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Energy expiriment
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Energy expiriment

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This is my energy experiment.

This is my energy experiment.

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  • 1. Insulation Samantha Gove 5R
  • 2. Contents1. Purpose2. Materials3. Hypothesis4. Procedure5. Observation6. Pictures of the experiment7. Conclusion8. Big Idea
  • 3. PurposeTo find out what materials are the best insulation.Keeping the heat in and the cold out.
  • 4. Materials• A woolen sock• A plastic bag• A piece of newspaper• A piece of tinfoil• Four Plastic bottles• A thermometer• Hot water• Tape• A rubber band
  • 5. HypothesisI think the woolen sock will be the bestinsulator, because woolen socks keep myfeet really warm when I am out in subzero temperatures.
  • 6. Procedure1. Pour an equal amount of hot water into each of the four bottles.2. Put the caps on all of the bottles.3. Wrap one bottle in tinfoil then tape it so it will stay in place.4. Wrap the second in newspaper and tape it again.5. Wrap the third in a plastic bag and put a rubber band over it.6. Pull a woolen sock over the fourth. Continues on the next page >>>
  • 7. Procedure (continued)7. Take the caps off to take the temperature of each of the bottles. Make sure they are all about same temperature; if they differ by three degrees or more, fix it by adding hot/cold water.8. Take the temperature again in five minutes.9. Take it again in ten minutes.10. Take it for the last time in twenty minutes.11. Record the information.
  • 8. ObservationMaterial Temperature at 5 minutes 10 minutes 20 minutes the beginning later later later (Celsius)Tinfoil 92:C 81:C 76:C 65:CWoolen Sock 92:C 83:C 78:C 71:CPlastic Bag 92:C 86:C 74:C 62:CNewspaper 92:C 84:C 80:C 69:C
  • 9. Pictures of the experiment Woolen Sock Newspaper Tinfoil Plastic Bag
  • 10. Conclusion My hypothesis was correct, the woolensock was the best insulation over time. In thisexperiment the woolen sock bottle lost 21:C,the plastic bag bottle lost 30:C, the tinfoilbottle lost 27:C and the newspaper bottle lost23:C. So the plastic bag is the worst insulationover time.
  • 11. Big Idea To keep things hot for longer, (e.g hands,feet, etc.) the best material to use would bewool. To keep things hot for five to ten minutes,newspaper or plastic bags would be the betterinsulation materials.
  • 12. Thank You