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  • 1. NEW YORK JesusTomas Ordiales
  • 2. Guide for tourist  Index:  Safety  Getting around  Sightseeing  Local customs  Shoppings  Food and drink
  • 3. Safey  NewYork is a very safe city in in which you have to be aware of pickpockets (like in all the cities).  I think you should avoid going at night to the bronx.  Policeman are totally reliable
  • 4. Getting around  I believe that the best way to know the city is the underground, because is cheap, fast and it contamines less than a taxi. I dont recommend you a bike because there aren’t facilities. And taxis are expensive.You can use some skyscapers to orientate
  • 5. Sightseeing  You have to visit three land marks: Central Park, the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building  American Museum of Natural History and Metropolitan Museum of Art which both are brilliant and free.  I think you would enjoy going to Broadway and toTimes Square at night
  • 6. Local custom  I think you dont have to be dress in a particular way to enter in the worship, and also you can talk of whatever you want with local people.  The tip for waiters is a 5%of the dinner bill. And the one you like in a taxi
  • 7. Shopping  The best place is the 5th avenue.There a lot of shops where you cant haggle  You must visit the Soho and Chinatown market, where you can haggle quite a lot.
  • 8. Food and drink  Tap water is drinkable in all the city.  I think you must try cupcake and chesecake and the american breakfast, avoiding fatteing mcdonals food
  • 9. AND HAVE FUN!!!