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iScan Online data discovery scan brochure



Are your employees storing unencrypted cardholder data? Find out with iScan Online.

Are your employees storing unencrypted cardholder data? Find out with iScan Online.



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iScan Online data discovery scan brochure iScan Online data discovery scan brochure Document Transcript

  • Data DiscoveryScanningAre your employees storingunencrypted cardholder data?Find out with iScan    —  —    (214)  276-­‐1150  Data Discovery Scan (PAN)iScan Online’s PAN (Primary account Number) scanning policy easilyidentifies the path of unencrypted cardholder data and where it is stored.iScan is very fast, highly accurate and supports scanning of numerous fileformats including ZIP, SMS messages, Microsoft Office and Outlook.Locate unencrypted payment card data so you can take action beforecyber criminals do.Scan Desktops, Servers, Tablets, andSmartphonesOrganizations are storing customer payment card data across all types ofendpoints. Regardless of the device type, storage of payment card data cancreate risk for data compromise and financial liabilities. iScan Onlinerecognizes that popular tablets and smartphones are playing a bigger rolefor processing credit card transactions. As of today, we are providing theindustry’s only data discovery scanning technology that scans Windows,Mac OS X, Android and Apple iOS mobile platforms.ComplianceMany regulatory compliances such as PCI and HIPAA, require organizationsto protect stored cardholder data. PCI requirement 3 specifically outlinestesting procedures to ensure that stored cardholder data is secure. iScanOnline provides easy and fast scanning to determine if PAN data isunsecured across multiple device types and file formats. iScan Online is aParticipating Organization of the PCI Security Standards Council. iScanOnline also includes a PCI internal vulnerability scan type that complimentsour PAN scanning capability.
  • Data Discovery ScanningIdentify unencrypted cardholder data being stored onWindows, Mac OS X & Mobile    —  —    (214)  276  -­‐1150  iScan Online is changing the paradigmof how security assessments areperformed.Scan Anyone, Anytime,Anywhere!Scan Delivery:-  iScan Online offers Data DiscoveryScanning for cardholder (PAN –Primary Account Numbers) via abrowser plugin or alternatively as adownloadable executable forWindows & Mac OS X-  Mobile Device scans are deliveredas a native app for Android andApple iOS.Speed:-  iScan leverages the cloud and theprocessor of your local computer ormobile device, to produce lightingfast scanning on 1 or 1,000’sendpoints in seconds across theglobeScan & Device Management:-  Manage all PAN scans and deviceswith the iScan Cloud Console tocreate multi-device reports and adashboard illustrating geolocationof where devices were scannedWhat’s New:-  iScan now discovers PAN data inZIP files, Microsoft Office andOutlook to determine if credit carddata is emailed in the clear.-  Discover PAN data in Mobilecontacts and SMS messages.