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This is my Mesopotamian PPT. Enjoy

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Ryan Lee Writing

  1. 1. An ancient invention
  2. 2. 1. Introduction2. The Story of Writing3. Learning About Writing: What is it? How is it used? Why was it invented?4. Cuneiform5. The Signs6. Changing Mesopotamians’ Lives7. Changing Our Lives8. Q&A: Questions & Answers9. Resources
  3. 3. Over five thousand years ago, theMesopotamians invented a form of writingto record and communicate different typesof information. Because of them, wedeveloped our own way to write.
  4. 4. People from southern Mesopotamia developed one ofthe earliest forms of writing. The first kind of writing was called pictograms,which were used to announce basic info due to cropsand taxes. This form of writing began with pictures orsigns drawn on clay tablets using reed styli. Later on, the signs evolved into cuneiform.This is because the signs were too complicated.
  5. 5.  A way to record and communicate information. Track amount of crops they receive and sell Letters, stories, myths and more! Sumerians believed in education and recording was very important to them. They invented writing so their sons could learn how to read and write.
  6. 6.  written language invented in Southern Mesopotamia used to record a cast of information such as temple activities, business and trade used to jot down stories, myths, and personal letters wedge-shaped symbols now called ‘cuneiform’
  7. 7. Back then they used signs instead of letters. The signs usedin Mesopotamia are:Barley Head Bird Ox TreeAfter many centuries, the signs changed, and mostof them were wedged shaped symbols: Cuneiform. Palm
  8. 8. How did writing change Mesopotamians’lives? Recording information, so they could remember, similar to a journal. Help communicate with their friends, like a letter. Write stories, myths and personal letters. So, these are the reasons that writing helps the Mesopotamians.
  9. 9. Now you see how it changed theMesopotamians’ lives, do you wonderhow writing changed ours? Gave us a idea to use letters. way of carving on stone gave us the idea to write on paper. Without writing, knowledge from the past could be lost from generation to generation. Now you know how writing changed our lives.
  10. 10. 1. Where was writing invented?2. How is writing used?3. What is cuneiform? Where was it invented?4. Name four signs in Ancient Mesopotamia.
  11. 11.  www.mesopotamia.co.uk/writing/home_set.htm l www.mesopotamia.co.uk/writing/story/sto_se t.html www.mesopotamia.mrdonn.org/cuneiform.html
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