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hana online training ,our sap hana trainers in real time experts and they are having good in online training ,SAP HANA free demo .

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Hana online training by bigclasses.com

  1. 1. http://www.bigclasses.com/sap-hana-online-training.html
  2. 2. • SAP HANA is SAP AG’s implementation of in-memory database technology. There are four components within the software group:• SAP HANA DB (or HANA DB) refers to the database technology itself,• SAP HANA Studio refers to the suite of tools provided by SAP for modeling,• SAP HANA Appliance refers to HANA DB as delivered on partner certified hardware (see below) as an appliance. It also includes the modeling tools from HANA Studio as well as replication and data transformation tools to move data into HANA DB,[2]• SAP HANA Application Cloud refers to the cloud based infrastructure for delivery of applications (typically existing SAP applications rewritten to run on HANA).. http://www.bigclasses.com/sap-hana-online-training.html
  3. 3. • HANA DB takes advantage of the low cost of main memory (RAM), data processing abilities of multi- core processors and the fast data access of solid- state drives relative to traditional hard drives to deliver better performance of analytical and transactional applications.• It offers a multi-engine query processing environment which allows it to support both relational data (with both row- and column- oriented physical representations in a hybrid engine) as well as graph and text processing for semi- and unstructured data management within the same system. HANA DB is 100% ACID compliant. http://www.bigclasses.com/sap-hana-online-training.html
  4. 4. • Since inception of BigClasses.com, it has evolved into a cherished and most reliable retail and Corporate Training Company.• BigClasses.com Training is one training institute where online interactive trainings is a common experience and many students in the past have learnt, mastered, got certified and landed excellent jobs on their way to their careers. Our training takes place with well prepared training materials http://www.bigclasses.com/sap-hana-online-training.html
  5. 5. • BigClasses.com has access to a faculty of esteemed and highly qualified consultants to deliver the courses.• BigClasses.com is one training institute where remote online learning is a common experience and many students in the past have learnt, mastered, got certified and landed in excellent jobs on their way to IT careers.• Bigclasses.com Training Certificate Program: A complete course in Bigclasses.com http://www.bigclasses.com/sap-hana-online-training.html
  6. 6. Introduction to SAP HANAEntirely new PossibilitiesSAP’s In-Memory OfferingHana in contrast to SAP ApplicationsHana in Detail http://www.bigclasses.com/sap-hana-online-training.html
  7. 7.  Structure of In-Memory computing studio Architecture of Hana- overview Replication Server, process and Architecture Purpose of the Information Modeler Connectivity options for reporting on top of Hana User Creation(Role Creation and Assignment) http://www.bigclasses.com/sap-hana-online-training.html
  8. 8. • #601, A Block, Balaji Towers,• Prime Hospital Road, Ameerpet,Hyderabad-500016.• IND : +91-40- 64600330 Mobile : +91 800 811 4040• USA : +1 732 325 1626• Email: info@bigclasses.com http://www.bigclasses.com/sap-hana-online-training.html