Wedding Dress Fantasy Design specs


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Wedding Dress Fantasy Design specs

  1. 1. Wedding Dress Fantasy Design Specs Alex Bignell, Michael Iseri, Jason Scott Student Project. General Assembly Winter 2013.
  2. 2. Wedding Dress Fantasy Prototype Annotations We sought to create a simple, elegant design that would lend authenticity to Wedding Dress Fantasy’s brand and make for an easier and more visual browsing experience. A vastly simplified navigation structure visually splits the site between Tova’s offerings on the left, and user personalization on the right. We chose new photos that would highlight the beauty of the dresses. We want the customer to quickly see the variety of offerings available.
  3. 3. Wedding Dress Fantasy Prototype Annotations The header stays with you as you browse, allowing for easy navigation. Putting her rave reviews in the forefront provides legitimacy and informs of her customer satisfaction. Communication with Tova is key, so her phone number and email occupy a large portion in the footer, along with ways to follow her on various social media. Including the address (with Google Maps link) to her store also helps provide legitimacy.
  4. 4. Wedding Dress Fantasy Prototype Annotations A quick blurb explains to customers that Tova can customize her dresses in many ways, and links to a page with more information about those options. The dresses are presented in a heavily visual, filterable grid.
  5. 5. Wedding Dress Fantasy Prototype Annotations With a keyword applied, the list is quickly filtered. In addition, the URL is updated to make this particular view linkable/bookmarkable for future reference. In addition to being able to browse by keywords, the user is offered categorically-divided suggestions with large, touch-friendly targets.
  6. 6. Wedding Dress Fantasy Prototype Annotations A prominent call to action button prompts the user to save this dress for future consideration. Clicking it highlights the favorites link to notify them that it was successful. A large photo is key to showing off the design of the dress, and switchable views are provided to show the dress at alternate angles/ zooms. In the future, video media will also be available through this mechanism.
  7. 7. Wedding Dress Fantasy Prototype Annotations The favorites page provides a quick way to review previously saved choices and instigate a conversation with Tova. Large buttons allow for dynamic adjustment of the page
  8. 8. Wedding Dress Fantasy Site Map
  9. 9. Wedding Dress Fantasy User Flows User searches for dresses through Google. ! User find a link to Tova’s site. ! User ends up on ! Looks at products, sorts them from lowest price first. ! Finds a relatively affordable dress and buys it.
  10. 10. Wedding Dress Fantasy User Flows User finds out about some local store. ! Contacts Tova, is referred to their website. ! User goes through customization process. ! Receives an invoice from Tova. ! The custom dress is produced and the customer is happy.
  11. 11. Wedding Dress Fantasy User Flows User browsing through Pinterest and sees a dress she likes. ! Clicks on a link within the Pinterest page, it leads her to a product page on ! User ends up on ! She either buys the product instantly or goes through the customization process. ! Purchases dress at the end of either process.
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