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computer history and latest technology
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computer history and latest technology


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business

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  • 1. Presentation on generation of computer
    Submitted by adarshjainclass : 9 - f
  • 2. Generation of computer means improvement in the field of computer .
    What is generation of computer ?
  • 3. Types of generation of computers
    There are 5 types of generation of computers :
    First generation
    Second generation
    Third generation
    Fourth generation
    Fifth generation
  • 4. First generation {1940 – 1956}
    First generation of computers used vaccum tubes for circuitry and magnetic drums for memory . It uses machine language .
    Eg. Univac & enaic computers
  • 5. Disadvantage of 1 generation computers
    They were very large and often takes 1 room .
    They were very expensive .
    They uses a large amount of electricity &generate a lot of heat .
  • 6. Second generation {1956 – 1963}
    They were invented in 1947 but not see widespread in computers until 1950 . Transistors were used as the second generation computers .
    In this type of generation computers uses binary machine language or assembly language .
  • 7. Advantage of 2 generation computers
    The transistors were superior for vaccum tubes allowing computers to be more faster , cheaper , smaller , etc .
    These computers for atomic energy industry .
  • 8. Third generation { 1964 -1971 }
    The integrated circuits was the hallmark of 3 generation computers .
  • 9. Advantage of 3 generation computers
    By the help of integrated circuits transistors were miniaturised & placed on silicon chips called semicondors which increases speed & efficiency of computers .
    Instead of punch cards it uses keyboards ,monitors & interfaced with an operating system .
  • 10. fourth generation {1971 - present }
    The microprocessor was the fourth generation computers .
    The microprocessor is just like as thousands of integrated circuits (3 generation computer ) built onto a single microchip
  • 11. Advantage of 4 Generation computers
    Because of 4 generation more & more every products begin to use microprocessors .
    Because of 4 generation computer we used to saw development of GUI’s the mouse , & handheld devices .
  • 12. Fifth generation { Present & Beyond }
    This generation of computer is the most advance & the best generation of computer till now .This generation is based on artificial intelligence
  • 13. Advantage of fifth generation of computers
    Because of artificial intelligence the computer will solve all the equation in nanosecond .
    The use of parallel processing & superconductors of this generation is helping to make artificial intelligence a reality .