Introduction to Organic App Marketing and App Store Optimization


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Organic app marketing and app store optimization are the future of app marketing.

Follow along as we present the idea of organic, unpaid, app marketing as well as an example case study of exactly how to optimize your app store presence.

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  • I’m Ian Sefferman, CEOTalking about Organic App Marketing, which I’ll define later, but roughly any non-paid channels to get usersShould be informal, feel free to interrupt with questions, Q&A afterwards as well
  • Any channel that will bring users to your app that you don’t pay on a per install basisPaid channels are not profitable: high prices and low quality
  • Process of ranking highly in the app storeSearch and Top ChartsInvolves choosing the correct keywords, managing and optimizing your app store presence, and ensuring you are following through day over dayVery early in this process, lots of changes happening, equivalent to ’95 in web search, chomp, etc65% of app users…
  • Before you ever start, you want to know who is your competitionWant to know how popular they are
  • Category management mattersRelevance, Volume, and DifficultyUse competitors to help drive this
  • Only 100 characters in iOS, must choose incredibly wiselyRelevance,Difficulty,Volume
  • Include keywordsNot necessarily same as app name on deviceFor discoverability and users clicking
  • iOS only, will talk about that100 charactersComes from history in musicStemming isn’t goodAlways use commas, never spaces
  • * Descriptions should optimize for conversion and web based SEO
  • Most importantWhat app is aboutWhy you should download it immediatelyRest is covered
  • Your reviews will be filled with junkUse this as an opportunity to get social proof, and reviews from someone who matters
  • * Focus on what the user cares about, not how it is implemented
  • First screenshot is most important: new tilesUsing text in screenshots is a good idea!
  • Focus on feedbackSpend a monthGet ratings highlyFix bugs, implement necessary features
  • Virtuous cycleBurst spendGet sophisticated
  • Make it easy to share with friendsDon’t forget SMSDo it appropriately in the right places (when a user is happy, when a user needs another friend to help out, etc)Don’t be reliant on a single platform
  • Choose the right publicationsAlso choose the right authors to pitchUnderstand their objectives: how are they paid (by post, by word, by page view?), what are their goals (pump out many stories, deep dives into a few stories, building readership, etc)Feeding data that is universally accessible is always a good strategyDon’t forget about guest posting
  • Introduction to Organic App Marketing and App Store Optimization

    1. 1. MOBILEDEVHQ Understand. Improve.MOBILEDEVHQ | Ian Sefferman | | @iseff
    2. 2. AGENDA Introduction / Context Organic App Marketing App Store Optimization ASO vs SEO Making an ASO Plan iOS vs Google Play Other Organic ChannelsMOBILEDEVHQ | Ian Sefferman | | @iseff
    3. 3. ABOUT ME Ian Sefferman Co-Founder / CEO Began working in App Ecosystem in 2009 Previously with Amazon.comMOBILEDEVHQ | Ian Sefferman | | @iseff
    4. 4. ABOUT MOBILEDEVHQ 2009-2010 2011 2012-MOBILEDEVHQ | Ian Sefferman | | @iseff
    5. 5. ABOUT MOBILEDEVHQMOBILEDEVHQ | Ian Sefferman | | @iseff
    6. 6. ORGANIC APP MARKETINGMOBILEDEVHQ | Ian Sefferman | | @iseff
    7. 7. APP STORE OPTIMIZATIONMOBILEDEVHQ | Ian Sefferman | | @iseff
    8. 8. ASO VS SEO: SEOOn-Page: Off-Page: Title Tag Linkbuilding H1, H2, H3 Anchor text Keyword Density Social URL: Domain and PathMOBILEDEVHQ | Ian Sefferman | | @iseff
    9. 9. ASO VS SEO: ASOOn-Metadata: Off-Metadata: App Name Downloads / Velocity Description Rating / Reviews Keywords Social Screenshots Linkbuilding PublisherMOBILEDEVHQ | Ian Sefferman | | @iseff
    10. 10. ASO PLANNING: HAIKU DECKMOBILEDEVHQ | Ian Sefferman | | @iseff
    11. 11. ASO PLANNING: COMPETITIONMOBILEDEVHQ | Ian Sefferman | | @iseff
    12. 12. ASO PLANNING: CATEGORYMOBILEDEVHQ | Ian Sefferman | | @iseff
    13. 13. ASO PLANNING: KEYWORDSMOBILEDEVHQ | Ian Sefferman | | @iseff
    14. 14. ASO PLANNING: TITLEBad Haiku DeckGood Haiku Deck – Beautiful Slideshow PresentationsMOBILEDEVHQ | Ian Sefferman | | @iseff
    15. 15. ASO PLANNING: KEYWORDSBad photo keynote powerpoint…Good photo,keynote,powerpoint,present,slides,…MOBILEDEVHQ | Ian Sefferman | | @iseff
    16. 16. ASO PLANNING: DESCRIPTIONMOBILEDEVHQ | Ian Sefferman | | @iseff
    17. 17. ASO PLANNING: DESCRIPTIONThe First Sentence “Haiku Deck is the simple new way to create stunning presentations – whether you are pitching an idea, teaching a lesson, telling a story, or igniting a movement.”MOBILEDEVHQ | Ian Sefferman | | @iseff
    18. 18. ASO PLANNING: DESCRIPTIONAuthoritative Reviews “A smart app that makes beautiful slide shows in no time and makes your iPad a more productive tool” – Wall Street JournalMOBILEDEVHQ | Ian Sefferman | | @iseff
    19. 19. ASO PLANNING: DESCRIPTIONFeatures “Instantly create the perfect look by choosing from a range of stylish themes.”MOBILEDEVHQ | Ian Sefferman | | @iseff
    20. 20. ASO PLANNING: SCREENSHOTSMOBILEDEVHQ | Ian Sefferman | | @iseff
    21. 21. ASO PLANNING: LAUNCHINGMOBILEDEVHQ | Ian Sefferman | | @iseff
    22. 22. ASO PLANNING: USING PAID Paid Downloads Download Velocity Search Top Charts RankingsMOBILEDEVHQ | Ian Sefferman | | @iseff
    23. 23. iOS VS GOOGLE PLAYiOS Google Play Keyword Field No Keyword Field No Description Description PageRank of detail pageMOBILEDEVHQ | Ian Sefferman | | @iseff
    24. 24. iOS VS GOOGLE PLAYMOBILEDEVHQ | Ian Sefferman | | @iseff
    25. 25. iOS VS GOOGLE PLAYMOBILEDEVHQ | Ian Sefferman | | @iseff
    26. 26. iOS VS GOOGLE PLAYMOBILEDEVHQ | Ian Sefferman | | @iseff
    27. 27. iOS VS GOOGLE PLAYMOBILEDEVHQ | Ian Sefferman | | @iseff
    28. 28. OTHER ORGANIC CHANNELSMOBILEDEVHQ | Ian Sefferman | | @iseff
    29. 29. OTHER ORGANIC CHANNELSMOBILEDEVHQ | Ian Sefferman | | @iseff
    30. 30. MOBILEDEVHQ Understand. Improve.MOBILEDEVHQ | Ian Sefferman | | @iseff