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Rise with the Dinar dirham Revolution
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Rise with the Dinar dirham Revolution


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Published in: Economy & Finance

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  • 1. Rise With The Dinar dirham RevolutionIrwan ibn Izhar
  • 2. AgendaRise With The Dinar dirham Revolution What? A Primer on Dinar dirham History, Standards, Use, LegacyWho&How? Dinar dirham in Modern Times World Islamic Mint Why? Dinar dirham – from Option to Obligation Today’s Reality, Tomorrow’s Certainty When? The Dinar (dirham) Revolution Dinar dirham – here and now!
  • 3. What is the Gold Dinar & Silver Dirham?
  • 4. Dinar dirham in the Early DaysMuslims Minted Coins of Their Own Early Gold Dinar • CaliphAbd al-Malik ibn Marwan (685-705 CE) • More than 50 years after Muhammad Early Silver Dirham • Umayyad Caliphate (729/30 CE)
  • 5. Standards of Dinar dirhamSet byʿUmar ibn al -Khattāb (634 – 644 CE)“Know that there is consensus [ijma]since the beginning of Islam and theage of the Companions and theFollowers that the dirham of thesharia is that of which ten weighseven mithqals [weight of the dinar]of gold... The weight of a mithqal ofgold is seventy-two grains ofbarley, so that the dirham which isseven-tenths of it is fifty and two-fifths grains. All thesemeasurements are firmlyestablished by consensus.”Ibn Khaldun, Al-Muqaddimah
  • 6. Value & Usage of Dinar dirhamEvolution in Exchanges of Empires Byzantine / Roman Barter Empire Sassanid / Medium of Exchange Muslim Ummah Persian Empire Money Currency Sharia Currency Localized Legacies
  • 7. What Happened Then?Flashback of the Farcical Transformation from Fine to Fiat REAL “As good as gold.” Used for gold (and silver)! “gold” deposits?
  • 8. The Whodunnit & Howstoryof Gold Dinar & Silver Dirham
  • 9. The World Islamic MintRoots, Realisation & Restoration of Real Money Shaykh Dr. Shaykh Prof. Rais Abdalqadir As-Sufi Umar Ibrahim Vadillo Abu Bakr Rieger
  • 10. The World Islamic MintRoots, Realisation & Restoration of Real Money Dr. Necmettin Erbakan King Hassan II Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad(Turkey P.M.; 1996 – 1997) (Maghribi; 1961- 1999) (P.M.; 1981 – 2003)
  • 11. The World Islamic Mint Roots, Realisation & Restoration of Real MoneyThe Dinars & dirhams Granada (Spain) IMN / WIN IGD Hajj Series (Dubai, U.A.E.) Kelantan (2010)
  • 12. WIM – The Current StandardsIn Use From 2010
  • 13. WIM versus Non-WIMDetractors or Distraction?
  • 14. Why WIM Gold Dinar & Silver Dirham?
  • 15. Dinar dirham – The Tip of TotalityMeanings, Movements, Mechanisms & More Mint(s) Wakalah(s) WIM Wadiah(s) Coop
  • 16. Dinar dirham Today
  • 17. Dinar dirham Today
  • 18. Dinar dirham Today
  • 19. Dinar dirham Today
  • 20. Dinar dirham Today
  • 21. Dinar dirham Today
  • 22. Dinar dirham Tomorrow
  • 23. Dinar dirham TomorrowNew Standards Shine Secure Small
  • 24. Dinar dirham TomorrowExtension, Expansion, Everywhere
  • 25. Dinar dirham TomorrowWorldwide Wealth and Consensus Commerce
  • 26. Dinar dirham and DestinyA Global GoodThe outlook of precious metalsremains intrinsically tied to theinternational financial system.We believe that the world will returnto a gold & silver monetary standardthat has been proven resilientthroughout history until recentlycoercively rescinded.The indisputable certainty of a fiatfailure requires immediate attention &action to ensure the continuedfunctioning of civilisation as we knowit, by means of introducing, interalia, Dinar dirham to the people.
  • 27. When Will The World WitnessGold Dinar & Silver Dirham?
  • 28. And Now...The Numbers That Will Make You Numb Get ready to take the leap of faith (at the very least, in Dinar dirhams!)
  • 29. Circulation CyclesFacts & Figures Official Rate RM 804.00 1 Dinar as of 17/2/2012 12/8/2010 12/8/2011 Peak 17/2/2011 17/2/2012 Rate History 581.00 818.00 871.00 651.00 804.00 Year 1 Year To Date To Peak To Date Year Average Appreciation 41% 24% 50% 38% 38%
  • 30. The Real Gold Rushby Irwan Ambak on Sunday, August 7, 2011 at 8:35amThere is about USD$ 8 Trillion (thats 8,000,000,000,000) worth of all themined gold in the world at todays prices. Just a fraction is available for sale. Silver?Dollars alone (M3; and notThere is more than USD$ 15 Trillion in US What silvercounting the worlds other currrencies). Almost all is not backed by gold. ???What happens when everyone wants to change worthless fiat papercurrencies to gold? At todays prices, theres not enough gold to go around!(Therefore, the price of gold will accelerate upwards, till pricing no longermakes any sense when fiat collapses). So ladies & gentlemen, the real gold rush has begin.
  • 31. Fable-ous FinaleWhich comes first? The chicken or the egg?