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Published on

A short pres on UNIQLOCK, from an advertising perspect.

A short pres on UNIQLOCK, from an advertising perspect.

Published in: Business, Travel

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    • What is it?
    • Why does it work?
    • What can be learned from it?
    • A website ( here ) displaying Japanese girls dancing and a real-time digital clock (the digits and dancers take turns every five seconds)
    • A blog widget: the video/clock stream can be embedded into your blog as a small screen
    • Downloadable: desktop background
  • 3. May appear confusing but quite simple in practice. Check out a presentation video here , if you’re still all question marks.
  • 4. It launched a year ago, and works like a charm…
    • Got the judges on their knees in Cannes (winner of Cyber)
    • To date: over 38,000 users (=mainly bloggers) in 87 countries, over 149,000,000 views from 212 countries.
    • 5 users in Kyrgyzstan , 25 in Reykjavik …quite an impressive global brand presence (stores only in a few countries)
  • 5.  
  • 6. What’s so special about it? I’ll give you five reasons.
  • 7. 1. Sense of presence
    • A clock that runs real time in your real time is simple yet strangely appealing. It changes colour every hour. Website showing a map with all the users and viewers makes you feel a part of community.
  • 8. 2. Living, breathing thing
    • The dancers are dressed in different clothes (Uniqlo’s collection, obviously) depending on the season. At night they sleep. Every even hour there’s a short funny clip. You can set an alarm clock to wake you up. This thing really feels organic and up-beat.
  • 9. 3. Easy yet interactive
    • Sometimes interactivity is too much trouble and effort for the user. UNIQLOCK gives you a feeling of interactivity but requires very little actual participation .
  • 10. 4. Creative execution
    • Why do all things Japanese seem oddly trendy and cutting-edge, yet cute and innocent? Anyway, the combination of music, the girls’ appearance and dance moves is addictive. One of the creators actually claims that there’s a special nerve in our brain that is attracted to this kind of visual stimuli. Hmm.
  • 11. 5. The viral factor
    • Yes, the inevitable yet inexplicable V-word… They launched a set of dance audition videos on YouTube as a teaser (consider X-Factor, Idols, Britain’s Got Talent etc, people love watching auditions!). Also, it was made very easy to share and distribute among bloggers.
  • 12. Conclusions
    • A bit dull Japanese clothing brand exploded over the world and is now seen as quirky and trendy.
    • They…
  • 13.
    • Targeted a fruitful group, bloggers, and did it in their terms: this kind of material (Japanese, odd, utility…) is something you WANT to blog about, it makes YOU feel trendy and odd and interesting.
    • =understand your audience and help them create status for themselves
  • 14.
    • Got interactivity right. Just a small amount to keep things simple. It shouldn’t be applied massively just for the sake of it. You can be engaging also without endless mouse-clickings or immersing the viewer to a virtual world.
    • =use interaction with thought
    • And they engaged people via…
  • 15.
    • Unbeatable execution. Using music and dance to display clothes is not groundbreaking, but the way it was done was refreshing. Not flashy, try-hard or pushy. Just simple, weird and clean. Though very Japanese, the simplicity made it global and even human (sorry the cheesiness)
    • =Get good ADs
  • 16.
    • THANKS
    • by: Maria