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In salford guidelines

  1. 1. City brand guidelines Draft version 01City brand guidelines page 1
  2. 2. Contents‘IN Salford’ logostyle 3 The ‘IN Salford’ endorsement logo has been created to promote the city of Salford as a whole and toLogo colour 4 create a mechanism for a joined-up partners andLogo secondary colour 5 stakeholders within the city.Logo clear area 6 These guidelines give an overview of how the ‘IN Salford’ visual identity works and the basicLogo placement 7 guidelines that need to be followed.Incorrect usage 8 For further details, examples of correct usageMore information 10 please contact Creative Services on 0161 793 2 City brand guidelines
  3. 3. ‘IN Salford’ logostyleThe ‘IN Salford’ endorsement logo is an easy to The ‘IN Salford’ endorsement logo has whiteuse device that can be simply added to promotional keyline around the outer edge as a default.material as a badge or logo. For details regarding The keyline allows the logo to stand outthe placement of the logo, please refer to page 6. better on solid backgrounds or images.This logo may not be redrawn, distorted or alteredin any way.City brand guidelines page 3
  4. 4. Logo colourThe logo colour is magenta, chosen for its up-beat Informationand highly visible properties. For colour references using other media than Pantone please contact Creative ServicesIt also has been selected for ease of reproduction on 0161 793 3761 or emailacross many applications. Whether printing as spot or out of 4 process colours, 100% consistencyshould be achieved. PANTONE Process Magenta (coated or uncoated). Magenta four colour process breakdown.PANTONE® C 0ProcessMagenta M 100 Y 0 K 0page 4 City brand guidelines
  5. 5. Logo secondary colourThe secondary colour is solid black and was chosento compliment the main colour both visually an in itsease of application.Secondary colour use is reserved for black and whiteprinting or if the main colour is not available. PANTONE Process Black (coated or uncoated). Black four colour process breakdown. PANTONE® C 0 Process Black M 0 Y 0 K 100Coloured stock useWhen printing onto coloured stock, the logo in thesecondary colour should be used. The logo text willappear reversed out of the coloured stock. This is theonly circumstance in which the logo type can appearin another colour (i.e. the colour of the stock).City brand guidelines page 5
  6. 6. Logo clear areaA clear area around the logo will ensure visibility andimpact on every communication.As illustrated below, the height of the logo is thestandard unit of measurement for calculating theminimum logo clear 6 City brand guidelines
  7. 7. Logo placementWhile the ‘IN Salford’ endorsement logo provides ahigh degree of flexibility, consistent placement of thelogo will help to ensure recognition and a cohesivelook across all media.Following the clearance rule on page 6 of theseguidelines the logo can be placed in any of the fourcorners of any page. See examples below.City brand guidelines page 7
  8. 8. Please don’t...The ‘IN Salford’ endorsement logo has beencarefully created and must never be recreated.Inconsistency of any kind will undermine our effortsto create a cohesive identity for city of Salford.Don’t...recreate the logo IN Salford IN SALFORDDon’t...use the logo uncontained IN Salford IN SalfordDon’t...distort the logoDon’t...reproduce in other colours IN Salford IN Salfordpage 8 City brand guidelines
  9. 9. and don’t...Don’t...reproduce as a tint IN Salford IN SalfordDon’t...transpose the colours of the logo IN Salford IN SalfordCity brand guidelines page 9
  10. 10. Digital artworkFF Din Salford font has been specially created toproduce the ‘IN Salford’ endorsement logo and is notsupplied as a system font for Macs and PCs. Digitalartwork has been created with this in mind. Thelogos have been saved as Adobe Illustrator EPS files,with the fonts outlined. Your computer will not needthe font to read the logo.The supplied artwork is designed for use withinrecognised graphics and publishing applicationssuch as QuarkXPress, Adobe InDesign, AdobePhotoshop, Adobe Illustrator and MacromediaFreehand.AdviceThese guidelines have been produced to helpdesigners use the logo. It is essential that this guideis followed at all times, to maintain a consistentquality across all publications which carry the logo.If you require further advice on the use of the ‘INSalford’ endorsement logo please contact Marketingand Communications on 0161 793 3761 oremail© Salford City Council 2005These corporate guidelines are the property of Salford City Council and are issued on condition they are notcopied or reproduced without the consent in writing of Marketing and Communications, Salford City 10 City brand guidelines