São paulo, capital of business, culture and gastronomy.
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São paulo, capital of business, culture and gastronomy.



Some facts about the city of São Paulo will host the opening of the FIFA Football World Cup in 2014.

Some facts about the city of São Paulo will host the opening of the FIFA Football World Cup in 2014.
If you plan to do business in Brazil the best city for this is Sao Paulo, see why?



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São paulo, capital of business, culture and gastronomy. São paulo, capital of business, culture and gastronomy. Presentation Transcript

  • São Paulo Marginal Pinheiros São Paulo, capital of business, culture and gastronomy.3/10/20123/10/2012 @isaacprofessor /prof.isaacmartins www.isaacmartinsvendas.blogspot.com 1
  • Sao Paulo has...• The largest retailer Ferrari in the world. The second is in Los Angeles,• The fourth Maserati dealership in the world,• The second Porsche dealership,• The second dealer Lamborghini,• The only Rolls and Bentley with subsidiaries in Latin America from Mexico. 3/10/2012 3/10/2012 @isaacprofessor /prof.isaacmartins www.isaacmartinsvendas.blogspot.com 2
  • São Paulo has ... The largest fleet of the worlds The largest fleet of private jets. agricultural, Surpassed New York, The largest fleet of Porsche Cayenne S. Carrera, the Alargest fleet of private helicopters Americas in the world. 3/10/2012 3/10/2012 @isaacprofessor /prof.isaacmartins www.isaacmartinsvendas.blogspot.com 3
  • São Paulo has... O The largest consumer of long distance Yachts - Ferretti - Viareggio – Lucca.3/10/20123/10/2012 @isaacprofessor /prof.isaacmartins www.isaacmartinsvendas.blogspot.com 4
  • São Paulo is...• The only city in the world that has four stores, Tiffanys,• The only city in the world which has three stores BVLGARI,• The branch profits more than Louis Vuitton,• The best selling affiliate MontBlanc pens out of Switzerland. 3/10/2012 3/10/2012 @isaacprofessor /prof.isaacmartins www.isaacmartinsvendas.blogspot.com 5
  • 6 Six Bugatti Veyron have been circulating around town. (There are orders for five more). Pagani orders for nine (five million dollars). It takes six months to make. There is a machine shop that specializes only in Ferraris. Existe uma Oficina Mecânica especializada somente em Ferraris3/10/20123/10/2012 @isaacprofessor /prof.isaacmartins www.isaacmartinsvendas.blogspot.com 6
  • • Eighty thousand paulistas are resident in Europe and the United States as the second option.3/10/20123/10/2012 @isaacprofessor /prof.isaacmartins www.isaacmartinsvendas.blogspot.com 7
  • São Paulo has ... • The largest number of Arab thoroughbred horses in the Americas,3/10/20123/10/2012 @isaacprofessor /prof.isaacmartins www.isaacmartinsvendas.blogspot.com 8
  • • São Paulo is the city that consumes Romanée Conti Grand Cru wines and the world. Rosé champagnes as well Kug, Crystal and Grand Dame. The city takes on average wines above $ 87.00 per bottle in the Americas,3/10/20123/10/2012 @isaacprofessor /prof.isaacmartins www.isaacmartinsvendas.blogspot.com 9
  • • São Paulo has the largest number of servants and guards of the Americas. Where a waiter earns average is US $ 1700.00.3/10/20123/10/2012 @isaacprofessor /prof.isaacmartins www.isaacmartinsvendas.blogspot.com 10 10
  • São Paulo has ... • 10,434,252 million. The third largest city in the world, • 1530 km (size Cuba). • The literacy rate is 95.4% of the population, • Gross Domestic Product of $ 147 billion - about 15% of national gross domestic product - the third largest GDP of the country (the largest is the Union, the second largest is the state of Sao Paulo and the third largest is the Sao Paulo), • IDH of 0.84% - considered high human Ponte Água Espraiada development according to the programs of the United Nations.3/10/20123/10/2012 @isaacprofessor /prof.isaacmartins www.isaacmartinsvendas.blogspot.com 11
  • • There are over seventy malls. (Increased number of Brazil). The malls of the city receive more than thirty3/10/20123/10/2012 million people per month.@isaacprofessor /prof.isaacmartins www.isaacmartinsvendas.blogspot.com 12 12
  • • There are over seventy malls. (Increased number of Brazil). The malls of the city receive more than thirty million people per month.3/10/20123/10/2012 @isaacprofessor /prof.isaacmartins www.isaacmartinsvendas.blogspot.com 13 13
  • Av. das Nações Unidas Taxis? There are thirty thousand. It is the third largest fleet in Latin America - London is twenty thousand. There are more than 5.5 million cars circulating throughout the city.3/10/20123/10/2012 @isaacprofessor /prof.isaacmartins www.isaacmartinsvendas.blogspot.com 14 14
  • The city has more than six thousand pizzerias producing about seven hundred and twenty minutes for pizzas, some of them among the best in the world. São produced approximately two hundred seventy-eight per minute sushi in town3/10/20123/10/2012 @isaacprofessor /prof.isaacmartins www.isaacmartinsvendas.blogspot.com 15 15
  • • The underground city of São Paulo, considered one of the most modern and comfortable in the world, carries 2.5 million people per day. Avenida, Paulista spend more than 5,700 cars and 1,400 buses per hour at peak times. The Bovespa is now over 100 years and is the largest cntro negotiations Avenida Paulista with Latin American stocks.3/10/20123/10/2012 @isaacprofessor /prof.isaacmartins www.isaacmartinsvendas.blogspot.com 16 16
  • São Paulo has ... Catedral da Sé - Centro• more than 205 hospitals,• about 1,500 agencies, national and international banks,• 105 colleges, 28 universities and 23 technical education centers,• 12 500 restaurants - 500 barbecue restaurants,• 15 000 bars,• 270 cinemas, 3/10/2012 3/10/2012 @isaacprofessor /prof.isaacmartins www.isaacmartinsvendas.blogspot.com 17 17
  • São Paulo tem... Teatro Municipal de São • more than 120 theaters and Pauloconcert halls, • 90 museums, • 39 cultural centers, • More than 100 stage plays per week, or 4,800 pieces per year.3/10/20123/10/2012 @isaacprofessor /prof.isaacmartins www.isaacmartinsvendas.blogspot.com 18 18
  • Sala Imax – Boulevard PompéiaSão Paulo has the cinema with the largest screen and the latest technology in film projection of the country.3/10/20123/10/2012 @isaacprofessor /prof.isaacmartins www.isaacmartinsvendas.blogspot.com 19 19
  • São Paulo is the capital of the events and culture in Latin America, with 90 000 events per year. Seventy-five percent of Brazilian fairs take place in São Paulo.3/10/20123/10/2012 @isaacprofessor /prof.isaacmartins www.isaacmartinsvendas.blogspot.com 20 20
  • São Paulo is... Mercado Municipal de São Paulo• The third largest Italian city in the world, The largest Japanese city outside Japan, The largest Portuguese city outside Portugal The largest Spanish city outside Spain The third largest Lebanese city outside Lebanon.3/10/20123/10/2012 @isaacprofessor /prof.isaacmartins www.isaacmartinsvendas.blogspot.com 21 21
  • São Paulo is more global than ever. Parque Ibirapuera Hosted the first global marketing campaigns for Levis, and Mabeline Citroen (with Kiefer Sutherland, Jack Bauer of the series 24 hours). Besides being the stage for recent films, novels and the Brazilian version of Americas Next Top Model. São Paulo was also the theme for the third time in less than two years of a subject in the North American newspaper The New York Times. 3/10/2012 3/10/2012 @isaacprofessor /prof.isaacmartins www.isaacmartinsvendas.blogspot.com 22 22
  • • São Paulo has the only public university that is not Federal in the country.• The USP 100 is among the best in the world and first in South America (ranking of "The Times").• No wonder that today, in Brazil, things happen first in São Paulo 3/10/2012 3/10/2012 @isaacprofessor Cidade Universitária /prof.isaacmartins www.isaacmartinsvendas.blogspot.com 23 23
  • Remember, in Brazil, things happen first in São Paulo. And if you want to sell in São Paulo, hired Professor IsaacPinacoteca Martins Visit our website or www.institutoim.com.br www.isaacmartins.com.br or by e-mail atendimento@institutoim.com.br 3/10/2012 3/10/2012 @isaacprofessor /prof.isaacmartins www.isaacmartinsvendas.blogspot.com 24 24