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Writing Portfolios
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Writing Portfolios



By Janice Irizarry

By Janice Irizarry



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Writing Portfolios Writing Portfolios Presentation Transcript

  • Writing Portfolios Janice M. Irizarry Torres Teacher Consultant MWWP
  • Portafolios • ¿Qué es un portafolio de escritura? • ¿Qué finalidad tiene? • ¿Cuáles son las ventajas y las desventajas de utilizar un portafoilio?
  • What is a portfolio? • A portfolio is a collection of student’s work, purposefully collected and selected, as a means of documenting the process of learning and demonstrating student’s achievement. (Tang and Tiwari, 1998)
  • Philosophy and Values • a constructivist approach to understanding learning • an approach that respects individuality and diversity • authentic assessment & emphasis on naturalistic process • observational / interview / data analysis based system involving qualitative methodologies
  • • consistent with setting that integrate children with special needs • concepts of validity / reliability viewed individuality, not collectively • the valuing of reflective processes / critical thinking • emphasis on the process as well as the products of learning
  • • sensitivity to the need to contextualize learning and appreciate it as a culturally shaped • a view of the child as 'competent': recognition of the need to for open-ended assessment that focuses on what children can do rather than where they fail
  • Types of Portfolios • individual developmental portfolios • subject' group / class portfolios • individual learning portfolios • learning log portfolios • home-school communication system • portfolio record-keeping systems • professional / career portfolio • Others..(depending on your purpose and focus) Sue Martin (2000) Portfolios: Philosophy, Problems and Practice
  • “Who I am” Writing Portfolio The general objective is to bring the students to think and write about themselves from the basic concepts of their lives , like their name and family, their points of view about controversial issues to how do they see themselves in the future. It becomes a personal journey of self discovery.
  • Bosquejo: Who I am Portfolio • Introduction • Here I am (Photo, Vital Data, My Autobiography, Memoir, My Name, Composition ) • My People (family members, friends, special person) • My Heritage ( My family, Puerto Rico, Composition: What does it mean for you to be a Puerto Rican teenager?
  • • Who I am (My Personality, Controversial Issues: # 1 and #2) • What I do (3 Activities) • My Favorite Things ( Music, TV, Other) • Steps to Change ( 2 to 3 issues that they consider important to be better people) • Tomorrow ( My Future: picture collection, letter from the future)
  • Poetry Portfolio • We need to change the negative perceptions on reading and writing poetry. • The general objective is to introduce students to poetry in a friendly, non threatening way, giving them the opportunity to validate their ideas using free verse poetic styles.
  • Bosquejo: Poetry Portfolio • Portada • Carta introductoria • Tabla de Contenido • Parte I: Actividades relacionadas a la poesía • Parte II: Colección de Poemas • Parte III: Mi Poemario • Parte IV: Reflexiones/Citas
  • Who?, What?, When?, Where?, Why? Poem *How do you think this activity could be integrated to your curriculum? The president Mama Gave a speech Plants flowers Last night on TV Every spring He spoke from the White In the garden House. To make our yard beautiful He wants everyone’s support.
  • Time to write… Suggested themes: ( You may write more than one.) • Infidelity • Discrimination • Language • Other
  • Author’s Chair
  • References http://www.qesn.meq.gouv.qc.ca/Portfolio/en g/theory.htm http://www.ugc.edu.hk/tlqpr01/site/abstracts /068_tiwari1.htm