Demonstration Writing Strategies for Students with Learning Disabilities


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By: Marilú Acosta

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Demonstration Writing Strategies for Students with Learning Disabilities

  1. 1. Who am I? I am Marilú Acosta Vélez. Daughter, mother, wife, friend and a professional . I have been an English teacher for 24 years and was for 1⅟2 year a School Director (Escuela Sabanetas Mani). Bachelor’s degree in English with a Minor in Education (RUM). Master’s degree in Education (University of Phoenix, Summa Cum Laude).
  2. 2. Where do I teach? Miradero II Elementary School. It is located at 108 Road Km 4.3 Miradero, Mayagϋez. It is a small rural school DERO II that has a very big heart! ESCUELA MIRA
  3. 3. My School First, Second, and Administration Office Central sidewalk Third Grade English classroom and Fifth and Fourth Sixth grade and Lab. and Special grade Spanish Lab. Education classroom
  4. 4. What do I Teach? • English to 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students. • Students have their English class in the morning and in the afternoon technology is integrated in the learning process of a second language. • I also teach practicing future teachers of several universities as a Teachers Mentor.
  5. 5. •I am in charge of “Escuela de Idiomas”. •Also I integrate in my English class “Good Interpersonal Relationship Workshop” I love being a teacher! This is what I was born to be!
  6. 6. Teaching Philosophy Eclectic would be the teaching philosophy that would best describe me as a teacher. Essentialism -There is a common core of knowledge that needs to be transmitted to students in a systematic, disciplined way. Humanism -Personal freedom, choice, responsibility. Achievement motivation towards highest levels. Child centered. Interaction with others. Constructivism-Learner actively constructs own understandings of reality through interaction with environment and reflection on actions. Student-centered learning .
  7. 7. Description of My Approach and Strategies • Warm hello and big smile. • Informal conversations. • Cooperative learning. • Making class pertinent and enjoyable. • Use of technology to enhance learning. • “It’s a big world out there” • Learning should be fun.
  8. 8. Teaching Students with Writing Disability • Learning more about writing disabilities in an inclusion classroom and how to work with children with disabilities will help the regular educator improve their teaching.
  9. 9. • It is helpful for the regular educator to understand the disability, common modifications and methods of helping the student as well.
  10. 10. Learning Disability Accommodations  Help students learn despite their disabilities.  Level the playing field.  Are not intended to give students with disabilities an unfair advantage over other students.  Are simply changes in teaching methods that allow learning disabled students to learn.
  11. 11. Writing Strategies for Students with Learning Disabilities: • Writing buddies-The writing buddy may be a peer editor. It is very empowering for the writing buddy as well.
  12. 12. 2.More time for guided practice-The teacher may need to revise the lesson and reteach in order to ensure that they have mastered a technique before moving on to independent practice.
  13. 13. 3.Use of computers for drafting-shows the student which sentences are fragmented, and where the grammatical and spelling errors are in the document. 4.Visual outlines-boxes for the different parts of the project; it helps learning disabled students who are visual learners become more organized.
  14. 14. 5.Shorter lesson segments-Students who are given one part at a time will not feel so overwhelmed, and in the end, they will be able to complete the entire project.
  15. 15. It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. Albert Einstein, 1940
  16. 16. Methodology Lesson plan Level-Elementary (Grade 5th and 6th )
  17. 17. Lesson Plan Accommodations for Student’s Student’s Writing Task with Learning Disabilities • Hand-out will be given • Hand-out will be given • Vocabulary words read out loud by teacher. • Vocabulary words read out • Provide clear and specific instructions loud by teacher • Vocabulary words simplified • Using dictionary students lookup (flash cards or ppt) definitions. • Using dictionary students lookup definitions. • Word search (spelling and • Word search (spelling and vocabulary vocabulary recognition skills) recognition skills) • Choose favorite topic • Choose favorite topic (creative writing) • Create first draft applying organizational (creative writing) patterns (sentence structure) • Create first draft applying • Have student dictate their own ideas organizational patterns (sentence (teacher, classmate, and use of computer) structure) • Give additional time • Positive feedback • Positive feedback • Read paragraph in front of class • Read paragraph in front of class
  18. 18. Instructions
  19. 19. Name____________________ Mrs. Acosta Earth Day April 22 Date____________________ W A T E R O J V Q S S H J S A D J E E R F V A W O R L D C L E A N B L I T T E R C U H K I S L H S C U Y S O Y T E R O N U O C E M C Air _________ Oceans _________ A N I N A L S E L E L Animals ________ Oxygen _________ Care _________ People _________ T E V R E S R R P K E Clean _________ Plants _________ Earth _________ Preserves _________ J R I A C A R E O H U Energy _________ Resource _________ Fuel _________ Reuse _________ L G C Y O X Y G E N F Habitat _________ Soil _________ Home _________ Water _________ N Y P S T N A L P M N Litter _________ World _________
  20. 20. Name____________________ Mrs. Acosta Earth Day April 22 Date____________________ W A T E R O J V Q S S H J S A D J E E R F V A W O R L D C L E A N B L I T T E R C U H K I S L H S C U Y S O Y T E R O N U O C E M C Air ________ Oceans ________ A N I N A L S E L E L Animals ______ Oxygen ________ Care _______ People ________ T E V R E S R R P K E Clean _______ Plants ________ J R I A C A R E O H U Earth ________ Soil _________ Energy _______ Water _________ L G C Y O X Y G E N F Home________ World_________ N Y P S T N A L P M N Litter ________
  21. 21. Example: Visual Accommodations Air Clean Earth Animals Energy Care
  22. 22. Name_________________________________ Date_________________ Mrs. Acosta Group___________ English MY CHRISTMAS VACATIONS My Christmas vacation was_____________. I went to__________ _______________________________. I__________ to be with my family for the holiday. I received___________________presents. The gift I liked the most was____________________. I did not like so much_____________________. I am_______________________that school began today!