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Game plan for publishers to build direct relationships with customers

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Presented at the O'Reilly Tools of Change Conference 2011 - Presentation aimed at highlighting the changes in the publishing industry and how best to overcome the challenges it presents.

Presented at the O'Reilly Tools of Change Conference 2011 - Presentation aimed at highlighting the changes in the publishing industry and how best to overcome the challenges it presents.

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  • 1. Game Plan for Publishers to Build Direct Relationships with Customers - Sameer Shariff, CEO, Impelsys Inc.
  • 2. What I will cover
    • The Internet
    • Connecting To Your Customer
    • Customer Database & Data Management
    • Books On The Cloud
    • Mobile Device Strategy
    • Content Delivery Infrastructure
    • How To Get It Done
  • 3.
    • Internet – Your most efficient medium
    • Cuts down inefficiencies in distribution and delivery of content
    • Enables direct interaction with and between customers
    • Captures data about customer behavior and usage patterns
    • The internet is powerful, but leveraging it is complex
    Understand The Power Of The Internet
  • 4. The Internet Enables You To Connect Directly
  • 6. Audience Development Connecting directly with your audience
  • 7. Customer Database & Data Management
  • 8. Customer Database
    • Are your customers, your customers?
    • Marketing is vital for your eBooks strategy to succeed
    • A customer database allows you to run marketing programs that target select users to up/cross-sell
    • Lets you know your users and helps you establish relationships
  • 9. Data Management
    • Usage data can provide valuable insights into consumer behavior
    • This is vital for developing engaging interactions for your content
    • Analytical data is important to develop your content strategies as well
  • 10. Reporting tools and web analytics
  • 11. Books On The Cloud
  • 12. Cloud Computing
    • This allows for much more efficient computing by centralizing storage, memory, processing and bandwidth
    • Technology that uses the internet to maintain data and applications
    • Allows consumers and businesses to use applications without installation and access their personal files at any computer with internet access
  • 13. Some examples of cloud computing
  • 14. Books On The Cloud
    • Why have books on the cloud?
      • Provides ownership to the content vs content on a single device
      • Because your consumer expects it
      • Multi-device accessibility
      • Enable to leverage global networks
  • 15. Buy once, read everywhere
  • 16. Mobile Device Strategy
  • 17. Apple iPad Mobile Devices Samsung Galaxy Tab Sony Reader Amazon Kindle eReading Devices Tablets
  • 18. What Will Your App Strategy Be
    • The App becomes your greatest direct to consumer connector
    • Are your Apps individual shells that are not providing you all the insights needed?
    • Do you have a plan to leverage a server-to-app strategy?
  • 19. Build Frameworks For Your App Strategy
    • Provides a set of base features
    • Enabling faster Time-to-Market
    • Cost benefits over a bespoke solution
    • Promises stability and QA
    • Customizable and extensible to support additional modules
  • 20. Your Content Delivery Infrastructure
  • 21. Building a robust infrastructure that ties all the pieces together
  • 22. Store and manage your digital files
  • 23. Platform to Leverage All Your Distribution Points
  • 24. Marketing tools to help you get discovered and create a web audience
  • 25. Data collection tools to see what your customers are doing Lokesh, If you can think of anything better pls feel free
  • 26. Make your books available on the cloud
  • 27. How Do You Get There
  • 28.
    • Strategic partners, not vendors or alone
    • Partner with companies that understand publishing and technology
    • Companies that can help plan and implement comprehensive e-strategies
    • Long term not short term
    How Do You Get There?
  • 29. Strategic partnerships “ Despite how large we are in the K-12 space, and how many assets we have, we need to focus on our competency. With Microsoft’s enormous technology resources, we can really move these initiatives forward.” “ But beyond the technology, this partnership has been such an incredible success because Microsoft and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt share a common vision for what we want to do and how we want to change education. Microsoft is a critical partner with us, not just in Learning Village, but into the future as well.” -- Scott Kirkpatrick, President, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Learning Technology
  • 30.
      • Focus on your core competence – content
      • Connect directly to your readers
      • Develop lasting customer relationships
    Allowing You To..
  • 31. Thank you Sameer Shariff Founder & CEO, [email_address]