Immediate surroundings llanera febrero2011


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Immediate surroundings llanera febrero2011

  1. 1. Works we have done IES Llanera Asturias-Spain September 2010-February 2011IMMEDIATE SURROUNDINGS
  2. 2. • Visiting Estonia (November 2010)• Making Recycling Paper in Art Class (October-November 2010)• Talking about care for our Planet (November 2010)• Preparing posters on energy saving (December 2010)• Starting a School Recycling Program (December 2010)• Visiting a Recycling Plant in Asturias (January 2011)• Building a structure with recycling paper (January-February 2011)• Painting murals on the walls, cleaning and care of the school environment (February-March 2011)• Energy Saving Plan (March 2011)
  3. 3. 1. Visiting Estonia “I’m going to talk about the school we were in Estonia:That school is placed in a village about 70km away from Tallin (the capital of Estonia) called Tapa. It’s name is Tapa Gümnaasium.”
  4. 4. “I really liked been there. The school is very big. They have really cool things and places, like the sofas, the gym… My favourite place is the students cafe. There we met, talked and played everyday. Tapa Gümnaasium is more welcoming than our school, I think. I hope you like it”. Carlos Álvarez Moro 4º D
  5. 5. 2. Making Recycling Paper in Art ClassDont throw away your oldnewspapers.Try making your ownrecycled paper!Recycling paper uses cellulose(plant fibers) over and overagain, it uses less electricity,less water, a lot less pollution,and it saves trees from beingcut down!
  6. 6. Recycled paper can be made from old newspaper, following the instructions below
  7. 7. Students working
  8. 8. …Then the students paint onthe recycled cards and here you are the results!!!
  9. 9. 3. Talking in class about caring for our Planet
  10. 10. …The students presented inclass works on the Planet Care
  11. 11. 4. Preparing posters on Energy SavingThe students of 3rd eso are designing informative posters on: Energy Saving
  12. 12. 5. Starting a Recycling Program in our SchoolWHAT DO WE DO?•We put eco-wastepaper baskets in the classroom.•Informational signs indicating what can be recycled and what can not berecycled in every classroom.•Teachers, tutors and management team to provide information to students.•We involve students in the posters’ design•Containers on each floor of the school to collect the contents of the eco-wastepaper baskets.•Container placed in the yard for the final collection.
  13. 13. WHAT WEWANT?•Recycling most of the paper usedin the school.•Raise awareness of theimportance of recycling to theenvironment.
  14. 14. 6. Visiting a Recycling Plant in AsturiasThe students from 1ºA & 1ºB visit a Recycling Plant
  15. 15. WORKSHOP“First we went to a workshop in the lab.We saw through a magnifying glass a lot ofdecomposers.It was very fun! But ones of thedecomposers are very disgusting!!” CIR “It is the interpretation center waste There we saw a video, in wich we have learned about the 3 R’s. It was interesting! reduce, reuse and recycle Then a girl explain us the things that we have to do for make minus waste in our homes. (In the kitchen, livingroom, bathroom and garden)”.
  16. 16. THE WASTELAND“The wasteland is almost full, we only have the wasteland for 2012approx.The wasteland releases some gases, which are called “Biogas”. Itreleases some liquids too, and the are called “Lixiviates”There are a lot of raptors to scare the gulls, that are going there.” By: Iván Rico González 1ºA
  17. 17. 7. Building a structure withrecycling paper in technology classReuse waste paper by making structuresSTEPS:First: To gather the secondhand paperSecond: DesignsThird: To do pipes of paperFourth: To joinFifth and last:To expose our structures
  18. 18. Structures Exhibition
  19. 19. Art ClassBuilding a Structure: Spider by Louise Bourgeois
  20. 20. 8. Painting murals on the walls.Cleaning the school environment Our next project in the Art class is to paint some murals with paintings by Keith Haring all around the school. We want to clean and improve the appearance of the School’s exterior walls.
  21. 21. 9. Energy Saving PlanThe students, will work in groups focussing on these points: I.E.S Llanera energy consumption: Water consumption. Gas Consumption. Electricity consumption. Recycling measures are carried out: Recycling paper and cardboard Battery Recycling Wood Recycling Other Waste management
  22. 22. IES LLANERA FEBRERO 2011