Developing social media skills of students in HEI


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Developing social media skills of students in HEI

  1. 1. Developing Social Media Communication Skills of Students in Higher EducationalInstitutions Reflections from conducting an Online Course Irma Mänty & Kit Srinivasan Laurea University of Applied Sciences Finland IMSCI 2012, 17. – 20.7.2012
  2. 2. Finland Interesting FactsArea: 338,424 km2Population: 5.4 millionCapital City: Helsinki – Population588,941 (capital region 1.4m)Largest City: HelsinkiPopulation Density: 16/km2Official Language(s): Finnish, SwedishRecognized Regional Language: SamiCurrency: Euro (€)Time: +2 UTC Summer (DST): +3 UTCFinland has 187,888 lakes and 179,584islands
  3. 3. Symbols of Finland
  4. 4. In a Nutshell• A R&D based UAS• 7 branches in the Greater Helsinki Metropolitan Area• 8000 students & 500 staff• The most awarded (Centre of Excellence) UAS in Finland• Learning by Developing (LbD) – R&D&I based pedagogical model• 11 fields of study
  5. 5. Programmes in English at LaureaBachelor Programmes • Social Services• Business Information • Tourism Technology Master Programmes• Business Management • Health Promotion• Facility Management • Service Innovation and• Nursing Design• Security Management 5
  6. 6. Development Manager – E-Learning Interests in Social Media, Virtual/Mobile learning & Education using social media toolsIrma Senior Lecturer – Business Management Interests in Social Media & Education &International Project ManagementKiruthika
  7. 7. Background • Summer course (May – Aug 2011) • 8 Weeks • 50 Students • ‘Social Media Tool KitFUAS – Federation for Effective of Universities of Communications’ – 5 Applied Sciences ECTS
  8. 8. Learning Objectives1. Knowing about various social media tools that exist for communication2. Personal and professional use of selected tools for communication and collaboration3. Awareness on information security and copyright issues in content creation in social media and4. Evaluation of the new methods of social communication and collaboration
  9. 9. Learning Objectives Learning tasks1.Efficient personal Creating personal profile using an online tool &communication sharing2. Making use of publishing Wiki/Blog entries on social media forplatforms professional communication3. Efficient use of Interviewing friends on their social media usageVideo/Photo sharing tools & presenting in the form of videos or photo stories4. Interaction using video Evaluating the social media strategy of anconferencing tools organization & presentation through video conferencing5. Learning about bookmark Bookmarking with tagging using a sharedsharing tools bookmarking tool6. Understanding of virtual Essay after visiting the virtual worlds & sharingworlds using document sharing tools7. Evaluation of Learning diary entries with personalcommunication tools & communication tool kitpresentation
  10. 10. ImplementationSurvey on E- Survey on 7 OnlineLearning social media sessionsskills awareness
  11. 11. Results & discussions
  12. 12. E – Learning SkillsAudio, video, picture sharing Information security & copyrightPrivacy & ethics in social Online team workingmediaE-library services E-book readers & Web conferences
  13. 13. Awareness & knowledge Self identity Virtual worlds LinkedIn E-portfolio Wikis/BlogsInformation sharingContent generation Web 2.0 tools Social networks Social media 0 1 2 3 4 5 After Before
  14. 14. Skills in using social media tools Word clouds Online resume E-portfolio Virtual collaboration Video conferencing Virtual worlds Mind mapping Multimedia sharingDocument/slide sharing Blogs Wikis Tagging Profile creation Photostories Bookmarking Online presentations Video slide show Audio podcasts 0 0.5 1 1.5 2 2.5 3 3.5 4 4.5 After Before
  15. 15. Best Practices Worst Practices• Learning on the move • Too many• Approximately 70 social tools, passwords & time media tools consuming learning tasks• Socialization with a • Lack of mandatory group learning objective assignments & attendance• Adobe online sessions + • Lack of social interaction recordings among students• Facebook communication • Lack of a motivating with the teacher grading system
  16. 16. Conclusions Need toSM Skills Vary improve SM understanding FB – not used Need guidancefor interactive for social learning interactions
  17. 17. RecommendationsSocial networks Well Designedfor professional Pre assess ICT online development skills teamworking More Project based Peer Support & E-portfolio skills assigments Guidance Social media SM & SM interactions toEntrepreneurship understanding meet a goal