Fbf 09 Presentation Forum Innovation Final Nizar Opt


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Fbf 09 Presentation Forum Innovation Final Nizar Opt

  1. 1. Electronic Content Delivery and Customer Intimacy ‘Publish it & they will read’, is a print paradigm Nizar Jamal CTO, Impelsys Private and Confidential
  2. 2. Agenda Market Trends Challenges Customer Intimacy Questions
  3. 3. Who we are? • From inception till 2009, Impelsys has powered more than 2000 projects for billion dollar publishers to small million dollar publishers • We have invested in our core technologies, iPlatform, VirtualPages and iDAMS. We have built them over the past 5 years and the technologies are serving millions of readers worldwide • We launched iPublishCentral (ipublishcentral.com) as a Software as a Service (SaaS) model leveraging our years of experience. iPublishCentral allows publishers to create widgets, book previews, portals and a digital warehouse for their titles; and experiment with their content online in minimal time and at minimal cost. The goal is to bring down costs by allowing publishers to market, warehouse, distribute and deliver content online with a pay as-you-go pricing.
  4. 4. Key takeaways from this presentation Customer Interaction Strategy Control Relationship
  5. 5. Market Trends - Total book sales rose 1.0% in 2008, to $40.3 billion, and are expected to rise 1.8% in 2009 - Unit sales fell 1.5% last year Source: BISG Trends 2009
  6. 6. Market Trends Trade ebook sales increased to $37,600,000 in Q2, 2009 & reached $16,200,000 in July 09 Source: IDPF Industry Statistics (http://www.idpf.org/doc_library/industrystats.htm)
  7. 7. Publisher Market Segments Religious Publishing Professional Publishing Trade Publishing University Press Publishing
  8. 8. Publisher Market Segments ELHI Publishing College Publishing
  9. 9. Consumer Market Segments Individuals Libraries Corporates
  10. 10. Consumer Expectation Multiple formats: Participative: .epub, .mobi, .LRF, .LIT, .palm for “I matter and so does my opinion” various devices. Available: Multiple pricing Anywhere, Anytime options: Content chunking and rentals
  11. 11. • Pace of innovation and reader trends continue to accelerate, publishers need to adapt to the changing environment. • Being prepared to meet the market demands of tomorrow – today - isn’t a luxury, but a necessity.
  12. 12. Challenges
  13. 13. Challenges Multiple formats, hardware devices, software Which one will win? What formats?
  14. 14. Challenges Cost and Risk Cost of experimenting and risk of competition
  15. 15. Challenges Conversion costs • Tagging/Metadata (how deep?) • Time to Market
  16. 16. Challenges Challenges in depending on others Who controls it? Who is gaining insight into user behavior? Who understands the market needs? Who can develop products that meet these needs?
  17. 17. Importance of Customer Intimacy as e-Strategy
  18. 18. Why Customer Intimacy is Important? • To understand reader behavior and preferences • To meet the ever increasing and growing demands of readers • To make informed decisions • To make your business future-ready
  19. 19. How to Establish Customer Intimacy? • Sell directly to readers – Launch your own portal to build direct relationship with readers • Gain insights into reader preferences – Study readers’ usage behavior and demographics through in-depth reports
  20. 20. How to Establish Customer Intimacy? • Engage and stimulate readers – Leverage interactivity and community features like user-generated posts, comments and ratings
  21. 21. How to Establish Customer Intimacy? • Experiment online – Offer various pricing models like individual title sales, site-wide subscriptions and rentals – Understand what works and what does not
  22. 22. Thank You Nizar Jamal nizar.jamal@impelsys.com