Webinar: 10 Things to Include in Every Social Media Policy


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In a free webinar hosted by i-Sight, Sharlyn Lauby, SPHR, CPLP and President at ITM Group shared 10 practical tips to consider in developing your social media policy.

You can view the webinar recording by visiting: http://i-sight.com/webinar-10-things-to-include-in-every-social-media-policy/

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Webinar: 10 Things to Include in Every Social Media Policy

  1. 1. 10 Things to Include in Every Social MediaPolicy Sharlyn J. Lauby, SPHR ITM Group, Inc. Ft. Lauderdale, FL 954.659.2237 slauby@itmgroupinc.com
  2. 2. Today’s Session1. Understand the growing trend of social media in the workplace2. Learn the key elements to developing a social media policy3. Share workplace examples of companies using social media
  3. 3. Social Media What is social media? Social Media = Conversations between people over the internet.
  4. 4. Definitions view of social media? Your Social media recruiting vs. social media screening Social Media Screening Social Media Recruiting•Viewing social media profiles •Initiate search, source candidateincluding LinkedIn and Facebook •Takes company brand, image into•Reading candidate blogs consideration•Googling a candidate •Promoting jobs via social media including LinkedIn or Facebook pages
  5. 5. It’s Not a FadFrom CFO Magazine: “The Cost of SocialMedia Phobia”•72% Positive impact on productivity – Answers to questions – Information to be successful•86% Positive impact on brand reputation•78% Positive impact on customer service
  6. 6. Case Study• Company founded in 2002• For 6 years, flat growth• In 2007, started using YouTube for marketing• Sales increased 40% in first year• In 2008, sales increased 80%• In 2009, profit increased 432%• In 2010, profit increased 300%
  7. 7. Video
  8. 8. 10 Things to Include in Every SocialMedia Policy • Tell People the Purpose • Understand Community • Agree Upon Ownership • Respect Information • Value and Productivity • Be Authentic • Social isn’t Mobile • Know Your Audience • When Things Go Wrong • Exercise Good Judgment
  9. 9. #1 – Tell People the Purpose“A blog is informal – a great way to get away from the corporate thing and let people inside our heads.” - Steve Ellis, EVP – Wells Fargo
  10. 10. Example: Wells Fargo• First U.S. bank with a blog• First bank with a student loan blog• First bank with a business banking blog• First bank with a Second Life presence• First bank with a VP Social Media
  11. 11. #2 – Agree Upon Ownership• Phonedog / Noah Kravitz• Company accounts versus personal accounts• Naming conventions• Existing accounts versus new accounts
  12. 12. #3 – Be Authentic• People buy from those they know and trust• Use your name, company name and title• Take responsibility• Be willing to hear an alternative view• And if you’re wrong…
  13. 13. Be Human
  14. 14. Comcast
  15. 15. Users say they’re more likely to buy ifa business answers their questionson Twitter. - NYTimes.com
  16. 16. #4 – Know Your Audience• The audience is the world - Current and potential clients - Current, past and future employees• Privacy settings• Respect differences and diversity
  17. 17. Nearly twice as many men (63%) aswomen (37%) use LinkedIn. - Pew Internet
  18. 18. Respond and Communicate You must do this!
  19. 19. My Starbucks Idea
  20. 20. #5 – Exercise Good Judgment• The internet is full of different opinions• Use common sense• Think before you send• No place for demeaning comments, slurs, negativity• Questionable statements
  21. 21. Walt Disney World
  22. 22. #6 – Understand “Community”• Supporting others• Sharing and connecting• Example: OPEN Forum by American Express - Video - Blogs - Success Stories - Advice
  23. 23. American Express OPEN Forum
  24. 24. AOL’s newsroom is now bigger than TheNew York Times’. - Business Insider
  25. 25. #7 – Respect Information• Transparency doesn’t mean share everything• Every state has laws governing trade secrets• Employees need to understand what is confidential and proprietary• Always give people proper credit• Make sure you have authorization
  26. 26. YouTube on LinkedIn
  27. 27. Social Media accounts for oneout of every six minutes spentonline in the U.S. - Journalism.co.uk
  28. 28. #8 – Value and Productivity• Balance social media and work• Hold people accountable for results• Understand the impact of mobile technology
  29. 29. Google+ and Pinterest
  30. 30. Mobile web traffic will surpassPC traffic by 2013. - Google
  31. 31. #9 – Realize Social isn’t Mobile• Equipment Ownership• Maintenance• WiFi Access
  32. 32. #10 – When Things Go Wrong• Monitoring• Job aids and/or decision trees• Who, when, where and how to respond
  33. 33. Which one would you prefer? Susan G. Komen Foundation Planned Parenthood • 20 posts per minute to your • 1.3 million posts in corporate page three days with 460,000 • 7,000 – 10,000 comments on occurring in one day your Facebook posts plus • $3 million in revenue 400 shares each based on social media • 130,000 views of your CEO’s activity message on YouTube with 5,500 comments and 8,000 reactions Source: Denise Graveline, Don’t Get Caught Communications 2012
  34. 34. 10 Things to Include in Every SocialMedia Policy • Tell People the Purpose • Understand Community • Agree Upon Ownership • Respect Information • Value and Productivity • Be Authentic • Social isn’t Mobile • Know Your Audience • When Things Go Wrong • Exercise Good Judgment
  35. 35. Thank You!Connect:Blog: www.hrbartender.comFacebook: http://www.facebook.com/hrbartenderLinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/sharlynlaubyTwitter: @sharlyn_lauby and @hrbartenderYouTube: http://www.youtube.com/HRBartender
  36. 36. Resources• CFO Magazine - http://www.cfo.com/article.cfm/14508434/c_14508990?f=home_todayinfinance• National Labor Relations Board - First report (August 18, 2011) - https://www.nlrb.gov/news/acting-general-counsel-releases-report-social-media - Second report (January 25, 2012) - https://www.nlrb.gov/news/acting-general-counsel-issues-second-social-media
  37. 37. Additional Resources• Web Strategy - Diagram: How the Air Force Responds to Blogs - http://www.web-strategist.com/blog/2008/12/31/diagram-how-the-air-force-resp• Social Media Revolution 3 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPYrbSUqr2k• Mashable - http://mashable.com/author/sharlyn-lauby/• LinkedIn - Social Media in Organizations group
  38. 38. Questions? If you have any questions, please submit them now. Thank you for taking the time to attend today’s webinar.If you have any questions about the information covered in the webinar, please contact: Joe Gerard Sharlyn Lauby jgerard@i-sight.com slauby@itmgroupinc.com