What is the New Age Movement?


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Do you know what the new age movement is really all about? Have you discovered the secrets to enlightenment? Do you want to know if the new age movement is right for you?

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What is the New Age Movement?

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  2. 2. An Introduction to the New Age of Enlightenment Movement http://www.whatisnewage.org
  3. 3. Dear Reader: The Purpose of This Book is To Empower You to Understand and Become an Active Participant in the Greatest Spiritual Awakening & Ascension in Recorded History. We are so glad you could join us.
  4. 4. Copyright © 2012-2013 http://www.whatisnewage.org All Rights Reserved. DISCLAIMER AND/OR LEGAL NOTICES: The information presented here in represents the view of the author as of the date of publication. Because of the rate with which conditions change, the author reserves the right to alter and update her opinion based on the new conditions. The report is for educational purposes only. While every attempt has been made to verify the information provided in this report, neither the author nor her affiliates/partners assume any responsibility for errors, inaccuracies or omissions.
  5. 5. Congratulations!! Welcome to the age of Spiritual Awakening! Welcome to a whole new way of being, living and experiencing life to its fullest! Welcome to a dogma-free universal, personal spiritual journey that is fully inclusive, open, welcoming, joyful, exuberant, enlightening and engaging! I am honored you decided to allow me to be your Guide into this beautiful New Earth Age that is awakening globally! After all, that is what the “New Age” movement is all about. Birthing a new age of enlightenment, global prosperity, peace and joy, together as one, while still maintaining our individual creative sovereignty and our unique multifaceted aspects of infinite beingness. I’m going to be introducing you to a few concepts derived from the New Age Spiritual Movement. I know you gained this report from WhatIsNewAge.org, and I want to thank you for taking the time to download this work.
  6. 6. This is possibly your first taste into the world of the New Age movement. I personally want to congratulate you for attracting and co-creating this e-course for yourself! That’s right, by stumbling upon this e-book you managed to strategically act upon a very powerful set of Universal laws and experiences for yourself that we will discuss over the coming next few days. This information would not have found you had you not had been ready and open to receive it. Not only did you attract the information, but you also managed to attract a teacher and guide to you who is open, ready and willing to embark upon a journey with you that is designed to awaken you, activate you, enliven and enlighten you. However, it is not my job to do any of it for you. My job is only to guide you to the gates, show you the keys and guide you along the path and your journey. My friend, it is up to you however, to do the work and the play to manifest your own spiritual awakening and ascension.  Regardless of your previous belief systems, where you come from or what you’ve already learned, I am privileged to be here now, with you in our co-creative agreement.
  7. 7. You see, you and I entered into a spiritual agreement long before we incarnated onto this plane that when you would be ready, I would appear. For however long you require my services, and for however long a journey you choose, know that I am here for you. This is another aspect of New Age spiritualism. That nothing is a coincidence, that everything happens for a reason, and when the student is ready, a teacher always appears. Not always in the form we expect, mind you, but definitely there’s always a master waiting with a message and a teacher waiting with a lesson for you. You created the journey, just as you created all the lessons, the messages, the messengers, the masters and the teachers. Yes, you ARE THAT powerful! Incredible, isn’t it? You are already a truly masterful manifestor!
  8. 8. "Everything you need you already have. You are complete right now, you are a whole, total person, not an apprentice person on the way to someplace else." -- Dr. Wayne Dyer “Asking these deeper questions opens up new ways of being in the world. It brings in a breath of fresh air. It makes life more joyful. The real trick to life is not to be in the know, but to be in the mystery.” - Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D
  9. 9. What Is New Age? New Age. These two words conjure up for so many people vast, differing ideas, subjectivity, speculation, debate, visions, dreams, fears, objections, and yes certainly an infinite number of magical possibilities. Webster’s dictionary defines “new age” as: a  broad  movement  characterized  by  alternative  approaches  to   traditional  Western  culture,  with  an  interest  in  spirituality,   mysticism,  holism,  and  environmentalism:  eg:  "the  New  Age   Movement".     Wikipedia  defines  “new  age”  as:      a  Western  spiritual  movement  that  developed  in  the  second  half  of   the  20th  century.  Its  central  precepts  have  been  described  as   "drawing  on  both  Eastern  and  Western  spiritual  and  metaphysical   traditions  and  infusing  them  with  influences  from  self-­‐help  and   motivational  psychology,  holistic  health,  parapsychology,   consciousness  research  and  quantum  physics".  It  aims  to  create  "a   spirituality  without  borders  or  confining  dogmas"  that  is  inclusive   and  pluralistic.  It  holds  to  "a  holistic  worldview,"  emphasizing  that   the  Mind,  Body  and  Spirit  are  interrelated  and  that  there  is  a  form  
  10. 10. of  Monism  and  unity  throughout  the  universe.  It  attempts  to  create   "a  worldview  that  includes  both  science  and  spirituality"  and   embraces  a  number  of  forms  of  mainstream  science  as  well  as  other   forms  of  science  that  are  considered  fringe.   People involved in the new age movement are individuals and groups that together work and play towards individual and collective personal and spiritual growth. There are also people dedicated to evolving into their inherent higher potential and working altruistically for the greater good. The new age movement has been called many names, including selfspirituality, metaphysical spirituality and new age spirituality. Most new age individuals and groups ascribe to the idea of peace, nonviolence, sustainability, oneness, unity, and believe in higher powers, using intuition, ESP and quantum physics all as part of incorporating their overall spiritual philosophy. However, the new age movement is far more vast and powerful than just another belief system or religion. The New Age Movement is really always been about Bringing Humanity Forward into a New Age of Enlightenment and Spiritual Awakening. What I have found over the years is, most of the time this personal spiritual evolvement and awakening goes on often without a name, without clarity or understanding as to what
  11. 11. is unfolding in an individual’s life as the name “new age” itself has created a slew of connotations and beliefs that are often misunderstood about this new earth age of global awakening and enlightenment. For the purpose of this particular e-book I will use the term “New Age” to describe this movement and the movement towards enlightenment and enlightened living, in spite of all the negative (or positive) associations you may personally have with the term. The main reason is because I believe one needs to be set aside personal subjectivity in order to be able to see beyond words, beliefs, paradigms or associations, and access a deeper understanding behind the idea of a movement itself. This last statement is a cornerstone for new age philosophers and new age free-thinkers. Most new agers consider themselves agnostic. They believe in a higher power (or higher powers) but don’t necessarily ascribe to specific or particular belief systems requiring worship, praise, chants or specific texts. To put it simply, the new age movement is an ever-evolving free-flowing personal development movement that blends spirituality with philosophy and supportive science. Although, I, and many others believe spirituality might be the wrong
  12. 12. word to use here, since it is often associated with strict religion or religious dogmatic beliefs. Some new ageists prefer the term metaphysics (the philosophical study of being and knowing) as the term metaphysics is meant to compliment and expand upon religion, just as New Age is, rather than spirituality. However, some of us use the terms interchangeably depending on who we are speaking with and what topic we are covering in a lecture. You can think of the New Age Movement as a collective network of teachers and practitioners who share a few common beliefs and take part in similar practices. The New Age Movement is not a religion. However, some believe that the New Age Movement is showing signs of becoming an emerging belief system with centers, organizations and central leaders. Many people believe that it is the beginning of a universal spiritual practice. The New Age Movement is already beginning to unify many similarities found in all religious practices, and this will only strengthen as we come closer to Deeper Understanding & Realization.
  13. 13. What the New Age Movement Is Not. The New Age Movement is not any particular religion, dogma, or secret society designed to usurp control over the unsuspecting masses. Nor is the New Age Movement currently a set of belief systems or rigid practices to be adhered to. There are some similarities in the belief structures of most New Age adherents, but new age itself does not impose limits, restrictions, boundaries upon experiential learning, nor is it exclusionary. Most new age practitioners do not exclude people regardless of their race, sexual orientation, former belief system, or personal views. And finally, the New Age Movement does not currently have a central location, membership, holy text, or even a centralized leader. The New Age Movement does not believe that there is only one path to enlightenment or only one path to heaven. The new age movement eschews that idea for a more inclusive idea that all roads lead to Rome, and that self-inquiry ultimately leads to self-realization. Within the movement, there is no agreement on how to define it or even if it is a movement at all. There simply seems to be more and more people heading in the same direction.
  14. 14. It is not limited to Eastern philosophies, Wiccan practicing, voodoo magic or psychic phenomena, as many people have been mistakenly led to believe. Nor is it a centralized task force out to entice people to try experiential drugs. . The New Age Movement is simply a truly holistic approach to living a spiritually balanced life, aligning our spiritual natures with our physical reality and living in harmony, honor and peace with one another and our environment in general. What has the New Age Movement Contributed to the World? Many people have some negative associations with the term “New Age.” This may be because it has faced strong criticism from some close-minded, fear-based religious groups that do not understand the New Age Movement and how it compliments their own religious practices. And yes, in the early days of the movement, there were issues with scam artists and charlatans that seem to be drawn to making money off unsuspecting individuals. It is important that you keep a healthy dose of openness tempered with a touch of inquiry to make sure the information presented by any teacher or practitioner in any modality rings true for you.
  15. 15. In spite of the early days and a few drawbacks, the New Age movement has had a remarkably positive impact on society including: • Improving creativity, intellectual inquiry, curiosity and mental mastery • Stimulating scientific inquiry into seemingly impossible theories. • Tapping into unlimited creative human potential • Evolved humans beyond exploring their world with their five limited senses • Developing and deepening the inquiry into various belief systems in general • A better understanding of metaphysics/spirituality • Leading-edge exploration of consciousness • Humanistic approach to business and management • Improving relationships and the understanding between people • Understanding teaching and learning styles • Incorporating a peaceful approach to negotiations • Holistic advances in wisdom pertaining to health and wellbeing These are just a few of the infinite contributions the individuals associated with this movement has provided to society.
  16. 16. Why Is the New Age Movement So Confusing? The New Age movement can be so deeply mysterious to both the newcomer as well as a seasoned practitioner. It is such a broad, open, experiential free-flowing movement that two people could follow similar tenets and ideas that are found within this movement and yet come away with completely different beliefs, ideas, and practices. This is largely due to the unique manner in how the New Age Movement itself requires practitioners to forge ahead on a personal spiritual journey of self-development and self-inquiry. The practitioner must learn to attract to them only the knowledge, wisdom, lessons and information they need at a time that it is needed for specific lessons and mastery in our lives. As I have said before, the new age movement has no centralized historical geographic location, sacred text, dogma, creed etc… it has a wondrous way of blending and drawing from all flavors of spiritual practice.
  17. 17. The New Age Movement like a smorgasbord overflowing with marvelous flavors, mysterious antiquities, long-held favorites, countless new delicacies, and constant challenges. Within the new age movement, there are very few guidelines and boundaries. There is no membership. Therefore it becomes very difficult to define and measure how this movement impacts and affects people. Some individuals touch into new age philosophies privately while also actively participating in religion. Some are drawn to the non-dogmatic practice that requires self-discipline and a level of self-responsibility to continue one’s own spiritual growth. There is a great deal of confusion surrounding the new age movement that seems to stem from the term “new age” itself, which can refer to many different topics including: New Age People- People who are considered to be a part of the new age movement (also called “New Agers, New Age Practitioners, or New Ageists”) New Age Time Period- A prophesized period of time in the near future when most people in the world will become spiritually awakened and will have access to their higher functions and be able to tap into previously inaccessible potential. New Age Spirituality- The commonalities of a belief system and practices of new age people New Age Movement- The movement of people towards
  18. 18. personal/spiritual growth and development A brief description is given above, but we will go into further detail on each of the above topics in this e-book course. As you can see, the term “new age” itself can become very confusing and complicated. But, each of the subjects that fall under the category “new age” is interrelated to the new age movement. However, there are more and more spiritual centers that do cater to the new age movement appearing all over the world. Which may reduce the confusion for those who seek greater guidance and clarity. Are New Agers The Cause of All This Confusion? New Age practitioners themselves may have caused much of the confusion surrounding “New Age”, although this is done totally unintentionally, because most new age people do not even know what new age is. Even I didn’t fully understand what it was until just a few years ago. Since nobody as of yet has stood up to say they are an active new age leader speaking for it and there is no complete set of beliefs and tenants that speak to a new age belief system, we can only take we ourselves understand it to be.
  19. 19. The New Age Movement is something that each person can only define for himself or herself. The practitioner can then share their understandings as to their own practices have shown with others. Over time, we will be able to formulate our own definition and idea as to what participating in the new age movement means to us, personally, philosophically, and spiritually. Most New Agers identify with other religions, while incorporating many new age concepts into their faith practice. This is one of the main purposes of new age, as it is the first step towards A Universal Spiritual Practice. New Age Criticism The New Age Movement has faced some harsh criticism from many people and organizations. Partially it is due to the past when an influx of people looking to make money off unsuspecting individuals would claim themselves to be powerful spiritual gurus or magical healers who have special powers to heal others. Another reason for the criticism is the long-stemming confusion borne of an open, flowing movement.
  20. 20. It can be so open-minded that sometimes people that belong to this movement develop contradicting beliefs and practices. However, when we look at different sects in specific religions we also tend to find contradictions and differing practices. What other people outside this movement see such disparaging belief systems and practices, however, it makes it very difficult to grasp. They don’t understand it, and therefore they publicly criticize it. “In formal logic, a contradiction is the signal of defeat: but in the evolution of real knowledge, it marks the first step in progress toward victory.” -Alfred North Whitehead All of the criticism that has been given to the new age movement was the result of a misunderstanding. I would like to clear up some of the bigger misunderstandings now… New Age has been dismissed as Sufism. Actually, Sufism has been a historically established mystical movement within Islam. New Age has basically no connection with it. Many Conservative Christians mistakenly view the New Age Movement as a form of Satanism (which is known for performing horrendous acts). They claim that because the bible specifically states divination is sinful then all aspects of New Age beliefs and practices are sinful and thus satanic. However, the real reason being decrying divination was merely to retain control of a population to ensure that spiritual information was only being derived from the church leaders
  21. 21. and temple heads themselves. Most organized religion has built in for itself ways to ensure group control is established so followers will not question that which cannot be easily answered by their own faith practices. In reality, no connection between Satanism and the new age movement exists. The New Age movement is focused on primarily love, peace, support, wellness and sustainable progress. Also some Conservative Christians have claimed that there is some massive, underground highly organized New Age organization. They claim that this organization is infiltrating the government, churches, schools and media. But, in reality no such thing exists. “All great truths begin as blasphemies.” – George Bernard Shaw New Age Beliefs New Agers are very different people. They do not simply follow a set of beliefs that they are born into without question. Instead, they consciously pick and choose beliefs and ideas that feel in alignment with how they understand the world around them. They try to take nothing for granted; they work to understand what they believe and why they believe it.
  22. 22. They can follow beliefs from anything, including strict religions all the way to the open philosophy of metaphysics. Many scientists, including most quantum physicists, are all considered new age. Although, the average belief system among new age people usually consists of some beliefs and practices that would be characterized as alternative spirituality/metaphysics. You Might Be Part of the New Age of Enlightenment Movement if You Believe… …you are open to new ideas and insights. …you should be allowed free choice and freedom in personal spiritual expression as long as it harms no other. …in exploring alternatives, philosophies, healing practices, ways of living, politics, social ideas, sustainable living practices. …in learning more about historical approaches to spirituality and how they impact our spiritual practices today. …in the infinite possibilities of each individual and of all humankind. ...no one can control another without that person’s agreement at some level. …an infinite force might exist in the universe …you are part of that infinite force, therefore you are also infinite. …we are all part of the same source potential and we ultimately return
  23. 23. to that source at some point in time. Common New Age Beliefs For You to Explore A number of beliefs held by most New Agers are listed and defined below. Whether you would like to adapt some of these beliefs into your own faith or you are simply curious, I am sure this list will be helpful to you. Once again, I am in no way endorsing any of the following beliefs. There are a number of beliefs listed below that I personally do not accept as truth. So remember, as you go through the following list, I encourage you to only take beliefs that resonate with you: Reincarnation: Rebirth of the soul in another body after death. Universal Laws: Just like there are Natural Laws that govern nature (such as gravity); there are other Laws, which govern all that happens in the universe. From the spiritual to the physical to the mental, everything that happens does so according to Law. Karma: The total effect of a person's actions and conduct during the successive phases of that person's existence, are regarded as determining that person's destiny. This is very interrelated with the golden rule (do unto others, as you would wish them to do unto you). It is believed that whatever you have done in your past life is the
  24. 24. cause of your destiny in this life. Aura: A distinctive energy field that seems to surround every person that contains data and can be read and assessed just like any other piece of data. Spirit Guides: An entity, which provides guidance through channeling or a medium. It is also believed that we receive messages from our spirit guides by getting a very strong feeling, a picture in our minds or even a voice in our heads. Monism: All that exists is derived from a single source of divine energy Pantheism: All that exists is God; God is within the self and throughout the entire Universe Panentheism: God is all that exists. God is at once the entire universe, and transcends the universe as well. Relativism: The theory that states conceptions of truth and moral values are not absolute but are relative to the persons or groups holding them Parallel Realities: Self-contained, separate realities coexisting with our own. These separate realities can range in size from a small geographic region to an entire new universe, or several universes
  25. 25. forming a multiverse. It is believed that infinite other vibrational levels (dimensions) exist, and within each one is another form of you. Also, each time you make a decision each choice you could have taken is lived out in a parallel reality. Ecological Responsibility: We as humans are responsible for preserving the health of the earth, which is considered to be a living entity (Gaia) Interconnectedness: We are all interconnected Universal Spiritual Practice: A new universal approach to personal spirituality, which contains elements of all current faiths, will evolve and become generally accepted worldwide. Some other common beliefs are: • You create your reality • Everything around you has spiritual meanings and lessons to teach you. • The coming of a future worldwide new age (spiritual awakening) These are just some of the more common beliefs held by people within the new age movement. Remember as you go through the list, ask yourself what resonates with your heart, if it works for you keep it, if it does not, let it go. Choose wisely and cling lightly to your beliefs. They are ever-evolving and ever changing as new information
  26. 26. continues to surface. This too is an advanced new age belief as well. New Age Practices New age people take part in a variety of practices. These could include anything from reading books on personal spiritual growth to such practicing things as channeling, automatic writing, divination, mysticism, alchemy, shamanism, analysis, meditation, guided visualizations. Although the average New Ager takes part in many eastern practices, it is not uncommon for them to take part in many western practices such as alchemy, kabbhalism, Gnosticism and Christian mysticism as well. We are not strictly limited to exploring paranormal or tribal religious practices as many people mistakenly believe. Any practice that is encountered with the intent to experience, expand, evolve the greater good of all life can be considered a new age activity. Many new age practices also include preserving the environment, sustainable living and honoring the entire universe. Most New Age practitioners believe that the way you live your life in harmony or out of harmony with your environment is a clear indication of your spiritual level of development.
  27. 27. However, probably the most common practice that many New Age people take part in is researching topics on personal growth, metaphysics, and spirituality. Many attend seminars, retreats, classes, conventions, books and informal groups. More and more people are visiting the new age section of their local bookstores and attentively listening to lectures given by spiritual teachers and are buying many more programs and products put together by individuals who have insights into self-development A Few New Age Practices for You to Experience A typical new age beginner will usually experiment with one or more of these areas until they find something that resonates with them. As a practitioner grows on their journey they will leave one practice behind in favor of another. This encourages spiritual growth and depth. Meditation: The act of simply being, instead of doing. It is a contemplative discourse, in which you focus on training your mind, deepening breath, or return to center. Yoga: A system of exercises practiced as part of the Hindu discipline to promote training of the body and mind. Aromatherapy & Herbalism: the practice of using natural
  28. 28. elements to obtain health benefits and increased awareness about the world around them. Astrology: The study of the positions and aspects of celestial bodies in the belief that they have an influence on the course of natural earthly occurrences and human affairs. Sacred Living: the practice of viewing all aspects of life as sacred and therefore practicing honoring the day-to-day life as a sacred spiritual practice, regardless of what it is you need to do. New Age Music: A category of music that tends to be spiritual and contemplative in nature. Divination: The art or act of explaining events or revealing knowledge by means of augury or a supernatural connection to Infinite Intelligence. Channeling: Becoming a medium through which a non-physical entity can give information and support through. Holistic Wellness: As defined by Wikipedia, holistic health is a non-medical philosophy of well-being that considers the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of life as closely interconnected and balanced. Advocates of the holistic health philosophy typically seek or use a wide variety of alternative practices, the most common of which include acupuncture, chiropractic, naturopathy, yoga, aromatherapy,
  29. 29. energy manipulation, raw food, living foods, slow food, homegrown foods and homeopathy. Shamanism: As defined by Wikipedia, a range of traditional beliefs and practices similar to Animism that claim the ability to diagnose and cure human suffering and, in some societies, the ability to cause suffering. Shamans have been credited with the ability to control the weather, divination, the interpretation of dreams, astral projection, and traveling to upper and lower realms. Shamanistic traditions have existed throughout the world since prehistoric times. Energy Healing Modalities: A system of hands-on touching based on the belief that such touching by an experienced practitioner produces beneficial effects by strengthening and normalizing certain vital energy fields held to exist within the body. Light Work: a general term based on the idea that the human body consists of light and energy fields that can be stimulated through various techniques in order to promote wellness. Astral Travel: This is the ability to leave your body while it is sleeping. Basically, being conscious as you are dreaming. From here you can visit other vibrational levels (dimensions). Developing Extrasensory Perception: Activating and developing higher functioning abilities through which you are able to communicate and perceive by means other than the five physical
  30. 30. senses. There are countless more practices than just the ones listed above, and certainly can include a variety of things including affirmative prayer, guided visualization, prayerful meditation, meditative walking, vision quests, journeying to sacred sites, reading ancient sacred texts, studying sacred symbols and ancient practices, studying the sacred feminine, balancing energies, chakra work, understanding ascension, achieving enlightenment, working with crystals, herbs, light, essential oils or other natural tools to illicit responses, divining messages from the natural world, expanding consciousness, communicating with animals, remote viewing, using divining rods, working with sacred geometry or sacred mandalas, and much, much more.
  31. 31. Why Is There A New Age Movement? There are countless answers to this question. In fact, I think there is a different answer that comes from every new age practitioner we meet. Many people tend to agree that the fundamental reason for this movement is that we have all agreed at some level to become more aware of the interconnectedness of all life. In our ignorance and lack of caring for others in our world, we have inadvertently caused a great deal of harm to the environment. With all the fighting and all the battles that are going on in the world over limited resources and our own perceived limitations in our technology, we are fundamentally causing great harm to us and our future generations. As we realize this, we realize too, that the destruction, greed and separateness we’ve long practiced in ignorance has ultimately caused a great deal of long-stemming problems in the world around us. Usually in times when we are facing unprecedented challenges that force us to change or perish, we have turned towards religious practice or a higher power to give us the answers. However, we also realize that religion itself is not an answer, because the different religions have been used to create the illusion of separatism. So today, more and more people are turning away from organized religions and instead turning to personal spiritual growth and
  32. 32. journeys. We certainly are in one of those periods of time and we are on the threshold of a major crossroads as a species. We must either choose to evolve – or perish. We as a species are choosing to evolve spiritually. And thus we are embarking upon the new age of enlightenment. The New Age of Enlightenment This is very closely related to the Age of Aquarius, but it is slightly different in origin. The new age of enlightenment will empower all of humanity to evolve and ascend in their spiritual awakening to access more of their potential and abilities. We decided to pursue an age of great spiritual awaking, in order to change the course of humanity and learn from our past historical mistakes In order to keep the human experiment going, we had to bring in the New Age of Enlightenment. The cause of this new age of enlightenment is an unprecedented level of unity consciousness that would allow us to have access to infinite intelligence, infinite creativity, inherent abilities and infinite
  33. 33. knowledge. This energy is now in the process of coming to us, and it can be easily felt and seen all around us. Along with this energy we are seeing enlightened children (indigos, crystals, rainbow, blue, peace-makers) coming into being and the human consciousness will continue to evolve at a rapid rate. We will see huge leaps in technological understanding and great momentum in health and wellness knowledge as well as spiritual knowledge. How Is The New Age Movement Doing Today? You can already feel the new age of enlightenment awakening through us. More and more people are becoming intrigued by Metaphysics and new age spirituality. The Sacred Living Center is but one of these experiments in the New Age of Enlightenment. People are being guided towards their own natural personal/spiritual growth. More evolved Children of Knowing are being born every day. New Age is already considered the third largest religious group
  34. 34. in the world, and is growing at a phenomenal rate. That is, if you can call them a religious group (which we really aren’t). The new age movement is a broad group of open-minded people moving towards a unified personal/spiritual growth at an unheard of rate. More and more people, all over the world, are becoming intrigued by metaphysics and the new age movement. In 1994, the Gallup people asked Americans whether they felt the need to experience spiritual growth. Only twenty percent said “yes.” In 1999, they asked again—and a surprising seventy-eight percent answered in the affirmative. This was an astounding fifty-eight percentage point gain in five years. Vast numbers of people are beginning to practice higher functioning spiritual techniques as well. Lynn Lehmkuhl, editor of Yoga Journal, said in 2005 some 16.5 million people practice yoga in the United States, which is up fortythree percent since 2002. Also, the 2003 Time cover story, “Meditation,” declared that ten million American adults say they meditate, which is twice as much as a decade ago. The New Age Movement is having a profound effect on many people. But there is only one thing that is certain: everyday, more people are beginning to work on their spiritual development. This is the beginning of a worldwide spiritual awakening.
  35. 35. The New Age of Enlightenment and You How You Can Become An Active and Vibrant Part of the New Age Movement I learned more about spirituality after I left my own childhood belief system. I was raised a catholic, but personally, I had a lot of problems with what was taught and all the hypocrisy and abuse that had gone on. I couldn’t ascribe to a belief system that would not abide by its own rules. I started scanning websites for spirituality on my own when I stumbled upon the term “New Age”. I learned a bit and it felt very dangerous and against all my old beliefs and understandings about spirituality. But, I met a teacher at a conference who I really learned a lot from. She taught about the idea of a personal spiritual journey and it made a lot of sense to me. I learned from her and she helped me design and develop a personal spiritual journey plan that empowered me to learn more about
  36. 36. myself, the nature of our spiritual world and all that exists around us. This woman helped me change my life, by teaching me how to understand my past, my own traumas and how to heal from them. She is a remarkable teacher with her own personal life tragedy that she overcame. I am just one of many of her students. Her own fascinating story is a testament to the power of the process of enlightenment through your own personal spiritual journey. Because of her, I turned to the New Age Movement and found along my own journey and following some of her teachings, I became an enlightened, peaceful and happy person, in charge of my destiny. I recommend you consider getting to know her. This book is just an introduction to what she teaches, and the course program over the next few days will give you just a little taste into the wealth of wisdom Isis provides to her students. The Ideal Step: Visiting http://www.isisjade.com is a powerful first step for anyone about to embark upon a personal spiritual journey to encounter the New Age of Enlightenment.
  37. 37. Isis Jade is a remarkable teacher and mystic empowering people to embark upon profound personal spiritual journeys. Isis provides education for all individuals. You can embark upon a path of spiritual and life mastery by subscribing to her student only list: http://www.isisjade.com/free-gifts/ . Isis Jade’s life changing programs and spiritual mastery topics are powerful and transformational. The One Great Question is the first foundational program we suggest you check out: http://www.isisjade.com/store/great-question/ I also suggest checking out Isis Jade’s weekly podcast, Conversations with the Universe: http://www.conversationswithuniverse.com If you are serious about embarking upon a spiritual journey and considering to want to become a part of the single fastest growing movement in the world, then I suggest you check out the Sacred Living Center: http://www.sacredlivingcenter.net I recommend you do your own investigation out there and find teachers and guides that resonate with you. What Isis teaches may or may not resonate with you at this time. And also realize, you do not have to join any cult, following
  38. 38. or follow any specific belief system itself, much less leave behind you own personal beliefs to become an active part of the new age movement. The only real tools needed are willingness and an openness to become more aware and inclusive in your path while you make a sincere effort towards your own personal/spiritual growth. Once you begin to consciously set up your own personalized belief system and take part in some practices that stretch you yet resonate powerfully for you while in turn offering your gifts and talents to the universe, you are taking part in the new age of enlightenment and you will experience a profound and powerful spiritual awakening. Empower Yourself to be Wholly SelfResponsible and Self-Accountable... This is, in my opinion, the most important achievement for a true spiritual master. You should be ready to take complete responsibility for your life and all of the events that take place in it. This one thing will allow you to take back all of your energy and power in life. In the process, you will also heal yourself and the entire planet.
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