The super bowl sunday 2012


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The super bowl sunday 2012

  1. 1. The SuperBowl Sunday 2012!Excitement is in the air--- Yes it is! Mostespecially for those people who loveswatching the most anticipated and biggestevent of the year- the SuperBowlSunday 2012 and it is just a few weeksaway. Pretty sure that many Super Bowlfanatic has now his/ her plan for thatSunday- whether watching the game live orwatch it together with close friends andfamily at home. No one would like tomiss!!!Each year, the numbers of SuperBowlSunday fans are rapidly growing and the wait for this biggest event becomes higher and higher,it doesn’t fail to exceed everyones exceptions. So far, there have been 45 games played in SuperBowl (and a total of 46 games till the year 2012). Let’s take a look on the very first Super Bowlwinners up to the present (the list includes the year, teams in final and the champion)Super Bowl I- 1967Green Bay Packers vs. Kansas City ChiefsChampion: Green Bay PackersSuper Bowl II- 1968Green Bay Packers vs Oakland RaidersChampion: Green Bay PackersSuper Bowl III- 1969New York Jets vs Baltimore ColtsChampion: New York Jets Champion:Super Bowl IV- 1970Kansas City Chiefs vs Minnesota VikingsChampion: Kansas City ChiefsSuper Bowl V- 1971Baltimore Colts vs Dallas CowboysChampion: Baltimore ColtsSuper Bowl VI- 1972
  2. 2. Dallas Cowboys vs Miami DolphinsChampion: Dallas CowboysSuper Bowl VII- 1973Miami Dolphins vs Washington RedskinsChampion: Miami DolphinsSuper Bowl VIII- 1974Miami Dolphins vs Minnesota VikingsChampion: Miami DolphinsSuper Bowl IX- 1975Pittsburgh Steelers vs Minnesota VikingsChampion: Pittsburgh SteelersSuper Bowl X- 1976Pittsburgh Steelers vs Dallas CowboysChampion: Pittsburgh SteelersSuper Bowl XI- 1977Oakland Raiders vs Minnesota VikingsChampion: Oakland RaidersSuper Bowl XII- 1978Dallas Cowboys vs Denver BroncosChampion: Dallas CowboysSuper Bowl XIII- 1979Pittsburgh Steelers vs Dallas CowboysChampion: Pittsburgh SteelersSuper Bowl XIV- 1980Pittsburgh Steelers vs Los Angeles RamsChampion: Pittsburgh SteelersSuper Bowl XV- 1981Oakland Raiders vs Philadelphia EaglesChampion: Oakland RaidersSuper Bowl XVI- 1982San Francisco 49ers vs Cincinnati BengalsChampion: San Francisco 49ersSuper Bowl XVII- 1983Washington Redskins vs Miami Dolphins
  3. 3. Champion: Washington RedskinsSuper Bowl XVIII- 1984Los Angeles Raiders vs Washington RedskinsChampion: Oakland RaidersSuper Bowl XIX- 1985San Francisco 49ers vs Miami DolphinsChampion: San Francisco 49ersSuper Bowl XX- 1986Chicago Bears vs New England PatriotsChampion: Chicago BearsSuper Bowl XXI- 1987New York Giants vs Denver BroncosChampion: New York GiantsSuper Bowl XXII- 1988Washington Redskins vs Denver BroncosChampion: Washington RedskinsSuper Bowl XXIII- 1989San Francisco 49ers vs Cincinnati BengalsChampion: San Francisco 49ersSuper Bowl XXIV- 1990San Francisco 49ers vs Denver BroncosChampion: San Francisco 49ersSuper Bowl XXV- 1991New York Giants vs Buffalo BillsChampion: New York GiantsSuper Bowl XXVI- 1992Washington Redskins vs Buffalo BillsChampion: Washington RedskinsSuper Bowl XXVII- 1993Dallas Cowboys vs Buffalo BillsChampion: Dallas CowboysSuper Bowl XXVIII- 1994Dallas Cowboys vs Buffalo BillsChampion: Dallas Cowboys
  4. 4. Super Bowl XXIX- 1995San Francisco 49ers vs San Diego ChargersChampion: San Francisco 49ersSuper Bowl XXX- 1996Dallas Cowboys vs Pittsburgh SteelersChampion: Dallas CowboysSuper Bowl XXXI- 1997Green Bay Packers vs New England PatriotsChampion: Green Bay PackersSuper Bowl XXXII- 1998Denver Broncos vs Green Bay PackersChampion: Denver BroncosSuper Bowl XXXIII- 1999Denver Broncos vs Atlanta FalconsChampion: Denver BroncosSuper Bowl XXXIV- 2000St. Louis Rams vs Tennessee TitanChampion: St. Louis RamsSuper Bowl XXXV- 2001Baltimore Ravens vs New York GiantsChampion: Baltimore RavensSuper Bowl XXXVI- 2002New England Patriots vs St. Louis RamsChampion: New England PatriotsSuper Bowl XXXVII- 2003Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Oakland RaidersChampion: Tampa Bay BuccaneersSuper Bowl XXXVIII- 2004New England Patriots vs Carolina PanthersChampion: New England PatriotsSuper Bowl XXXIX- 2005New England Patriots vs Philadelphia EaglesChampion: New England Patriots
  5. 5. Super Bowl XL- 2006Pittsburgh Steelers vs Seattle SeahawksChampion: Pittsburgh SteelersSuper Bowl XLI- 2007Indianapolis Colts vs Chicago BearsChampion: Indianapolis ColtsSuper Bowl XLII- 2008New York Giants vs New England PatriotsChampion: New York GiantsSuper Bowl XLIII- 2009Pittsburgh Steelers vs Arizona CardinalsChampion: Pittsburgh SteelersSuper Bowl XLIV- 2010New Orleans Saints vs Indianapolis ColtsChampion: New Orleans SaintsSuper Bowl XLV- 2011Green Bay Packers vs Pittsburgh SteelersChampion: Green Bay PackersSuper Bowl XLVI- 2012To Be Announced ~Champion: To Be AnnouncedI am so sure that everyone is excited to know who will be the Super Bowl winner this year, andwill complete our list. Save the date and witness the most electrifying sports in history!