you  to  complete  your  Life’s   Great  Work.    
  7. 7. We  may  get  lost  somewhere  between  here  and  there,  and  trying   to  grab  a  lifeline  that  will  pull  us  back  into  some  semblance  of   reality.     In  fact,  we  realize  at  once  we  may  be  edge  walkers,  the  leading   edge  of  evolution,  but  we  find  that  as  we  look  beneath  us,  there  is   no  edge,  just  space.  Emptiness.  And  yet,  we  have  not  fallen.  We   look  behind  and  we  realize,  we  left  that  edge  a  long  time  ago.     We  feel  compelled,  however  strange  it  opens  itself  up  to  us,  to   complete  our  life's  work,  our  great  mission,  to  define  it  but  not  in   concrete  terms,  just  in  terms  that  enable  this  mission  to  evolve   and  transform  as  we  evolve  and  transform.   However,  even  just  a  simple  task  in  our  current  physical  sphere  –   our  current  work  day  or  our  current  typical  daily  life  may  make  us   feel  as  if  we  are  grabbing  at  straws,  at  something  that  no  longer   exists  even  in  the  same  present  time  and  space  continuum  as  we   now  do.     We  may  worry  we  are  contracting  a  mental  disorder  or  a  physical   disease  because  things  seem  amiss.  Wrong  somehow,  but  we   have  no  clear  cut  set  of  definable  parameters  to  diagnose  the   problem.    Visiting  our  health  practitioners  don't  seem  to  reveal  a   cause,  as  the  symptoms  seem  very  chaotic,  somewhat   randomizing,  we  get  one  diagnosis,  then  another,  but  nothing   seems  set  or  certain.     This  is  due  to  Your  Infinite  Nature  demanding  you  to  step  up  and   take  note  of  the  things  beyond  our  physical  capacity  to  discern.   Our  bodies  are  evolving,  and  so  too,  our  minds  and  finally,  so  are   our  abilities  to  sense  and  perceive.  We  are  developing  more  nerve   endings,  more  neural  networks,  more  neural  processes,  and  more   abilities  to  conceive,  to  dream  and  to  perceive.  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  8. 8. 8     You  Are  Awakening…   This  disorientation  will  go  on  for  sometime,  but  as  all  things,  this   too  shall  pass  as  soon  as  we  are  enmeshed  in  these  next  several   planes  of  consciousness.       Worry  not,  for  this  is  the  time  for  quiet  contemplation,   acceptance,  gratitude  and  learning  to  let  go  of  all  that  physical   limitations,  those  paradigms,  and  those  beliefs.    Especially  all  that   stuff  which  seemed  to  be  so  important  to  you.  You  must  learn  to   open  yourself  up,  learn  to  trust  the  process,  and  learn  to  dance   and  play  and  experience  life  anew.      You  must  come  to  understand  that  by  clinging  on  to  the  past,  you   make  the  awakening  and  evolution  process  harder  and  longer  for   yourself  and  for  others.    
  9. 9. Awakening  For  the  First  Time   You  will  find,  when  you  experience  moments  of  being  fully   present  in  your  Infinite  Beingness,  manifestations  and  creations   seem  virtually  effortless.  What  used  to  take  extensive  focused   time  and  energy  now  begins  to  to  feel  simple,  easy,  and  exciting   as  you  learn  to  flex  this  new  skill.     We  will  be  experiencing  times  when  manifesting  comes  simply,   and  then  times  when  manifestation  seems  particularly  difficult  as   we  continue  to  fluctuate  back  and  forth  between  our  Infinite   nature  and  our  old  physical  limited  dimensional  self.   We  may  find  that  old  familiar  need  to  eat  every  couple  of  hours,   to  nourish  ourselves,  and  find  our  blood  sugar  drops  dramatically   when  we  partake  of  old  favorites  or  find  that  we  feel  disoriented   and  heavy  when  we  indulge  in  things  not  to  our  infinite  being’s   liking.     Our  bodies  are  fine-­‐tuning  and  adjusting  for  this  major  transition   –  for  the  Infinite  wields  hefty  power.  STRONG  power.  Charismatic   Power,  unstoppable  magnetic  power.     We  must  nourish  it  and  strengthen  ourselves  to  be  able  to  honor   it.  We  may  feel  weak,  exhausted  one  day  and  the  next  feel  like  we   are  the  life  of  the  universe.     Don't  push  yourself  beyond  learning  to  breathe  consciously,  take   long  walks  and  experience  your  conscious  co-­‐creative  energy  with   your  inner  infinite  being  at  work.   As  we  get  to  know  our  higher  functioning  self  and  move  forward   into  the  new,  we  become  excited  about  new  creations,  but  we   often  find  we  lack  the  energy  for  follow  through.  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  10. 10. 10   You  Are  Awakening…     Put  the  new  creation  on  hold  after  your  initial  efforts,  and  be  at   peace  for  your  new  creation  hasn't  hit  a  stagnant  point,  it's  just   waiting  for  the  rest  of  the  world  to  catch  up.     It  may  also  be  that  your  inner  Infinite  being  waiting  for  your   limited  physicality  to  catch  up.     What  is  important  that  you  honor  the  process  as  it's  meant  to  be   honored,  and  honor  yourself  and  your  creation.  Rejuvenate   yourself  when  and  where  you  can.  Take  many  long  periods  of   breaks,  be  gentle  with  yourself  and  with  others.   Accept  that  you  need  this  precious  gift  of  time  to  prepare  for  your   greatest  life  journey,  which  is  about  to  commence.  The  journey  to   Awakening  the  Infinite  Within.   We  may  also  feel  that  we  are  experiencing  one  world,  but   suddenly  as  we  walk  into  a  room,  a  natural  space,  or  a  building,   we  feel  we  walked  into  another  time.     If  we've  been  apart  from  people  for  a  little  bit,  when  we   encounter  them  again,  we  find  we  need  even  more  time  for   readjustment.  Why?  It's  like  we  stepped  back  into  a  world  of   make-­‐believe,  playing  old  parts  on  an  old  theater  stage.  You  no   longer  fit  that  dimension.  Your  Inner  Infinite  Being  wants  you  to   take  center  stage,  and  reveal  yourself  for  who  you  truly  are.  But   you’ll  feel  every  uncomfortable  with  that.     Remember  its  up  to  us  to  set  the  tone  and  the  forward  movement   for  others  to  follow.  It's  not  easy  to  be  infinite  when  you've  long   been  just  a  mom,  just  a  worker,  just  a  wife,  or  just  a  husband,  or   an  introvert  or  a  quiet  person  in  the  corner.  It's  time  now  to   influence  others  to  make  the  conscious  choices  they've  been   holding  back  on.  
  11. 11. I  know  it's  difficult  to  straddle  and  juggle  between  two  worlds,  to   jump  back  and  forth  between  the  cavernous  empty  space   between  our  new  reality  and  the  old  one.     I  know  you  often  feel  split  up,  in  two,  exhausted,  and  worried.  But   remember,  there  are  manifestations  taking  place  in  the  physical   and  the  next  realms  that  are  in  perfect  alignment  for  your  next   steps.   You  will  be  able  to  merge  those  two  into  the  true  authentic   nature  that  you  are  evolving  to  embody.     You  are,  after  all,  The  Infinite.  You  are  The  Able  Creator.     You  have  10,000  guides  watching  over  you,  ten  thousand   ascended  light  beings  here  cherishing  you,  here  to  rejuvenate  you   and  protect  you  and  heal  you  if  you  but  open  your  door  and  let   them  honor  you.     Allowing  them  entrance  enables  manifestations  to  flow  easily,  and   allow  miracles  to  work  in  your  life.  Holding  them  back  is  holding   the  universe  back  and  holding  yourself  back,  for  we  are  all  one  in   divine,  pure  loving  light.       Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  12. 12. 12   You  Are  Awakening…           “We  are  awaiting  you,    O  Infinite  One.   It  is  Time.   Awaken.”  
  13. 13. You  might  not  feel  able  to  leave  all  your  old  selves  behind  just  yet   and  leap  forth  and  merge  into  the  new  nature  you  have  come  into   contact  with.  You  might  be  yearning  to  begin  your  new  journey   with  excitement  and  joy,  but  there  are  loose  ends  that  must  be   dealt  with  first.       If  you  do  not  close  down  the  chapter  of  the  old  life  with  clarity   and  intent,  it  may  come  back  and  pull  you  down  later  on.       You  must  complete  the  last  tendrils  of  your  old  reality  before  you   can  begin  to  move  forward  in  all  ways.  This  creates  confusion,  but   as  you  make  your  endings  clean  and  complete,  you  are  realizing   that  you  do  this  in  a  new  heart-­‐breath  that  comes  from  the  new   realm.    You  are  creating  space  for  new  opportunities  and  new   experiences  as  you  break  clean  the  old.   Even  if  you  were  in  a  space  for  the  past  few  years  that  felt   protected  or  relatively  safe,  you  may  find  it  no  longer  suits  your   purposes  for  your  new  life  and  new  growth.  it's  time  to  release   and  let  go,  and  allow  the  new  home  to  find  you,  new  work  to  find   you  and  allow  your  true  talents  and  gifts  to  unfold.   You  may  find  that  you  cannot  make  use  of  the  new  opportunity  or   true  talents  until  you've  accepted  the  past,  forgiven,  and  let  it  all   go.     During  this  time  of  transition,  we  may  feel  we  are  sinking,   drowning  in  financial  challenges,  worried  about  how  we  will  ever   survive.  You  may  look  around  you  and  see  abundance  flowing   everywhere  but  to  you.  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  14. 14. 14   You  Are  Awakening…     The  challenge  is  for  you  to  release  that  final  barrier  between  you   and  your  Infinite  Being.  For  it  has  long  barred  all  that  the  universe   has  offered  to  you.  You  have  been  asking  for  too  little.  However,   you  may  also  find  you  have  been  asking,  but  refusing  the  gifts  the   universe  offers  to  you,  second-­‐guessing  whether  or  not  you  really   want  it.   There  is  a  wonderful  gift  that  this  incredible  global  financial   challenge  brings  to  us      You  are  discovering  that  you  must  transcend  yourself.  That,  as  an   Infinite  Being,  you  really  can  manifest  all  that  you  desire  in  your   life  and  that  universe  will  take  care  of  you  so  long  as  you  care  and   lovingly  give  to  it.     However,  mother  earth  can  no  longer  support  greed  and  avarice,   so  you  must  be  willing  to  give  to  others  while  healing  yourself   without  the  expectation  of  receiving.  You  will  receive  and  it  will   come  one  thousand  fold  when  you  are  ready  to  receive.      
  15. 15. Lesson  1  of  the  New  Earth   Age  of  Enlightenment  &   Evolution.     You  must  learn  to  be  clear  in  intent   when  you  make  a  declaration  about   what  you  desire.   We  may  find  we  are  limited  in  generating  new  financial  support   for  ourselves,  but  we  are  also  coming  to  the  new  realm  with  ideas   about  how  to  live  and  exist  in  harmony  without  the  need  for  the   game  of  commerce.  While  commerce  was  fun  for  thousands  of   years,  it's  become  too  much  of  a  burden  to  participate  in  at  the   expense  of  our  heart's  truth.       Self-­‐sufficiency  has  become  our  mantra.  But  it  is  inter-­‐ dependency  we  are  learning  about.  Self-­‐sufficiency  requires  us  to   be  independent.     But  it  is  inter-­‐dependency  -­‐  giving  and  sharing  with  other  infinite   beings  that  brings  about  true  abundance.     We  have  had  to  live  off  our  wits  and  energy  and  creativity  for  the   past  three  years  and  it  has  taught  us  many  new  skills,  but  also  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  16. 16. 16   You  Are  Awakening…     reminded  us  that  there  are  those  who  truly  care  and  love  us  and   are  there  for  us  as  long  as  we  ask  for  their  support.     More  than  two  people  can  come  together  to  intend  and  manifest   our  greatest  desires  and  make  it  so  effortless,  so  we  are  learning   to  come  together  as  a  world-­‐wide  community  to  intend  and   manifest  abundance  for  each  other.  After  all,  we  are  all   CREATORS.   We  have  also  learned  that  our  ancestors  and  spirits  are  watching   over  us,  protecting  us  and  flowing  opportunities  and  inspiration   our  way.  It  is  up  to  us  to  channel  that  and  focus  it  with  clarity  and   purpose.  So  in  reality,  while  it  feels  like  we  are  alone,  we  very   much  are  not  alone.  They  are  asking  for  us  to  awaken  to  our   innate  infinite  nature.     We  are  here,  together  to  manifest  for  one  another  our  heart's   truest  and  highest  intents.   Focusing  on  negative  thinking,  emotion,  worry,  fear  or  frustration   has  manifested  itself  a  thousand  fold,  and  now  we  must  be  ever   more  careful  to  focus  on  positive  outcomes  and  healing  the  rifts   and  challenges  we  are  faced  with.     When  more  support  is  needed,  it  will  arrive  in  perfect  alignment   until  we  are  firmly  settled  in  our  Infinite  Nature  doing  our  new   work.      
  17. 17.       As  we  push  ever  forward,  we  leave  the  old  behind  -­‐  one  thread  at   a  time,  we  sever  old  chords,  release  old  bonds,  and  disconnect   ourselves  from  that  which  held  us  back,  which  drained  us,  which   negated  our  true  heart's  pure  intent.   However,  we  will  find  a  new  power,  a  new  intention,  and  a  feeling   of  rejuvenation  and  new,  clear  motivation  to  drive  towards  our   new  place  as  an  Infinite.  For  all  are  here  to  support  us,  to  guide  us   and  to  show  us  our  own  beautiful  image.           Are  you  ready  to  Awaken  Your  Infinite  Being  and  Discover  your   Unlimited  Power  to  Create,  Manifest  Your  Dreams,  and  Succeed   Bigger  and  Better  Than  You  Ever  Dreamed  Possible?   Then  it  is  Time  to  Invest  in  Isis  Jade’s  Awaken  the  Infinite  Within   Program:­‐infinite/  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  18. 18. 18   You  Are  Awakening…