Mozilla & MozTW: Our Open Community
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Mozilla & MozTW: Our Open Community






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    Mozilla & MozTW: Our Open Community Mozilla & MozTW: Our Open Community Presentation Transcript

    • mozillaOur Open Community
    • Irvin
    • before we started... MoPad→ / moztw-ncnu
    • 請儘管聊 → is Mozilla?
    • 請儘管聊→
    • 請儘管聊→
    • From Blog of Sean Martell, Lead Visual Designer of Mozilla 請儘管聊→ Thunderbird?
    • 請儘管聊→, what is Mozilla?
    •字幕版 請儘管聊→
    • 請儘管聊→ global community
    • by-nc-sa 2.0 by fligtar on flickr 請儘管聊→ A Non-profit Organization
    • Mozilla 宣言 請儘管聊→ with A Mission
    • Mozilla 開放秘辛 請儘管聊→ In An Open Way
    • 請儘管聊→ is MozTW?
    • photo: by-nc-sa 2.5 tw by wolfwind 請儘管聊→ The Firefox fans’ club?
    • 請儘管聊→
    • 請儘管聊→
    • 請儘管聊→ Global community
    • 請儘管聊→ Global community
    • by Baptiste cc: by-sa 3.0 請儘管聊→ Across all six continents (Baptiste from Mozilla Antarctica)
    • 請儘管聊→ This isMozilla
    •字幕版 請儘管聊→ The Mozilla Story
    • 請儘管聊→
    • 請儘管聊→ Firefox Features
    • 請儘管聊→ New Features UI revised App Tab Panorama Do Not Track Addon default compatible Firefox Sync Addon Sync Developer Tools: Inspector, Tilt 3D, Scratchpad Of course much faster
    • 請儘管聊→ Firefox Sync
    • 請儘管聊→ Firefox Home
    • 請儘管聊→ you ever seen a browser with 50+ tab?
    • 請儘管聊→ New Features, more is coming... Silent update UI Revise New Home Tab Web App Metro Style Firefox setting reset Of course more faster
    • 請儘管聊→ New Features, more is coming... Following here
    • 請儘管聊→ Customize, Personalize, Enhance
    • 請儘管聊→ Themes “FT EVO” “Red Cats” “rein” “Live With Music”
    • 請儘管聊→ to makethemes?
    • 請儘管聊→ 1. Preparing your favorite images 2. Installing Personas Plus extension 3. Follow the 4-steps instruction: How to Create Personas
    • 請儘管聊→ to buildAdd-on?
    • 請儘管聊→ Add-on SDK & Add-on Builder + a little JavaScript
    • 請儘管聊→ What’s Your Style?
    • 請儘管聊→ Looking Ahead Mitchell Baker
    • 請儘管聊→ Release Channels The Future Now!
    • 請儘管聊→ Firefox Rapid Release
    • 請儘管聊→ A Defferent Kind of Browser
    • Photos by Clayton Lord, under cc license 請儘管聊→ That’s the difference
    • 請儘管聊→ Identity Collusion.Persona
    • 請儘管聊→
    • 請儘管聊→ The Web Is The Platform
    • 請儘管聊→ Web Apps
    • 請儘管聊→ Taiwan Community
    • 2000 請儘管聊→
    • 請儘管聊→ ProjectsL10n SitesNews Events
    • 請儘管聊→狐耳摩莎
    • 請儘管聊→
    • 請儘管聊→ Join us! translate, editor, web design, illustrate, coding, system manage events,or be a local member...Anything you like to do, you can / contribute ↑ even this page needs improve
    • 請儘管聊→ on...
    • 請儘管聊→
    • irvinfly / irvinfly