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Welcome to the Real YOU. Are you aware? Are you ready for the journey of a lifetime? Do you know what's about to transpire in the coming years? Get ready. It is time to know who you truly are.

Welcome to the Real YOU. Are you aware? Are you ready for the journey of a lifetime? Do you know what's about to transpire in the coming years? Get ready. It is time to know who you truly are.



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Welcome to The Real You Welcome to The Real You Document Transcript

  • Welcome   to  the   Real  You.     The  Goddess  Revolution   Isis  Jade     http://www.isisjade.com       http://www.isisjade.com  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  • About  Isis  Jade         Isis  (www.isisjade.com)  is  world  renowned  for  her  clairvoyant  and  healing   abilities.     Her  message  is  one  of  universal  love  while  her  mission  is  to  awaken   humanity  to  a  higher  evolution.  She  seeks  to  further  the  expansion  of   feminine  consciousness,  to  evolve  awareness,  to  co-­‐create  a  more  open,   loving  and  inquisitive  society  filled  with  magical  synchronicity.     She  is  known  for  her  incredible  healing  gifts,  her  clear,  concise  and   nurturing  approach  with  her  clients,  her  expertise  in  past  lives,  her  ability  to   dispense  ancient  universal  wisdom,  and  her  unconditional  love.                 http://www.isisjade.com  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  • An  Introduction     I’ve  been  playing  and  experimenting  around  the  multiverse  now   for  a  very,  very  long  time.       I  came  to  realize  my  own  infinite  goddesshood  as  an  evolved   being  in  this  incarnation  about  twenty  years  ago.  But  it  took  me   that  long  to  be  comfortable  with  calling  myself  a  goddess.       I  was  to  be  blessed  with  a  complete  remembrance  of  my  infinite   nature  while  still  existing  within  this  physicality.       I  live,  eat,  breathe,  and  experience  this  physical  existence  similar   to  other  people  in  most  ways,  but  for  a  few.  For  example,  I  am   deeply  aware  of  our  immortal  nature,  perhaps  more  so  than   most.    I  see  the  Athena,  the  Isis  –  the  sacred  feminine  goddess  in   all  women.  Her  potential  lays  dormant,  just  beyond  reach.       Just  as  I  see  the  Adonis,  the  Zeus  -­‐  the  Godhood  -­‐  sleeping  in  all   men.       I  haven’t  incarnated  into  physicality  all  that  frequently,  so  my   physical  form  feels  foreign,  strange,  and  at  times,  downright   bizarre  to  me.  And  so  too  does  this  physical  world  and  the  society   that  has  been  erected  to  support  strange  aspects  of  human   existence.       However,  I  am  as  you  are:  a  walking,  talking  expression  of  divine,   immortal  creative  energy  manifested  in  an  imperfect  physical   form.       http://www.isisjade.com  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  • I  am  a  living,  breathing,  divine  goddess.       Just  as  you  are.       The  only  difference  between  you  and  I  is  that  I  awakened  her   within  me.  I  live  with  her  daily.  I  remember  who  I  am.    I  tap  into   her  divine  nature.       If  you  would  like  to  remember  to  embrace  your  infinite   goddesshood  –  your  immortal  spiritual  nature,  if  you  would  like  to   learn  what  it’s  like  to  gain  direction  and  guidance  from  realms   beyond  our  own:  the  Infinite  Quantum  Field  and  the  energy  that   pervades  every  aspect  of  the  Multiverse  of  which  we  are  all  a   part.  If  you  would  like  to  wield  unlimited  power,  and  tap  your   unlimited  potential  as  the  ultimate  woman,  then  this  program   was  designed  for  you.     The  gifts  of  the  Goddess  are  immeasurable  and  countless  to   behold.  Her  love  is  infinite.  Her  mysteries  are  deep.     http://www.isisjade.com  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  • Who  or  What  is  the  Real   You?     You  might  be  one  like  me.       You  might  be  evolving.  Awakening  your  true  nature.   Your  Goddess  nature.  Some  call  this  the  Christ  Consciousness  or   the  Buddha  Nature.  But  the  Goddess  nature,  in  my  opinion  is   more  complete.    For  she  is  sensual,  mysterious,  ethereal,   beautiful,  a  soft  yet  powerful,  sexually  charged,  charismatic   feminine  being  of  charm,  wit,  grace  and  magic.       Our  society  has  taught  us  for  centuries  to  fear  the  divine  feminine.     That  women  are  not  as  powerful  as  men  spiritually,  physically,  or   even  in  our  own  careers.       And  yet,  we  find  we  are  far  more  capable  in  all  these  realms  than   men.  We  live  one  foot  in  his  realm,  and  one  foot  in  our  own.       The  truth  is,  that  somewhere  along  the  history  of  humanity,  men   became  worried  about  women’s  powers.  They  demonized  women   and  our  higher  arts,  abilities  and  skills.       There  has  been  an  enslavement  of  womankind  for  thousands  of   years  ever  since.       Even  today,  you  find  very  few  women  have  truly  laid  claim  to  their   infinite  Goddesshood.  In  fact,  to  worship  the  goddess  –  to  lay   claim  to  that  aspect  of  yourself  is  considered  heresy,  paganism,  or   witchcraft.  To  call  yourself  a  goddess  is  egotistical,  it  is  considered   http://www.isisjade.com  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  • blasphemy.       You  can  tell  that  I  was  brought  up  in  a  strict  Christian  household.       It  is  none  of  those  things.  Acknowledging  and  tapping  your  inner   Goddess    is  a  healing  journey  and  a  deeply  transformational   journey  I  wish  to  take  you  on.     I  want  to  take  you  beyond  that  and  into  a  work  that  was  created   specifically  to  empower  you  as  woman  to  embrace  your  true   nature  –  and  all  aspects  of  that  nature.  To  honor  yourself  and  to   tap  into  your  sensitive,  intuitive,  sensual  gifts.       Instead  of  diminishing  your  sensitive  and  intuitive  experiences,  we   will  show  you  how  vital  they  are  to  how  you  live  your  physical  life.       An  aspect  of  you  was  awakened  recently  and  now  you  are  seeking   knowledge  about  her.  Who  is  she?  What  is  she?  How  do  I  bring   her  into  my  existence?  How  do  I  channel  her?  Control  her?  And   most  of  all,  how  on  earth  do  I  evolve  with  her?         http://www.isisjade.com  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  • Your  Higher  Aspect  Is  Rattling  You  Awake.     You  may  be  told  that  this  aspect  of  yourself  doesn’t  fit  in  the  “real   world”.    You  can’t  figure  out  how  to  make  your  life  work  with  this   new  dynamic  of  yourself.  So  you  stuff  her  down  deep  and  pretend   she  doesn’t  exist,  or  perhaps  you  channel  her  in  unhealthy  ways,   angry  ways.       Situations  or  experiences  seem  to  undermine  your  goals.  You  find   things  aren’t  coming  together  as  you’d  like.  You  wonder  why   things  have  suddenly  become  so  challenging  in  your  life?     It  is  because  your  higher  nature,  your  Goddesshood  is  not  being   listened  to.  She  is  not  being  honored.  She  is  the  most  sacred   aspect  of  yourself  and  you  have  refused  to  give  her  space  so  she   can  spread  her  wings  and  take  you  far  beyond  the  limits  of  your   current  beliefs.       And  yet,  you  are  evolving.  You  may  see  things,  or  experience   things  even  before  they  happen.  Some  people  don’t  experience   colors  the  way  you  may  experience  them.  Some  don’t  see  forms   and  figures  as  you  might.  Some  don’t  experience  music  in  quite   the  same  way  as  you.       An  evolved  woman  who  has  tapped  her  inner  Goddesshood   experiences  life  through  the  quantum  field  –  where  time  and   space  have  no  meaning.       You  are  highly  sensitive  to  the  ebb  and  flow  of  the  Universe,   though  you  have  no  idea  what  that  might  mean  or  how  this   information  affects  you  and  your  life.         http://www.isisjade.com  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  • It  is  through  awakening  and  deepening  ourselves  to  our  higher   senses  that  evolving  humans  are  inherently  much  more  aware  of   the  multiverse  than  previous  incarnations  of  humanity.       This  is  Your  Goddess  Awakening  Within.       We  marvel  at  how  brilliant  color  is  and  how  many  infinite  shades   of  green,  blue,  yellow,  and  even  black  there  are.  We  marvel  at  the   perfection  in  nature’s  abundance.       We  think  about  a  situation,  and  it  unfolds.  Maybe  due  to  our   inability  to  focus,  we  are  not  able  to  net  the  outcome  we  desire?   Or  did  we?       An  evolved  human  can  spend  hours  marveling  at  the  perfection  of   a  single  cherry  blossom,  or  hours  staring  into  her  lover’s  eyes,   because  she  is  very  much  aware  of  her  immortality  throughout   space  and  time.  She  is  not  moved  by  the  mere  desires  of   physicality  alone.  She  is  very  much  moved  by  a  more  powerful   force  of  nature.       That  Which  is  the  Perfect  Expression  of  Divine  Universal  Love.     http://www.isisjade.com  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  • An  Evolving  Woman  Who  Has   Awakened  Her  Goddesshood  is   Highly,  Highly  Sensitive.       An  evolved  woman  experiences  the  chords  that  extend  from  the   soul  and  the  quantum  entanglement  that  exists  throughout  the   universe  and  beyond.       The  Awakened  Goddess  doesn’t  see  physical  death  as  the  end.  It   is  merely  a  transition  from  one  form  to  another.    We  begin  to   realize  the  afterlife  is  really  just  a  vacation  in  between  our  various   journeys.       The  Awakened  Goddess  doesn’t  discern  separation  between   those  in  physical  and  those  in  energetic  form.  The  Awakened   Goddess  remains  open  and  receptive  to  what  many  others  fear.       The  Awakened  Goddess  has  a  very  highly  developed  psychic  sense   and  awareness.  She  knows  how  to  direct  and  command  that   sense  and  the  power  it  wields.       It  is  a  learning  process,  the  evolution  into  awakening  to  one’s  own   infinite  goddess  nature.     So,  it  is  with  great  joy  I  present  the  following  introduction  into   your  awakening.  It  requires  only  that  you  trust  in  yourself.  You   have  indeed  sensed  things  for  a  long  time.    You  do  not  need  trust   in  me,  in  God,  or  in  any  other  entity,  but  yourself.       There  is  no  other  being  to  trust  in  –  because  WE  are  all  YOU,  and   http://www.isisjade.com  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  • YOU  are  all  of  US.  We  are  all  ONE.  You,  me,  God,  the  Infinite,  the   Buddha,  the  Christ.  The  Maddona,  the  Isis,  the  Osiris,  the  Ebb  and   the  Flow.  You  are  being  awakened.      It  is  time  to  Claim  Your  Infinite  Goddess  Nature.       All  breath  exists  as  one  breath.     All  Souls  are  but  one  soul.       All  experiences  are  one  shared  experience.       You  Are  the  Great  Creator.       You  Are  the  Goddess.   http://www.isisjade.com  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  • How  it  All  Begins...   The  Process  of  Awakening  Begins  with  Ascension   Raising  Yourself  to  Fit  The  Vibration  of  Your  Untapped  Quantum   Nature     By  now,  you  probably  will  have  experienced  many  of  the  signs  for   The  Awakening  Process.  Perhaps  for  you  it  has  been,  seeing  things   out  of  the  corner  of  your  eye,  knowing  things  before  they  happen,   feeling  other  people’s  feelings,  dreaming  of  events  before  they   occur,  hearing  your  name  called  and  no  one  is  there.     It  could  also  be  an  increase  in  strange  physical  symptoms.  You   suddenly  feel  dizzy,  lightheaded  but  there  is  no  physical  reason   for  it.  You  may  suddenly  feel  chronically  exhausted  after  spending   time  with  someone  who  used  to  be  a  pleasure  to  be  with.  You   may  find  you  experience  more  sudden  onslaughts  of  headaches,   or  nausea  but  again,  there  doesn’t  seem  to  be  any  reason  for  it.   Food  you  used  to  love  now  turns  your  stomach  or  you’ve  become   averse  to  putting  animal  proteins  into  your  body.       You  may  experience  sudden  drops  of  activity  after  being  exposed   to  harsh  fluorescent  lighting,  you  feel  immediately  recharged   after  exposure  to  ancient  places,  ancient  forests,  or  ancient   waterways.       Perhaps  The  Awakening  Process  happens  for  you  in  terms  of   suddenly  experiencing  a  strong  desire  to  get  life  straightened  back   up,  to  find  your  purpose,  your  true  calling.  Perhaps  you  know   there  is  something  you’re  ‘meant’  to  be  doing,  but  can’t  seem  to   explain  it  to  anyone  else.  Maybe  you  even  have  a  very  deep   feeling  of  wanting  to  ‘go  home’  but  can’t  seem  to  figure  out  what   home  is.   http://www.isisjade.com  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  •   http://www.isisjade.com  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  • Understanding  the  word  ‘psychic’     The  word  psychic  derives  from  a  Greek  word  meaning  ‘of  the  soul’   it  has  collected  a  lot  of  associations  over  the  years,  most  of  them   are  quite  negative  (1-­‐900  psychic  hotlines  and  scam  artists  often   come  to  mind).       Some  people  regard  the  word  ‘psychic’  as  an  unsettling  term  and   are  frightened  or  turned  off  as  to  what  it  possibly  mean  for  them.     The  psychic  level  of  your  awakening  is  however,  nothing  to  be   afraid  of.       We  all  have  natural  higher  sensory  acuities  that  enables  us  to  live   our  life  with  greater  meaning  and  deeper  intuitive  knowledge   about  our  purpose  and  our  surroundings.     Most  people  have  forgotten  how  to  utilize  their  twenty-­‐four   quantum  senses,  because  over  the  past  several  centuries,  we   have  been  taught  (as  women,  especially)  that  using  these  senses   are  evil,  or  sinful,  or  that  these  senses  simply  don’t  exist.  So,  we   adapted  to  using  our  five  physical  senses  and  have  deliberately   retarded  our  higher  growth  path,  relying  on  others  to  shape  and   form  that  path  for  us.  We  trained  ourselves  to  rely  wholly  on   those  five  physical  senses,  alone.       We  often  scoff  at  people  who  claim  to  be  “psychic”,  but  there  is   still  a  universal  fascination  with  such  proclamations.  We  are  all   curious  about  such  people.  Could  we  also  have  such  abilities?  Can   they  be  developed?  Are  we  able  to  tap  into  such  senses?  What   would  it  be  like?     http://www.isisjade.com  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  •     I  teach  a  higher  form  of  ‘sixth  sensory’  or  ‘psychic’  development,   because  to  categorize  all  of  our  quantum  energetic  abilities  into  a   single  sensory  description  doesn’t  begin  to  do  our  infinite  nature   justice.       For  you,  your  awakening  process  into  a  higher  evolution  has   begun  to  open  in  a  spontaneous  fashion.  With  a  little  of  your   input  and  direction,  it  will  definitely  become  more  and  more   evident  what  your  talents  and  true  abilities  are.       http://www.isisjade.com  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  • What  is  a  Sensitive?     You  may  have  heard  the  term  ‘sensitive’  used  with  you  before.   “You’re  too  sensitive”.  Or  you  find  you  are  more  sensitive  to  the   thoughts,  moods  and  feelings  of  others  around  you.       This  is  part  of  that  awakening  we  talked  about  in  The  Awakening   Process.     So  what  does  it  mean  that  you  are  a  sensitive?  Does  it  mean  you   are  a  bit  older  than  most  expressions  of  the  Universe?     Absolutely.  Because  you  are  remembering  that  you  are  not   separate  from  another  entity,  it  makes  you  more  sensitive  and   more  attuned  to  those  around  you.       You  have  extra-­‐sense  abilities  beyond  what  most  people  could   never  experience.  As  a  woman,  these  are  even  more  highly   attuned.       Recent  research  at  MIT  has  shown  that  only  one  in  twenty  people   are  born  with  a  highly  sensitive  nervous  system.  This  is  a  system   that  has  many  thousands  to  many  millions  more  nerve  endings   and  a  neural  network  that  is  much  more  highly  developed  than   others.       This  isn’t  luck  of  a  random  draw,  however.       You  evolved  your  nature  over  time  to  be  borne  into  that   expression  of  physical  form.  You  were  ready  to  rise  to  the  next   challenge.  The  challenge  of  living  a  physical  life  with  one  foot  in   the  higher  realms,  and  another  foot  in  the  physical  realm.  You   http://www.isisjade.com  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  • were  borne  to  become  a  bridge.       This  means  that  “sensitive  people”  are  more  in  tune  with  others,   they  know  how  people  feel  before  they  have  spoken,  and  can  pick   up  easily  on  the  quantum  field  and  the  connections  made   between  others.     Nearly  everyone  has  some  level  of  quantum  evolutionary  ability,   but  only  the  Mozarts  –  the  eldest  souls  –  will  recognize  it  for  what   it  is  –  a  clue  to  their  higher  purpose,  and  will  have  the  sensitive   acuity  to  know  that  this  is  something  they  must  tap  into.  They  will   recognize  it  as  a  right  of  passage  into  their  Goddess  Nature.       People  who  are  sensitive  tend  to  notice  the  tiny  details.  You  may   find  you  have  expressed  wise  thoughts  but  have  no  idea  where   they  came  from.  You  may  begin  to  have  an  increase  in   coincidence,  synchronicity  and  your  higher  sensory  experiences,   but  it  can  all  become  overwhelming.  You  also  find  you  have  an   increase  interest  in  taking  spiritual  or  inner  journeys,  and  you  find   yourself  more  inclined  to  surround  yourself  with  things  that  make   you  “feel”  more  aligned  to  your  purpose.       Some  sensitives  have  a  difficult  time  in  the  corporate  world  where   people  and  management  live  a  masked  life.  It  is  confusing  for   many  people  who  are  sensitive.  This  is  because  they  sense  the   underlying  feelings  and  energy  and  can’t  understand  the  reason   for  hiding,  masking  and  occasional  duplicity.       Some  sensitives  cannot  live  in  large  cities.  The  constant  state  of   energetic  chaos,  emotions,  and  loudness  causes  an  overload.  If   these  symptoms  feel  familiar,  you  may  find  this  explains  much  of   what  you’ve  been  experiencing.       http://www.isisjade.com  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  • The  Evolution  of  Humanity     Humanity  is  evolving.  As  a  whole,  we  are  becoming  more   sensitive,  more  concerned  with  one  another’s  wellbeing,  and   more  aware  of  our  interconnected  nature.  The  olde  ways  of   aggression,  war,  and  dogmatic  fear  is  going  by  the  wayside  as  we   evolve  into  a  higher  functioning  species.       Part  of  this  evolution  is  the  expansion  of  our  consciousness  and   our  higher  sensory  acuity  development.       HSPs  (Highly  Sensitive  People)  are  the  evolutionary  transition  into   the  new  earth  age  of  humanity.  For  women  this  marks  our  ability   to  tap  into  our  inner  Goddess  Nature.       Women  –  for  we  are  the  birth  mothers,  the  creators,  the   caretakers  -­‐  are  the  future  of  humanity.       The  male  society  fears  change,  and  people  within  that  society  fear   those  that  are  the  harbringers  of  change.  Which  is  why  as  a  highly   evolved  sensitive,  as  a  woman  about  to  tap  into  her  Infinite   Goddess  Nature,  have  felt  very  out  of  place  with  the  rest  of  this   world.       You  can’t  function  within  an  aging,  dogmatic  society.  You  find  you   live  on  the  fringe,  or  on  the  outskirts  of  something  you  don’t   understand.  You  may  do  very  well  masking  yourself  and   pretending,  but  the  truth  is,  it  is  very  exhausting.           http://www.isisjade.com  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  • You  are  the  evolution.  Not  the  revolution.  If  you  are  a  sensitive,   you  have  already  evolved.  Now  its  just  a  matter  of  teaching  you  to   tap  that  capacity  and  capability  and  channeling  your  Goddess   Nature.       The  rest  of  humanity  is  fearful  of  an  evolution  it  can’t  fully  grasp.   As  a  result,  our  society  pegs  sensitive  people  with  labels,   categorizes  us,  and  drugs  us.  ADD,  ADHD,  Depression,  Bipolar,   Autism,  Asperger’s.  And  worse.     The  truth  is,  you  have  gifts.  You  have  abilities.  If  you  are  a  highly   sensitive  person,  you  ARE  the  evolution  of  humanity.    Your  senses   bely  the  physical  and  have  evolved  into  the  quantum.  Your  inner   Goddess  Awakens.       Previous  to  this  century  only  a  few  had  evolved  with  this  gift,  but   now,  more  and  more  people  are  evolving  and  they  have  acquired   the  DNA  activation  sequences  necessary  to  open  themselves  up  to   ascension  into  higher  function.       A  higher  functioning  sensitive  person  like  you  doesn’t  generally  fit   within  societal  parameters  or  societal  norms.  They  find  it  difficult   to  fit  in.  They  are  generally  highly  intelligent,  but  this  level  of   intelligence  cannot  be  fully  grasped.  They  do  not  ascribe  to  social   conditioning,  unless  it  is  to  make  a  loved  one  happy  and  accepting   of  them.       They  generally  have  an  evolved  sense  of  morality,  of  their   energetic  and  spiritual  nature  over  and  above  their  physical   nature.  They  tend  to  gravitate  towards  smaller  communities  of   like-­‐minded  people  who  are  open  to  experimenting  with   alternative  ways  of  living,  being  and  thinking.       http://www.isisjade.com  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  • They  cannot  tolerate  compromising  their  higher  nature  to  engage   in  acts  that  seem  in  direct  conflict  with  their  higher  god  or   Goddess  nature.  If  they  do  compromise,  they  find  themselves   often  overtaken  with  physical  illness  and  emotionally  broken  over   the  decision.       The  highly  evolved  sensitive  woman  tends  to  care  deeply  for  her   mind,  body  and  spirit,  and  tends  to  look  out  for  and  demonstrates   compassion  for  others,  but  does  not  try  to  lord  over  them  or   control  them  or  the  outcomes  of  their  lives.       They  yearn  for  a  time  and  space  where  all  can  live  in  bliss  and   they  remember  aspects  of  their  experience  as  energy  in  between   the  physical  existences.  If  not  the  actual  memories,  they   remember  the  general  feeling  of  peace  and  oneness.   http://www.isisjade.com  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  • The  Seven  Stages  of  Awakening  A   Goddess  or  The  Awakening  of  a  Highly   Sensitive  Person     1.  The  Beginning.  It  starts  in  early  childhood.  Often  as  early  as  3  or   4,  you  were  able  to  intuit  and  understand  what  others  were   thinking  or  feeling.  You  could  even  predict  their  behavior,  or   certain  events.  If  you  lived  in  a  volatile  house,  this  may  have  made   you  feel  very  uneasy  most  of  the  time.       2.  The  Way  Life  Teaches.  Life  gets  in  the  way  sometimes  for  you.   You  forgot  how  to  pick  up  on  things,  because  it  was  considered   “weird”  or  your  comments  on  what  you  observed  were  met  with   disapproval  or  downright  fear.  Your  schooling  or  home  life  didn’t   encourage  your  ‘shy’  behavior,  so  you  became  more  and  more  the   way  you  thought  your  family  or  friends  wanted  you  to  be.     3.  The  ‘Follow  What  You’re  Told’  Stage.  Your  desire  to  merit   approval,  or  your  desire  to  be  what  you  believed  others  expected   you  to  be,  meant  you  followed  a  life  path  that  didn’t  really  match   your  true  nature  at  the  time,  but  was  filled  with  many  meaningful   life  lessons  and  journeys  you  needed  to  take  in  order  to  peel  away   the  layers.  During  this  time  you  would  perhaps  feel  lost  and  alone.     Others  did  not  understand  how  you  felt,  or  why  you  were  so   unfulfilled,  dissatisfied,  saddened,  depressed,  or  anxious  all  the   time.  Sometimes  during  this  stage,  you  may  have  attracted  lower   vibrating  entities  to  you,  encountered  abusive  relationships,  or   other  challenges  to  your  life  journey.         http://www.isisjade.com  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  • 4.  The  Opening  Process.  The  blossoming  stage  of  a  sensitive   begins  here.  This  stage  usually  begins  with  a  profound  interest  in     religion,  faith,  or  going  on  a  journey  to  find  yourself  again.  You   may  be  led  into  healing,  deeper  spirituality  or  even  find  yourself   drawn  to  angels,  Buddha,  or  other  higher  images  of   enlightenment.       This  is  because  one  of  the  key  aspects  for  a  sensitive  is  the   reemergence  of  their  own  heart  energy.  All  of  these  expressions   are  a  desire  to  heal  oneself,  or  to  evolve  oneself  beyond  suffering.       Some  sensitives  compensate  during  this  stage  with  a  fantastic   relationship  with  animals,  or  an  incredible  relationship  that   transcends  a  previous  experience  for  you.       At  this  time,  you  may  encounter  a  profound  healer,  or  a  guide   who  assists  you  along  your  healing  journey.       5.  The  ‘Encountering  Your  True  Nature’  Stage.  At  this  stage  your   healing  is  no  longer  enough.  You’re  searching  for  something   deeper.  You  now  look  to  your  Goddess  Nature  and  desire  to   explore  aspects  of  your  hidden  world.  Your  natural  abilities  are   becoming  clearer  and  you’re  more  confident  in  yourself.       You  have  a  sudden  ability  to  speak  up,  you  find  it  very  difficult  to   compromise  yourself.  You  have  an  overwhelming  need  to  live   your  truth.  You  are  awakening  the  Goddess  at  this  time.  Tapping   her.  Revealing  her  a  bit  at  a  time.       At  this  time,  you  may  encounter  a  guide  who  leads  you  through   your  Goddesshood,  and  toward  the  within.  It  may  be  a  vision,  it   may  be  a  physical  journey  –  one  of  great  challenge.  You  find  that   you  encounter  your  Goddess  nature  in  a  way  that  scares  you,  or   http://www.isisjade.com  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  • trips  you  up.  You  may  find  you  must  retreat  for  a  time  away  from   that  nature,  for  there  is  something  intimidating  or  scary  about   that  part  of  you.       Your  mentor  may  challenge  you  to  encounter  your  true  nature   and  embrace  it.       6.  Do  I  Know  I’m  For  Real  Stage.  Your  curiosity  has  deepened  at   this  stage.  You  have  a  desire  to  develop  your  higher  senses,  but   you  want  to  be  sure  they  are  real.  You  have  had  a  number  of   experiences  including  dreams,  visions,  experiences  in  the  night   (often  sleep  paralysis  or  astral  travel),  a  deep  need  to  find   purpose  and  a  drive  to  help  others.       Friends  and  family  at  this  stage  either  regard  you  as  the  ‘wise’   one,  as  you  always  seem  to  have  the  answer,  or  they  are  repulsed   and  reject  you.  At  this  stage  Awakening  the  Goddess  has   happened,  and  she  taps  you  and  even  takes  over  from  time  to   time  for  your.       Either  way,  you  find  you  have  transcended  that  and  those  family   or  friends  are  no  longer  contracts  you  feel  you  must  fulfill.     Complete  strangers  are  attracted  to  your  energy,  often  feeling   compelled  to  tell  you  their  life  story  or  ask  you  for  guidance.       At  this  stage  you  seek  a  true  master  who  will  lead  you  into  finely   tuning  your  talents  and  abilities  and  will  challenge  you  to  fly  into   the  higher  and  more  secret  realms  than  you  believed  existed.  You   may  find  a  need  to  go  on  a  greater  soul  journey  to  reclaim  a  lost   aspect  of  yourself.  You  may  find  yourself  drawn  to  mystery   schools,  or  spiritual  paths  of  greater  consciousness  expansion.   You  may  also  find  you  encounter  your  twin  flame  at  this  time,   who  challenges  you  in  a  way  you  never  thought  you  could   http://www.isisjade.com  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  • engender.       7.    The  Mastery  Stage.       You  have  actively  participated  in  your  own  awakening.  You  have   now  developed  a  strong  sense  of  the  Goddess  within  you,  you   have  begun  to  explore  different  disciplines  in  order  to  figure  out   which  one  is  for  you.  You  have  come  to  know  her  completely  and   she  has  merged  with  you.  This  is  the  stage  at  which  you   increasingly  accept  you  have  natural  ability,  your  confidence  is   awe-­‐inspiring,  and  you  have  mastered  it  so  well  you  are  ready  to   teach  and  coach  others.       You  are  no  longer  so  worried  about  what  others  think  and  have   grown  within  a  profound  instinct  for  getting  it  right  in  business,  in   relationships  and  in  life.  Friends  and  family  start  to  regard  you  as   ‘lucky’,  as  you  always  find  yourself  in  the  right  place  at  the  right   time.  You  have  mastered  magical  synchronicity.  You  have   mastered  the  universal  laws.  Your  deeper  senses  are  in  full  swing,   you  trust  your  intuition.  You  trust  and  love  yourself.  Your  mystery,   your  attraction  runs  deep.       At  this  time,  you  find  yourself  being  asked  to  teach,  to  heal,  and   to  provide  guidance  to  others  ready  to  ascend  and  embrace  their   infinite  nature.         http://www.isisjade.com  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  • I’ve  been  told  there  are  evil   influences  if  I  were  to  open  myself   up  or  try  using  these  abilities.       ONE  OF  THE  FIRST  FEARS  I  encounter  with  people  new  to   encountering  their  Goddess  nature  and  developing  higher   functioning  awareness  (what  some  call  intuitive  senses)  is   whether  or  not  they’ll  be  too  open  to  an  “evil  psychic  influence”,   “evil  spirits”,  or  “demonic  entities”.  Others  worry  that  accessing   this  higher  plane  of  knowledge  is  “sinful”,  or  an  “evil”  action  unto   itself,  due  to  the  prevalence  of  religious  fears.       When  you  first  begin  to  explore  what  it  means  to  be  connected  to   your  real  self  –  your  infinite  quantum  nature  (which  is,  after  all,   your  natural  state  of  being),  you  often  run  into  many  fearful,  well-­‐ meaning  people  who  speak  out  about  the  risks  and  repeat  myths   they’ve  heard  over  the  years.  These  myths  are  all  similar  to   werewolf,  witch  and  vampire  myths  and  how  they’ve  evolved   over  centuries  of  retellings.       These  myths  perpetuate  fear  in  people  about  tapping  into  their   higher  self.  After  all,  what  might  happen  if  you’re  too  ‘open’  and   ‘receptive’  to  the  energetic  world  around  you?  What  if  you  start   playing  with  things  that  might  let  “evil”  into  your  world?     Let’s  start  by  looking  at  the  word  evil  in  and  of  itself.  It  is  no   coincidence  that  evil  is  the  exact  opposite  spelling  in  the  English   language  as  live.  That  is  to  live  –  wholly  in  tune  with  your  infinite   nature  is  to  be  that  which  is  evil  incarnate  –  as  according  to  most   http://www.isisjade.com  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  • judaistic  belief  systems  prevalent  throughout  the  world  today:   (judaistic  refers  to  all  belief  systems  stemming  from  Judaism).       The  very  nature  of  the  universe  (or  multiverse)  is  that  it  opens   itself  up  to  interpretation  by  the  observer.  Each  and  every  entity  is   an  observer,  with  their  own  paradigms,  beliefs,  and  experiences   they  use  to  shape  the  interpretations  of  their  beliefs.  If  you   believe  that  evil  exists  in  the  world,  and  so  too  good,  then  you   believe  in  a  dualistic  view  of  the  world.       It  is  only  in  transcending  the  paradigms  and  programmed  beliefs   that  you  use  to  shape  your  interpretation  of  reality  that  you   become  truly  open.  You  can  truly  channel  the  goddess  and   achieve  true  success  in  all  areas  of  life.       The  word  ‘open’  suggests  to  people  starting  their  journey  to  a   higher  evolution  as  being  vulnerable.  The  thought  of  being  out  of   control  of  your  own  process  –  or  out  of  control  of  your  own   direction  inevitably  brings  about  a  sense  of  fear  or  trepidation.   This  is  predicated  upon  a  belief  system  that  you  have  some   modicum  of  control  over  your  environment  and  over  yourself.       And  that  is  all  perfectly  ok.  Every  belief  system  is  just  that,  an   explanation  for  the  experiences  within  a  life.  Nothing  more.  This   goes  for  a  scientific  belief  system,  and  so  too  a  religious  one.       Truly,  the  word  openness  refers  to  the  antithesis  of  being  closed.   Being  open-­‐minded  as  opposed  to  being  closed  and  opinionated  is   the  first  few  steps  into  journey  of  magic  that  is  the  true  nature  of   the  universe.           http://www.isisjade.com  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  • What  is  Evil?  What  is  Good?     If  we  then  go  back  and  take  another  look  at  that  which  was  once   considered  evil  –  and  look  upon  evil  with  new  eyes  and  an  open   mind,  we  see  not  demonic  entities,  but  we  might  see  the  ancient   guardians  of  the  olde  ways  who  were  given  great  and  important   work-­‐  to  protect  temples,  portals  and  waypoints.  They  are  not   here  to  destroy  you,  but  to  challenge  you  before  they  open  the   doors  to  the  great  realms  for  the  Goddess.  You  must  know  who   you  are.  The  ancients  knew  this.  The  Masonics  knew  this.  Every   secret  society  and  mystery  school  knows  this.       The  inner  sanctum  and  inner  temples  that  exist  in  every  church   and  sanctuary  contain  aspects  of  these  ancient  secrets  close  to   their  hearts.  They  fear  that  revealing  them  would  be  too  much  for   humanity  to  take.  The  symbolism  exists  everywhere,  and  has  been   contained  in  secret.  The  Sacred  Feminine  has  been  hidden  in  plain   sight.  The  Goddess  is  alive  and  well.       Men  in  power  used  the  fear  of  the  olde  ways  (pagan  and  goddess   rituals)  to  protect  the  higher  realms  from  those  not  ready  to   encounter  that  which  lies  beyond  their  limits  of  perceptive   understanding.       Inverse  the  Anglicized  word  evil.  What  does  it  mean?     Inverse  the  word  devil.  What  does  it  mean?     Our  very  language  was  shaped  with  deep  symbolism  by  masters   who  delved  into  the  higher  realms  and  brought  back  deep   realizations.       http://www.isisjade.com  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  • We  see  then,  not  evil  spirits,  but  we  might  see  the  LIVE  Guardians   –  the  immortal  LIVE  nature  of  the  universe,  as  opposed  to  an   inherent,  evil  one.  We  see  a  live  or  living  influence  rather  than  an   evil  influence.       The  inverse  of  devil,  is  LIVED  –  or  one  who  has  lived.  Just  because   a  spirit  has  lived  does  not  make  that  spirit  a  devil.       Inverse  DEMON  it  becomes  NOMED.  O  refers  to  the  Omega.  God   said  “I  am  the  Alpha  and  the  Omega”.  Do  you  know  what  that   means?  It  means  God  –  and  Goddess  –  is  in  everything.       If  you  change  the  O  to  A,  you  get  NAMED  or  One  who  has  been   named.       The  truth  is  there  is  a  secret  name  for  everything  that  exists  in  the   universe,  should  you  care  to  look  for  it.  And  suddenly  the  universe   becomes  less  of  a  scary  place  and  one  where  infinite  miracles  can   be  found.       There  are  many  secrets  to  be  uncovered  like  these  –  and  great   wisdom  to  be  revealed  to  you.  For  you  see,  in  the  heart  of  the   darkness  –  in  the  heart  of  fear    –  we  will  always,  ultimately  find   pure  love.       For  no  one  is  wholly  evil,  just  as  no  one  is  wholly  good.  We  are  all   of  us  infinite  shades  of  grey,  white,  and  all  the  other  colors  of  the   universe,  all  mixed  together.       Your  own  aura  expresses  this  nature  to  you.  Ever  seen  a  Krilian   photograph?  It  shows  you  all  the  colors  of  your  bioelectrical   energy  form  –  your  aura.       http://www.isisjade.com  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  • Have  you  colored  anything  in  your  life  as  evil  vs.  holy?  As  bad  vs.   good?  Are  all  your  experiences  thus  colored?  Or  are  all  your   experiences  merely  just  that?  Experiences?  Lessons?  Learnings?   Neither  good,  nor  bad?     This  is  the  first  step  then,  into  opening  one’s  mind,  and  expanding   one’s  own  consciousness.  This  is  the  first  step  into  Awakening   your  higher  nature.       To  do  away  with  labels  such  as  evil  or  good.  Just  that  a  thing  just   is.  It  lives.  It  has  lived.        It  is  not  good,  nor  is  it  bad.       It  just  is.       http://www.isisjade.com  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  • What  if  I  can’t  handle  Awakening  My   Goddess?     Some  of  my  students  have  expressed  the  thought:  What  if  this   becomes  something  I  can’t  handle?  What  if  it  all  becomes  too   complicated,  or  too  hard,  or  too  difficult?     The  fact  is  it  will  only  become  something  you  can’t  seemingly   handle,  if  you  choose  to  ignore  the  experiences  happening  for  you   in  the  moment.  They  become  more  effusive  so  that  they  won’t  be   ignored,  because  there  is  a  lesson  within  each  for  you  to  learn.  Of   course,  you  always  have  the  choice  of  giving  up  or  checking  out         Only  you  determine  what  is  too  hard,  too  complicated,  or  too   difficult.  The  journey  toward  the  within  is  often  the  most  difficult   we  make,  but  when  we  come  out  the  other  side,  we  discover  a   true  inner  peace  and  we  realize  that  nothing  could  be  simpler,   easier  to  understand,  or  more  sublime  than  living  as  our  true   nature  dictates.       When  you  begin  to  open  up  to  your  infinite  quantum  nature,   some  very  unique  abilities  what  we  call  gifts,  may  be  bestowed   upon  you.  The  best  way  to  accept  such  gifts  is  to  honor  them,  by   learning  all  you  can  about  them,  experimenting  with  them,  then   develop  your  higher  senses  to  the  mastery  level  you  desire.  So  far,   we  have  documented  24  such  gifts,  although  I  am  sure  many   more  are  to  follow.       Everyone  is  borne  a  Mozart  with  some  talent.  It  is  just  that  we   take  lifetimes  to  discover  the  talent  and  then  achieve  that  level  of   mastery.     http://www.isisjade.com  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  •   I  remember  when  I  started  working  with  my  gifts;  it  felt  unsettling   and  very  intimidating  at  first.  To  be  honest,  it  took  me  nearly   twenty  years  before  I  could  be  comfortable  enough  with  my  true   nature  to  say,  yes,  this  is  who  I  am.       I  first  acknowledged  my  higher  sensory  experiences  when  I  was  a   child,  but  most  adults  put  it  off  as  an  overactive  imagination  of  a   hypersensitive  child.  It  wasn’t  until  I  began  experiencing  visions   that  would  then  come  true  –  down  to  knowing  exactly  where   everything  was  in  a  school  I  had  never  before  entered,  from  the   pens,  to  the  chemicals,  to  even  the  paper  clips,  that  I  finally   realized  it  wasn’t  all  just  in  my  head.       Like  you,  I  didn’t  wake  up  one  day  and  decide  to  be  gifted.  I  didn’t   just  decide  I  was  special.    It  was  something  that  just  was  inherent   for  me.  I  work  with  energy  in  a  way  only  ancients  understand,  but   my  level  of  energy  and  light  work  is  only  at  an  amateur  level,   compared  to  the  higher  level  living  deities  I  have  had  the  pleasure   of  meeting  and  learning  from.         http://www.isisjade.com  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  • Isn’t  it  all  just  in  my  head?   The  Conflict  Between  Insight  and   Imagination     Every  awakened  being  goes  through  the  internal  conflict  of   wondering  how  to  know  if  what  you  are  experiencing  is  indeed   genuine  insight  or  if  it  is  just  a  trip  through  a  very  vivid   imagination.     The  fact  is  it  is  incredibly  healthy  to  question  what  you  regard  as   an  unseen  experience.  If  you’re  questioning,  it  means  you  are   discerning  the  information  you  are  taking  in.  You  are  not  taking   everything  at  face  value,  which  is  absolutely  correct,  especially   during  the  ‘infant’  stages  of  your  awakening  and  development   process.     We  have  two  parts  to  us;  we’ll  call  these  two  parts  Personality   and  the  Goddess  or  Quantum  Nature.       http://www.isisjade.com  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  • The  Power  of  Personality     Personality  is  the  part  of  us  that  exists  as  the  mind.  This  is  the  part   of  us  that  tells  us  to  get  up  in  the  morning,  to  go  to  work,  to  earn   money  to  look  after  ourselves.  It  has  the  very  important  purpose   of  protecting  the  physical  body  from  physical  harm.  This  is  the   part  of  us  that  has  a  concept  of  death,  the  fear  of  losing  the   physical.  Everything  this  aspect  of  ourselves  does  and  is  optimally   tuned  for  is  for  protection  of  the  selfhood.       However,  in  the  modern  age  this  part  of  us  has  become  the  main   driving  force  within.  It  dictates  how  we  act  in  life  it  keeps  us  small   and  afraid.  The  thought  of  our  true  nature  overwhelms  it.       Our  mind  begins  to  feel  threatened.  As  an  evolutionary,  you  will   be  quick  to  recognize  it  however,  and  are  willing  to  learn   strategies  in  how  to  deal  with  your  mind’s  chaos  so  you  are  not   distracted  from  your  life’s  work.    Remember,  your  mind  wants  to   keep  life  logical,  categorized,  labeled  and  heavily  questions  your   intuitive  instincts  to  the  point  of  its  retardation  and  destruction.     Your  true  quantum  nature  is  the  spirit  of  who  you  are.  Imagine   yourself  as  a  fingerling  spark  of  perfect  quantum  intelligence.  That   intelligence  knows  all  there  is  to  know.  It  has  no  concept  of   distance  –  either  time,  space,  life  or  death.  It  has  access  to  every   piece  of  information  there  is  to  know  in  the  Universe.  Like  the   Internet,  it  can  access  and  download  that  information  through   your  quantum  senses  with  very  little  help  from  your  mind.       It’s  what  you  may  occasionally  experience  as  a  deep  knowing,  an   amazing  inner  calm,  and  a  deep  faith  and  trust  that  all  will  be   absolutely  fine.   http://www.isisjade.com  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
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  •                     Most  people  have  lost  connection  with  their  true  God  or   Goddess  nature.  This  is  why  we  call  it  your  untapped  potential.     They  lost  it  some  time  in  their  early  life.  We  all  get  caught  up  in   the  everyday  world,  fighting  for  our  survival,  and  we  get  caught   in  in  the  logical  mind,  that  the  physical  becomes  all  that  matters.       Your  own  internal  truth  and  faith  in  yourself  disappears   somewhere  along  your  life.  Reclaiming  that  ultimate  faith  and   internal  sense  of  your  higher  nature  –  your  Goddess  is  your   journey.  It  is  a  journey  of  healing,  and  one  of  unconditional  love   and  trust.           http://www.isisjade.com  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  • The  Unlimited  Power  of   Your  Goddess  Nature     That  isn’t  necessarily  always  true  for  the  Sensitive  woman.  Even  if   they’ve  never  experienced  their  goddess  nature  to  the  level   where  they  can  identify  it,  they  know  deep  down  that  it  exists   within.       It  is  nearly  impossible  for  a  Sensitive  to  remain  ‘sleeping’  or   ‘unaware’;  they  do  at  some  point  come  face  to  face  with  the  true   nature  of  who  they  are.  Whether  or  not  they  rise  to  the  next   levels,  is  the  choice  they  make.       The  key  is  to  first  identify  if  you  are  indeed  a  Highly  Sensitive   Person  (HSP).  By  taking  the  goddess  test,  you  can  find  out  if  you   fit  the  HSP  profile.       It  is  from  your  level  of  sensitivity  that  the  specific  abilities  found  in   one’s  Quantum  Sensory  Perceptive  Acuity  (QSPA)  begin  to   emerge.  Some  researchers  have  gone  further  to  identify  profile   types  that  are  associated  with  specific  personality  traits,  I   however,  have  found  that  if  you  have  a  certain  level  of  sensitivity,   combined  with  certain  astrological  signs,  you  will  have  all  that  is   needed  for  you  to  master  all  24  quantum  senses.       However,  as  you  delve  into  each  of  the  24  senses  you  will  find   those  few  that  have  more  of  a  draw  for  you.  You  may  be  a   Michelangelo  and  play  with  light  and  energy  healing  –  sculpting   and  directing  light  and  healing  from  the  energy  of  the  field.  You   may  be  a  Mozart  and  find  yourself  drawn  to  other  aspects  of   http://www.isisjade.com  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  • clairvoyance  and  clairaudience.  Or  you  find  yourself  called   specially  and  become  a  Leonardo  da  Vinci.  You  find  you  have  a   wide  and  varied  interest  in  mastering  all  twenty  four  quantum   senses.       You  may  find  you  have  an  innate  ability  to  transform  information   for  others  to  grasp.  Or  you  may  find  business  is  your  highest  and   best  use  of  your  senses.  It  may  be  creativity  –  writing  or  art.  You   may  have  a  knack  for  healing  and  transforming  others.       Honestly,  it’s  a  calling  from  deep  within  your  soul.  Once  listened   to,  you’ll  find  the  less  appealing  traits  of  being  a  sensitive  without   a  path  calm  down  and  your  higher  functioning  attributes  –  your   Goddess  Nature  begin  to  emerge.  It  is  through  the  development   of  your  abilities,  your  higher  senses  and  tapping  into  your  Inner   Goddess  that  can  help  the  Highly  Sensitive  Person  experience  the   true  depths  of  happiness  and  contentment.     A  highly  sensitive  person  is  often  exposed  however,  to  many   misinformed  and  misguided  attempts  of  psychotherapy  and   psychiatry.  Most  are  mislabeled  as  bipolar  or  highly  anxious,  when   they  merely  have  sensitivities  and  high  levels  of  reactivity  to   various  energies  ranging  from  food  to  people,  to  places.  HSPs   need  to  be  especially  conservative  and  very  careful  while  they   slowly  unravel  their  paradigms  about  who  they  are  and  what  their   labels  say  they  are.       That’s  not  to  eschew  mental  illness  at  all,  but  one  must  be  very   careful  not  to  haphazardly  misdiagnose  a  simple  case  of   heightened  sensitivity  with  a  disorder  that  may  lead  to  causing   significantly  greater  psyche  damage  later  down  the  line.   http://www.isisjade.com  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  • Attributes  &  Characteristics  of  the   Highly  Sensitive  Evolutionary       Emotionally,  Highly  Sensitive  People  (HSP)  are  often  shy  and   introverted.  They  can  be  extroverted  when  they  need  to  be,  but  it   uses  up  a  lot  of  energy.  However,  there  are  times  when  they   become  energized  by  an  experience  and  they  become  very   animated  or  directive.       However,  once  they  tap  into  their  innate  Goddess  Nature,  there  is   no  longer  a  need  to  be  shy  or  lacking  confidence.  However,  they   know  to  protect  and  shield  themselves  by  then.     The  HSP  is  very  aware  of  other's  emotions,  sometimes  to  such  a   degree  that  it  becomes  difficult  for  her  to  discern  between  theirs   and  another’s.       Sensitive  people  learn  early  in  life  to  mask  their  attributes  of   sensitivity,  intuition  and  creativity  for  fear  of  criticism  or  feeling   misunderstood.     Most  sensitives  tend  to  be  very  nurturing  and  aren’t  typically   prone  to  anger,  however,  if  they’ve  been  in  an  angry   environment,  they  may  lash  out,  or  if  they’ve  pent  up  anger  for   too  long,  they  may  lash  out  untoward.       Physically,  HSPs  have  intolerance  to  chaotic  noise,  chaotic   energies,  strong  unpleasant  smells,  clutter  and/or  chaos.  They   know  instinctually  when  the  environment  they  are  in  is  not   working  for  them  and  will  seek  to  change  it  even  if  it  doesn’t   make  ‘logical’  sense  to  others.     http://www.isisjade.com  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  •   The  Goddess  aspect  of  themselves  cannot  stand  any  of  these   experiences.  They  must  honor  that  aspect  of  themselves.       Migraines,  headaches,  digestive  problems,  breathing  problems   are  all  physical  symptoms  an  HSP  tends  to  deal  with  regularly.       HSPs  may  be  very  sensitive  to  their  environment,  may  have  or   develop  allergies  to  environments  that  remind  them  of  traumatic   experiences.       Socially,  the  HSP  feel  as  though  they  don’t  quite  fit  in.  They  may   be  socially  awkward,  considered  to  have  social  anxiety  or  even   Asperger’s  (which  is  a  reverse  diagnosis,  typically  because  the  HSP   has  dissociated  so  much  from  their  surroundings  that  they  don’t   function  within  the  typical  spectrum  at  all).     HSPs  enjoy  their  own  company  and  are  comfortable  being  alone   and  in  the  company  of  those  who  feel  safe  to  them.  Both   introverted  and  socially  extroverted  HSP  often  find  they  need   time  alone  to  recover  after  social  interactions.  Extended  social   stimuli  is  exhausting  for  a  HSP.     Psychologically,  HSPs  compensate  for  their  sensitivity  by  either   protecting  themselves  by  being  alone  too  much,  or,  by  trying  to   be  'normal'  or  sociable,  which  then  over-­‐stimulates  them  into   chronic  states  of  anxiety  or  stress.  If  an  HSP  is  chronically  over-­‐ stimulated  –  they  develop  clear  symptoms  of  ADD  or  ADHD,   anxiety,  over-­‐stressed,  and  will  break  down  emotionally  from  the   overload.       Relationships  with  an  HSP  are  very  genuine  and  tend  to  be  very   http://www.isisjade.com  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  • deep,  unless  the  HSP  is  seeking  to  protect  him  or  herself,  in  which   case  the  relationship  could  seem  overly  shallow  and  overly   focused  on  sexual  pleasure  and  less  on  deeper  or  more   meaningful  connections.  In  relationships  they  are  confronted  with   their  unresolved  personal  issues  and  find  themselves  changing  or   cutting  out  of  their  life  what  doesn’t  work.  Which  means  HSPs   change  out  life  partners  more  readily  than  perhaps  others  might.       They  find  it  impossible  to  live  a  life  of  compromise.  It  is  very   difficult  for  HSPs  to  compromise  themselves  or  ask  another   person  to  compromise  their  own  self  or  happiness  for  the  sake  of   a  relationship.  However,  some  HSPs  may  stay  out  of  fear  or  out  of   loyalty.       However,  eventually  they  have  to  find  their  truth.     Wounds  –physically,  emotionally,  and  energetically,  have   a  profoundly  devastating  effect  on  HSPs,  more  so  than  the   average  person.  It  is  important  for  them  to  heal  their  past  hurts,   because  they  cannot  just  forget  them  and  go  on  in  denial.  They   have  a  very  difficult  time  understanding  why  or  how  and  delve   deeply  into  what  they  did  wrong.  At  this  time,  its  important  for   the  HSP  to  seek  out  guidance  and  support  rather  than  fall  into   themselves.       Spiritually,  sensitive  people  have  a  greater  capacity  for  inner   searching  and  eventually  becoming  one’s  own  guru  than  others.     It’s  a  path  they  find  very  difficult  to  deny.  This  is  one  of  their   greatest  blessings.  Sensitives  once  opened,  will  spend  their  entire   lives  searching  and  seeking  to  evolve  themselves  and  find  others   like  them.     http://www.isisjade.com  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  • Nutritionally,  HSPs  require  a  diet  filled  with  highly  vibrationally   attuned  foods.  Whole  fruits,  grains,  seeds,  nuts  and  vegetables  is   ideal.  Little  to  no  gluten,  dairy,  or  animal  protein.  HSPs  are  very   sensitive  to  such  foods.       HSPs  find  they  themselves  are  drawn  to  higher  vibrationally   charged  food  naturally  if  they  tune  into  it  and  trust  it.  They  will   find  their  body  rejects  lower  vibrational  foods  in  the  form  of   bloating,  fatigue,  allergies  or  flu-­‐like  symptoms.         http://www.isisjade.com  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  • What  Encountering  Your  Goddess   Nature  Means  for  You     Highly  Sensitive  People  are  naturally  gifted  in  accessing  the  higher   quantum  realms  and  are  instinctual  healers  and  powerful  light   workers.       These  senses  will  never  go  away  –if  that’s  a  disappointment  for   you,  then  this  may  be  grave  news  indeed.  Certainly  you  have  a   choice  –  to  ignore  them,  but  you  will  find  that  denying  your  very   nature  will  ultimately  exact  a  very  heavy  cost  upon  your  life,   physically,  emotionally,  and  psychologically.       These  senses  and  abilities  are  going  to  gain  in  power  and   magnitude  as  you  get  older  and  as  we  ascend  into  the  new  earth   age.       You  may  be  able  to  ignore  your  true  nature  for  a  while,  but  it  will   return  at  some  point  in  your  life,  stronger  than  ever.  It  is  part  of   our  collective  awakening  and  our  collective  desire  to  evolve.       You  will  have  an  increase  in  quantum  perceptive  activity  (psychic   or  precognitive  abilities)  your  dreams  will  get  stronger,  and  you’ll   start  to  see  things  before  they  happen,  some  good,  some  bad.   Your  responsibility  will  grow  no  matter  how  much  you  try  and   reject  it.       If  you  want  to  tap  into  and  master  your  quantum  nature,  and  you   want  to  feel  less  sensitive  to  the  feelings  of  others  and  begin  to   feel  more  at  peace  with  life,  not  the  sense  of  overwhelm  you   http://www.isisjade.com  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  • currently  feel  when  faced  with  heavy  social  situations,  then  you   need  to  learn  how  to  tap  into  your  infinite  quantum  nature  and   evolve  yourself  into  your  true  manifestation  of  the  infinite.           http://www.isisjade.com  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  • Tapping  your  infinite  Goddess  nature   means:     You’ll  feel  more  at  peace  with  yourself.   You’ll  grow  a  natural  confidence.  Nothing  forced.   You  will  heal  aspects  of  your  past.   You  will  prepare  for  a  life  of  service  to  others.   You  will  be  of  genuine  assistance  and  guidance.   You  will  be  a  source  of  inspiration  and  joy.   You  will  achieve  peaceful  and  fulfilling  relationships.   You  will  feel  very  comfortable  inside.   You  will  drop  old  fears  and  embrace  new  ideas.   Your  life  will  move  forward  rapidly  and  without  limits.       http://www.isisjade.com  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  • Do  You  Feel  Stuck  or  Blocked?     If  you  are  currently  experiencing  a  sense  of  frustration  or  a  desire   of  wanting  your  life  to  move  on,  to  push  forward,  even  though   you’re  not  quite  sure  what  you  want  it  to  do,  you  need  to  take  a   step  back  and  listen  instead  of  forcing  an  outcome.       This  is  what  happens  to  you  when  you  are  ready  to  encounter   your  true  infinite  nature,  maybe  for  the  first  time,  but  you  are   trying  to  push  on  through,  and  you  are  resisting  the  encounter,   rather  than  allowing  it.     Until  you  have  healed  yourself  to  a  point  where  you  are  strong   enough  and  capable  enough  to  encounter  the  infinite,  you  will  be   held  back.  You  must  release  that  which  contains  you  before  you   will  be  able  to  open  the  doors  and  encounter  that  which  cannot   be  contained.       Until  you  are  ready  to  release  all  beliefs  around  control,  outcome,   or  force  of  deliverance,  of  anger,  or  resentment,  you  will  continue   to  find  your  path  blocked.  It  is  a  process.  You  will  encounter  your   true,  infinite  nature  many,  many  times,  but  until  you  peel  back  all   the  layers  of  your  ego,  of  the  belief  systems  that  pervade  and   inform  your  perception  of  reality,  until  you  are  ready  to  be   opened  and  stretched  beyond  recognition,  you  will  find  yourself   blocked.   http://www.isisjade.com  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  • Blocks  to  Accessing  Your  True   Infinite  Goddess  Nature       Many  people  ask  me  why  they  are  blocking  themselves  from   tapping  their  true  infinite  nature.       Some  make  comments  about  an  interest  in  higher  awareness,  but   feel  as  though  they  have  no  abilities  or  sensitivities  at  all.       Others  say  that  they’ve  been  journeying  for  a  long  time  to  unlock   their  true  nature  and  found  nothing  but  charlatans  and  false   prophets.       Others  seem  to  know  they  have  a  higher  awareness  but  currently   feel  blocked  or  as  though  they  have  reached  their  limit  of  self  -­‐ development.     One  of  the  key  aspects  to  achieving  your  higher  evolutionary   awareness  is  to  embrace,  rather  than  avoid,  an  open  curiosity  and   fascination  with  life,  energy,  and  all  that  surrounds  us.  Be  curious   as  a  child,  as  open  and  embracing,  and  as  loving  and  accepting  as   a  toddler  might  be  when  unimpeded  by  adult  constraints  about   the  world  around  them.     Two  of  the  main  blocks  you  may  encounter  are  avoidance  and   denial.     If  you  try  and  hide  from  life,  if  you  believe  there  must  be  a  demon   or  boogey  man  living  in  your  cupboard,  then  developing  higher   awareness  is  not  going  to  be  easy  for  you,  no  matter  what  your   natural  gift.  If  ghost  hunting  and  feeling  the  creepies  or  heebie   http://www.isisjade.com  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  • jeebies  is  what  you  are  looking  for,  you  are  squandering  your   higher  senses  and  they  will  be  blocked.       Believe  me,  no  one  has  anything  in  his  closet  he  cannot  face  for   he  himself  put  it  there.  In  20  years,  I  have  as  of  yet  to  meet   anything  other  than  the  occasional  lost,  misguided  entities  that   only  needed  be  guided  to  light.       Faith  and  trust  are  all  that  is  required.  Many  of  the  most  sensitive   and  highest  evolved  individuals  walking  the  planet  in  physical   form  today  have  not  had  an  easy  start,  either  physically  or   emotionally.       And  if  you  have  any  negative  connotations  about  developing   higher  sensory  acuity,  or  tapping  into  your  true  nature  –  any   negative  connotations  about  spirituality,  the  higher  self,  divinity,   or  immortality,  then  you  will  find  yourself  blocked  until  you  open   yourself  up  to  accept  all  paths  are  one  path,  and  all  lives  and  all   expressions  of  life  are  one.       You  may  argue  that  some  people  do  have  drastic  things  to  avoid   and  bury  deep  in  the  psyche,  never  having  the  courage  to  face.   The  truth  is  this.  There  is  nothing  that  is  truly  evil.  For  I  have   looked  directly  into  the  eyes  of  that  which  proclaimed  itself  to  be   evil,  and  I  only  found  love,  acceptance  and  life.       The  answer  is,  facing  your  own  shadow  self  with  trust  in  your  true   infinite  nature,  will  give  you  the  most  powerful  and  profound   results  in  releasing  your  blocks  every  time.     It  is  time  to  take  full  responsibility  and  full  accountability  for  your   own  life,  your  own  choices,  and  every  aspect  of  your  physicality.   No  one  makes  you  do  anything.  No  one  forces  you.  No  one  can   http://www.isisjade.com  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  • make  you  react  or  feel  a  certain  way  but  you.  Blame  no  one.  Be  no   one’s  victim.  Claim  your  true  self.  Claim  your  infinite  power.    For   you  can  reverse  any  emotional  issue,  you  can  reach  for  a  better   vibrational  response,  you  can  reach  for  a  better  feeling  thought,   and  heal  yourself  of  any  thing.   http://www.isisjade.com  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  • Are  You  Ready  to  Evolve  Beyond  the   Finite?     If  I  listened  to  my  fears,  and  kept  myself  hidden  as  a  hermit  in  the   depths  of  where  I  wanted  to,  you  would  not  have  the  opportunity   to  read  this  message  today.       Like  other  deeply  sensitive  persons  that  I  now  work  with,  I  am   naturally  a  shy,  retiring  type.  I  live  in  social  anxiety,  trepidation  of   most  people,  and  I  don’t  enjoy  being  around  chaos.       Speaking  up  or  facing  a  world  unready  for  my  message  was  not   something  I  ever  wanted  to  do.  Just  like  you,  I  feel  everyone’s   feelings  in  a  very  real,  very  physical  manner.    Negative  feelings  in   the  room  actually  physically  hurts  entire  digestive  system  and  my   brain.         I  woke  up  one  day  with  the  feelings  you  have  right  now.  I  wanted   to  do  something  with  my  life  that  had  meaning,  purpose,  and  I   wanted  to  know  myself  better.  I  wanted  to  feel  more  confident  in   this  world  and  less  sensitive.  I  wanted  to  understand  the  psychic   experiences  I  was  having,  but  I  wanted  to  have  information  I  could   trust,  relate  to,  and  feel  safe  with.     I  also  knew  that  given  my  very  unique  gifts  and  abilities,  I  had  a   very  special  mission  –  to  help  expand  humanity’s  consciousness   and  evolve  other  sensitives  like  me.       I  didn’t  find  that  path  easily.  I  be  honest  with  you,  it  took  years  of   bumbling  around  and  flat  out  ignoring  my  gifts.  I  went  out  and   tried  everything  else  I  possibly  could  –  and  I  was  good  at  being  a   http://www.isisjade.com  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  • chameleon  in  all  those  other  jobs  and  industries  for  a  time.  But  I’d   always  come  crashing  down,  in  an  emotional  breakdown  or   whirlwind  of  bizarre  events  would  transpire  to  put  me  right  back   on  my  true  path.       I  discovered  my  higher  nature  at  a  very  young  age,  long  before  the   invention  of  the  Internet.  I  had  to  do  everything  I  could  to  avoid   the  jealousy,  the  fear  and  the  prejudice  of  friends  and  family  that   experiencing  higher  sensory  phenomena  was  a  wacky,  insane,  or   crazy  thing  to  do.     I  did  though  eventually  ‘get  over  myself’  in  order  to  provide  other   higher  functioning  sensitive  individuals  with  answers.    My  goals   are  to  help  evolve  humanity  for  a  higher  purpose  and  give  the   gifts  of  higher  sensory  development  for  the  sensitive  person.     I  wish  to  give  you  higher  awareness  and  give  you  a  deeper  level  of   understanding  about  where  you  can  truly  go  with  your  gifts.       I  have  been  blessed  by  my  gifts  to  achieve  the  heights  of   corporate  success  and  business  success,  and  now,  I  want  to  give   to  you.       If  you  are  ready  to  take  up  the  challenge,  to  ‘get  over  yourself’   and  to  step  into  your  true  infinite  nature,  then  I  urge  you  to  take  a   look  at  my  programs  here  on  IsisJade.com,  and  also  take  a  look  at     the  Center  for  Expanding  Consciousness,  educational   opportunities  for  Mastering  Life.       http://www.isisjade.com  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  • I  Enjoy  Home  Study,  But  I  Think  for  This,  I   Prefer  Classes     I  can  hear  your  concerns.  You  are  definitely  a  sensitive,  and  no   doubt  a  clairsentient  type.  You  like  to  gain  the  feel  of  something.   To  sit  there  quietly  at  the  back  of  the  room,  to  discover  if  this  is   indeed  something  you  can  trust.  If  I  am  indeed  someone  you  can   trust.     This  is  important  for  me  as  well.    I  want  you  to  feel  you  can  trust   your  own  process  of  ascension  and  evolution.       Which  is  why  I  offer  private,  one-­‐on-­‐one  sessions  in  the  San  Jose,   CA  Bay  Area.  If  you  are  in  the  area,  you  are  welcome  to  stop  by   there  and  meet  me.  Or  you  can  email  me  a  question  at   isisjade@gmail.com  or  pick  up  the  phone  and  call  me  at  any  time   at  408-­‐550-­‐6457.    I  return  calls  and  emails  within  one  business   day.       I  understand  you  want  to  get  the  feel  of  me,  to  understand  what   all  this  means.  I  know  this  because  at  school  you  were  the  one   who  sat  there  not  sure  if  it  was  OK  to  ask  questions.  You  were  the   odd  one  out.  You  weren’t  the  cool  kid  or  the  socially  acceptable   kind.  I  get  that.  I  wasn’t  either.       You  assume  you’re  not  good  enough  and  find  it  very  difficult  to   use  the  word  NO  especially  if  the  person  asking  is  head-­‐strong.       I  understand  completely.       When  though  you’ve  decided  on  something,  I  mean  really   http://www.isisjade.com  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  • decided,  you  commit  to  that  wholeheartedly.  That  bossy  type  can   shout  all  they  like  at  that  point,  your  mind  is  made  up  and  you’re   sticking  to  your  convictions     Am  I  right?     Well,  good  news  is,  I  do  teach  classes  and  workshop  programs.  I   also  take  on  private  students  for  hands  on  evolutionary  coaching   and  growth.  Because  I  know  how  hard  it  is  to  be  part  of  a  group  of   people  exploring  such  a  delicate  subject  as  the  one  on  exploring   the  outskirts  of  your  current  consciousness.  You  need  a  trusted   guided.       You  should  be  aware  that  all  of  this  is  available  for  you  to  pursue   if  you  want  to.       But  to  begin  with  I  do  urge  that  you  complete  at  least  one  of  the   Center’s  programs  online  -­‐  in  the  safety,  and  comfort  of  your  own   home.       My  in-­‐person  classes  are  generally  for  folks  at  a  certain  level,  but   if  you’ve  already  advanced  I  urge  you  to  contact  me  for  one-­‐on-­‐ one  private  mentoring  in  regards  to  your  abilities.       The  reason  I  start  having  you  work  with  our  home-­‐online  study   format  is  so  you  have  established  what  you  need  to  do  while  in  a   safe  and  secured  space.  You  can  get  used  to  how  I  work,  and  so   eventually  when  you  are  ready  to  come  to  one  of  my  live  events,   you  have  enough  preparation  to  be  able  to  really  get  the  absolute   most  out  of  one  of  my  classes.  You  will  also  have  a  community  of   support  both  online  and  offline.   http://www.isisjade.com  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  •   My  live  programs  are  intense  and  fast  paced.  If  you  are  ready  for   it,  you  will  gain  results.  I  try  to  keep  my  live  events  small,  so  it  will   feel  as  though  you  are  receiving  one  to  one  time.  I  promise  you.     This  is  a  proven  system  that  has  been  developed  over  my  twenty   years  of  teaching  people  how  to  tap  into  their  higher  senses.       If  you  do  commit  to  trying  one  of  my  programs  online,  which  are   presented  in  an  easy  to  follow  format  and  designed  for  a  busy  life,   you  will  tap  into  your  higher  self,  your  true  infinite  nature,  and  I   guarantee  you  will  develop  a  higher  level  of  psychic  ability  and   understanding  that  you  currently  haven’t  ever  accessed.     I  recommend  you  begin  with  this  …         Awakening  the  Infinite  Within     Audio  Program     http://www.isisjade.com  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  •   • Easy  to  follow  with  a  step  by  step  Guided   Visualization  program     • Designed  for  a  busy  life  and  fits  into  your  daily   routine   • A  Powerful  Relaxation  Meditation  that  will   transform  your  life.     I  developed  a  program  called  Awakening  the  Infinite  Within  –  to   support  you,  my  feminine  friend,  along  the  process  of  tapping  into   your  infinite  potential.       This  program  is  a  55  minute  guided  visualization  program   recorded  in  high-­‐definition  stereo  that  will  transform  your  life.     The  hidden  binaural  sounds  programmed  within  this  track  is   tuned  to  activate  specific  brain  waves  to  support  higher   consciousness  connection,  an  essential  part  of  your  higher   evolutionary  development.     The  evolution  of  this  new  age  will  leave  you  behind  if   you  don’t  begin  right  now.       Awakening  the  Infinite  Within  you  today.       Tap  into  your  higher  consciousness  –  expand  your   awareness  and  gain  the  skills  previously  reserved   for  the  lucky  few.       http://www.isisjade.com  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  • For  those  ready  to  step  into  Mastery,       The  Center  For  Expanding  Consciousness   Mastery  Program  is  perfect  for  you.       The  Center  for  Expanding  Consciousness  is  under  development   right  now,  but  if  you  are  ready  to  step  into  the  next  level,  you  can   subscribe  today  and  begin  receiving  free  Mastery  Lessons  Right   now.       • Easy  to  follow  mastery  lessons  with  step  by  step   guides   • Designed  for  a  busy  life  to  fit  into  daily  routine   • Short  meditations  to  help  you  experience  all  aspects   of  mastery     CEC’s  Mastery  Membership   Program     http://www.cecstudies.com     Subscribing  Today  means  you  receive  these  extras  when  the   program  launches:     Bonus  1:  We  have  a  certain  number  of  scholarships  we  can   allocate  so  we  can  offer  you  a  short  term  discounted  rate.  Once   the  allocated  number  of  scholarships  have  gone,  the  price  adjusts   http://www.isisjade.com  Copyright  ©  2012.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
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