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Discover your femininity: Nymboonize Yourself
The new brand already amazing in Europe, taking the market due to its amazing artwork and beauty of the brand, licensees fighting for the brand all around the globe

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Brand book NYMBOO

  1. 1. 16/2/11
  2. 2. Discover your femininity: Nymboonize yourself!Every girl, every woman is a complex system of seductive force which - in a generic term- we call femininity A great number of paradigm - the romantic type, the sexy kind,the sport- aholic, the floordance victim, are expressions of the different ways which make a girl or a woman one in a kind. Nymboo is all about this Find your style, and let it shine!
  3. 3. Six sexy “Pin Ups”, styled with a unique and brand new graphic styleThe Nymboo Girls are inspired by sex symbols and worldwide known feminine icons, past present :Marylin Monroe, Betty Page, Lolita all mixed through different design, fashion and styles, modern or classics,from the Liberty age to the 80’s mojo, from surf vibrations to afro style
  4. 4. She’s the Dark Lady of the group.She’s very sensual and elegant.Her personality’s ‘lunar’ and a bit enigmatic,but withno shadow of pessimism.Her ‘secret weapons’ are her beautiful deep eyesand her intriguing smile.She’s an easy-going girl.She’s romantic and very optimistic.She can see beauty everywhere, even where no one can find it.Everyone thinks she’s a ‘bimbo’, but she’s actually very smart.Her personality’s incredibly strong and she can overcomeall difficulties thanks to her fantastic optimism and to herirresistible charm.
  5. 5. She was born in Hawaii and she’svery keen on the traditions of her islands.She’s very competitive and very good at sports(boys find it hard to win when playing against her),but a flower in her hair is enough to make her lookvery feminine.She’s an hyperactive girl, very dynamic and incrediblyself-confident.She’s the best at dancing and singing and...rhythm’s herlife!She’s sincere and direct and she can easily makefriends or draw the attention on her!
  6. 6. She’s very dynamic.She loves all kind of sports and she’s always love with life and with everything around her.She’s friendly and she’s got an incredible sense of humor.She’ll never admit it, but...she ‘s very sexy tooShe’s the most romantic of the Nymboo girls.She’s very talented, cultured and creative and she lovesstudying.She’s keen on all forms of art and she knows a lot aboutpainting and about literature.She’s shy and thoughtful, but her fine beauty often makesher be the center of attention.
  7. 7. THE BRANDSexy, funny, heterogeneous.BENEFITThe Nymboo brand fits the different types of femininityand help every girl express their inner self.CLAIM:NYMBOONIZE YOURSELFFACTS AND SIMBOLS SUPPOTING THE BRAND CLAIM:Nymboo GirlsDifferent types and treatmentModern graphic, sexy with humourConsistency between different stylesIT MAKES ME FEEL:Pretty, Radiant, AttractiveIT MAKES ME LOOK:Easy-going, Sexy (in a positive sense) Ironic
  8. 8. Kawaii Style Hello Kitty Tutti CutiSoft Strongtone tone Charuca Sanrio Friends TokiDoki Street Style
  9. 9. TO OFFER LICENSEES A NEW PROGRAM WHOSE BASIC INGREDIENTS ARE Worldwide and universal appeal Brand new positioning Long term development through an unlimited roster (currently the 6 first only) Collectability Easy access to product development through an extensive style guide …so sexy!
  10. 10. spread categories and territories 6 NEW NYMBOO GIRLS EACH YEARKey categories in key territories Web site-Blog-Social NetworkCommunication plan ( ongoing )
  11. 11. Stationary ITALY gift Apparel UKFashion accessories USA Cosmetics Underwear East Europe Nightwear Southern Europe Beachwear Southern America Eyewear
  12. 12. Mexico: mobile: 04455 2106 1332 office: 2591 94 26Abroad: mobile: +(521) 55 2106 1332 office : +(525) 55 2591 9426Bosques de Radiatas 18 interior 701 Bosques de las Lomas C.P. 05120 Cuajimalpa de Morelos México D.F