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Mkt340 Young Folks Absolut Cut Research Process V5 7nov07
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Mkt340 Young Folks Absolut Cut Research Process V5 7nov07


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Published in: Business, Travel

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  • 1. Young Folks ABSOLUT CUT in Paris
    • Victor Silva
    • Chisenga Chiluba
    • Isabell Schulz
    • Shireen Orphy
    • Khetyan Amuah
    Paris, 2007 Marketing Research Plan for launching
  • 2. The Possible Segments
    • Alex
      • Young straight male student, regularly going to bars/clubs
    Young Folks Paris, 2007
    • Phil
      • Young gay student and/or young professional, regularly going to bars/clubs
  • 3. Decision 1 and the Options
    • If more than 65% are straight young men, that go to night clubs/bars once a week and are inclined to buy 2-4 drinks per night drinking vodka/rum/tequila/FABs, we will target Alex.
    • If more than 55% are homosexual young men, that go to night clubs/bars once a week and are inclined to buy 2-4 drinks per night drinking vodka/rum/tequila/FABs, we will target Phil.
    • If 45% - 65% are straight young men and 35% - 55% are young gay men, we will target both Phil and Alex.
    Young Folks Paris, 2007
  • 4. Decision 2 and its Options
    • If Phil, we will distribute Absolut Cut in the Marais and gay clubs/bars.
    • If Alex, we will distribute Absolut Cut in clubs/bars at the Champs-Élysées (classy, clubs/bars)‏
    • Classy = stylish, smart, elegant
    Young Folks Paris, 2007
  • 5. Decision 3 and its Options
    • If 60% of either Alex or Phil perceive us as a premium FAB/premixed drink, we can advertise and promote Absolut Cut as such.
    • Premium = of exceptional quality or greater value than others of its kind, of higher price or cost.
    Young Folks Paris, 2007
  • 6. Questionnaire
    • Goal
      • Survey 50 people
    Young Folks Paris, 2007
  • 7. Young Folks Paris, 2007
  • 8. Young Folks Paris, 2007
  • 9. Guide for Questionnaire
    • Find out the number of the potential homosexual segment.
    • Location of where most people go out (bars/clubs)‏
      • What are the new clubs that all gaystraight young men go to?
        • High class bar/club
    • Preferred type of drinks
    • Income of €1,200 or more per month
    • Consumer of FABs (or similar drinks such as Tequila)‏
    Young Folks Paris, 2007
  • 10. Focus Group
    • Goal
      • Determine benefits of Absolut Cut based on
          • Design
          • Atmosphere
          • Quality
          • Taste
          • Price
    • Setting
      • 3 focus groups with 7 to 10 participants
      • Randomly chosen participants at a nightclub/bar/campus
    Young Folks Paris, 2007
  • 11. Focus Group cont.
    • How
      • Questions (see following page)‏
      • Show print and TV ads
        • How likely are Alex/Phil to buy/try Absolut Cut?
        • Why would or would Alex/Phil not buy Absolut Cut?
        • Absolut Cut sample + free entry to a bar, where Absolut Cut will be distributed
    Young Folks Paris, 2007
  • 12. Focus Group Questions
        • Is this the first time you are trying a flavoured alcoholic drink?
        • Which other flavoured drink brands have you tried?
        • What impression do you have of flavoured alcoholic drinks? What differentiates one FAB from another?
        • If you saw this ad on TV, how likely would you be to try Absolut Cut?
        • What did you like or did not like in the ad?
        • What do you see as positive and negative aspects, and why? (design, taste, colour)‏
        • What suggestions would you give to make Absolut Cut more “male” attractive?
        • List 3 positive and negative things about Absolut Cut.
    Young Folks Paris, 2007
  • 13. Focus Group cont.
    • Summary Questions
      • After everything you have seen and heard about Absolut Cut, what are your opinions?
      • Would you say you have a different perception of Absolut Cut after this discussion?
      • Is there anything else you would like to add?
    Young Folks Paris, 2007