Russian Coal Market Proposal


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Basic services proposal for Russian coal market support

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Russian Coal Market Proposal

  1. 1. Институт конъюнктуры рынка угля Свидетельство о государственной аккредитации научной организации № 677 от 03 декабря 1998 г. 119019, Москва, Тел. +7(495) 691-85-45 ул. Новый Арбат, д.15, стр.1 Факс +7(495) 691-85-45 E-Mail: Russian Coal Market Development Proposal. Coal Market Research Institute (CMRI) was organized in 1992 and has been conducting energy market research and consulting for Russian and international market leaders. Among clients are market leaders - Siberian Coal Energy Company, Evraz, Anglo American etc. CMRI executives consisting of mining engineers and managers have worked in the Russian coal industry for 20 years and have a wide comprehensive contact network at senior executive level throughout the industry value chain. Russian coal exports already account for 13% of world coal trade and have potential to increase. Russian coal industry consists of more then 300 coal producers. A large number of these producers of high quality coals have been less accessible to global coal purchasers so that export supply has been limited to a few major сompanies. Many of these producers can increase their production capacity with little investments and thus supply on export with competitive prices. As a new competitive offer from CMRI we would like to propose you the following unique services: • Russian coal procurement strategies, involving competitive FOB supply assessment and supplier contracting CMRI will act as an agent to bring together most competitive cost suppliers satisfying customer needs. • Investment options assessment and contracting with acquisition of shareholding in Russian coal producing enterprises to secure long-term supply CMRI will act as an agent to find investment projects or acquisition opportunities according to specific investor’s needs. • Russian coal mining industry research and forecasting CMRI will conduct analytical and consulting projects related to energy sector using it’s unique regularly updated statistics database of each mine production volumes, capacity, coal grade, cost of production and development plans, as well as established vast contact database in the industry. • Support in decision making in mining industry
  2. 2. This activity involves technical auditing, investment programs audit, business plan review, business-plan creation, market plan creation and strategy development. For further information and inquiries please contact: Igor S Shelukhin, Director on Strategy and Development, CMRI Tel: +7 926 535 3435 Fax: +7 495 691 8545 E-mail: Novy Arbat 15, of. 610, 119019 Moscow, Russia Web: