CFO and the Corporate Performance


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CFOs and the Corporate Performance event presentation is now available for download!!
Don't miss out the chance to discover KMS Financial Dashboard and gain a 360 degree view of the profitability, risk and cash flow metrics of your organization. Get in touch with us and learn how to perform Dynamic Analysis, Simulation of Profits, Sensitivity Analysis and uncover key value drivers.

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CFO and the Corporate Performance

  1. 1. Welcome (Breakfast Seminar) - Presentation Begins at 8amKnowledge Management Solutions
  2. 2. CFO & Corporate Performance – Financial Dashboard A 360 Degrees View of your Financial Reporting
  3. 3. Piecing the Financial Bits Together
  4. 4. An Overview• Finance professionals are at the heart of any enterprise and significantly impact the Operational Performance, Strategy Planning, Execution & Control.• Stakeholders are increasingly looking to the CFOs as not only those overseeing the books and dealing with the financials.• Today, significant amount of time and effort are spent daily in preparing and digesting voluminous spreadsheets that provide a lot of data but limited decision- making capability.Since Financial Crisis• 3 Mega Shift in Trends • Loss of Trust from Customers, Corporations & Government • Demographics: • New Emerging Markets (Rise of the East) • Customer Behaviors : Going Mobile, Electronic Forms, etc. • Technology Shift & Lifestyle Integration • Social Media, Connecting World, Accessibility of Financial Info Online
  5. 5. Agenda• Introduction to Knowledge Management Solutions• User Experience – Adrian Chan, CFO of Luxasia Pte Ltd• Leveraging Dashboard to Optimize the Role of CFOs & Walk through the KMS Financial Dashboard – Demo• QlikTech sharing • Jason Bissel, Managing Director for QlikTech Asia• Q & A and Closing
  6. 6. Knowledge Management Solutions Company Profile & Experiences - Seet Teck Kiang, Head of Sales - Singapore
  7. 7. About Us• Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance company in Singapore since 2004• Regional focus 250 customers served 50 Financial Dashboards to MNCs.• Regional Presence • Presence in Singapore ,Malaysia ,Thailand, Hong Kong, New Jersey,(USA)• Specializes in the Large MNCs / Government sector
  8. 8. Financial Dashboard Platform - QlikView
  9. 9. Unique Value• KMS key differentiating factor is our consulting talent.• Elite Solution Provider of 7 Years with over Financial Dashboards Implementations in over 50 Corporations• Wealth of experience in Large Enterprise Global Projects with Complex Requirements• Different Verticals Expertise• Consultants with a deep functionality understanding across business domains (Finance, human resources, risk analysis, manufacturing, supply chain, production, etc.)
  10. 10. Why did they buy it?Similar Conditions • Most have Excel Reporting or Existing DashboardsChallenges• Business Visualization was Poor (i.e. Lack of 360 degrees View) • Technology cause information to display in Silos or In Summary• Lack of Business Associativity & Granularity • Risk vs Revenue vs Assets (Granular at the Business Segment Level) • Canned Reports lack “Dynamism”• Changes to business rules / dimensions were slow to implement• Pressure for Transparency & Accurate Reporting demanded by both Internal Customers & the Financial Community • Senior Management, Line Managers, Investors, Regulators (MAS), Auditors• Increase Speed of Financial Reporting (Closing the books)• What is my exact financial position now & compared to our peers? Our Platform was the Differentiator
  11. 11. HSBC Securities Key Benefits“QlikView Phase 1 has drawn immense interests from the • Integration of data from various sourcesGlobal MI Team, and we are eagerly looking out for alarger phase to implement. We have now only arrived at • Dynamic changes to Account Grouping andjust the tip of the ice berg for HSBC.” presentation of P&L ReportsPatrick P H Lee , • Financial Performance AnalysisSenior Vice President, Global Finance,Corporate Trust and Loan Agency • Dynamic display of significant changes • Area level analysis covering hundreds of entities • Collaborative display of comments from Area Finance Managers • Flash Reports to generateAbout HSBC Securities performance as of WD2, WD4, etc.• HSBC Securities Services (HSS) is one of the worlds leading • Global deployment for users located in providers of securities with teams in more than 50 markets. more than 100 countries• Global assets under custody for HSS are USD5.6 trillion.Objective & Scope• Global Management Information Dashboard is a QlikView application designed to meet the needs of the business users.• The application primarily focuses on financial performance of Area (lowest level of entity) under different Products.• QlikView Product procurement, deployment and Training.
  12. 12. Global Foundries Key Benefits “This is really amazing. You took two days to do in QlikView for our most complex reports what we took 3 •Global deployment covering weeks to complete.” Operations, HR, Inventory, Supply Chain, Mfg, Pricing Intelligence, etc Srinivasan R., Manager, BI DW MGT REPORTING PRACTICE •Flexibility to drill-down and slice and dice the information •Cross functional analytical views for senior management •Empower user to derive actionable information based on user defined ad-About Global Foundries hoc query• Semi-Con Manufacturing facilities in the US, Europe, Singapore •Dashboards accessed using mobile• One of the worlds largest foundries in the world by revenue, with more than 150 customers devicesObjective & Scope• Enhance/Migrate Business Objects reports to QlikView Dashboards, build new Dashboards covering a wider range of business areas like Manufacturing, Operations, Inventory, HR, Supplies Management & Control, Pricing Intelligence, etc.
  13. 13. Finance Management & Analytics Dashboard A User Experience - Mr. Adrian Chan, CFO for Luxasia
  14. 14. Luxasia Pte Ltd and its Subsidiaries/JVA leading distributor of prestigious fragrance, cosmetics, skincareand hair care products with extensive regional business networkand presence in more than 10 countries. It is also a retailer, spaoperator, distribution agent for apparels and accessories logisticspecialist. As a one-stop or complete solution service provider, theGroup manages and supports the joint-ventures with partnersfrom the US and Europe. 18
  15. 15. Financial Dash Board (Before)Key Business Requirements• Brand/Division-wise profitability analysis required• Source system does not capture the overhead exp at brand level• More than 100 brands need to be analyzed• P&L Reports based on complex grouping rules• Complex business rules for apportionment of overhead expenses by Brand by Month• Allocation had to be manually done using thousands of excel sheets• Multi-country with different base currency needed consolidated views• Data issues in the source system captured wrongly affecting the reports 19
  16. 16. Financial Dash Board (After) Simplification & Standardization Fast Response Data Integrity, to Business Consistency & Changes Transparency Great Speed &Real Time and Values Flexibility: Automated Balance & What If Scenario, Benefits Predictive & Scorecard Detailed Analysis User-friendly & Easy & Short Low Maintenance Implementation Time Productivity Gains 20
  17. 17. Knowledge Management Solution• Able to understand the business problem because of theirexperience and wide exposures• Commitment and creativity in finding solutions whenconstraints are faced 21
  18. 18. Leveraging Dashboard to Optimize the Role of CFOs A Review of the KMS Financial Dashboard KPI Metrics - Nagesh, Regional Consulting Head - Ramas, Director for Services
  19. 19. Key Challenges • Integration of information • internal sources • external sources • delivery issues • timeliness • Identifying key indicators • Information delivery • Static • Cross functional data • Disjointed • Interpretation “#$@” • metrics definitions • cross functional challenges • stakeholders vs internal • accounting estimates • qualitative data like market info • Investigative hurdles • Cross the IT wall – knowledge owners • Using the delivered data/info - knowledge users • Inflexible navigation path • Lack of intuitive interface
  20. 20. KMS Financial Dashboard•Objective •Bridging the gap between the information residing in data and the knowledge users •Enable a user driven platform to Identify, Investigate and Act on items of significance •One view to allow multiple role players to have a single version of the data•Identify •Focus on allowing user to navigate to items of significance •Flexible and intuitive interface using the best in class BI Tool •Knowledge area well defined and easy to interpret --dynamic display of metrics and definitions •navigation path and depth of data required for analysis like summary and detail level •Communicate information of significance •Using a data display medium leveraging on the users knowledge – going beyond exception reporting •Using visual display for easy interpretation•Investigate •enable user defined analysis path for investigation•Act •simulate scenarios for impact analysis •generate actionable information •User Defined Adhoc Analysis and Reports •Deliver Custom Reports for meeting oversight responsibilities
  21. 21. KMS Financial Dashboard Analytics: A “Fly By Wire” Approach A Demonstration
  22. 22. Financial Dashboard – Global Mobility
  23. 23. Dynamic Dashboards
  24. 24. Dynamic Dashboards
  25. 25. Dynamic Dashboards
  26. 26. Data Visualization
  27. 27. Financial Dashboard Platform - QlikView
  28. 28. Conclusion Benefits  Powerful Visualization & Interactivity “Qlik & View”  360 Degrees View of Business (Unlimited Dimensions/Transaction Level)  Rapid Prototyping to Production Model  Quick Review & Change before Launching  Associativity between Business Units  Finance vs Market Exposure vs Operations  Leverages Existing Reports / Data Sources  Rapid Change to Business Rules / Dimensions  Automate All Standard Reporting (Inc. Time / Effort Savings)  Rapid Deployment of Analytics/Reports to Line Managers  MOBILITY (Anytime, Any Platform, Anywhere) 34
  29. 29. Q&A Questions & Answers?
  30. 30. Financial Dashboard- 1st Come Basis Thank you for coming! Proof of Concept / Workshop – Limited Places If you like what you have seen today and will like to review the Financial Dashboard using your own data. Please indicate on the form/checkbox: i) I’m Interested in a One to One Meeting to explore KMS Financial Dashboard Further. e.g. 26th April, AM i) Proof of Concept ii) Workshop << Limited Dates: 26th (Tues), 27th (Wed), 28th (Thurs) April >> *Please return form to Martha (at door) to obtain your FREE Thumb-Drive!
  31. 31. Reading the Financial Statement
  32. 32. We Make Things Easier Customer Profiling (e.g. DW) Financials Projections (Excel ) Local Intelligence (MS Access) ERP/CRM Systems ExternalData Source (e.g. Currency Exchange)