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The Titanic:  Lost and Found
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The Titanic: Lost and Found


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Review over the third grade story The Titanic

Review over the third grade story The Titanic

Published in: Travel
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  • can i download any slide in this web page?
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  • It is a good presentation, giving us the important detailes of the Titanic in ten slides. What a ship and what a nonsense tragedy due to those irresponsible peole who did not take into consideration all the possibilities believing in their unsinkable wonder ship.
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  • I love this presentation Irmarie! I never knew all of these details about the Titanic. Great presentation, two thumbs up, even better than the movie!
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  • Transcript

    • 1. The Titanic: Lost and Found
    • 2. The Wonder Ship
      • The Titanic sailed on April 10, 1912.
      • It was going from England to America.
      • It had restaurants, a pool, a post-office, and fancy bedrooms.
      • It even had a barber shop.
    • 3. What made the Titanic special….
      • It was the biggest ship ever built.
      • It was also the safest ever built.
      • It was said to be unsinkable.
      • It was nicknamed “ The Wonder Ship ” and
      • “ The Rich Man’s Special ”.
      • Poor passengers traveled in it, too.
      • Titanic sailed on it’s first and last voyage.
    • 4. Iceberg
      • April 14, 1912- Titanic in icy waters off coast of Canada.
      • Frederick Fleet- ship’s lookout watches for danger.
      • Fleet spots a huge mountain of ice.
      • It is an iceberg.
    • 5. Problems for Titanic
      • Giant iceberg scrapes along side of Titanic.
      • Five compartments flood.
      • Not enough lifeboats
      • Titanic sinks.
      • Captain gives orders.
      • Sailors get some passengers out.
      • Radio operator calls for help
      • Try to signal Californian with rockets
    • 6. Never again….
      • Survivors await in icy waters.
      • Carpathia, a ship, rescues the passengers.
      • Only 705 people out of 2,200 are rescued.
      • Titanic was not the safest ship at all.
    • 7. New Changes/New Laws
      • Lifeboats for every passenger
      • Lifeboat drills
      • Ship radios on at all times
      • Ice patrol to track icebergs
    • 8. Found at last!
      • Robert Ballard- scientist who found Titanic in 1985.
      • Used underwater robot named ARGO to find it.
      • Left a message for others to read.
    • 9. Pictures of Titanic’s wreckage
    • 10.
      • Irmarie W. Ramirez
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