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The Planner Survey 2010 The Planner Survey 2010 Document Transcript

  • Author’s  noteThe  Planning  Survey  was  born  because  I  had  a  performance  eval-­uation  coming  up  and  I  wanted  to  know  if  I  was  being  paid  fairly.  Up  to  that  point,  I  was  guilty  of  what  most  women  apparently  do:  not   negotiating.   But   I   couldn’t   say   with   any   certainty   what   was  fair.So  I  set  up  a  little  Zoomerang  survey  and  offered  to  share  the  re-­sults  with  everyone  who  participated.  lot  of  the  participants.  “Don’t  you  think  I’m  at  least  average?”  is  a  great  way  to  approach  those  conversations.I  went  on  to  The  Martin  Agency  in  Richmond  (192  participants  the  second  year  and  466  the  third)  and  Crispin  Porter  +  Bogusky  in  Miami  and  Boulder  (798  participants  that  year).  Then  I  was  offered  the  opportunity  to  work  internationally  and  moved  to  Amsterdam  working   for   DDB   and   Tribal   DDB   (1217   participants   last   year).  Now,  Ive  just  started  as  the  planning  director  for  StrawberryFrog  Amsterdam  and  it  feels  like  the  1578  people  who  took  the  survey  this  year  are  coming  along  with  me  for  the  ride.The   survey   has   been   an   immensely   positive   experience   for   me,  especially   getting   to   know   so   many   planners   out   there   in   the  world.  I  love  how  we  all  get  smarter  together  as  we  go.  And  now  the  Planning  Survey  is  manned  by  a  team.  This  year  I  was  joined  by  Megan  Averell  of  Hill  Holiday  Boston,  Julia  Lee  of  Señora   Rushmore   Madrid   and   Bori   Toth   of   TBWA   Berlin.  I  think  you’ll  soon  see  the  difference  that  6  extra  hands  can  make.Your   comments   and   feedback   directly   impact   the   questions   we  ask,   so   feel   free   to   contact   us   via   blogs,   twitter,   email.  And   I’ve  connected   to   most   of   you   on   LinkedIn.   This   is   a   great   way   to  reach  out  to  other  planners.  Just  send  them  a  message  –  I’m  happy  to  forward  it  along.As  always,  thank  you  for  playing.Heather
  • The  411 0 500 1000 1500 2000 Where  do  we  work? Full-­service  Agency  58%    -­            7%  since  last  year,  still  dropping Digital  Agency  13%    -­            4%  since  last  year Brand  Consultancy  5% Other  5% Freelance/Self  Employed  5% Creative  Boutique  4%    -­  First  time  adding  this  choice Unemployed  2% Multi-­cultural  Agency  2% Media  Agency  2% Direct  Agency  1% Client  Side  1% Numbers  don’t  always  add  up  to  100   percent  due  to  rounding.Unemployed %  of  people  With  2.1%  (34  out  of  1578)  people  out  of  work  this  year,  compared   months out  of  workto  2.5%  last  year,  the  economy  appears  to  be  doing  better.  More  than  half  of  these  are  at  the  Junior  Planner  or  Planner  level.  Most  perfect  gig  post-­baby  or  coming  off  a  sabbatical.  Planning  feels  in-­ 1-­2 35%demand  even  by  these  folks,  so  we’ll  not  see  them  in  line  for  soup  any  time  soon. 3-­4   12% 5-­6 20% 7-­8   6% 9-­10 9% 11-­12 0% 12+ 18%
  • Participants  by  title:CEO                                      3%Global  Planning  Director                                  1%Head  of  Planning                                      18%Group  Planning  Director                                  14%Senior  Planner                                    24%Planner                                        28%Global  Planning  Director                                  12%Participants  by  company  size: Small Large Tiny 9% 38% Medium 19% 34%
  • What  would  you  say  is  your  company’s  reputation  in  the   Excellent Good Fair Poor ? Unknownindustry? 27%     41%     22%     4%     6% Leading  discipline    20% Higher  than  some,  lower  than  others    33%How  is  planning  perceived              at  your  company? Equal    34% Still  struggling  for  acceptance    13%What  is  the  size  of  your  ......... d   e  p  a  r  t   m  e  n  t  ? 0  departments  over  20   people  in  Brazil,   1   3-­5 11-­15   21-­30 20+  size  departments   11% 30% 9% 6% mostly  found  in  the   USA  and  London. 2   6-­10 16-­20   30+ 12% 22% 5% 5%
  • Salary  Results    -­  USA  
  • Asst.  Planner  results  -­  USA (+legend) type  of  agency  and  no.   Total within  who  took  survey 76 max.  salary  in  group $71K salary $58,250 upper  quarter years  planning 1.5 3.7 years  working $43,197 average 1.4 3.5 $31,889 lower  quarter 1.4 4.1 min.  salary  in  group $28K Small  &  Tiny Medium Large 26 21 23 $63,500 $54,250 $57,083 1.3 3.8 2 3.6 1 3 $43,769 $43,121 $44,148 1.4 3.4 1.8 3.6 1.2 3.2 $31,733 $32,200 $34,417 1.2 3.4 2.1 4.6 1.2 3.3 averages  of  previous  years $39,580 $39,067 $38,219 $43,036 $42,334 1.3 3.5 1.2 3.4 1.5 2.7 1.6 3.3 1.6 3.7 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009
  • Planner  results  -­  USA (+legend) type  of  agency  and  no.   Total within  who  took  survey 170 max.  salary  in  group $100K salary $77,830 upper  quarter years  planning 4.7 8.1 years  working $57,671 average 2.7 4.5 $41,077 lower  quarter 1.4 2.2 min.  salary  in  group $25K Small Medium Large 69 49 42 $77,206 $82,750 $73,882 4.4 7.3 5.1 8.7 4.4 7.6 $56,829 $59,066 $58,237 2.6 4.3 2.9 4.8 2.5 4.2 $41,047 $42,600 $41,454 1.2 2.3 1.4 2.3 1.5 1.9 averages  of  previous  years $60,198 $60,311 $58,476 $61,684 $58,573 2.9 5.5 2.6 4.9 2.6 5.3 3.1 5.4 2.9 4.85 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009
  • Senior  Planner  results  -­  USA (+legend) type  of  agency  and  no.   Total within  who  took  survey 165 max.  salary  in  group $220K salary $135,583 upper  quarter years  planning 6.3 12 years  working $100,200 average 5.6 9.8 $71,865 lower  quarter 4.7 8.1 min.  salary  in  group $50K Small  &  Tiny Medium Large 53 43 56 $134,692 $125,590 $147,857 5.3 11.7 7.1 9 7.1 12.2 $106,127 $95,225 $109,598 5.2 10 5.7 8.6 5.6 9.7 $73,307 $69.900 $77,428 4.2 7.5 4.2 6.2 5.1 8.4 averages  of  previous  years $83,926 $94,347 $104,084 $96,590 $101,154 5.3 9.5 5.9 9.9 6.0 9.7 5.9 9.8 5.9 9.8 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009
  • Group  Planning  Director  results  -­  USA (+legend) type  of  agency  and  no.   Total within  who  took  survey 130 max.  salary  in  group $351K salary $241,227 years  planning upper  quarter 12.5 17.4 years  working $166,469 average 9.9 15.1 $104,788 lower  quarter 7.5 13.2 min.  salary  in  group $54K Small  &  Tiny Medium Large 26 32 61 $212,000 $237,660 $243,000 10.3 14.7 9.4 16.9 13.1 18 $151,558 $165,556 $175,668 8.5 13.6 9.1 15.4 10.6 15.2 $98,000 $110,375 $114,917 4.1 6.9 6.1 7 7.6 12.4 averages  of  previous  years $122,325 $157,310 $163,382 $168,879 $166,546 8.6 12.0 9.9 13.7 9.7 14.2 9.2 14.7 9.8 14.5 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009
  • Head  of  Planning  results  -­  USA   (+legend) type  of  agency  and  no.   Total within  who  took  survey 97 max.  salary  in  group $425K salary $307,395 years  planning upper  quarter 13.3 20 years  working $193,198 average 10.9 17 $104,688 lower  quarter 9.1 16.4 min.  salary  in  group $78K Small  &  Tiny Medium Large 43 18 19 $209,114 $307,100 $375,400 11 16.1 15.8 19.8 10.8 16.4 $157,855 $217,694 $261,211 9.1 15.3 12.3 17.8 10.8 16.7 $103,682 $134,400 $160,000 7.2 15.8 9 13.8 8.6 14 averages  of  previous  years $159,091 $172,188 $167,421 $181,159 $197,643 9.6 14.0 11.1 15.3 9.3 15.8 10.3 15.9 11.0 17.2 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009
  • Graduate  school  -­  USA (+legend)I  continue  to  be  suprised  that  graduate  degrees  do  not  appear  to  result  in  higher  salaries.  In  my  opinion,  graduate  programs  such  as  Academy  of  Art  University  and  VCU  Brandcenter  offer  huge  opportunities  for  personal  growth.  I  do  believe  the  Miami  Ad  School  Bootcamp  is  a  great  way  for  natural  planner-­types  to  make  a  career  change  and  get  into  planning. salary years  planning years  working
  • LocationSalaries  are  not  clearly  linked  to  cost  of  living  but  there  are  certainly  more  planning  gigs  in  the  obvious  places. MINNEAPOLIS Asst.  Planners  (4)  :    $44,025 Planners  (6)  :    $56,000 Sr.  Planners  (2)  :    $80,000 Group  Planning  Directors  (5)  :    $173,000 Heads  of  Planning  (3)  :    $184,000 SAN  FRANCISCO BOSTON Asst.  Planners  (10)  :    $50,600 Asst.  Planners  (6)  :    $40,500 Planners  (22)  :    $66,295 Planners  (5)  :    $64,300 Sr.  Planners  (12)  :    $123,730 Sr.  Planners  (6)  :    $96,883 Group  Planning  Directors  (9)  :    $169,333 Group  Planning  Directors  (3)  :    $164,667 Heads  of  Planning  (10)  :    $237,050 Heads  of  Planning  (3)  :    $142,667 LOS  ANGELES NEW  YORK Asst.  Planners  (6)  :    $36,317 Asst.  Planners  (19)  :    $45,395 Planners  (17)  :    $60,618 Planners  (48)  :    $58,942 Sr.  Planners  (13)  :    $94,107 Sr.  Planners  (54)  :    $103,727 Group  Planning  Directors  (7)  :    $128,500 Group  Planning  Directors  (66)  :    $185,705 Heads  of  Planning  (8)  :    $173,125 Heads  of  Planning  (38)  :    $213,333 TEXAS CHICAGO Asst.  Planners  (2)  :    $45,125 Asst.  Planners  (7)  :    $49,129 Planners  (22)  :    $51,893 Planners  (14)  :    $62,500 Sr.  Planners  (10)  :    $96,850 Sr.  Planners  (21)  :    $94,761 Group  Planning  Directors  (10)  :    $149,500 Group  Planning  Directors  (7)  :    $165,632 Heads  of  Planning  (5)  :    $134,400 Heads  of  Planning  (8)  :    $174,500
  • Gender  -­  USAWow.  Salaries  keep  pace  up  until  the  Head  of  Planning  level.  There  are  twice  as  many  women  with  this  role  and  yet  they  are  making  73  cents  for  every  dollar  a  male  Head  of  Planning  makes. no.  within  who   26 50 took  survey salary $44,869 $42,327Assistant  Planners   years  planning 1.4 3.3 1.5 3.5 years  working 68 103 $58,909 $58,849Planners 2.6 4.8 3.1 5 86 81 $99,920 $100,625Senior  Planners 5.4 10.1 5.9 9.6 69 61 $164,243 $168,988Group  Planning  Directors 8.8 14.1 11.2 16.2 26 50 $216,957 $157,865Heads  of  Planning 11.1 17.1 10.6 16.8
  • Beyond  the  USWe  had  896  completed  surveys  from  the  rest  of  the  world.  The  blue  area  is  a  rough  representation  of  the  Planning  Survey’s  reach. Argentina:   6 India:     31 Russia:     3 Australia:   44 Indonesia:   10 Singapore:   12 Austria:     1 Ireland:     2 South  Africa:   8 Belgium:   7 Israel:     3 Spain:     39   Brazil:     249 Italy:     7 Sweden:   7 Canada:   49 Japan:     4 Switzerland:   8 China:     11 Malaysia:   5 Turkey:     5 Columbia:   14 Mexico:     29   UAE:     2 Croatia:     2 Netherlands:   24 UK-­  London:   129 Denmark:   1 New  Zealand:   5 UK-­  Other:   27 Ecuador:   1 Norway:   4 Venezuela:   3 Finland:     4 Peru:     2 Latin  America::   4 France:     29 Philippines:   1 Asia:     4 Germany:   51 Portugal:   9 Middle  East:   3 Greece:     2 Romania:   14 Others:     21
  • Salary  Results  -­  LondonExchange  rate  at  time  of  survey:  1  U.S.  Dollar  =  .67  British  Pound
  • Asst.  Planner  results  -­  London    (+legend) type  of  agency  and  no.   Total within  who  took  survey 7 max.  salary  in  group £30K salary £30,000 years  planning upper  quarter 1.5 2.25 years  working £24,714 average 1.4 1.8 £20,000 lower  quarter 1 1 min.  salary  in  group £20K Medium Large 2 4 £32,000 £25,000 1 4 2 2 £27,000 £22,750 1 2.5 1.4 1.9 £22,000 £18,000 1 1.5 1 1 average  of  previous  year £24,072 1.6 2.8 2009
  • Planner  results  -­  London  (+legend) type  of  agency  and  no.   Total within  who  took  survey 26 max.  salary  in  group £55K salary £50,666 years  planning upper  quarter 3.5 8.3 years  working £37,250 average 2.8 5.6 £27,000 lower  quarter 2.3 3 min.  salary  in  group £24K Small  &  Tiny Medium Large 12 4 9 £50,333 £53,000 £41,000 3.3 6.6 2 10 1.5 6 £35,076= £46,500 £36,277 2.8 4.8 3.5 10.2 2.5 4.6 £25,666 £33,000 £28,500 1.6 3.3 3 10 2.5 3.5 average  of  previous  year £36,584 3.2 4.9 2009
  • Senior  Planner  results  -­  London  (+legend) type  of  agency  and  no.   Total within  who  took  survey 34 max.  salary  in  group £100K salary £86,125 years  planning upper  quarter 6.3 10.4 years  working £63,711 average 5.2 8.8 £43,925 lower  quarter 4.6 6.9 min.  salary  in  group £40K Small  &  Tiny Medium Large 13 6 14 £77,500 £74,000 £91,500 6.1 10.5 7 8 9.3 5 £61,700 £63,285 £64,385 5.6 8.9 5.4 9 4.7 8.7 £43,000 £50,000 £44,850 4 6.7 6 6.5 6 8 average  of  previous  year £56,081 5.3 9.5 2009
  • Group  Planning  Director  results  -­  London  (+legend) type  of  agency  and  no.   Total within  who  took  survey 19 max.  salary  in  group £125K salary £116,250 years  planning upper  quarter 11 17.3 years  working £87,842 average 9 13.7 £58,500 lower  quarter 4.8 9.3 min.  salary  in  group £50K Small  &  Tiny Large 5 14 £100,000 £113,750 10.3 14.7 12.3 17.3 £91,250 £89,571 8.5 13.6 9.9 14.6 £62,500 £64,750 4.1 6.9 5.5 10 average  of  previous  year £87,857 9.9 17.7 2009
  • Head  of  Planning  results  -­  London  (+legend) type  of  agency  and  no.   Total within  who  took  survey 35 max.  salary  in  group £175K salary £145,875 years  planning upper  quarter 11.3 17 years  working £104,142 average 9.1 14.5 £53,875 lower  quarter 5.4 6.6 min.  salary  in  group £41K Small  &  Tiny Medium Large 16 4 13 £126,250 £150,000 £158,333 7.3 11 10 15 14 15.3 £84,250 £118,750 £120,153 7.2 11.3 11.8 14.8 10.4 17.2 £47,750 £100,000 £81,666 6 6.25 13 15 9 15.6 average  of  previous  year £87,857 9.9 17.7 2009
  • Gender  -­  LondonThe  London  gender  comparison  seems  very  fair  to  me.  There  arent  quite  as  many  people  to  count  on  the  results,  so  the  Senior  Planner  area  is  one  to  watch. no.  within  who   4 3 took  survey salary £24,250 £25,333Assistant  Planners   years  planning 0.9 1.5 2 2.2 years  working 13 12 £36,500 £38,125Planners 2.6 5.6 3 5.6 20 15 £67,233 £57,200Senior  Planners 5.3 9.3 5.1 8.3 13 5 £87,785 £88,000Group  Planning  Directors 8.1 12.7 11.6 16.2 28 5 £105,172 £99,166Heads  of  Planning 9.3 15.2 8.3 10.8
  • Salary  Results  -­  BrazilExchange  rate  at  time  of  survey:   1  Euro  =  $R  2.219 1  U.S.  Dollar  =  $R  1.771 1  British  Pound  =  $R  2.679  
  • Assistant  Planner  results  -­  Brazil    (+legend) type  of  agency  and  no.   Total within  who  took  survey 54 max.  salary  in  group R$52K salary R$43,458 years  planning 2.3 5.0 years  working R$24,492 1.9 3.9 R$12,003 1.8 3.5 min.  salary  in  group R$7.5K Small Medium Large 29 5 20 R$44,057 R$39,930 2.1 4.7 3.0 5.0 R$24,629 R$26,420 R$23,811 1.8 3.7 1.6 5.0 2.1 3.8 R$12,214 R$12,108 1.5 3.4 1.9 2.8 average  of  previous  year R$23,763 1.8 4.2 2009
  • Planner  results  -­  Brazil type  of  agency  and  no.   Total within  who  took  survey 82 max.  salary  in  group R$170K salary R$90,927 years  planning 3.9 9.5 years  working R$49,016 2.9 6.4 R$18,848 2.0 4.1 min.  salary  in  group R$10K Small Medium Large 54 9 16 R$79,150 R$87,250 2.9 9.2 4.0 8.5 R$42,273 R$78,871 R$57,950 2.6 6.2 4 6.9 3.5 6.9 R$17,376 R$31,650 2.1 3.9 2.1 5.5 average  of  previous  year R$49,500 3 6.7 2009
  • Senior  Planner  results  -­  Brazil type  of  agency  and  no.   Total within  who  took  survey 56 max.  salary  in  group R$240K salary R$149,036 years  planning 6.2 11.5 years  working R$88,209 5.2 9.6 R$41,352 4.7 8.3 min.  salary  in  group R$23K Small Medium Large 31 7 16 R$134,500 R$168,000 5.9 12.6 5.3 8.5 R$75,298 R$85,329 R$115,823 5.0 10.1 5 8.6 5.4 8.4 R$37,000 R$62,918 5.0 7.9 4.3 5.5 average  of  previous  year R$101,512 5.1 10.6 2009
  • Group  Planning  Director,  Head  of  Planning  and  CEO  results  -­  Braziltype  of  agency  and  no.   Group  Planning Head  of  Planning CEOwithin  who  took  survey 34 28 3 max.  salary  in  group R$514K R$626K R$240K salary R$354,877 R$477,996 years  planning 6 13.8 12 20.6 years  working R$184,663 R$215,589 R$216,666 6.8 12 7.1 14.1 8 11.3 R$68,600 R$48,494 7 12.2 3.8 9.8 min.  salary  in  group R$60K R$30K R$65K R$156,880 R$283,427 R$220,000 average  of  previous  year 6.9 11.1 7.5 15.3 7.0 13.6 2009 2009 2009
  • Gender  -­  BrazilBeyond  the  Assistant  level  there  were  many  more  male  than  female  planner  participants.  However,  and  surprisingly,  women  are  better  paid  than  men  across  the  board.     no.  within  who   27 27 took  survey salary R$22,797 R$26,187Assistant  Planners   years  planning 1.9 3.6 1.9 4.1 years  working 55 27 R$47,322 R$52,467Planners 2.8 6.3 3.1 6.5 42 14 R$81,469 R$108,429Senior  Planners 4.8 8.8 6.2 11.9 13 9 R$146,423 R$239,898Group  Planning  Directors 7.2 10.8 6.2 13.7 19 9 R$200,520 R$247,400Heads  of  Planning 7.2 14.2 6.9 13.8
  • FreelancersOnly  for  US  planners  due  to  number  of  participants.
  • Planner  results  -­  USA } 1.  400/day $46,500 salary 2.  400/day  (8  hrs) Freelancers  shared 3 2 3.  125/day their  average  hourly years  planning or  day  rates. 3.2 8.2 4.  75/hour years  working 5.  no  answerSenior  Planner  results  -­  USA 1.  $650/day $85,142   2.  $650-­$800/day 2 7 3.  $1000/focus  group 4.  $200/hour 9.4 17 5.  $75/hour  or  $500-­$1500/day  depending  on  project 6.  $50/hour 7.  $150/hour 8.  $75-­$200/hour  (80%  of  projects  at  lower  range) 9.  $1100  per  dayGroup  Planning  Director  results  -­  USA 1.  $100/hr  or  $1000/day $161,200 2.  $700/day 3 7 3.  $1500/day 4.  $100/hour 13.1 16.7 5.  $1500/day 6.  $200/hour  or  $1500/day 7.  $200/hour 8.  $900-­$1200/day  but  up  to  $3000/day  for  moderating 9.  $1750/day 10.  $1250-­$1750/day  Planning  Director  results  -­  USA 1.  $1000/day $181,857 2.  $800-­$1250/day 8 6 3.  $75/hour  +  expenses 4.  $85-­$150/hour 14.5 20.1 5.  $1500/day 6.  $100/hour 7.  $2000/day;;  longer  projects  $1300-­$1500/day 8.  $2000/day 9.  $350/hour  $3000/day 10.  $2500/day 11.  $1800-­$2000/day 12.  $200/hour 13.  $2500/day 14.  no  answer
  • Best/Worst  things  about  working  for  yourself  Freedom:  Control  over  quality  and  quantity. Unpredictability:  Constant  worry  about  when   and  if  the  next  assignment  will  come  along,  Flexibility:  Freedom  of  schedule.  The  ability  to  man-­ mercurial  nature  of  projects.age  time  and  have  full  control  over  capacities  and  to  decide  what  to  work  on.  Being  able  to   Lack  of  sparring  partner:  No  team,  no  mentor,  manage  a  healthy  work-­life  balance. no  partner  to  bounce  ideas,  solitary,  lack  of   social  interaction,  no  steady  pay.  Less  politics,  no  drama:  Less  stress,  no  unnecessary  meetings,  more  time  to  actuallydo  the  work. Lack  of  time  management.Wide  range  of  projects  and  clients. Logistics:  You  have  to  be  planner,  account  Expanding  experience. executive,  messenger,  creative  director,   administrative.Gaining  exposure  to  different  ways  of  thinking. Having  to  pitch  all  the  time. Overall:   Freedom  was  the  ultimate  reason  behind  going  freelance.  Freedom  to  make  decisions,  freedom  of   10 15 20 25 30 35Think  about  your  work  capac-­ How  Much   0 5ity  over  the  past  year.  Which  %  best  describes  how  much  work   Work  I  Hadyouve  had  if  100%  is  how  much  work  you  wanted?  (Among  all   0% 2%freelancers) 25% 14% 50% 17% 75% 31% 100% 23% 125% 9% >125% 4%
  • Freelancers  –  Advice  before  going  freelance  (USA)These  quotes  are  really  insightful  for  anyone  considering  the  freelance  route. ITS  ALL  ABOUT  CONTACTS Make  sure  you  have  the  clients  to  support  your-­ self.  Nothing  is  as  important  as  real  personal   connections.  If  you  dont  have  those,  dont  jump.   It  isnt  enough  to  be  liked  by  your  clients  and  have   friends  at  other  agencies.  There  is  a  long  proc-­ ess  to  market  yourself  as  an  individual.  First  build   up  your  network  of  possible  clients  among  your   current  co-­workers.  By  being  a  pleasure  to  work   with,  over-­delivering,  being  a  great  partner/team   ORGANIZE  YOUR  FINANCIAL  SITUATION brings  a  complimentary  ethos.   Know  what  you  need  to  earn  to  cover  your   costs  and  understand  exactly  how  the  tax  sys-­ tem  works.  Make  sure  that  you  have  at  least  6   months  worth  of  income  saved  up  for  the  slow   periods.  Consider  the  "overhead"  in  your  hourly   rate;;  going  out  on  your  own  is  great,  but  it  will   cost  you  more  than  you  think.  Quote  a  high   rate  then  negotiate  -­  many  clients  are  willing   to  pay  more  for  your  skills.  Then  stretch  those   paychecks  because  you  never  know  when  the   next  one  comes.  Sometimes  it  is  months  be-­ MAKE  SURE  THERE’S  A  NEED  FOR  YOUR  SERVICES Start  to  develop  skills/products  that  you  can  take  with  you   and  sell.  Much  of  the  work  done  at  an  agency  requires  the   collaboration  of  many  people,  but  you  will  only  be  able  to  offer   yourself.  What  can  you  do,  as  an  individual?  How  will  you   market  those  abilities?  Try  to  get  clear  on  what  they  really   expect  and  what  you  can  really  offer.  Dont  be  shy  about  get-­ ting  the  money  that  you  feel  is  appropriate  for  your  task  -­  or   even  more.  Dont  assume  you  have  to  give  a  "cut  rate"  be-­ cause  youre  learning.  Also,  when  you  dont  know  how  to  do   something  emphasize  your  knowledge  of  process  and  getting   to  a  solution  rather  than  the  actual  knowledge  base.  Keep   copies  of  briefs,  strategy  docs,  creative  outputs,  and  results   on  every  project  you  work  on.  Be  prepared  to  push  yourself  to   learn  new  things  or  youll  become  obsolete  very  quickly.  Also,   having  really  broad  experience  across  numerous  categories   is  the  only  way  to  survive...with  special  expertise  in  the  "big   spending"  categories  like  fast  food,  automotive,  personal   care,  healthcare,  etc. IT  IS  NOT  FOR  THE  UNDISCIPLINED -­ not)  do.  I  would  only  advise  someone  to  go  out  on   the  kind  of  personality  where  they  can  embrace  differ-­ to  bring  your  own  thinking  to  every  project  but  also   have  to  me  mindful  of  "their"  way.
  • Freelancers  –  Advice  before  going  freelance  (Outside  USA) BE  AND  STAY  VISIBLE Build  your  network  before  you  make  a  move  and   once  youve  made  your  move,  make  sure  every-­ body  knows.  You  should  know  a  lot  people  to  book   you.  So  best  is  to  start  working  in  some  big  agency   with  few  planners.  Also  you  should  have  been  in   one  of  the  "hot  shops",  because  especially  these   guys  only  book  planners  who  have  been  "there",   too.  Spend  time  on  your  network  and  never  let  a   contact  go  cold.  Small  agencies  with  no  in-­house   planning  are  often  a  better  source  of  business  than   big  ones  with  lots  of  planners  on  staff. SELL  SOMETHING  MORE  THAN  PLANNING   Advertise  yourself.  Be  brilliant.  Leave  them   wanting  more.  Be  interesting.  Always  phone   -­  never  email.  Dont  be  too  afraid  to  over-­sell   -­ base  of  studies,  presentations,  information  and   bookmarks.  If  theres  something  you  believe   you  are  unique  in,  go  market  it,  and  stick  to  it.   YOU  HAVE  TO  BE  ABSOLUTELY  COMMIT-­ TED,  RESPONSIBLE  AND  ORGANIZED  TO   MAKE  IT  WORK Get  used  to  being  really  busy  or  really  quiet   but  not  much  in  between.  And  check  if  you  like   to  work  alone  and  all  by  yourself  and  if  you   have  enough  self-­discipline!  Dont  expect  to  be   treated  as  one  of  the  team,  often  the  agency   board  sees  you  as  a  cost  they  have  to  carry   -­ form  their  perm  staff,  it  makes  the  board  very   uncomfortable.  So  do  a  great  job  with  modesty.   START  AFTER  YOU  HAVE   SAVED  SOME Dont  do  it  unless  you  have commitments.
  • Finding  a  JobUSALess  than  half  of  the  respondents  had  experience  with  recruiters.  The  most  popular  were:Ada  Alpert:  “Extremely  responsive  and  well-­connected  with  major  agencies.”Tangerine:  “They  are  very  well  connected  and  have  a  line  into  most  good  agencies.”Pete  Gagliardi:  "The  man.  Period.  He  cares  about  your  life  and  your  entire  career  and  who  you  are,  not  just  about  placing  you  in  a  role."Barbara  Shorenstein:  Talent  Business:  “Talented  staff.  Many  were  planners  so  they  understand  the  role.”Lee  Weil:BRAZILOnly  a  few  people  knew  about  recruiters  that  are  familiar  with  planning.  The  majority  of  these  answers  mentioned  the  Talent  Business:  “Their  reputation  is  great.”Isabel  Arias:  “”  (only  mentioned  once).Michael  Page:  “Is  starting  here  in  Brazil  to  do  some  work  in  agencies  and  looking  for  planners  in  the  market.”  (only  mentioned  once)UKThe  number  of  people  who  know  recruiters  is  still  surprisingly  low.Talent  Business:  “They  seem  to  care  about  placing  you  at  the  right  place,  not  just  to  get  cash,  they  understand  the  long  game.”Copper:  “Personal  relationship,  cares  and  listens.”Major  Players:  “They  make  it  their  job  to  improve  your  interview  skills  and  offer  you  jobs  most  suited  to  your  skill  set.”The  Garden  Partnership:Denise  Williams:  ”She  takes  the  time  to  get  to  know  you  and  only  puts  you  forward  for  jobs  thatd  be  suitable.”LizH:  “Considered  guidance  vs  whoring  me  out  to  everyone  who  has  a  vacancy.”Some  popular  recruiters  in  the  rest  of  the  world:AUSTRALIA  -­  The  Ladder:  “Very  knowledgeable  and  give  really  solid  advise.”CANADA  -­  Grapevine:GERMANY  -­  Dwight  Cribb  Personalberatung  GmbH:  “Because  of  their  digital  competence.”INDIA  -­  Neela  Joglekar:  based  in  Mumbai.  "What  I  really  like  about  her  is  the  drive  and  persistence  with  which  she  approaches  openings  and  candidates.”SPAIN  -­  BPM:  “They  are  a  reference  in  Spain.”Overall I  found  my  current  job:Compared  to  networking  and  knowing  the  right  people,  working  with  a  recruiter  is  an  option  only  for  a  minority  of  planners.   Through  someone  I  know   contacting  me 39%There  is  strong  skepticism  against  recruiters,  peo-­ple  tend  to  not  trust  them.     Through  a  recruiter 19%When  it  comes  to  planning  directors  hiring  a  recruit-­minority  considers  it  as  an  option.  Mistrust  and  lack   Through  my  own  effort   contacting  the  company 21%of  competency  came  up  as  issues. From  a  job  posting 6% Other  (Internship,   started  own  business,   HR  contacted  me) 15%
  • Planning  what?Thinking  about  your  projects  over  the  past  year,  which  of  the  following  were  a  part  of  your  work?   10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 0 PRINT 73% TV 65% MICRO-­SITE 61% FACEBOOK 60% BANNER  ADS 55% WEB  PLATFORM 55% OUTDOOR 51% TWITTER 46% EVENT 45% YOUTUBE 40% RADIO 39% MOBILE  APP 32%BRANDED  UTILITY 28%GUERILLA  STUNT 27% SEEDING 25% Write-­ins  for  “other”  most  often  included  direct,  retail,   OTHER 16% product  development,  and  design
  • How  many  Twitter  followers  should  I  have?If  you’re  looking  for  the  average,  here  are  the  numbers  (among  those  who  have  at  least  one  follower). USA  /  INTL Assistant  Planner                              169      /      210 Planner                                                                  192      /      335   Senior  Planner                                            213      /      246 Group  Planning  Director          141    /      234 Head  of  Planning          353    /    479 CEO                                    1299    /  710 Blogs  and  Twitter Not  that  I  have  any  more  head   space  to  read  another  planner   USA / INTL blog,  but  I  was  surprised  to  see   No  blog   43%  /  37% such  a  large  chunk  of  people   Have  one  I  never  update   13%  /  12% breaking  this  planning  command-­ ment.  I  also  think  it’s  interesting  to   Have  one  I  rarely  update   16%  /  17% see  the  US  lagging  behind  a  bit  on   I  blog  monthly   11%  /  13% I  blog  weekly   12%  /  17% I  blog  daily    5%  /      4% No  Twitter  ID   15%  /      9% Have  an  ID,  but  I  never  tweet   20%  /  14% Rarely  tweet   16%  /  11% Occasionally  tweet   18%  /  21% Frequently  tweet     27%  /  39% I  just  tweeted  about  this  question      4%  /      7%
  • Reasons  for  leaving  your  jobBelow  is  an  example  of  a  resignation  letter  based  on  your  survey  answers,  in  order  of  importance.Some  choice  verbatims  “My  former  boss  was  a  schizofrenic  (sic)  and  wanted  me  to  be  part  of  some  obscure  cult  with  him  as  the  idol”“Planning  was  a  trophy  in  a  cabinet,  wheeled  out  for  pitches  but  never  valued  or  used  internally”“Fight  off  laziness”“Was  stagnant”“Shitcanned”“My  salary  was  almost  symbolic”
  • How  do  we  feel  about  our  jobs?We  like  our  jobs  quite  a  bit.  But  we  don’t  stay  in  them  very  long:  we’re  on  the  move  after  a  year  or  three.  Do  agencies  even  give  a  shit  about  retention?   How  much  do  you  like  your   Hate  it  -­  2% current  job? Don’t  like  it  -­  9% Like  it  -­  33% Have  you  changed  jobs  in   Really  like  it  -­  37% the  past  12  months? Love  it  -­  19% How  likely  are  you  to   Not  at  all  likely  -­  30% change  jobs  this  year? Somewhat  unlikely  -­  16% YES Neither  likely  or  unlikely  -­  15% 35% Somewhat  likely  -­  21% NO Very  likely  -­  18% 65% How  long  have  you   6  months  or  less  -­  22% worked  at  your  current  company?   1  year  -­  19% (Round  to  the  closest  number) 2  years  -­  19% YES=32%  last  year 3  years  -­  14% 4  years  -­  8% 5  years  or  more  -­  18%How  do  we  feel  about  planning  for  the  rest  of  our  lives? 20% 25% 18% 24% 12% Enthusiastic Moderate   Steady  as Mild Complete   levels  of   levels  of   she  goes exhaustion exhaustion energy energyNot  planning  babiesWhen  I  start  working  on  Pampers,  I’m  certainly  not  going  to  be  getting  my  diaper  insights  from  you.  And  ladies,  do  our  agencies  slip  birth  control  into  the  coffee?I  have  children  living  at  home:Men Women27%  True 20%  True73%  False 80%  False
  • Strong  plannersIn  your  opinion,  which  one  agency  has  the  strongest  planning  group?Making  this  a  closed-­end  question  and  offering  "dont  know"  as  a  choice  made  it  shoot  up  to  the  number  one  response  this  year.    Not  much  has  changed  since  last  year,  except  Fallon  and  Anomaly  have  swapped  places  with  JWT,  and  Ogilvy  makes  an  appearance  based  on  write-­in  votes.  I  hope  this  year  I  can  show  you  why  StrawberryFrog  should  be  on  your  list. Dont   Know 20% 15% 15% 12% 11% 7% 4% 3% 2%
  • Awesome  PlannersLast  year  I  asked  who  we  all  think  are  the  most  respected  planners  –  the  ones  we’d  most  want  to  work  for.  This  year  I  asked  who  we  think  are  the  unsung  heros.  The  planners  that  are  too  busy  being  awesome  to  be  famous.  This  was  not  meant  to  be  a  popularity  contest.  In  fact,  if  you  misunderstood  and  put  down  one  of  last  year’s  most  famous  planners,  I’ve  not  included  them  here.  This  list  is  a  little  pat  on  the  back  from  the  planners  who  work  next  to  you  and  notice  that  you’ve  got  the  goods.@litmanlive Bogdana  Butnar Ilana  Bryant  at  StrawberryFrog@deborahmarino Bradley  Kay   ended  up  in  the  survey  results  :) Irene  Knoth@stellawongo   Brandalise Denise  Fedewa  -­  Leo  Burnett Irina  Lapin,  GreyAaron  Dignan Brandon  Murphy  -­  22squared Desmond  Marzette  (W+K  Portland) Isabelle  DefrancescoAchim  Rietze Brent  Nelsen,  Leo  Burnett,  Canada Devika  Bulchandani  at  McCann Issac  JacobAdam  Broitman Brian  McCarter  (Freelancer) Dick  De  Langue Ivan  AskwithAdam  Chorney  at  Fallon Brian  Wakabayashi Dick  Steel Ivomarcos  VieiraAdam  Crandall Britton  Taylor Diego  Kerner Jack  DyanAdam  Ferrier Brooke  Skinner Dino  Demopoulos Jack  PeroneAdele  Meyers  (Porter  Novelli) Bryan  Smith  (BBH) Djanoe  Aryanto Jacob  BraudeAditya  Kanthy Bud  Caddell Dom  Boyd,  DDB  London Jaime  KalfusAdla  Fayad Busty  LaRue Domenico  Vitale Jaime  Stein  -­  ArnoldAdrian  Barrow C.  K.  Prahalad Don  Longfellow  (Innocean,  formerly  of   Jaime  TroianoAdrian  Fogel  LeoBurnett  Chicago Caio  Del  Manto James  Hurman  (Colenso  BBDO,  Auckland  Adrian  Ho Caio  Delmanto Dorothee  Rein NZ)Adriana  Bombonato Cameron  Maddux Dustin  Johnson   James  LouAisea  Language Camila  Holpert Dylan  Williams Jamie  ShuttleworthAlain  Sylvain  (Sylvain  Labs) Camilo  La  Cruz Earl  Cox Jamie  WebbAlan  Snitow Carla  Sá Ed  Beard  at  LBi Jan  Chip  ChaseAlasdair  Lloyd  Jones Carlos  Abbud Ed  Cotton   Jan  Westcott  -­  Energy  BBDO  ChicagoAldo  Pini Carlos  Henrique  Villela Eduardo  Lorenzi Jared  FolkmannAlejandro  Cainzos Carolina  Roxo Eike  Koening  from  Hort.  He  doesn´t  describe   Jarett  HausskeAlex  Grossman Caroline  Krideit,  TAXI himself  as  a  Planner  but  he  defently  is  one.   Jaron  LanierAlex  Marquez Caroline  Simpson Emily  Bain,  Toronto Jasmin  Cheng  Twist  ImageAlex  Mimoun Carolyn  Hall Emma  Cookson Jason  De  Turris  (JWT  New  York)Alex  Pallete Casey  Ingle Eric  Descombes Jason  GonsalvesAlex  Pasini Catherine  Heath Eric  Fernandez Jason  OkeAlexander  Chung Erik  Jansen Jason  ParkerAlima  Wheeler Celine  Dallas Erika  Chance Javier  SusoAlison  Bonner Chantelle  Begley Erin  Tait Jay  Pattisall-­  BSSPAlison  Segar Charles  Frith Erwin  Airlangga Jeff  KenyonAlison  Stewart   Charles  Vallance,  VCCP Etty  Abadi Jeff  PaivaAlistair  Beattie Charles  Wigley Everyone  at  TRG  -­  there  are  amazing  plan-­ Jeffrey  Blish,  DeutschAllan  Alves Charlie  Robertson,  Red  Spider ners  here  that  dont  often  get  the  spotlight Jen  PattersonAlnoor  Ladha  -­  Purpose  Campaigns   Charlie  Snow,  DLKW  London Fab  RedhillAluisio  Pinto Cheryl  Bailey Fabiano  Coura Jennifer  Dellapina Chris  Baker Fabio  Buresti   Jennifer  GanshirtAmbi  Parameshwaran Chris  Barredo Fabio  Buss Jennifer  ZimmermanAmelia  Torode  -­  VCCP Chris  Gallery Felipe  Bertrand Jeremy  HoldenAna  Martin Chris  Snook Felipe  Senise Jeroen  de  BakkerAna  Paula  Cortat Chris  Spencer Fernand  Alphen Jerry  Steele,  DIGITASAnastasia  Toomey Chrissie  Graboski   Fernanda  Flandoli Jesse  BayerAndrea  Ring Christian  Cocker,  Deutsch Fernando  Cardoso  -­  br4|marketing Jill  WhiteAndrew  Aquino Christina  Raia Fernando  Diniz  @  YR Jim  Carroll,  BBHAndrew  Dawson  at  R/GA Christopher  Dimmock Fola  Williams Jim  FranzenAndrew  Edwards Christopher  Owen  -­  The  Richards  Group Francis  Anderson Jim  LucasAndrew  Gardner Chrsitina  Raia Frank  Bethel Jim  SheehyAndrew  Hovells Cintia  Gonçalves,  AlmapBBDO Fred  Sarnblad  at  BBH Jimena  ToledoAndrew  McCowan,  Planning  Director,  JWT   Claudia  Salzmann Fritz  Kuhn Jing  VillacortaSydney Clay  Langdon Gabriel  Borges João  Gabriel  FernandesAndrew  Moss Clay  Parker  Jones Gabriela  Arriaga  (México) Jody  Thomas  at  RPAAndrew  Teagle Cliff  Courtney Gabrielle  Muse Joe  Gray,  Leo  BurnettAndy  Grayson Clive  De  Freitas   Joe  NioAndy  Jones  (formerly  Ogilvy) Colin  Mitchell Johan  Östlund,  DDB  Hong  KongAndy  Lear Colleen  Decourcy Gary  Stein  at  Isobar Johannes  SchneiderAndy  Lindblade Conn  Fishburn Gavin  Heaton John  GerzemaAndy  Walsh  @  MediaCom  London Cory  Pelletier Gem  Romero John  GrantAndy  Whitlock Craig  Elston  @  Integer   Geoff  DirectorAngela  Jones Craig  Mawdsley George  Bryant John  Heath  @  GothamAnibal  Casso Crystal  Merritt George  Scribner John  KottmanAnomalys  planners Crystal  Roubadeaux   Gerard  Smith John  Shaw,  Ogilvy  Global  Planning  DirectorAntonio  Quijano Dagny  Scott Gil  Aranowitz John  ThorpeArdi  Telli Dan  Carlton,  the  Paragraph  Project Gilberto  Della  Giustina John  V  Willshire  (PHD)Ari  Nave Dan  Cherry  (Anomaly) Giles  Hedger John  Woodward Dan  Goldstein,  TBWA  Chiat  Day Gisela  Toledo Johnny  Bauer  @  Droga5India Dan  Hill Gisele  Jordão  (3d3  -­  Brasil) Jon  Howard  Quiet  storm  London  Arvind  Srivastava,  head  of  planning  Ogilvy   Dan  Landin Graceann  Bennett Jon  Storey  (not  exactly  unsung,  but  not  so  KL,  Malaysia Dan  Ng Graeme  Douglas visable  as  many)Ashley  Alsup Dan  Sutton Jon  TippleAshley  Connors Danah  Boyd Guillermo  Navarro Jon  Wade  -­  Head  of  Digital  Planning  at  Ashley  Yetman Daniel  de  Tomazo Gustavo  Donda Wunderman  LondonAsi  Sharabi   Daniel  Joseph Gustavo  Foldvari Jonah  Disend  Asi  Sharabi   Daniel  Ribeiro  -­  Almap  BBDO Gustavo  Lotufo Jonathan  Brown  at  Publicis  Notorious  Atan  Burrowa   Daniel  Rios Gustavo  Otto (London)Austin  McGhie Daniel  Teng Guy  MijolaAvin  Narasimhan Daniel  Walloch Guy  Murphy Jonathan  FletcherAyesha  Wallawalkar Darcie  Shively Hamish  Chandra Jonathan  IsaacBaysie  Wightman Darren  Savage,  RGA Harlan  Kennedy Jonathan  Lum Dave  Mccaughan Hashem  Bajwa Jonathan  SadloweBen  DiSanti Dave  Snell Hattie  Booth Jonny  Lang  in  Singapore  seems  pretty  damn  Ben  Fielding   Dave  Weaver Heidi  Hackemer,  BBH good David  Amers Helen  Lawrence  at  Dare Jorge  Perez-­Holder  (Leo  Burnett  Mexico)Ben  Kunz David  Eastman,  JWT Helge  Tenno Jory  EdmundsBen  Richards David  Grzelak  -­  Engauge Henni  Sanft,  Doner Josep  Hernandez,  WundermanBen  Shaw David  Hackworthy Henry  Kozak,  BD  Network Josh  ChambersBenevenuto  at  RGA David  Hudson Henry  Mintzberg Joyce  SimmonsBenjamin  Le  Clercq Hernán  Ponce Juan  Isaza  DDB  MexicoBernardo  Geoghegan  (Argentina) David  Lavietes Judy  FlanaganBertrand  Cesvet David  Measer Huw  Gildon Julian  SmithBeth  Fetzer   David  Page Julie  Burke  head  of  insights  at  fallonBeth  Knight David  Sandström Iain  White,  JWT  Bangkok Julie  LissBob  Mazerov David  Terry Ian  Foulds Julie  Smith
  • Julika  Prenzel Marilia  Brugnolo  -­  ID/TBWA Pat  Palmer Shelley  Brown,  zig  ideasJulio  Ribeiro Mark  Hancock Patrick  Palmer Shireen  JiwanJura  Craveiro Mark  Lewis Paul  Barnett Sidney  BosleyJurandir  Craveiro Mark  Miller  at  Team  One  in  Los  Angeles Paul  Colman Sigrid  JakobJurene  Fremstad Mark  Pollard Paul  Gage Simon  LawJustin  Graham  (BBDO) Mark  Renshaw Paul  Gilberto Sonya  ShmatovaJustin  McMurray Mark  Rukman   Paul  Graham Sreenesh  Bhat  Ogilvy  IndiaKaran  Gera Mark  Sherrington Paul  Isakson Stacey  Grier  at  DDB  SFKaren  Heumann Mark  Silverman Paul  Matheson Stacey  LesserKaren  Sharp  -­  Arnold Mark  Simmons Paul  Parton Steffen  StäuberKarin  Knutson Mark  Turner  -­  SSLA Paula  Ausick Sten  Braathen,  Kitchen  /  Leo  Burnett    Karl  Long Martin  Bishop Paula  Lagrotta  from  NBS  Brazil Stephanie  OuyoumjianKarl  Turnbull Martin  Karaffa Paulo  Macari Stephen  FarquharKasha  Lewis Martin  Ramos Pedro  Costa  (AFRICA  –  Brazil)  Kasia  Molenda Martin  Weigel,  Wieden  +  Kennedy,  Amster-­ Pedro  Porto,  from  brazilian  agency  AFRICA Steve  Bullock  -­  a  real  360  plannerKate  Rutter dam Pele  Cortizo-­Burgess Steve  WallsKate  Waters Mary  Mills Pérola  Freeman Steve  ZaroffKatherine  Wintsch  -­  The  Martin  Agency Matasel  from  Romanias  Leo  Burnett  agency Pete  Heskett Steven  HopkinsKatherine  Zeng Matt  Butcher Peter  Clements  (CHI) Stewart  YoungKathy  Kline Matt  Herrmann  (formerly  GSP,  now  McCann) Phil  Graham  -­  Mother Straith  Schreder Matt  Herrmann  (McCann) Phil  Jackson Stuart  Smith  (W+K  NYC)Katie  Conway  at  Tattoo Matt  Jarvis  at  72andSunny Philip  Sheldon Sub  NijjarKatie  Dreke Matt  Mattox Pierre  Coulier Sunaina  GuptaKatie  Harrison,  BBH Matt  Milan Pratik  Thakar Suresh  Nair,  GreyKay  Bradley Matt  Saunders Rachel  Hatton Susan  DeSimone  -­  Freelance  planner/MplsKeid  Sammour  (from  CUBOCC)   Matt  van  Hoven Rachid  Kanaan Susan  Kaufman,  MinneapolisKeith  Newton Matt  Williams Rafael  Barreto Susan  Small-­Weil,  The  Seiden  GroupKelle  England Matthew  Milan  (former  planner,  now  owner   Rafael  Jardim  (Talent  -­  Brazil) Suzanne  Powers  @  TBWA  NYKelli  Robertson  AKQA of  Normative) Raj  Gupta Sveta  Doucet,  Profero  NYKelly  Eidson Matthias  Breitschaft Ralph  Bennewitz Sveta  SrinavasanKelly  Evans  Pheifer Matty  Tong Ramon  Olle,  Spain Taylor  Standlee  -­  consultant  Kelly  Schoeffel Max  Heilbron Ramon  Valadez Ted  Florea  @  GSP  -­  brilliant,  if  a  bit  unpre-­Kelly  Thompson  Carmichael  Lynch Maxine  Thomas  -­  Taxi Raphael  Barreto  (DPZ/Brazil) dictableKen  Hollander,  DDB  New  York McCann  Erickson  Planners Ray  Kurzweil Teresa  Harris  -­  Saatchi  New  ZealandKen  Muench me Rebecca  Matovic The  head  of  planning  at  MotherKenji  Summers me Rebecca  Munds,  CHI  and  Partners,  London The  Integer  GroupKerry  Stranman me   Rebecca  Stambanis The  Martin  Agency  Planning  DepartmentKevin  Brockenbrough me! Reema  Vyas The  Preston  Kelly  Team,  and  Colle+McVoyKevin  Dundas me,  of  course. Rei  Quinto  (Wunderman  Brazil) Thorsten  KremserKevin  Nelson  at  McCann  NY Me. Reid  Evans Tiago  StachonKevin  Rothermel Me.  hahahaha Remi  Marcelli  DDB  Paris Tiffany  Graeff  at  Saatchi  NYKevin  Sugrue   Meg  Way Renata  Bokel Tiffany  KenyonKiran  Vaswani Mel  Barden Rene  Baquero Tim  HollinsKirsten  Recknagel Merry  Baskin Renee  Quan Tim  Malbon,  Made  By  ManyKirsty  Higgins Meryl  Freeman Rhea  Curry Tim  Maleeney  @  Ogilvy  NYKirsty  Saddler Michael  Angelovich Richard  Dunn Toby  HorryKoishiro  Tanaka Michael  Chapman Richard  Kelly  (Lowe) Tom  CallardKristen  Cavallo Michael  Deszo  (JWT) Richard  Pentin Tom  DonovanKunal  Jeswani Michael  Fanuele,  Euro  RSCG  NYC Richard  S  Bell Tom  HanKunal  Muzumdar Michael  Hastings-­Black Richard  Santiago  (Arnold) Tom  Morton  TBWALachlan  Badenoch Michael  Llewellyn-­Williams Richard  Storey Tom  NaughtonLance  Hill Michael  Ramah  (Porter  Novelli) Rick  Leibling Tony  EvansLara  Lew/TBWA  Brazil Michael  Udell Rita  Almeida Tracey  Follows,  VCCP  LondonLars  Friberg Michael  Zorn Rob  Campbell Trevor  Harvey  -­  TBWA  London  Laura  Chiavone Michel  Lent Rob  Collins Uli  KurtenbachLaura  Tan Mick  McCabe Rob  Klingensmith UndercurrentLauren  Puglia Miguel  Velhinho Rob  Perkins Valerie  HenaffLauren  Tucker Mike  Arauz Rob  White Verra  Budimlija  at  G2  LondonLaurence  Horner  (at  Mother  London) Mike  Cox Roberta  Carusi Vicky  AloneftisLeandro  Ogalha Mike  Daniels Roberto  Justus Victor  MarxLee  Daley Mike  Doody  at  Publicis Victoria  KaulbeckLee  Maicon Mike  Gaertner,  Loomis  Group Rocio  Fernandez  (Dieste) Vincent  Garel  (TBWA  Paris)Lee  McEwan Mike  Reeder Rodrigo  Maroni Vincent  ThomeLeeann  Leahy  at  Lowe Mike  Ronkoske Roger  Gagnon  at  Critical  Mass Vishal  SharmaLeila  Fernandes Milo  Chao  (DDB  Hong  Kong) Rogério  Colantuono Vivan  ViannaLeka  Pinheiro Mimi  Wheeler Rohit  Srivastava  -­  Head  of  Planning  Contract   Vladimir  JonesLeon  Phang  -­  The  Planning  Lab  -­  Jung  von   Min  Hee  Lee Advertising  Mumbai Walt  BarronMatt Mindy  Price  -­  not  known,  but  excellent Rose  Cameron  -­  Euro  RSCG  Chicago Walter  Longo  (Newcomm  Group  -­  WPP)Leona  Frett Mollie  Partesotti Ross  McLean-­  DraftFCBLesley  Bielby most  of  them Rowena  Alston Whoever  helped  plan  Dos  EquisLesley  Walsh MT  Carney Ruby  Sheng   Will  HumphriesLeslie  Stone Ryan  OConnel  -­  Clems  Sydney Wojtek  Szumowski  at  CP+B  (US)Liana  Chang,  W+K Croatia Ryan  Wilson xavier  charpentierLibby  Anderson Naomi  Mersky Said  Schneider  (working  mainly  for  the  Pall   Yee  Thong  WongLindsay  Ellerby Natalie  Anderson Mall  brand,  currently  at  G2,  Germany) Young  LeeLindsey  Allison Natalie  Horne Sam  Alonso Zach  LevLiron  Reznik  at  Skinny Natasha  Jakubowski   Sam  IsmailLisa  Killbourn Nathan  Gray Sandy  Burns  at  Red  SpiderLisa  Rios Neal  Arthur Sandy  ThompsonLorenzo  Bresciani  at  Lowe  London   Neil  Hourston,  Grey  London Santosh  DesaiLouise  Nolder Neil  Perkin Sara  BamberLuca  Roselli Newton  Nagumo  -­  JWT  Brazil Sara  Brito  at  CP+B.Luis  Miranda Nicholas  Gill   Sara  GallegoLuiz  Mastropietro Nick  Barham  at  W+K  shanghai Sarah  Booth  -­  McCann  ManchesterLukas  Dudek Nick  Bartle,  BBDO Sarah  CarterMack  Reynolds Nick  ChapmanMadhukar  Sabnavis Nick  Emmel,  Dare,  UK Sarah  Hall,  Dave  SnellMadlen  Grenzmann Nick  Gill Sarah  Patterson  at  Leo  BurnettMal  Bonnington Nick  Hirst Sarah  SalineMalcolm  White  from  Krow Nick  Southgate Sarah  Watson,  DDB  UKMalia  Supe Nicolas  Moerman Satish  KrishnamurthyMarc  Leurs  (TBWA,  Amsterdam) Nigel  Carr Scott  CromerMarc-­Antoine  Jarry Nikki  Crumpton   Scott  Hughes  at  Critical  MassMarcello  Magalhães Nikky  Cronk Scott  JensenMarcelo  Serpa Nina  Lalic Scott  KarambisMarci  Ikeler Nisan  Guanaes Scott  KraftMarcia  Roosevelt Noah  Brier Scott  LukasMarcio  Beauclair Northern  Planner Scott  MacMasterMarco  Aurélio  Centenaro  (Cheil  Brasil)   Oke  Müller Scott  Redick  @  HeatMarcus  Fischer,  Space  150     Olivia  Provan Sean  BoyleMargot  Grover Oriol  Bombi Sean  HowardMari  Zampol Otón Sebastian  Gunnewig,  180  LAMaria  Tender,  ddb Ozioma Serena  SaitasMariana  Bricchetto Pablo  Lezama   Sergio  KatzMariane  Maciel Pamela  Narins Seth  GaffneyMarie  Jamieson  -­  Global  Planning  Director   Paramita  Mohamad Shannon  WilliamsTBWA Partha  Sinha Shel  Kimen
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