Development Workshop on ET1, Android and Motorola RhoElements


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This presentation is part of my 2-hour Development Workshop that I conducted at a Motorola Channel Power event. The workshop covered various development options on the ET1 and covered Native Android Development, HTML5 basics and a step by step breakdown of a RhoElements application that integrated device capabilities like barcode scanning.

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Development Workshop on ET1, Android and Motorola RhoElements

  1. 1. DEVELOP LESS. RUN MORE.Application Development Workshop MOTOROLA RhoElements
  2. 2. AGENDA• ET1 – Development Options• Developing Native Android Applications - Toolset• Developing for Multiple Mobile OS – the Problem• The solution: RhoElements• Key features & Benefits• HTML5 Basics• RhoElements Framework – Writing Sample Apps & Demos
  3. 3. DEVELOP LESS. RUN MORE. ET1 – Development Options
  4. 4. ET1 – DEVELOPMENT OPTIONS5 • ET1 • Rugged Enterprise Device • Android 2.3 • Native Applications • Java language + set of associated tools • Full Device Features • Web Applications (Pure Web Frameworks) • HTML5, CSS, Javascript • Limited Access to Device Features • Web Applications (RhoElements) • HTML5, JS, CSS + Device Extensions
  5. 5. DEVELOP LESS. RUN MORE. Android Native App Development
  6. 6. WHAT IS ANDROID?7 • A software stack for mobile devices • Includes Linux Kernel, OS Middleware, Application Framework & Applications. • Provides SDK for developers • From Google • Open Source and provided to Handset manufacturers • Over 7,00,000 Devices being activated per day • •
  7. 7. ANDROID DEVELOPER TOOLS8 • Java SDK • Eclipse • Android SDK • Android Emulator • Command Line Tools • Documentation + Samples • Platform Libraries • Android Development Tools (ADT) for Eclipse (Recommended to begin with)
  8. 8. 9 Your First Android App Hello World
  9. 9. CURRENT MOBILE DEVELOPMENTLANDSCAPE• Different Operating Systems• Different Programming Environments• Different Models for Distribution• Native vs Web Application
  10. 10. UNTIL TODAY…POSSIBLE SOLUTIONSTHREE CHOICES: 1 • Remain standardized on Windows Mobile - Future OS versions will require re-write of existing applications 2 • Standardize on a new OS - Still need enterprise security, management, applications and application control 3 • Support multiple OS platforms - Requires different versions for different operating systemsALL THREE OPTIONS CAN DRIVE COSTS UP AND CONTROL DOWN PAGE 11
  11. 11. A NEW OPTION: RHOELEMENTSRHOELEMENTS OS-AGNOSTIC APPLICATIONS: DEVELOP LESS, RUN MORE• Create one application version that runs on different device types and operating systems• Includes device-level APIs that provide full access to enterprise-class device and peripheral features and capabilities• Standards-based HTML5 application development framework• Supports your local language• Applications look and behave identically on all devices• Provides complete device freedom — without increasing cost• Dedicated ongoing support plans for emerging mobile device types and operating systems — including tablets and Android
  12. 12. WHAT DOES RHOELEMENTSSUPPORT?A LOOK AT TODAY…AND TOMORROW• TODAY: - Motorola mobile computers based on Windows Mobile, Windows CE and Android - Create one application to work on your different Motorola mobile computers• IN THE NEAR FUTURE: - Non-Motorola enterprise and consumer mobile devices - More of the most popular operating systems, including Apple iOS - Advanced services, such as cloud-based computing
  13. 13. RHOELEMENTS V1: App Server:HTML5 / JS / CSS SVG / JS PHP/MySQL Application Application Ruby on Rails ASP.NET RhoElements MotoWebkit SVG Engine • Delivers Hybrid (Web-based) apps • Support for only Motorola Devices – SQL Device Extensions Lite MPA2+ • Apps can be either HTML5 or SVG • SQLite used for storing data offline • Not a native app with Sync capabilities MPA 2.0 / MPA 3.0 Devices • Device Extensions are delivered thru 2 options (Meta Tags/EMML, JavaScript objects) PAGE 14
  14. 14. RHOELEMENTS FEATURES ANDFUNCTIONALITYSUPPORT DIFFERENT DEVICES• Regardless of architecture, screen size, screen resolution or whether device is connected to Wi-Fi or cellular wireless networksSUPPORT DIFFERENT OPERATING SYSTEMS• Write once, operate on Motorola mobile computers running Microsoft Windows Mobile, Microsoft Windows CE or Android today; on non-Motorola mobile computers and more operating systems tomorrow . Supports ES400, MC65, MC75A, MC9500, MC55A0, MC3100, MK4000, MC9190-G and ET1TAKE COMPLETE CONTROL OF APPLICATION DESIGN• No more OS interface design rules — create the graphical user interface that is as intuitive as possible and will best streamline your workflowCREATE APPLICATIONS THAT LOOK, FEEL AND ACT THE SAME ACROSSDEVICE TYPES• Provides the ultimate in application consistency, regardless of device type, screen size or operating system
  15. 15. RHOELEMENTS FEATURES ANDFUNCTIONALITYDELIVER STELLAR APPLICATION PERFORMANCE• State of the art HTML5 features deliver a substantial performance increase, with screen draws that take place in a fraction of the time it takes in typical mobile applicationsTAKE ADVANTAGE OF ALL THE FEATURES ON YOUR MOBILE DEVICES— AND THEIR PERIPHERALS• Easily integrate bar code scanning, signature capture, photo capture, payment card processing, mobile printing of receipts and moreCREATE APPLICATIONS THAT SCALE TO FIT ANY SCREEN —AUTOMATICALLY• Easily develop applications that automatically scale up and down as needed to match the display size on each device
  16. 16. RHOELEMENTS FEATURES ANDFUNCTIONALITYACCOMMODATE AND CONTROL SCREEN ROTATION• Applications rapidly re-draw in portrait and landscape modes on devices that support screen rotation; prevent rotation for applications designed for a specific orientationCREATE APPLICATIONS THAT ARE AVAILABLE ON AND OFFLINE• Web applications remain available during lapses in Wi-Fi and cellular network coverage, keeping workforce productive all day long• While web applications typically are not available when a network connection is lost, RhoElements applications support a database that is resident on the mobile devicePROVIDES A SINGLE EASY-TO-USE FAMILIAR APPLICATIONDEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENT• Reduce need for expertise on specific platforms, which reduces staffing costs; faster deployment; easily adopted by your current development team
  17. 17. DEVELOP LESS. RUN MORE. HTML5 – A Quick Overview
  18. 18. A BRIEF HISTORY WHAT : Next generation HTML WHO : WHATG, W3C, IETF WHEN : 2004, 2008, May 2011, 2014 All vendors support it ! (Is that true?) A lot of stuff – you can use today!
  19. 19. HTML5 FEATURES
  20. 20. HTML4/XHTML• HTML 4.01 Strict• HTML 4.01 Transitional• HTML 4.01 Frameset• XHTML 1.0 Strict• XHTML 1.0 Transitional• XHTML 1.0 Frameset• XHTML 1.1 <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" ""> HTML5 <!DOCTYPE html>
  21. 21. HTML4 <meta http-equiv="Content-Type"content="text/html; charset=utf-8"> HTML5 <meta charset=utf-8>
  22. 22. FORMS Aims to make development and usage of forms easier. No Javascript required. 13 New Types introduced for user input (e.g. email, phone, number, etc) Additional attributes like : placeholder, required, autofocus. Coding for validations is made easier.
  23. 23. FORMSScreenshots : Courtesy – Mark Pilgrim,
  24. 24. • Audio and video are first class citizens in the HTML5 web• A plug-in free world  Simple tags : <video>, <audio>  Even Simpler usage: <video src=“demo.mp4”></video> <audio src=“song.mp3”></audio>
  25. 25. Determine where the device is. Find itright in the browser.Useful for providing location basedservices. User should be allowed to opt in.API allows for both : one time locationand continuous location.
  26. 26. OFFLINE & STORAGE• Web Apps can start faster and work even if there is no internet connection, thanks to the HTML5 App Cache, as well as the Local Storage, Web SQL, Indexed DB, and the File API specifications.
  27. 27. STORAGE API Allows local storage of application data on the device. 5MB – 10MB per domain. Key component to Offline usage. Types of Storage options: Local Indexed Session Web SQL Storage DB Storage Storage Storage
  28. 28. LOCAL STORAGE APISimple API for storing values in easilyretrievable JavaScript objects whichpersist across page loads window.localStorage getItem(key) setItem(key,value) removeItem(key) clear()
  29. 29. HTML5 – OFFLINE APPS Network is not available all the time. The application must be available even if the server is done. Application Cache to the rescue. Stores the specified resources (HTML,CSS,JS) on the client. Combine Application Cache with Offline Storage to provide availability.
  31. 31. HTML5 DEMOS Local Storage Demo Web SQL Demo
  32. 32. RHOELEMENTS + HTML5 Supports key features of HTML5 Standardize on HTML5 as the single development platform Tap into vast amount of Web Resources available Use your favorite Editor to get going Test using standard Desktop browsers and their tools (e.g. Google Chrome)
  33. 33. RHOELEMENTS DEVICE EXTENSIONS HTML5 on its own will not enable Enterprise Apps Platform has to expose Device Hardware features RhoElements provides EMML and Javascript Objects to access device features Most Comprehensive set of device extensions like Scanning, Signature Capture, etc. Extensive Documentation available
  34. 34. DEVELOP LESS. RUN MORE. RhoElements – Sample App
  35. 35. RHOELEMENTS – BARCODE APPLICATIONSTEP BY STEP DEVELOPMENT HTML5 APP WITHRHOELEMENTS• Step 1 : Create HTML5 Application Skeleton• Step 2 : Use HTML5 : Local Storage & Web SQL• Step 3 : Test It Out Locally on Google Chrome Browser• Step 4 : Integrate Barcode Device Extension • Scan • Save to Local Storage• Step 5 : Deploying to ET1
  36. 36. ET1 – APP DEPLOYMENT• Configuration File• Start page • Application List• Web Application is copied as is to a folder on Device• Alternately on ET1, create a Shortcut and point to the start page
  37. 37. RHOELEMENTS V2: Rhodes RhoE RhoE v1 Framework v2• Portable Framework • Write once and run on: iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone7, Win Mobile, WinCE, Symbian• Leverages Web Skills • Build apps quickly in HTML5 and Ruby • Hybrid model – write either Native apps or Web-based apps• Easy Backend Integration and Offline Use • Easily connect to any backend app through web services • Work with synchronized local data when offline• Exploit device capabilities • GPS, PIM data, camera, push/SMS, native mapping, barcode, signature capture, NFC • Enterprise Security Compliant • Encrypt data on the device, remote wipe of device, secure authentication… PAGE 38