St Valentine Poems


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St Valentine Poems

  1. 1. St Valentine Poems4th ESO 2012 -13
  2. 2. I feel sad when I don’t see you, Lips tremble if I kiss you, Our love is wonderful, Very beatiful for me.Eyes cry if they don’t see you. You are my sweet love,Our love could grow stronger Under the hot sunny days. ANDREA
  3. 3. LOVE POEM I just want to be next to you Like when we were friends Only to see inside your eyes Visit your lips while you are sad Enjoy every second with you Yesterday I saw you in my dreams Only there I can be with you,Under the effects of love in my dreams. JAVIER I.
  4. 4. I like your eyesLonely I feel when you aren’t there Over the stars is my love Very much I think of you Elementary you aremy eyes Your mouth is so beautiful On the sky I am U are the biggest thing for me‘I LIKE YOUR EYES’ JESÚS
  5. 5. I love that lovely light that I can see in your eyes. Living next to you is one of the greatest things of the worldOnly you make me feel so high every time I close my eyes and think of you and I’m sure I m a Victim of your love but I don’t care because is just to Easy to forget that Im getting hurt by you. You don’t really care about the only people, Only about me and you that s why my heart will be yours Until you wanna. ‘I Love You’ Rodrigo
  6. 6. I love you my love Lots of kiss from you One of my dreams love Very romantic are you Extremely love to youYour love only your love Or nothing without youUnder my chest only love JAVI G.
  7. 7. I feel in love with youLove is the only thing that is true Or sometimes like a clue Very difficult I am sure Everything I have to aprove Yes, I am in love with youOwner of my feelings that is true Use my heart like the prove JAIME PALACIOS
  8. 8. I love you Love me too On a day like today Valentine finds his wayEverything remind me of you Yes, its you One person in the world Unique for me LUCÍA
  9. 9. I will always Love you, Our passion kisses Very far in the past Every night I dream You’re here, with meOur love is over, we’ll always be two strangers Unless you forgive me GUILLERMO
  10. 10. It’s true, Loving you On the beautiful moon Victims are we two. Easy lovers are cool. Your words are a “deja vu”.Oh my lover! Where are you? Umbrellas are for two. ELENA