Bring the cup back


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Bring the cup back

  1. 1. bring the cup back In today’s digitised world, with its ‘give-me, get-me-now’ generation; something is being lost by the millisecond. One is one’s identity as well as something that has stood long and tall – holding one’s country together as well one’s family and friends. And that is pride of nation, pride of honour and pride to represent one’s own country in the name of country, not one’s own self-interest, not for fame but for country. BY JOHN E MANGINO - iSAILS9 2 M U LT I H U L L W O R L D
  2. 2. T he Americans have it, the agencies with the vision is Yachting every talented sailor that has made it British swim in it and New Australia. Yachting Australia has eight through our ranks now sails for another Zealand, a small country on state agencies that each day try to country, such as the current America’s the edge of the earth, lives by envision the future of this great sport. Cup winner Australian James Spithill. it. Now, pride is a funny thing. Yachting Australia develops the path This trend seemed to have begun theYou can have your pride hurt or for our young sailors, most of whom day Australia’s last effort sunk off theblemished or even seemingly taken San Diego coast and with it our pride are striving to one day sail for Teamaway. But what’s been lost in Australia and spirit to bring the cup back. Australia and perhaps even make it tois something even worse. And that the Olympics. In London this year Hopefully that’s all about to change.something is vision and planning for our Australians have been the ones to beat This spring it was announced byyouth’s athletics, planning for their in women’s and men’s classes, but current America’s Cup Organisers andfuture. Investing in their future has been where do they go after the Olympics? America’s Cup Race Management CEOdiscarded and replaced with personal Where have they been going? What’s Iain Murray, one of our own, of a clear,agenda s and personal wealth goals. new path for nations around the world the next step to becoming a to compete in the America’s Cup, a Reinvestment in the future does not professional sailor? Most generations Youth Challenge, sponsored by theexist – not by the government or by before had one clear goal – win the ever popular extreme sports drink Redcorporations. America’s Cup for their homeland. Bull. The America’s Cup Red Bull Youth Being an island nation, sailing is one Come home and train and plan a Challenge was spawned from theof the most prolific sports to which campaign to complete for the oldest minds of a couple of great sailingyoung Australians flock, with over trophy in sports today and in sailing – leaders including James Spithill whose10,000 sailing clubs, yachts clubs and the America’s Cup. goal is to help his homeland out, toa governing body overseeing. One of Sadly, that’s not true today, with the give a clear path to those coming upthe only government funded sport allure of money and fame. Almost through the ranks; and Iain Murray, M U LT I H U L L W O R L D 9 3
  3. 3. CEO of America’s Cup Race How to enter: • ACRM will secure at least four boatsManagement and an Aussie, as well. • America’s Cup World Series teams are for Independent Entries in the RedYou may remember Iain lost the Cup to supplying AC45 yachts to the Red Bull Youth America’s CupStars and Stripes Dennis Conner. Bull Youth America’s Cup • Independent Entries will need toSomething he’s trying to rectify today. participate in a training/selection • Current ACWS teams have the first Never before has there been an offer right to enter a team representing their seriessuch as this laid out before us. It is countryhoped that this will and should interest Team expenses and what is andand involve all. The question is: Will • If you are from a country that currently isn’t paid for by ACRM:Australian powers-to-be take has an America’s Cup World Series • Once approved as a team toadvantage of it? Will they put down team and wish to register your interest compete, a US $35,000 entry fee istheir election campaigns and personal with this team, please email dueagendas and finally support the future • ACRM will provide service andof our youth beyond the school yard? support for the AC45; one set of soft New teams purchasing or acquiring sails and branding of the main wing inAnd support an ever-diminishing their own AC45: Red Bull colours and your country’smarine business? • New teams may enter the Red Bull flag; and helmets. New Zealand is now reaping billions of Youth America’s Cup by purchasing ordollars from direct America’s Cup The team, other than the above acquiring their own AC45 yacht, mentioned, will be responsible for itsinvolvement today. New Zealanders provided there are not two teams from housing, training programs and travel,invested $32 million in Emirates Team that country already entered team gear, logistics and coaching staff.New Zealand in one of its worst hourswith just that hope and vision and in less • These teams will have priority Teams that are accepted must providethan two years has seen almost a triple acceptance over teams entering to ACRM a prescribed damage depositreturn to its boating and technical industry without an AC45 bond of US $25,000 by July 1, 2013. Theand with over $1 billion US, already and • AC45 hull and wing cost: €788,833.00, damage deposit will be used to cover thecounting and it’s still a year away from the email for costs of damage incurred by the team torace. That’s forward thinking. more information.Red Bull Youth any boats or will be put towards the Challenge pdf insurance deductible. The America’s CupBRINg THE CUp BACk. THE pLAN. International Jury will settle any disputes ifWhat: The Americas Cup Youth Independent Entry (Australia falls there is question of faultChallenge under this category): Contact San Francisco California USA. • Teams without an AC45 may apply as or you can also visit our websiteWhen: August 2013 an Independent Entry 9 4 M U LT I H U L L W O R L D
  4. 4. birth of a new cat I n a very short period of time, the catamaran class on the America’s Cup level has seen the birth of two new classes: the AC72 and the AC45. The 45 being birthedAC72 class first before its big sister the AC72. The AC45, built by Core Builders, was essentially built in a blinding 10 months. Both of these boats have several things in common. The first being the solid wing frames; second, their immense power to rate ratio; and third, their controversy.The spirit of the America’s Cup deed of gift lives on in The AC45 differs in that it is a One Design Rule Boat. Under one design rules each sail boat racing is designedthe 160-year-old competition. It replaces the ACC and built and exactly the same by the one manufacturer.monohull class, which was created in 1988 and first The AC45 was a purpose-built class, designed to train andraced in the 1992 Cup. develop racers leading up to the AC 72 Class, which is a Box Rule boat. The box rule differs but is in the same spiritBY JOHN MANGINO –iSAIL MEDIA of the One Design in that the boats measure into an imaginary box. Sail area maximums are defined as well as lengths on the water, weight and so on. Each team builds their own or is allowed to build their own. Also, the boat’s keels have to be laid in their team’s country of origin. The AC72 Class Rule was drafted by a distinguished group of consultants, chaired by pete Melvin, on behalf of US Sailing. Uncommon in America’s Cup racing was that the AC72 rule was discussed with teams beforehand, all having a helping hand in it. The final rule was published just last month. The first of these AC72 built to the box rule was launched recently in Auckland, New Zealand by Emirates Team New Zealand, being first to test their complete boat. As of this writing, they have tow hull tested and are now sailing with full sail and wing power. Each team has only 30 days of testing in 2012. Emirates Team has decided it will only test days that the conditions match the sailing venue in San Francisco. M U LT I H U L L W O R L D 9 5
  5. 5. Anything else they believe is a waste of like a canting keel does. Adjustable foilstime and resource. Conditions here on the rudders would act like trim tabs,mean over a 12kt wind. as well. Like on your powerboat you can Artemis Racing – Challenger of adjust how much of the boat is riding inRecord was actually the first to test their the water as well as the planing action –AC72 wing design. Each team’s will be how fast your boat comes up on plane.different in theory and design. Artemis The example on the left covers a lot ofchose to test their concept on a 60’ these aspects. It’s an ongoing project attrimaran in a more secretive section of Aquilon. As their senior project, thethe world. They have two test areas members of Aquilon have decided tonow, one being in Valencia where they improve the performance of the F18are test assembling their boat and wing, catamaran well as a base in Alameda, California. www.mecano.gme.usherbrooke.caAlameda is just across the San WINgS AND THINgSFrancisco Bay from Artemis’ nemesis,Oracle Racing and it’s probably wherethe other teams will be setting up shop.Artemis was the first to run into troubletesting and had their $2-3 million dollar every known threat to them and buildingwing collapse. They are in the transition a second squad that will train the mainstage now of moving to the USA. squad. Oracle will probably build three boats; two test boats and a final third “The America’s Cup is about they will race that we probably will nottechnology and pushing the boundaries. before the race. They are currentlyArtemis Racing was the first team to testing with four AC45’s in Sanbuild and sail with an AC72 wing, so it’slogical that we were the first to Francisco Bay and race two of these inexperience a setback. I am confident the World Series. Teams that currentlythat we will be stronger for this,” said race two AC45’s are Artemis Racing which is making a second team debut Each team’s wing shape seen by thepaul Cayard, CEO of Artemis Racing. naked eye look to be the same but on in San Francisco and Prada Luna Rossa That brings us to Oracle Team USA. that started in the series late but were a further examination you will find this isOracle Racing probably has the world’s far from the truth. Already we have seen huge threat out of the box.most experienced crew and money Artemis and Emirates wings differ in sizeinvested in their program. INSIDE OUTSIDE THE BOx and even area. New Zealand is using a The builder being the defender of Areas the teams are tweaking: With more unconventional rear flap that isrecord comes at huge price and not only the public launch of New Zealand’s first inverted on the bottom element.have they designed and put the new AC72 from pictures we can see some Elements are what give the wing itsprotocol in place for the 34th America’s key design aspects they are using at twist or concave or even camber – likeCup, at same time they went a step this point on hull one. First the unseen a sail. The more elements you have thefurther with the Americas Cup World it’s a known fact now that most teams more shape you can get into the wingSeries. The series’ first season just are testing and researching foil and the more control and speed youconcluded in July in historic Newport, technologies. Oracle has been on their can get out of it. Also, you can dumpRhode Island. Oracle won in the fleet AC45 designed practice boats for power out of the wing which is a veryand speed trials overall. Oracle has time months now. This will be a dramatic important spare so they say, but do they? speed advantage to the team that gets Lots more next issue as we update They have the disadvantage one it right. It also has amount of effect on you on all the tricks and focus on Pradawould say. This being the fact that they drag and pointing up wind. Luna Rossa and Team Korea, who aredon’t have to race in the Louis Vuitton Other effects are adjustable daggers or both a little behind the entry ball. NextCup Challenger Series and therefore canard boards that can lift the bows as report from San Francisco where we willthey don’t get to practice race anyone, well lower them. Canting dagger boards investigate the secret builds of Artemisother than themselves. They have, can adjust the heel of the boat and help Racing and Oracle, and bring you Worldthough, invested very wisely – buying up keep more wind on or off the wing, just Series coverage. 9 6 M U LT I H U L L W O R L D