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 A Campaign To Save H2o
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A Campaign To Save H2o


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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  • 1. A CampaignToSave H2o.
    From: Isabella Gil Dueñas
    To: Carmen Elisa Castillo
  • 2. Introduction:
    Water is chemical substance that is composed of hydrogen and oxygen and is vital for all know forms of life. Every body needs water but not every body takes care of it or know how to do it, people must inderstand how important is to take care of water in orther to have it in the future.
  • 3. PHASE 1
  • 4. Theory
  • 5. CapacityVolume
  • 6. CapacityVolume
  • 7. Volume
    Volume is the amount of space and object occupies. Is the mass size of a body. Is the place that deals one body in the space.
  • 8. Capacity
    Capacity is the area objects in which we can make other objects or substances. Is how much it contains in something.
  • 9.
  • 10. Cubic Meter
     It is the volume of a cube with edges one meter in length.
  • 11. MetricCubicUnits.
  • 12.
  • 13. PHASE 2
  • 14. Experience.
    Video to find out the quantity of water that comes out of the faucet during a period of 30 seconds.
  • 15.
  • 16. Result Of The Measuring.
    During 30 seconds the container shows 2.2 liters of water, we multiply it by two and it results 4.4 liters of water flow every minute.
  • 17. TakingA Shower.
    I spend 15 minutes taking a shower multiplied by 4.4 liters per minute, it results 66 liters of water.
    I take a shower 7 times in a week, it results 462 liters of water.
  • 18. In The Bathroom
    I flush the toilet 3 times per day, every flush consumes 10 liters of water, multiplied by 3, results 30 liters of water. 30 liters multiplied by 7 days, results 210 liters of water per week.
  • 19. Washing The Hands.
    I spend 10 seconds(0.73 liters) washing my hands, I wash my hands 4 times per day, I multiply 4 by 10 seconds, results 4 multiplied by 0.73 liters, result 2.92 liters of water per day.
  • 20. Brushing The Teeth
    I spend 15 seconds(1.1 liters of water) brushing my teeth, I brush my teeth 3 times per day, it results 45 seconds, I multiply 1.1 by 3, it results 3.3 liters of water per day.
  • 21. PHASE 3
  • 22. Estimate
    Every Day:
    How much water I spend taking a shower:
    Every day 66 liters= 14.52 gallons
    In the bathroom:
    Every day 30 liters= 6.6 gallons
    Washing my hands:
    Every day 2.92 liters= 0.64 gallons
    Brushing my teeth:
    Every day 3.3 liters= 0.72 gallons
  • 23. Every Month:
    How much water I spend taking a shower:
    Every month 1848 liters= 406.56 gallons
    In the bathroom:
    Every month 840 liters= 184.8
    Washing my hands :
    Every month 81.76 liters= 17.98
    Brushing my teeth:
    Every month 92.4 liters= 20.3 gallons
  • 24. Conclude
    The total of water spend by me in one month is: 2862 liters= 629 gallons= 2.862 m3.