Business Newspapers in India


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a brief look at the Business Newspapers in India in the subject of Media Management

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Business Newspapers in India

  1. 1. Business Newspapers in India Prepared By: Ishan Parekh Roll No #315 | Div. B MBA (tech) Mktg./Mfg.
  2. 2. Economic Times Business Standard Business Line Business Bhaskar Mint Financial Express Financial Chronicle Daily Excelsior
  3. 3. Newspaper English Hindi Economic Times Business Standard Business Line Business Bhaskar Mint Financial Express Financial Chronicle
  4. 4. It is imperative to note that the newspapers listed in the previous slide are the top business newspapers in India. Also, there are 3 main newspapers which also have separate editions for the “Hindi” language. Besides these, most of the regional newspapers have their own segments / supplements related to financial news.
  5. 5. AIR Rank Newspaper AIR 2012 AIR 2011 Growth 1 Economic Times 7.85 L 7.53 L 4.2% 2 Mint 2.4 L 1.66 L 44.6% 3 Business Standard 1.53 L 1.42 L 7.7% 4 Business Line 1.06 L 1.15 L - 7.82% 5 Daily Excelsior 99,000 97,000 2.06% 6 Business Standard (Hindi) 63,000 53,000 18.86% 7 Business Bhaskar 44,000 41,000 7.31%
  6. 6. We are going to have a deep look at some of the top-rated business newspapers present in the country of India. We would cover the top 3 business newspapers in India here in order to get the knack of their professionalism.
  7. 7. • The Economic Times as depicted by the name deals with the economic and financial trends in India. • It has quite a phenomenal number in circulation. • The Economic Times is widely appreciated in and outside India since 1961. • Almost all of the key business gurus daily read this esteem paper to have clear vantage for making their future business investment decisions.
  8. 8. • The Business Standard has created the top-most standard in the race of business newspapers we find in India. • The high-class Indian and international financial news and topics covered in this paper are very popular in and even outside India. • The online electronic form of Business Standard is one of the most visited among its competitors That shows the credibility and professionalism of the paper all over the world.
  9. 9. • The current frequent economic developments all over the world are exposed professionally in The Financial Express paper. • The most experienced and expert economists are in their team who write professional authentic columns and editorials to highlight the latest economic developments not only in India but all around the globe. • The Financial Express paper focuses purely on financial issues.