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Alba & Mar

  1. 1. Our High School Alba Coro Martín 4ºAMar Corteguera Lorenzo 4ºB
  2. 2. Situation• Our high school is in Ribadesella, Asturias.• It’s near St. Marina beach.• When you cross the river Sella, the second street on the right is Avelina Cerra street. On the corner of the street with the street Dionísio Ruisánchez is our high school.
  3. 3. High school
  4. 4. History• Avelina Cerra high school was opened in 1967.• Mr. Dionisio Ruisánchez Fuentes married Mrs. María Teresa Avelina Cerra Rosete and created the Ruisánchez foundation.• The Ruisánchez foundation created the Avelina Cerra high school.• During 1975/76 vocational training courses began to be taught.• During 1991/92 the new Centre opened.
  5. 5. They are Mr.DionisioRuisánchez and Mrs.María Teresa AvelinaCerra Rosete.
  6. 6. Distribution 1.1• Our high school has got three floors.• On the ground floor there are the cafè, the library, the caretaker’s room, secretary, the teacher’s room, computer room 1, the gym, the workshop, the new technologies room and assembly hall.
  7. 7. The library
  8. 8. Caretakers’ room onChristmas
  9. 9. The computer room 1
  10. 10. The gym
  11. 11. The new technologies room
  12. 12. assembly hall
  13. 13. Distribution1.2• On the first floor there are the classrooms from one to six, the departments of biology, physics and chemistry and Spanish language, the laboratories of biology and physics and chemistry and art 1.
  14. 14. The classrooms fron one to six
  15. 15. The laboratories of biology and physics andchemistry
  16. 16. Art 1
  17. 17. Distribution 1.3• On the second floor there are classrooms from seven to fifteen, the departments of maths, history and philosophy and English, computer room 2, art 2 and music.
  18. 18. Classrooms from seven to fifteen
  19. 19. Computer room 2
  20. 20. Art 2
  21. 21. Distribution 1.4• Outdoor of the high school there are some gardens and courts.
  22. 22. Our teachers
  23. 23. LevelsIn our high school we have got various levels :We have got E.S.O.:-1st E.S.O.-2nd E.S.O.-3rd E.S.O.-4th E.S.O.And we have got Bachillerato :-1st bch-2nd bch
  24. 24. The subjectsThe subjects at our high school and specially in 4th E.S.O, which is our level:-History-Maths-English-Spanish Language-Biaology-Physics and Chemistry-Latin-Music-P.E.-Technology-E.J.E-Computer Science-French-Religion-Art-Crafts-Ethics
  25. 25. Future studies:Next year when we finish E.S.O.(compulsory secondary education) wecan choose two diferents ways, we canstudy F.P. (vocational training) or wecan study BACHILLERATO.If we study BACHILLERATO the nextway is going to university so we mustto do PAU, an entrance examination to
  26. 26. Educational systemThe Spanish current education system is :-Pre-school education : The children arefrom 0 to 2 years old .-Primary education: The children are from 6to 12 years old .-Secondary education: The chilcren are from12 to 16 years old .-BACHILLERATO : people from 16 to 18 yearsold-Vocational Training-University .